CHURUMURI POLL: Will BJP win Karnataka again?

As if to show that India’s two biggest political parties are cut from the same tainted cloth, the Congress-led government at the Centre and the BJP  government in Karnataka have been slipping from scam to scam, crisis to crisis—and making a mockery of the people’s mandate—in a regular and nearly identical manner.

While the Manmohan Singh government’s scandal-marred second tenure, pockmarked with a brazen assault on free speech, is now part of political lore, the B.S. Yediyurappa-led (and now D.V. Sadananda Gowda led)  regime in the State has fared far worse with more than a dozen ministers under scrutiny for financial (and sexual) corruption.

The communal undertones of one regime is matched by the casteist undertones of the other. Both regimes survive from court order to court order. And both seem convinced that the wise voter is actually a silly fool, who doesn’t read, hear or watch the news; and that she will forgive and forget the excesses if she is thrown a few crumbs and a saree.

But there is one key difference. The BJP government’s conduct and governance in Karnataka makes nonsense of the party’s  sanctimonious posturing and fingerwagging about the Congress. Its always-vacuous claim of being a party with a difference, guided by high morals, is now a pathetic joke that cannot even be uttered in the presence of children.

The Congress’s big test will come in the UP and other state elections. But here’s the other question: will the BJP come to power in Karnataka if there is a snap election tomorrow? Or, like with the faction-ridden, leaderless BJP at the Centre, is the faction-ridden, leaderless Karnataka Congress in no position to exploit the pitiable state the BJP finds itself in?

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25 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Will BJP win Karnataka again?”

  1. ravi Says:

    viewing sex tape is compared to be worse than swiss bank accounts!!
    from where to where!
    one is related to huge crisis at the capital and other is needless useless debate on a silly matter!
    and both are compared!

    what an oppurtunistic view of churumuri
    1. favour loose bar going girls!!
    2. bash porn viewing men

    that looks like a bad press.

  2. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Sorry to disagree, but there is no comparison. Venal or idiotic as it is, the BJP in Karnataka is no match for the insidious, dubious Congress/UPA leadership that holds the reins in Delhi.

    Manmohan Singh, a Dhritarashtra of our time, is clearly running a Kaurava government not far from Hastinapura. More than a dozen of his ministers, including Pawar, Chidu, Sibal, Digvijaya, Baalu should be in prison — and may soon be in prison thanks to the fantastic activism of folks such as Swamy.

    Regardless, it is a pity that we have to discuss which is worse of the two parties. Does that not negatively affect the quality of the debate?

  3. Manoja Says:

    From CWG to Adarsh to 2G to god knows what is in store, Congress is breezing through one scam after the other.

    From N D Tiwari who used Raj Bhavan to satisfy himself with prostitutes to the Rajasthan Minister in the Bhanwari Devi Sex case to multitudes of sex offenders in the past, Congress is breezing through one issue after the other.

    The mother of all scams, 2G, happened under the watchful eyes of MMS and PC. The wiki leaks of US diplomatic channels indicated that YSR was the most corrupt politician in the country with Andhra topping the list, under the benign approval of SG and her family. No one knows the source of riches of her son in law. Congress is breezing through all these and more.

    From our stupid law minister who says he is ready to be hanged by EC for his moronic utterances on muslim reservation to the one and only Diggi Raja who is the ace in uttering nonsense, Congress is getting away from scrutiny. Worse we have a home minister and an ex finance minister whose election itself is a fraud played on the people of this country. Still no one is questioning them.

    When it comes to the issues of sex scandal of BJP, here is what I believe would have happened:

    1. Renukacharya and Jayalakshmi had an affair. We are not moral custodians to decide on the acts of two individuals. And during the peak of their relationship, the photos were clicked. And this was used by the nurse to malign him when she was not paid her dues. If you want to hang a person for infidelity, there will be a long list of men waiting!!

    2. Even in Harataulu Halappa case, it was consensual sex later given the twist of rape. The worst thing you can sue this stupid minister is for not exercising his senses when he did what he did.

