Why Karnataka nixed sex education proposal

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: According to a statement by an official of United Nations children’s emergency fund, in April 2011, the Karnataka government prudishly turned down a UNICEF proposal to impart sex education to school students in classrooms.

While attending a state level consultation on ‘Adolescent children and their issues’, a senior UNICEF official was quoted as saying:

“We cannot shy away from reality. Adolescents around the world are engaging themselves in sexual relationships. They risk getting infected with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, if they lack awareness. Moreover, girl children are at the risk of having unwanted pregnancies. In such a scenario, sex education should be mandatory.”

Maybe the Karnataka government were waiting for the right and experienced teachers to do the job.

Now that problem has been solved.

Three of D.V. Sadananda Gowda’s cabinet Ministers, the tech-savvy Lakshman Savadi, C.C. Patil and Krishna Palemar who were caught while watching a porn video on their mobile handsets while the legislative assembly session was going on and dismissed from Government, can be given the job.

They are eminently suitable to impart sex education and much more.

Now UNICEF should not have any complaints!

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36 Responses to “Why Karnataka nixed sex education proposal”

  1. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Sex ed is not about watching porn. That might be one component of self-education by young people, but it is definitely not the main intent. The ministers are good for nothing.

  2. Gouri Satya Says:

    UNICEEF should also consider their eminence!

  3. karihaida Says:


  4. Rastrakoota Says:

    Please No lest they willingly come forward to demonstrate by reasoning that will be the best way to educate:-)

  5. Ritesh Says:

    Sex education will only lead to more number of social related problems related to sex – unwed mothers, sexual immorality. With all its visual and print education, the US is facing plethora of social problems resulting from its permissive culture of sexuality. 48% of all the babies born today in US are from unwed mothers, and a number of them are black and school going. One – third of all their marriages end in divorce in the first year itself. Compare this figure to their pre-1946, pre-“sex-education” era. One might then get a sound opinion of “sex” education.
    The situation is worse in the Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Sexual culture is so permissive that families are no longer a unit of society, individual is. Children born are routinely sent to Child Care centres; and marriage is no longer considered as sacred. The structure of the family has been weakened to an extraordinary extent – all of these starting in “sex education” – perparated by intellectuals and blared over like propaganda by media. In India, journalists and their channels follow their erstwhile colonial masters in aping these theories of sex education. pity that journalists cannot think of box; I expected better from our “native” journalists.

  6. Vinay Says:


    What evidence do you have that “sex education” was the cause for the ills of society in Scandinavian nations and in the US?

    That is a completely false assertion.

  7. asha Says:

    >>Three of D.V. Sadananda Gowda’s cabinet Ministers, the tech-savvy Lakshman Savadi, C.C. Patil and Krishna Palemar who were caught while watching a porn video on their mobile handsets while the legislative assembly session was going on and dismissed from Government, can be given the job.>>

    Sorry this is not possible…according to inside information they have already decided to start a small business selling bootlegged porno DVD’s right in front of Vidhana Soudha…rumour also has it that savadi is seriously considering producing,directing and acting in some porno movies himself !! Teaching young kids is not nearly as interesting and lucrative as this venture.

  8. Faldo Says:

    There seems to be a misconception about sex education. It is merely an instruction related to sexuality, behavior, health and safety issues. Its main aim is to promote responsible behavior. Considering the demographics in India where we have such a large young population, it does become important. This should not be equated with porn or obscenity. We must not trivialize it by making snide remarks. And certainly such education can be imparted keeping cultural sensitivities in mind.

