The right arm of the Gandhi no one remembers

V. Kalyanam (left), the former personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi, arriving for the Sarvodaya Day celebrations organised by Bangalore University, in Bangalore on Monday. Now 92, Kalyanam was 28 and a few inches from the Mahatma on the day the 79-year-old “stopped three bullets from their deadly trajectory of hate”.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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As Gandhi said, “I wish to wrestle with the snake”

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9 Responses to “The right arm of the Gandhi no one remembers”

  1. Niaz A Says:

    Thanks Churumuri for this information. But I wonder why we havent heard of him more. Hope you can do an interview with him as he seems to be oe of the few people who saw the Mahatma from close quarters.

  2. asha Says:

    When the country is slowly forgetting Gandhi, what are the chances of people remembering his PA. However, we should thank Mr.Kalyanam for dispelling the misconception that when shot, Gandhi uttered the words ‘Hey Ram’, which was shamelessly cashed on by the congress.

  3. shanoi Says:

    Glad to read and know of him. we always remembered Shri Pyarelal whenever the we thought who was Mahatma’s secretary

  4. Narayanan Ananthakrishnan Says:

    “stopped three bullets from their deadly trajectory of hate” — Somehow cannot agree with this. He did stop the bullets. That part is true at least.

  5. sanjeeva Says:

    There is an interesting interview with Mr. Kalyanam in “Udayavani” 2nd February.

  6. V.R.Devika Says:

    Mr.Kalyanam was working as a errand boy in Gandhi’s office. he was not his personal secretary. Payarelal was the secretary. Abha Gandhi into whose arms Gandhi fell as he was shot, swears he said Hey Ram. see the you tube It is her word against Kalyanam’s. Kalyanam is now a great believer in Bharath Nirman of Baba Ramdev. He is a good friend of mine but this is just his view.

  7. subbulakshmi Says:

    devika vr

    Kalyanam was an errand boy in Gandhi’s office. Not a secretary. Pyarelal was the secretary. I have a tiny clip of young Kalyanam taking a paper from Gandhi. I showed it to Kalyanam he was delighted. he is a good friend of mine but Abha Gandhi into whose arms Gandhi fell, says he said Hey Ram. see you tube
    Kalyanam is now with Baba Ramdev’s Bharath Nirman. It is Abha Gandhi’s word against Kalyanam’s.

  8. Rastrakoota Says:

    The Perpetual Minority appeasement that cong practices is a founding legacy of the original Gandhi. The fake Gandhis shud forver be indebted to this! Is there for any real good reason we need to remember Kalyanam?.We have always been fed to believe Gandhi did no wrong. Such a humongous fallacy.

  9. V.R.Devika Says:

    some times we mistake reaching out and kindness for appeasement. May be your dictionary is different from ours.

    Of course Gandhi did many miskates… But his achievements far outweighs his mistakes. Which is why when others say “my” truth he says “my experiments with truth”. No one can deny he was original and forces us to take sides…

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