    3. The only crime of these stupid jokers was not watching porn but watching it in assembly. And for this one thing one cannot paint the whole party wrong. And this is what gets my goat. The media while quick to paint BJP as a party bad for the misdeeds of some inconsequential members of the party, it will take great pains to separate the party from the individuals when it comes to Congress. One latest example is this Salman Khurshid episode. Have you read anywhere that congress should be responsible for what the LAW minister of the country has said? Have you read anywhere that Congress should be responsible for what a very senior member of the party said? But one Savadi and one Patil watches porn and suddenly the whole party is painted as perverse.

    It is because of this attitude of press that me and people like me will keep voting for BJP for a long long time. And ensure they emerge victorious to thwart the misdeeds of Congress.

  4. harkol Says:

    Every state that has elected parties on the basis of caste equations has gone down the tube. I suspect Karnataka is following the examples of UP/Bihar.

    If BJP or Congress win it should be on development agenda. Unfortunately they never do so.

    BJP needs to loose Karnataka as it has leaders who are despicable.

  5. Brahmanyan Says:

    BJP will come back and rule in Karnataka due to TINA factor. People have no other choice, when we look at the others options. Congress is a spent force and they have to depend on migrants from other parties to lead. Less we say about JD(S) is better. This party is a family outfit.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    What a transformation, rss-bjp have gone for a brand makeover, raama politics out- – kaama politics in. Its comical to see and hear devout cheddis exuding confidence of winning next assembly election. People of karnataka have realised their mistake of voting bjp on emotional grounds. They have lost natural resources, karnataka became the most corrupt state in india. Now bjp has even put berlusconi to shame with sleaze. Bjp will not go above the 60 seat mark. Jd s and cong gaining. Anti incumbancy in full velocity in karnataka.

  7. Vinay Says:

    I don’t want to reward the BJP for their misgovernance, but I don’t like the JD(S), that Gowda family private property. Nor do I like Congress in Karnataka – which leaders do they have, btw?

    Let us see if these people do something to redeem themselves in the coming year.

  8. sanjeeva Says:

    Dr. Ramesh – your hatred towards BJP is well known. Of course, people preferred BJP for a change and are disappointed badly. But don’t be naive enough to imagine that if your choice of party or any other party a, b, c comes to power, all will be well and the state will become heaven. New ministers, new scams, new scandals… Thats all. Unless we have a government with 3/4th majority and headed by a visionary (not leader), things will continue as now….. Can you name any one among the lot?

  9. dr ramesh Says:

    Though not exemplary, kumaraswamy with just fourty odd legislators , gave a far far better government . In the 2 years he was the CM, governence was smooth with no big scams happening. Even today his worst critics concede kumaraswamy as an administrator was light years ahead of yeddy or sadanand gowda. People in rural karnataka have already started saying, give him close to 100 seats ,see what he can do.

  10. peterparker123arker Says:

    first of all BJP like parties do only caste based politics and work for their BANIYA and some caste..and this is in karnatak is there to be seen..only LINGYATS got benefitted..only mandya got improved..coz this CM was a lingyat..and then they attack BRAHMANISM , these cross breed better to bring in secualr parties like congress which do work for all…why to be hypocrites and then strengthen your own community which are actually forbidden in our scriptures VARNA SANKAR/CROSS BREEDS

  11. Goldstar Says:

    @dr ramesh,

    >>…kumaraswamy with just fourty odd legislators…

    and 3 wives. Please give the due credit to the women behind/below Kumaraswamy also.

  12. dr ramesh Says:

    3 or 30, thats his problem, no woman has come forward and given complaint that he has erred . Ernesto che guevara married more than once, so what, but people remember him as one of the greatest pro people revelutionary ever. What happens in confines of four walls of a consensual relationship is nobody’s business. J h patel was known to be close to many, but he was upright when it came to administration. If bjp ites are so horny, they should do something about it. Marriage, meditation ,muscular workout and medical help.

  13. Ram Saran Says:

    Dont make ur biases seem so obvious ,,,
    after all Sex is the oldest industry …

    Churimuri was a great medium to read interesting stuff ..sadly …no more

  14. Nagachandra Gargish Says:

    There is no option Other than BJP for karnataka as well as Centre.