  9. Prajwal Says:

    from where these complaints are filed-
    some software engineer ravi krishna reddy files against BSY
    some srijan basha suddenly files case against BSY
    again some dharampal gowda files case against 3 ministers

    they dont even have a public appearance . suddenly due to provocation from some politician they jump and file case just to waste time. ultimately one after another all cases go futile.

    and whole state media is busy transmitting all these to world.

    these news channels can never look or think big. i have never seen anyone who can spend quality time on broadcasting economics , share markets , apmc etc all under one roof focussing the state and how centre’s policy affects our state. somebody cried for pulses decreased support price because Sharad Pawar lifted import ban!!
    why are people always obsessed with sensationalism!!
    i don’t know when we will think having a kannada publication with economic times / cnbc type.
    obviously such a crippled state will have signboards in 3 languages and never our rural stream will be able to join urban escapists.

    why do we have to waste our time on such trivial issues.
    this shows how delhi controls states. make states fight for such things and they will sit at Janpath even when CBI director tells 24 lakh crores is stashed in swiss banks and continue looting the states.
    none of news channels even know how many zeros that value has. cheap press and cheap state.

    i am getting nauseated here. it feels if we cannot think/analyze big picture and stay in bengaloor. the false notion of nationalism has made my bengaloor a small, narrow and cheap city.
    this makes one migrate to capital / other hindi belt and hence the brain drain and then again cribbing.

    cheap media people who don’t bother to learn beyond some chillare news is really limiting people’s awareness.
    the state is defeated by nationalism totally.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:


    “he false notion of nationalism has made my bengaloor a small, narrow and cheap city. this makes one migrate to capital / other hindi belt and hence the brain drain and then again cribbing.”

    People are migrating from Bangalore to hindi belt. When did this happen? Why arent you going?

    BTW what do you think of this porn scandal? What should the press be doing here?

  11. Indian Homemaker Says:

    And most of them anyway believe that sex education is ‘blue films’ which is why they don’t want anyone with lesser maturity than themselves to have access to it.

  12. Pravin Jain Says:

    Sex education is not required in school education.our country is a family based country.time and Nature will teach to everyone at proper time.This type of education is not required in school.befoer 3 years Shri Jainacharya Ratnasundarsuri Maharaj was addmet pittion against this issue befor Rajyasabha pition committe and Rajyasbha committe band this education.all.BJP goverment States are against this education.so kindly request Karnataka state should not start this cariculam.

  13. Rastrakoota Says:

    @ Praveen Jain,
    Hehehe Very hilarious observation indeed! Family based Country….hehehe ROFL……

  14. Ritesh Says:


    Check out stats of US. Before the advent of the sex education era, and so-called revolution, nearly all the children were born to married women in the United States. This is before 1960. Figures for US show that the number is 50%! What do you think led to the change?
    My opinion is that sex-education in the US succeeding in manufacturing a culture of permissiveness around sexual relationships, wherein you could get involved without making commitments. This was further re-in forced by the visual media, showing media content with vulgarity which would have been scoffed at 20 years before. The same with the Scandinavian countries as well. The result – a societal disaster. 50% of all the children born are without a parent! This a trend across Europe, not just Scandinavia.
    Indian heritage, and culture scoffs at this idea of children and sex before marriages. That’s why our families still endure, although an “advanced”,”superpower” can’t prevent breakup of its society happening because of disintegrating families. Sex education(especially, if ape the West here again) can mess up our society, because as I said, it is bound to create a mentality that does not prohibit permissiveness of sex outside marriage, and even encourages it.

    I am open to a debate on this subject. But please look at the fate of industrial societies which have introduced sex education, and swear more by liberality and freedom than God and traditions.

  15. Praveen Sarma Says:

    I oppose sex education at school level. It may not be about pornography but there are sources like magazines that publish articles about sex and there are people who read those articles secretly. Youth are reading sex related articles even though talking about sex is taboo in India and such matters are not taught in schools.

  16. Vinay Says:


    There is no evidence that sex education is what caused it.That is just your guess/extrapolation.

    In open societies, increasing economic prosperity brings liberalism with it. And that is what causes this stuff.

