BJP apologises for its ‘natak’ in Karnataka? No.

After over six months in office, the Karnataka chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda (second from left) finally—finally!—strikes a telegenic pose worthy of his predecessor B.S. Yediyurappa, at a yoga camp for legislators in Bangalore on Tuesday. Others in the front row include the chairman of the legislative council, D.H. Shankara Murthy, and the minister S.A. Ramdas.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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33 Responses to “BJP apologises for its ‘natak’ in Karnataka? No.”

  1. dr ramesh Says:

    Ok, but who will apologise from rss-bjp for holding sex-booze-drugs extravaganza in st marys island ,udupi. Entire state held its head down in shame watching those events in sri madhvacharya’s dharma bhoomi . How could CM, acharya and rss defend those activities ?. Mask has come down , true colors exposed.

  2. chennaiveeran Says:


  3. harkol Says:

    That photo is indeed funny.

    What is even funnier is the double standards by BJP which condons acts of violence by folks like Ramsene, Shivsena & ABVP, where folks in pub or holding hands in public are beaten up, while its own ministers are caught watching porn in Assembly, and its own event turned to be a rave party!

    That said, I wonder why should we define morality in terms of what happens in such parties or what a few individuals do in their spare time?

    A society is made up of all sorts of people, as long as they aren’t violent and don’t cause harm to others, I feel what they do is their business. No role for us to dictate morals to them.

    Morality is in just live and let live. We have no fundamental right to take offense on silly issues and get outraged.

  4. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    Grow up! Before commenting based on some mediamans fantasy video, wait for the real story to emerge…Moreover what amazes me is the sudden “moral policing” stance of the intellectuals…
    Were you not the same guys, who objected to the attack on a pub in mangalore? Why are you indulging in moral policing?
    Why are you not condemning the repeated airing of the objectionable content?(whether it was shot at the spring zouk or taken from the youtube, enquiry will tell)…

  5. usha Says:

    off topic, but relevant as well,

    Since Bombay Scottish is doing it, it must be good isn,t it. Good they dint ask her to cut off her hands as penalty.

    Thank god for small mercies.

  6. Vijay Says:

    The mistake made by BJP is giving tickets to anybody and everybody. People lacking in basic social ethics have made their way into the party. Perhaps otherwise people would not have voted for BJP. Because a party cannot run campaigns without money. But DVS has stabilized the situation relatively. The dirt that has creeped into the party will have to be removed slowly but definitely.

  7. Andy Says:

    Good one !!

  8. Shree Kar Says:

    Bravo, Harkol!
    I agree with you 100%

  9. gag Says:

    this photo has appeared on prajavani too. Co-inciding with yesterday’s Lakshman Savadi incident, it seems like the CM along with his colleagues is paying heavy price for the ignorant and foolish act of two ministers!

    May be BJP should ask the two ministers – Savadi and CC Patil to stand in front of Vidhana Soudha in this posture and apologise to the people of Karnataka. And Krishna Palemar who “supplied” the video to Savadi should should be asked for his mobile phone, so that Kannada film producers can find out if any of their movies are pirated in his cell !!

  10. Kitapati Says:

    Dr Kiran Acharya,
    Whats about all this fantasy of media-men. Those three lecherous ministers were caught red handed on camera. It is important that media should highlight such indecent behavior by elected representatives. The citizens have every right to jeer and boo at these scoundrels who have made a mockery of the legislature. Shame on you.

  11. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Kiran Acharya:

    There is no “moral policing” being done here. I am all for people watching porn. Good that the legislators watch porn.

    The issue is watching porn in the assembly. If I watch porn in my office after hours, I can expect to be sacked.

    Understand the difference between “moral policing” and demanding certain protocol/decorum in the assembly.

  12. dr ramesh Says:

    Incident in udupi is ten times more dangerous and threatening to democracy than porngate. A govt sponsored party takes place , banned substances like opium,cocaine are freely available to tourists. How can this happen? What will hurt the bjp most is not the crime, but bizzare explanation given by CM and bjp leaders supporting the wrongdoing. It has crossed all limits of insanity.

  13. asha Says:

    I saw the pictures of the 3 ministers who busied themselves watching objectionable video in the assembly..Of the 3. Krishna palemar resembles an orangutan that has escaped from the mysore zoo..what with all the hair on his ears…now that they have resigned they can seriously consider selling boot legged porno dvd’s in front of namma vidhana soudha…there is a captive market right there.

  14. harkol Says:

    Dr Kiran Acharya: Any relation to another Dr. Acharya?? ;)

    Do reflect on what you are saying – Comparing What private citizens were doing in their private time, vs what Public servants were doing in Assembly??!!

