This is your chief minister, and here is the news

Karnataka chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda inaugurates the Kannada news channel, Public TV, in Bangalore on Sunday by reading a news item from a laptop computer. The channel is headed by H.R. Ranganath, the son of a southern railway employee in Mysore, who rose to be editor of Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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8 Responses to “This is your chief minister, and here is the news”

  1. kavya Says:

    all the very best for nanna channel public t.v .(idu yara aasti yu alla idu nammellara asti .) naviddeve nimmondige ranganath sir avre….all the best..and really i want to work for this public t.v ..and i wish to work with ranganath sir and team.any time i will support for this public t.v….Congrates

    Thank you public t.v


  2. Kitapati Says:

    I was looking forward to this TV channel. I saw the telecast on Sunday. I think they are blowing the trumpet too much and too early. They should first deliver and then talk.
    My first impression was that the video quality and presentation is poor and not in par with the regular TV standards. They had a poorly lit LCD tv behind the news anchor. In the talk shows the camera focus and zoom is much to be desired. In monday morning breakfast show or something, there was this guy who sits crosslegged and has his skin showing betwen his socks and his trousers. It is no big deal but it is poor professional aesthetics.
    Another thing Ranganath has to get over his narcissism and allow his guests and other anchors to speak. He may be a talented guy with his own style but you cannot be alll over the place and be so prominent. Viewers do not just want to watch you.

  3. Kashinath Says:

    Uttama Telugu/Tamil/Hindi chitrarangakkagi – Namma Public TV. Hope it not happens.

  4. Gouri Satya Says:

    Congratulations Ranga. All the best in your new endeavour.

  5. Sudhir Says:

    Congratulations Ranga. May you change the way news is being reported on television

  6. mota Says:

    “narcissism” right word……Mr Ranga should come out of…….

  7. vageesh kumar g a Says:

    Nothing new in public TV. Ade haadu adde raaga. I think There was vacume in kannada media even in print also. new ideas and like minded owners should come forward for new channel. samaya TV in first did (like satya mithya in which two faces of mata-mantra etc) but it is give any rating. At last owner is changed and programe was droped. what can we do?

  8. kannada kulture Says:

    i hope public tv works towards MORE_KANNADA than EKKADA,ENNADA,EVADA,KUC KUCH HOTA HAI..!

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