    I did not have any sex education in school, yet I had a pre-marital affair. My girlfriend did not have any sex education either, in her school. (by the way, does that make us ‘bad people’ in your eyes? :-) )

    The current generation of urban youth, younger than me, indulge in pre-marital sex. It is more common that you would think. And these kids are those who grew up in the 1990s. Was there any “sex education” back then? NO.

    All this stuff about “ancient and rich heritage and culture” is making hypocrites out of our society. Society is more honest, liberal, open, and less hypocritical today than it was in the past. Thank god for that.

    More honesty and less hypocrisy in society will do good in many other ways too.

    The prime topic of discussion among teenage children beyond a certain age, even back in the 80s and 90s, was sex. Wide-eyed young boys discuss sex, and that is one of their prime topics of discussion. I don’t know how old you are, but I presume you went through that phase too.

    All I say is: stop the hypocrisy, stop tom-tomming the “rich culture and heritage”. Society is changing, and people need to get used to it.

  17. rk Says:

    My first question is “what do you expect to accomplish with sex education in schools”? If it’s abstinence, forget it! But If it’s just encouraging to practice safe sex and tell kids it’s OK for them to do this well before marriage or a serious relationship, then it’s a different argument. I have lived in western countries since I was a teenager (30+ yrs now) and observed/argued about this for a long time. US and many other western countries have taught sex education in schools and making it mandatory at an earlier and earlier age and abstinence or even close to abstinence HAS NOT BEEN ACHIEVED. Almost 50% of teenagers by the age of 17 have already engaged in sex. There is a culture of acceptance that this is what kids do and that it’s OK! Despite all the sex education (trust me, it’s more than what makes most Indian parents are comfortable sharing), teen pregnancies have NOT significantly gone down. Is that what we want in India too? Every where you turn whether it’s TV/Movies/Magazines/Internet etc, there is sexual connotation and the word “sexy” is over used and abused for every thing! It’s hard for Indian parents to teach their children to wait for the right person in life and not rush into sexual relationships. If kids were taught the moral aspects as well as the cultural aspects of all this in India, may be kids won’t engage in this irresponsible behavior and get AIDS/STDs etc. It’s not like they are so naive these days, they can read all about it online anyway! There are plenty of open ads in all media if they care to know. The minute India ignores the cultural aspects and how we have always upheld our children/families to higher standards, then all flood gates are open. Soon, teen pregnancies and all ensuing problems will be at India’s door step. India is neither prepared nor capable of handling this mega issue.
    I am neither naive nor old fashioned to think that premarital sex doesn’t happen in India. We want to prevent it and not promote it. By the way, sex education teaches how to protect oneself. It rarely emphasizes on abstinence! I have to agree with Ritesh that there is a culture of permissiveness in western countries and no amount of sex education will stop that since as I said earlier, abstinence is considered old fashioned!

  18. vinantesh Murthy Says:

    “The current generation of urban youth, younger than me”

    “yet I had a pre-marital affair.”
    dishonesty if current partner is different

    “The current generation of urban youth, younger than me, indulge in pre-marital sex.”

    that’s hypocritical generalisation.

    can you tell me how open was your premarital affair. how justifiable it was . how much did you fear. did you marry her. do you have post marital also. threesomes homo LGBT etc.

    dont generalize things. these things happen from age of Kalidasa and even in remotest of villages because sex is also an expression.

    do visit Beluru or read abour Kumaranna’s life and see what his son might be doing in resorts.
    An unquestioning wife can be a factor there.

    that doesn’t mean you can generalize and define openness!!

    maadodella anachara mane munde brindavana anda haage alva?

  19. Praveen Sarma Says:

    I don’t think that sex education is necessary at school level. Though talking about sex in public is taboo in India, there are many people who read sex oriented material secretly. In our own province Andhra Pradesh, sex related books are in second position in sales after astrology/vaastu related books.

  20. Ritesh M Says:

    You said – “Society is changing, and people need to get used to it”.