    Fact : ” All parties are corrupted ” But and BUT…. As follows

    1. BJP is less corruptive than congress. (I am having facts, Not sentiments)

    2. BJP is having enough leaders to move the state and country.

    3. BJP is fast act when it’s leaders are facing corruption charges..
    ex: Yediyurappa, Reddys, Ramachandre Gowda, in the state
    Bangaru Lakshman, Dilip sing judev etc…

    4. BJP is in sangh parivar Family wher noble persons of sangh parivrs allways put an eye on BJP leaders regarding their acts and deeds. (If you say RSS is Irrelevant than please study Indian History Properly)

    5. before BJP era there was no discussion on these issues, but with the existance of BJP we are atlest hering these following isues and once it will be executed (If u wont remember than you will forget)

    Issues : Ram Mandir, Datta Peetam, Gohatya Nished, Anti conversion laws, Article 371 in Kasmir, and very importantly Uniform Civil code.

    6. Most of the BJP leaders are well educated than congress or others.

    “We shoul elect educated ones , but not uneducateds Hindus, Slum dwellers and stelthy worst Muslims)

    Finally, Every one will do the mistake, no one is perfect, but the thing is our perception on other end of the corner or coin.

    Joke: BJP says Bharat Maata ki jai
    congrss says Sonia Mata ki jai

    Option is yours….(It is depending on your IQ and EQ)

  15. bobby Says:

    BJP is worst government till date in karnataka, they made this state a joke in the country, i think congress and JD(S) is better than BJP every way. Worst CM is YEdurappa , he is like karnataka version of lalu prasad , full of lingayat caste poltics, they r using karnataka as if its there property. I will never vote for BJP again.




    andhra pradesh is the most corrupted state in india and karnataka is baccha in front of andhra on corruption charges

  18. Simple Says:

    BJp should be de-registered as a political party. Worst ever in India. Shameless to the core. spineless to the maximum. Consists of criminals. blue film experts. rapists. murders. corrupt goons and all kinds of despicable people.

  19. Deepak Says:

    Yes, the party with crooks, rapists, murderers, goons – the party with a spineless leader and shameless cohorts should be registered —- Congress party :)


    hello mr.simple and mr.deepak bjp only in some parts of north india only they do some social evil activities but not in south india and when i was in bangalore the congress party leaders came and attacked the houses of those people who did’nt vote for any party in elections in that incident i was got brutually beaten up by congress leader called reddy and i got treatment in hospital even after giving the complaint police has not registered a FIR against those leaders who attacked many people so bcoz of that reason we came to an decision that we will vote only for bjp party and not for congress bcoz congress is an worst party having full of rowdies and goondaass in their party


    sadananda gowda is a very good and excellent person so the people of karnataka plz plz understand it and vote for bjp by seeing the face of sadananda gowda and not by seeing the face of yediyurappa

    he(sadananda gowda) dosent have any caste feelings like yediyurappa.plz again give chance for bjp and sadananda gowda and lets see the development of karnataka by cm sadananda gowda

  22. Simple Says:

    Wonder how any civilized human being can still support BJP in Karnataka.

  23. Rajesh Says:

    BJP will return back to power in the south with a thumping majority. Here is why…..

    Take a look at these super stars of the political pawn game happening right now in Karnataka!

    • Yeddyurappa: Rs 3000 crore mining and de-notified real estate scam
    • Karunakara Reddy: 2000 crore mining scam
    • M P Renukacharya: 1800 crore excise department corruption scam
    • Udasi: Rs 300 crore irregularities in PWD ministry
    • Murugesh Nirani: 1200 crore sugar industry licensing and industrial land scam
    • V. Somanna: 900 crore housing, BDA sites and iron-ore scam
    • Shobha Karandlaje: 400 crore coorg coffee estate scam
    • Jagadish Shettar: 350 crore scam in rural development and water supply
    • Basavaraj Bommai: 600 crore PWD and Upper Krishna Project scam
    • Nitin Gadkari: Highest central beneficiary from most regular kick-backs by Yeddi & gang

  24. Harish Says:

    see guys Yadiyurappa is not done any corruption . there is any cases also not proved in court also. if is the congress is the one of corrupted party in india. plz vote for BJP


    hello harish yeddi is not corrupt i can understand but why he should start castism for cm seat by removing sadananda gowda bcoz by starting a caste feeling that only lingayat should become cm and rule karnataka and bcoz of yediyurappa only the karnataka bjp has got black face

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