    And, No one has asked for these folks to be beaten up, which is the prefered method of Sangh Parivar hoodlums (ABVP, various ‘vanara’ senas). The call is for them to be held accountable for their action, which is what civilized people do.

    Also try to compare apples to apples –

    Being in a PUB, Being in a bus with a Muslim man, or holding hands in public weren’t illegal acts. Valentines day is a christian festival, and celebrating it isn’t a crime. All these are declared against our culture by BJP & co.

    But, watching a porn movie in a Public place is an illegal act. Karnataka assembly is no ones bedroom or private space. So, this act violates so many laws, other than bringing down the dignity of house. Raping is illegal (hallappa), Kissing someone without their consent is illegal (Renukacharya).

    So, isn’t your comparison apples to oranges??

  15. asha Says:

    If media reports are true about the St.Mary’s island incident…then it is high time the BJP thugs are kicked out of the government….moreover, what can you expect from a government which has minister who was caught kissing a nurse and another ex-minister who bonked his friends wife and got caught with his lungi down and also an ex-cm who has a spinster who piggy backs on him wherever he goes…state bjp men are congress/jds crooks by another name

  16. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Instead of doing some funny yoga poses, these fat dudes should indulge in Tantra and other forms of sex yoga.

    It might help them think better and reduce the fat in their guts.

    Kiran Acharya, Watching porn is no big deal. They should let the poor guys go.

    Vinay, You have never watched porn at your workplace?!

  17. sanjeeva Says:

    I am sure whenever the elections are held, they will be re-elected. So what is all these empty noise.

  18. Vinay Says:

    Anonymous Guy:

    No, I haven’t – I don’t think I would ever dare to do that!

    I admit that fear of being “traced” played a significant part in my resolution not to ever watch porn at my workplace. There is certainly some monitoring and archiving of employee internet usage patterns that goes on in most corporate offices.

    Watching cricket scores, chatting, using proxy servers to surf blogs – all that is commonplace, but I don’t know of anyone who has watched porn in office.

  19. asha Says:


    If you are employed in a Call center (or as some people like to call it Call girl center) , you can actually watch live porn during the second shift ;) and if you are smart enough can also film it using your smartphone..

  20. ಅನುರಾಗ Says:

    its a strip tease video. nothing much. every infosys /software engineer goes to view that in america and they fight for onsite just for this.
    and tamil engineers are worst below belly scratchers.

    as someone pointed it was just udupi and north karnataka were educating each other – i feel this should be increased so that both feminine and masculine qualities get mixed well.

    most of those who watch in private fear and masturbate
    very few get educated – this happens when they watch in open in assemblies
    porn should be allowed in offices so that they can be analyzed and not feared and see how it can affect younger generation.
    at the end of the day – its all just the magic of camera and lights – a kind of illusion.

    people should watch it in open with the family and come out of it rather than keep fearing it all life. obviously it can’t be screened in democracy better learn from it.
    porn stars should be brought to mainstream – and who better than woman and child development minister .

  21. dr ramesh Says:

    RSS-BJP (A) certificate. Warning—– This organisation may contain sexually explicit materials and morally bankrupt ideologies which may not be suitable for people under the age of 18 and may cause irreversible damage to common citizens of india.

  22. Anonymous Guy Says:


    BJP is BJP. State BJPs are what allow central BJP to waste the country’s time in parliament. You cant separate the two by just re-branding them as JDS/Cong clones. Your Hindutva parties are all f***ed up to the core – is proved in example after example. One can only imagine what will happen if these crooks get power at the centre. Admit it.


    Heh. The monitoring folks time would be spent better by monitoring work products :)

    I really think these ministers are being screwed over for nothing. They will just be replaced by another set of equally harmful guys, who will just be more careful while browsing on their cellphones. This hungama is a total waste of time which will means nothing to public.

  23. harkol Says:

    AnnonymousGuy: The question isn’t if what they did is moral or immoral. It is illegal by the very laws they made.

    As to watching porn in Workplace. If you are self-employed it still would be your own private affair. If what you do is not against the company policy, then too it perhaps won’t matter much, as it isn’t an act in Public.

    But, in most companies you’ll be kicked out, if you watch porn (or even a movie) on your work time or by using office resources. In few companies they won’t even let you check your Private mail/social media.

    Besides, You’ll certainly be hauled over the coal by police if you were caught watching porn in public or were found in possession of it.

    So, Why should we let these guys be treated differently?

  24. Vinay Says:

    Personally, I think we have too much prudishness and too much unnecessary emphasis on “morality and values”.