    The point is not whether you like pre-martial affairs, or I hate it. You mention that the society is changing, but is it changing for good? You mention that “society is becoming honest, liberal and open for good”, but you conveniently forget the spurt in crime rate, and other social problems that characterize the current era. Why are sex-related crimes in increase across cities?

    You say – “In open societies, increasing economic prosperity brings liberalism with it. And that is what causes this stuff.” I think the problem is clearly with the a)lack of education which imparts strong values to young minds, b) a culture where permissiveness is encouraged by representations in media and literary circles and c) lack of role model – the only role models India has today are the cinestars who are clearly not the epitome of character.

    I am struck by your superficial take on this discussion. All you say, is the young teenages discuss about the topic quite a bit of their time. BUT, What is your take on increase in the number of unwed school going mothers that the West(including Europe and US) is witnessing? What is your take on the various studies done by the Kaiser Family Foundation in US, which concluded the lack of parental atmosphere at home is one of the major reaons of deliquent behaviour of juvenlies? What is your take on the deterioating moral standard of our nation and the world, inspite of increased economic “prosperity”?

    Your take on the topic is, in fact is a short hand summary, of a) What you did b) What do you like c) What you would like the society to do. Now – where we see an introspection, in a moral/spiritual sense as to where are we going as a society? does it impact the society negatively? All these facts are missed offhand with a singular remark that that all this openness will put an end to hypocrisy in society. Forget the “I” and think as “Us”. All I am saying is that we should not ape the West in this sphere, or we will end up with a societal disaster.

    Btw, I am 23, graduate from a premier institute, and working a consultancy. While I have seen all that what you have told, that does not lead me to conclude that it is something which is necessarily good. I don’t go by unverified asserations on such topics.


    Would you mind giving the link to the above mentioned article where the nurse talks about her experiences? I believe its being picked from here – http://www.ariseindiaforum.org/nurse-reveals-the-top-5-regrets-people-make-on-their-deathbed/.

  21. Vinay Says:

    vinantesh Murthy:

    First off, let me ask: are you that same retard Murthy with whom I have had discussions earlier on this blog? Does seem so – you have the same knack as he does, of talking unrelated bullshit.

    Your silly questions don’t merit an answer. Openness is all about not being hypocrites, fyi.

  22. Vinay Says:

    Ritesh M:

    Many Indians like to paint a glorious picture of the “good old days”. The reality is that despite all the talk of “decline in moral values” and other rhetoric, India today, is in the best state in more than a thousand years.

    Spurt in crime rate? Sure, there won’t be much crime when the nation has a 12% literacy rate and nearly 90% of the population stays in villages – this was the state of the nation in 1947.

    You ask why sex-related crimes are on the rise? Simply because our society has institutionalized hypocrisy. Whenever there is a talk of legal prostitution, the “culture protectors” descend in droves, thumping their chests in agony.

    No one is “aping the West” here. In fact, people who use this term are aping the pseudo-intellectuals who like blaming India’s ills on “aping the West”. There is no “aping” going on here. The reality is that people are just being natural, instead of being hypocrites.

    You are 23 years old? Don’t tell me you are so moralistic that you won’t get into a relationship with say, a colleague. Yes, you might even go on to have a physical relationship with her. If you claim otherwise, you are not natural. There is something wrong if you shut your eyes at pretty girls at this age, just because of your “morality”.

  23. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Ritesh M will not meet pretty girls on his own. He will have to depend on this mother and God to find and force a girl to have a relationship with him. He is just arguing for himself.

  24. Ritesh M Says:


    So your premise is that increase in literacy rates is causing a increase in crime? That’s the conclusion I can draw from your points above. Indeed, if its the case, then we do need to introspect as to what kind of education is being imparted to young minds today. The tragedy is that today the focus is so much on absorbing knowledge around different subjects, but not so much on value education, or say learning self-control. The focus is solely on competence(or rote competence I shld say) but not on building character and citizens with a extemely high value pedestal.

