Has RSS infiltrated into IT, media in Karnataka?

Tehelka magazine has a cover story on Karnataka this week. With the cover reading “Hindutva Lab 2.0“, the story asks if Karnataka is becoming the new Gujarat, the second laboratory for the BJP and the larger sangh parivar, following the right-wing Hindu attacks on Muslims and Christians.

“A greater cause for concern for Karnataka’s liberals is the attempt to inject communal polarisation even in the cosmopolitan environs of Bengaluru, India’s IT hub. A casual visit to the Satyam and Infosys complexes makes for some disturbing observations.

Umesh Hegde (name changed to protect identity) talks about the infiltration of the Hindutva groups into the IT sector: ‘Initially, we were asked to come to the shakha to rejuvenate ourselves and learn yoga. Within a month, my colleagues and me were shown a map of Akhand Bharat, and told how Bharat needs to be cleansed of Muslims. And believe me they have managed to find sympathisers.’

“In five years, the number of RSS shakhas in Karnataka has gone up by 50 per cent, helped by public funds and facilities….

“The unfortunate part in the process of communalisation of Karnataka has been the concurrence of the media. Newspapers in Karnataka have encouraged the polarisation for pecuniary benefits. For example, the Mangalore-based daily Hosa Digantha has been accorded “state newspaper” status although its circulation does not meet the required criteria. Its editor, Chudamani Aiyyar, is an RSS activist.

“While Gujarat newspapers played up the supposed threat to Narendra Modi from Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists, Karnataka too witnessed such attempts. Rashid Malbari, an underworld figure and regarded a foil to Hindutva gangsters like Ravi Pujari (also from Karnataka), was put behind bars for allegedly plotting to assassinate Modi and senior RSS men in Karnataka.

“Local dailies played up the story just like they did in 2005 when Udayavani reported that madrassas were hoisting Pakistan flags. It had to issue a retraction when the police gave a clean chit to the madrassa. Other newspapers like Vijaya Karnataka too sedulously promote the idea of Muslims and Christians as “members of other religions.”

Read the full article: Hindutva Lab 2.0

GAURI LANKESH: ‘Karnataka as the Gujarat of South’

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52 Responses to “Has RSS infiltrated into IT, media in Karnataka?”

  1. Jay Vachani Says:

    This was the letter written by me to the author of the article Rana Ayyub.


    Dear Mr Ayyub,

    I write with reference to your article Hindutva Lab 2.0 that appeared in the 25th Feb 2012 issue of Tehelka.

    That the article is remarkably biased isn’t surprising but what is is the lack of any objective reporting.

    With secularists like you, who needs communalists?! But then Indian secularists are truly a unique breed!

    Perhaps, assuming you are indeed an honest journalist, you can go through the below examples (thanks to Harsha Perla’s http://indiawires.com/7892/opinion/tehelka-scary-distortion-of-journalism-values/) and provide a response?


    Some examples:

    i) http://panavelinbenjamin.blogspot.in/2012/01/violence-against-christiansa-letter-to.html: This is by P N Benjamin Coordinator, Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue(BIRD) Member, Karnataka State Minorities Commission Freelance journalist with 35 years experience. He clearly points out to the aggressive evangelizing by Christian groups etc. Why have you not pointed these out?

    ii) “Pehle qasaai, phir isaai” Since when have people in Karnataka taken to speaking in Hindi?

    iii) Seetaram, editor of Karavali Ale quoted in the article has many criminal cases against him, incl for spreading religious hatred. For example, he has written derogatory pieces about about Tarun Sagar, a Jain muni

    iv) Shiv Sunder, “clear headed observer in the state” is a former editor of Lankesh Patrike, a yellow tabloid! Do you know any respectable Kannadiga who reads it?!

    v) How come you did not write about the withdrawal of 23 cases against Christians (in the 2008 Mangalore riots) by the Karnataka Govt? http://www.ndtv.com/article/karnataka/karnataka-cabinet-to-withdraw-23-church-attack-cases-154782

    vi) The RSS has clearly stated several times that it has nothing to do with Ram Sene – you forgot to mention this. Perhaps your “research” didn’t throw this up?

    vii) The editor of Vijaya Karnataka has been accused of promoting the idea of Muslims and Christians as “members of other religions”. Do you have proof? Any evidence to back this assertion?
    Just for your info: the editor of Vijaya Karnataka (owned by the ‘Times’ group) openly says he is against RSS ideology.
    viii) You have mentioned that a case was filed against Masood for holding a press conference he held, condemning ‘Bhatt’s despicable one-liner’. Please note: the case was actually booked for twisting Bhatt’s statement, for spreading hatred. Pls note that the FIR failed against Bhatt even before that, even as the allegations against Bhatt are baseless.
    ix) Why wasn’t anyone from say, the RSS interviewed for this article?
    x) Some factual errors:

    – Hindu Shakti Sangama stands canceled because of porngate: Hindu Shakti Sangama was intended to be held for 3 days on 27, 28 & 29 January. The ‘porngate’ episode happened on 7 February.
    – Sadananda Gowda wearing the RSS trademark khaki shorts : Wrong information: there have been numerous instances where Chief Ministers have worn the trademark khaki shorts before.
    – Chudamani Aiyyar is the editor of Hosadigantha: Surprised!! There is nobody with this name working for the newspaper. Group Editor is Shivasubrahmanya, Editor is DG Laxman. Since when have fictitious characters assumed positions in official posts?
    – Masood’s fault was condemning Bhatt’s statement: The case registered against Masood was upsetting the peace that prevailed in a region by twisting the statements of Bhat.
    – Karavali Ale was Karnataka’s most popular newspaper: Evening newspapers are limited to coastal regions of Karnataka. This paper does not even figure in the list of top 10 ABCs of Karnataka.