    We people in Indian society, place too much emphasis on empty things like “moral values”, “moral fabric of society”, “rich ancient heritage and culture”, and similar nonsense. The problem is that we are more bothered about things like this, rather than actual tangible issues and problems that affect daily life.

    People who are screaming their lungs out about how “immoral and bad” these ministers were, are the biggest hypocrites.

    Its ok if you kick them out for watching porn in their “workplace” – kick them out and be done with it. But people are making it a big issue of “morals and values” – this is intolerable hypocrisy.

  25. M K Vidyaranya Says:

    A dream project of the Karnataka Government could be
    ” The first ever INTERNATIONAL BLUE FILM FESTIVAL” for National Parliamentarians and Assembly Members of all states..Attraction : one source many cells.
    Interaction with top porno stars, Panel discussions on “Porno and Hinduism” concluding with Kaama Dahana Homa !

  26. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Right Harkol, lets be self-righteous and haul them over the coals. And act like we never browsed for porn outside our bedrooms.

  27. asha Says:


    First off it is not my hindutva parties. I don’t care what party comes to power at the center/state as long as they give a clean and efficient and progressive administration without indulging in corruption,nepotism,selling the country down the drain or watching blue films . I am a firm believer in Deng Xiaoping dictum “It does not matter if it is a black or white cat as long as it catches the mice”.

    Just for the record about watching blue films, there was a time when one congress minister who was in charge of home ministry in Karnataka used to entertain girls in his own office during office hours supplied by businessmen to curry favors. One example I remember is that of a very famous kids apparel shop that wanted to revoke the no parking zone implemented on MG road that was affecting their business supplied girls to this home minister to get their work done right in his office. And this minister also paid a visit to the morgue at Bowring Hospital to pay his last respects to a rowdy who was hacked to death by a rival gang in broad dayligth..and then went on the tv to defend it.

  28. harkol Says:

    I am not being self righteous here. I suppose most of male species watches porn one time or the other. But, porn – like sex is – a very private affair of a person. Perhaps most of men have thought of browsing porn in office, just as they may have contemplated visiting a brothel. But, majority won’t do either because it is risky behavior, their sense of balance and restraint stops them.

    If you (or anyone else) really browsed ‘porn’ in workplace, I feel sorry. That’s a huge transgression; risky behavior bordering on the level of having sex in workplace. And folks who indulge in risky behavior are typically addicts, who may need help.

    Perhaps you’ll say ‘ok, lets all be self righteous and pretend we never had sex in workplace’ too!?? If you won’t ask that then why not? Having sex is natural as well isn’t it?

  29. ravi Says:

    Kaamaaturanam na bhayam na lajja
    we all know high class people always will be in rave parties
    we all know people are womanizers in software companies
    we all know state of woman when they walk on streets.

    why people want to induce fears for normal adolescents who will now be scared even to open an internet site.

    why anything by woman need to be labelled as porn.

  30. Faldo Says:

    This action does require the ministers concerned to be punished and they have been rightly been removed from their posts. However, there is little beating ourselves up or hanging our heads in shame or being overtly self righteous. Ironically it was the state government’s decision to telecast the proceedings that caused this incident to be widely publicized.
    If we look at examples across other Indian states, each has its own story to tell. Years ago the current TN CM’s modestry was attempted to be outraged in the assembly, a fact that is on record. She had then vowed not to enter the assembly till she was relelected as CM. Likewise in Maharashtra a member was slapped while taking his oath. Nobody recalls these members being asked to resign from their posts. Like some people here have suggested, if we apply the workplace example slapping someone or attempting to outrage their modesty are certainly more serious (at least in the eyes of the law) compared to watching indecent video clips.

    While we need not condone this act, we need not pretend as though this is the first example of elected members being involved in shameful incidents in the assembly.

  31. T. Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Seeking apology demands character. Only ‘,men’ with character have the boldness to seek apology. BJP would never seek apology for its omissions and commissions. It is not in its blood.

  32. Shree Kar Says:

    @T.Azeez Luthfullah >>> Seeking apology demands character.

    Good insight.

    Is there any party in India which has apologized for its omissions and commissions?

  33. harkol Says:

    Heh! Yeddy tried the Annonymous Guy defense – he asked Journalists why watching porn is a big deal as ‘everybody does it’! He reflected AG’s thought that the whole thing is over hyped.


    1. Would he then back a amendment to law that makes pornography legal in India, as ‘everyone does it’??

    2. Would he also justify having sex within Vidhansabha, as ‘everyone’ does that as well?

    3. Would he also start watching x-rated videos in Vidhan Sabha, as it is what people are ‘expected’ to do and nothing wrong in it?

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