    In ignoring all of this, we are neglecting a basic building block of education in India. Sex-education is a Western import, introduced by Western social scientists as a tool, which they hoped, would give solve their social ills. Decades down the line, even after introducing sex education, Western society has seen its percentage of unwed mothers only go up(66% for Sweden, 50% for Great Britain, 46% for US) – with a consequent negative impact on the society and nation as a whole. And it was waiting to happen.

    Surely, when you bombard children with sex education in school in name of knowledge, bombard them with vulgarity in movies which show women as objects of sensual gratification, bombard them with propaganda that “freedom” is absolute with no restrictions and on the top of it, neglect the education promotion Self Control and Values – this is what is expected. Essentially, you are builiding a culture of sexual permissiveness. And this cultural import will surely play a major role in the disintegration of a society and its families.

    With all its sex education and institutions, one might have expected at least the United States to reduce crime against women. A CNN IBN news item however pointed out that crime rates in New York and cities in US are actually much higher than even Delhi(which is the most unsafe city in India). Now with all its weak institutions and no sex education – how is that India’s crime statistics for women is lower? Surely it must be something to do with our cultural values – which although vanishing in the current generation – are still there.

    On sex related crimes – you say the reason is institutionalized hypcrisy. But what is the reason behind increasing sex related crimes where, unfortunately, the vicitims are young children? Why is this happening? Its wasn’t so common before right, atleast in 70’s and 80s?

    And here is where we ape the West – instead of looking a solution within our own cultural and social framework which encourages self-control and abstinence before marriage – we are looking at introducing “sex” education. Why not education around self control? Why not education around values? How about the media getting more responsiblle in content they put on television? Surely all of these have their roles to play as well right?

    No branch of Indian philosophy promote or encourage promiscusity or unrestricted sensual gratification(whereas the current day media and authors surely do as if its the sole goal of life). Education was mainly around self-control. Why not learn from the past then? Shouldn’t we atleast try to teach it in our classrooms?

    As for you defending indulging in pre-martial sex as natural, well, – that’s a very poor defense. There are many instincts which are natural but have to be controlled. Does that mean we indulge in giving a vent for these animal instincts as well? Or overcoming them to become a better human being?

  25. Ritesh M Says:


    I don’t look for physicial gratification in a relationship, nor I am inclined to look towards women as objects of sexual gratification. Going by your points, it seems that is on the top of your head.
    I treat them as friends, and the focus is around building relationships as a friend, and not with a intent to get into a “physical relationship”.
    You asked me whether having pre-martial relationships makes you bad in our eyes – Not bad, but unfortunate for sure because it seems physical aspect of your relationship is at a higher priority that say, the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

    And Dear Anoymous,

    The trash which you have vomited at the comment box, you might as well keep it with you, as you seem to be only person who can digest it. I would rather not respond to a person who brings in mother and family into comments.

  26. Vinay Says:


    All this talk about “good old days” is bollocks, like I have already said. All these crimes that we talk about – child rape, etc. – these have always been there. They have begun to be reported only in recent times. The “crime statistics” of the West are that high because crimes actually get reported, recorded and archived there. In India, this process is still not completely mature.

    None of us looks at women as “objects of sexual gratification”. Only you can come up with something like that. People like you are the greatest hypocrites in society.

    I will tell you how it really is. In reality it is people like you who look at women as objects of sexual desire, that thought is foremost in your minds. That is the reason you place too much emphasis on stupid things like “chastity”, “purity”, “morality”, and all that.

    Now, let me tell you something about Indian education. You are right that Indian education needs to focus more on building better citizens with better values, instead of rote learning. The question is, what values? For people like you, “values education” comprises of “morals”, “chastity”, “not drinking alcohol”, maybe “not eating meat”.

    For me, “values education” comprises of teaching kids universal values. Cleanliness, how to be a responsible citizen, honesty and integrity, incorporation of quality and discipline in life…

    The real problem in India is that people like you place too much emphasis on useless values like the ones I mentioned earlier, and consider themselves very “morally upright”. A little less focus on bullshit like that, and a greater focus on tangible universal values would be welcome.

    Not sure how you inferred that I go in with an “intent” to get into physical relationships. For someone who claims to be a 23 year old “consultant”, your analytical and communication skills aren’t up to the mark. Maybe someday when you are as experienced in consulting as I am……..

  27. Ritesh M Says:


    I knew you would bring up the argument that crimes are not well reported in India. The same holds for United States as well. In India, crime statistics are more well represented in cities as they are in the United States, and I guess this will hold true for New Delhi more than any other city in India atleast.
    Here’s the fact – Even Delhi(which undoubtably is the most unsafe city in India) is more safe compared to New York when it comes to crimes against women.National Crime Records Bureau statistics suggests that Delhi with 3.57 rapes per 1,00,000 people fared pretty well as compared to the safest city in the US, New York, which recorded 10.48 rapes per 1,00,000 people (according to FBI and NYPD’s crime statistics).

    Compare India’s metro cities to other world cities like Los Angeles and it seems Indian women are a lot safer in Indian cities with their lax policing and salivating men. Los Angeles, with the fabled LAPD and progressive movie industry, witnessed 27.3 rapes per 1,00,000 people in 2006.

    And before you comment on my “consulting”, “analytical” and “communication” skills – have a look at this as well – http://ibnlive.in.com/news/rape-new-york-much-worse-than-delhi/234640-61.html.

    A guy wrote this amazing blog piece on the recurrence of rapes in our country(http://ibnlive.in.com/blogs/srirambalasubramanian/2990/63230/indias-shame-rape-and-its-recurrence.html) I would just produce some key points from his blog as to why do such sexual crimes occur –

    Unfortunately, in India we convolute and confuse so much that we have a masala of everything under one roof, either in the grab of an entertainment channel or in the garb of a newspaper. Essentially, this distorts the mind of young kids who are not in the proper frame of mind to absorb such content in a matured manner. This distortion of minds at such a young age leads them to indulge in various activities that does not befit their age. Shockingly in most rape cases, recent and otherwise, the rape accused are all in their early teens or late 20’s. The younger educated lot which has grown up with such content seems to be indulging in such activities. In addition to this, there is a much skewed perception of women and their sexuality that has caught up with our societies.

    In an age where an item number is glorified more, than say, the achievements of women in society, there is a question on what the women’s success stands for. In my view, women should be recognized not just for her body but for her elegance and achievements in life. Unfortunately, some aspects of popular culture is contrarian to this in terms of their priorities, as such a women’s success is projected to be merely about her body and nothing else. This lack of appreciation and respect seems to be one of the reasons for teenagers to stray away into committing heinous crimes such as rape in a country such as ours.

    The mind gets raped with filth before the crime is committed; that needs to be addressed more than anything else.”

    And your solution involves in delivering more filth to young minds than ever. It won’t solve our social problems, but I am sure it will definately increase them.

  28. EmptyMind Says:

    /*On the contrary, scum like you bring up caste in every possible discussion. Casteist scum of your kind need to be shot dead for the nation to progress. I say this in complete seriousness.*/

    Sorry for editing in wrong post. but felt very much sad for your frustration. are u always accompanied hungry ghost or anger eating demon with you. The demon which expand in multiple size after eating anger and swallow the person in front of it (read it as shoot them dead if u don’t like them).
    i know you hate people like me but why behave like uneducated goonda and talk such an unparliamentary words. i have emptied my the basket (read it as no anger)for your recovery.
    No anger, No feeding to the demon, demon perish. Good for your mental health.


  29. sarva Says:

    @Ritesh M,
    I agree wholeheartedly to your wisdom in all your posts except the last one.

    You missed vital points there.
    while you compared India with US and termed 10 rapes to 3 rapes as safe you forgot to mention the sexual activities between first and third world.

    Indian scene:
    Vishnu being Pig’s avatara and pig known for masturbation
    also Vishnu known for wife -swapping have led to most of Vaishnava people – most who call themselves brahmins, most Kshatriyas and all other clans who believe they are HIndus to commit to such acts.

    sexual activities are mostly masturbation and promiscuity after marriage – recently Times Now reported this – just see the way the reporters enjoy
    The brahmin factor actually tells it

    See the way how bengloor is protrayed to the world by the press.

    At the same time the navy finds it as wrong to ideals and so on although army and air force people openly accept it as a fact.
    the kshatriya factor actually hides it

    American scene:
    Here they date and have sex before marriage. So rape victims won’t have much to lose.
    They are open about celibacy, promiscuity or whatver.
    There is unemployment wage and strict laws protecting them in daylight.

    hence there are lot of differences . while there people are open and rape victims are accepted here people like Vinay would run away if it comes to marrying a rape victim.


    also take this judgement

    here judge tells live-in is immoral but at the same time there is a case still pending of Aarushi Talwar – a girl just at puberty murdered by Doctors (parents) for having affair with servant ( you must have read in porn stories ) while they themselves are found to be part of wife-swapping in the rape capital of Delhi where rape happens in moving cars next to Prime Minister’s house.

    nobody is clear here. they just want to escape out from their positions.

    so it becomes clear that even 3 rapes are unacceptable in this corrupt society.

  30. Ritesh M Says:


    The trash you have omitted, and the general dig you take at Hindu deities makes your post unfit for me to respond. wife-swapping? have you gone out of your mind? the question is about sex education, so stick to it, instead of mindlessly ranting about anything.

    I wonder what the moderator is doing here. The comment is too offensive towards Hindu deities in general. Instead of modifying it, the comment has been passed on without modification. I did not expect this from Churmuri. I hope better sense prevails and mindless garbage in form of comments in filtered out. First it was mother and family, and now its is Hindu deities. Such crass and vulgar generalization is unfit for any sane discussion.

    Atleast Vinay’s positions were better than this trash above.

    I hope this comment is removed and moderated at the very least.

  31. Ritesh Says:

    There is no scope for any healthy discussion in this blog here. Its an awful waste of time when some really unhealthy and UN-important arguments are allowed to be passed on. Churmuri needs to set higher standards for the comments on its site.

  32. Vinay Says:


    What else do you expect – I hate casteists and casteism. I hate people like you, who bring up caste in every discussion needlessly. People like you, who see everything through the prism of caste, are the worst enemies of society.

    How dare you bring a caste angle where there was none? After that, you must be joking if you expect me not to get angry. So, cut the crap about “hungry ghost, hungry demon”, and all that – try to be less casteist in future, and stop ruining the nation with your mentality.

    This asshole “arivu” a.k.a. “sarva” is another casteist rascal. I cannot believe that there are so many educated people who are obsessed with “Brahmins”, “Kshatriyas”, and all that bullshit. Such people need to be thrown into the sea with weights tied to their feet – till then, our nation will not progress.

  33. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Agree with Vinay. Sarva with his comments comes off as a raving delusional idiot!

  34. sarva Says:

    @doddi buddi
    so you mean you support views of delhi court judge which says live – in relationships are fad immoral products of west in 21st century?

  35. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I say nothing of that sort. You are clearly twisting facts and selectively making some bizarre arguments. It is a fact that live-in relationships are Western-inspired. I am not judging whether it is moral or not.

  36. Vinay Says:

    Arivu aka Sarva:

    It is time you stopped writing meaningless tripe in post after post. If you have something to say, maybe you should write in a comprehensible fashion and stop writing unrelated bullshit about “Brahmins”, “Bengloor”, “Kshatriyas”, “Delhi Aryans”, and all that nonsense.

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