  2. Anitha N Says:

    For sickularists and magazines like the cong funded Tehelka, nothing can bring more displeasure than a hindu awakening. Their very existence would be in question then!! This is one of the reasons why the Teestas of the world continue their shrill campaign against NaMo, even after ten years no court has found anything against him!

    Recently a huge issue was made out of the “saffronisation” of text books by some of the leading left thinkers (?) and other secularists. What the text book actually said was Rani Chennamma fought bravely and defeated enemy Hyder Ali”. Isn’t it commonsense to use the term enemy or shatru when the other person is attacking home country? Don’t we refer to British as shatru sainya??? They wanted the text books to only mention ” Rani Chennamma defeated Hyder Ali”. The reasons are not difficult to guess here. They current crop of secularists do not want anyone to say anything bad about muslims.

    Here is a government order, issued officially by a state government. The order number is sly/89/1. It says and I quote

    “All the government recognised secondary school headmasters are being informed that in History textbooks recommended by this Board for Class IX, the following amendments to the chapter on the medieval period have been decided after due discussions and review by experts. The authors and publishers of Class IX History textbooks are requested to incorporatethe amendments if books, published by them have theese errors in all subsequent editions and paste a corrigendum in books which have already been published. A copy of the book with teh corrigendum should be deposited with the Syllabus office”.

    So far, so good. What is the errors this department is talking about?? It says “Muslim rule should never attract any criticism. Destruction of temples Muslim Rulers and invaders should not be mentioned”.

    This order was issued by the West Bengal Government. Now try replacing West Bengal to Gujarat/Karnataka and muslim to Hindu and a tsunami of criticisms would be directed against the respective Boards.

    Hindutva lab etc would have been painted by Tehelka like magazines.

    Churumuri would lament the death of secularism in these states.

    Nehru Dynasty Television and Congress News Network would run primetime programs on the saffronisation of text books by BJP.

    Now??? Not even a whimper of protest!!!

  3. karihaida Says:

    Alarming indeed.. although infiltrating IT sector and recruiting pussy code monkeys to build Akhand bharat, is the dumbest thing I have heard. What can those guys do .. write a program for a pogrom?

  4. Krishna Upadhya Says:

    What else can we expect from a Tehelka journalist named Rana ayub who wrote the article, nothing but anti hindu hatredness. Can this journalist mahanubhava do a reality check in Kerala and west bengal?

  5. Chidu22 Says:

    The story lacks conviction. The claims are not substantiated sufficiently. Sounds more like hearsay.

  6. Shalu Sharma Says:

    This is a paid article. Seems like your “pamphlet” is going the HT and TOI way. Whats wrong with learning yoga? Blatant attempt. Keep doing the work into oblivion.

  7. geeyes Says:

    Not just that, BJP outfits like Bhajrang Dal activists are hoisting trouble to accuse minorities of creating trouble, so that Hindutwa can gain sympathy and support.


    I never ever expected Churumuri to get into this level of ignorance, by just taking Tehelka’s version for their readers. Tehelka known for its left-oriented coverages obviously will look deep into the right wing publications and in this case has not done its home-work properly. Let it first check out who is the editor of Hosadigantha and which newspaper is edited by Choodanath Aiyyar. There is a bit of complexity around this subject. Generalized opinions based on hear-say does not reflect good on the part of reporting. The rest of the opinion is for anyone to debate depending where he sits right or left.

  9. bid Says:

    I don’t know whats scarier…the article or the comments made after it by a bunch of ignorant, indoctrinated idiots. Someone should slap you son or daughter around one day in the name of religion for the message to hit home. But I doubt it will, because obviously your hide is thick, and your brains are thicker. May you bunch of losers rot in hell, where you will find enough time to read the gita and bore each other with your blindsided bullshit!

  10. Kumar Says:

    wow! The rot inside your mind/brain is coming out!!
    Let it come out completely and then it will become clean & clear.
    Then only you will be able to understand the reality and follow the path of truth!

  11. mysore peshva Says:

    It’s a hollow article bursting with unsupported claims and a mean vibe. Mr. Ayyub seems to be a bogus journalist.

  12. Praveen Sarma Says:

    Even in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, there are news papers owned by RSS leaders. RSS has old relation with media.

  13. Rastrakoota Says:

    A lot is being written about the Hindutva or the RSS in general by these idiots for a long time now which is absolutely twisted or false altogether. Need to just ignore ’em.Whilst the internet is of stories abt the Gandhi-Nehru Family and their background, there is this consistent strory going around but there appears no evidence to back that. Nobody talks abt that at all!!I am sure certain facts were suppresed and fed to us to believe the same shit for as long as the Indian independence is. This is nothing more than a North Korea of the south asia. The fourth estate never will have the guts to do something abt this. Robert Vadra Gandhi now appears to be the fastest billionaire ($) this country is witness to and how?

  14. Sanity Says:

    Bravo Bid!
    Well said. Everyone’s ready to jump in and defend everything under the sun until they are subjected to the heat themselves. Among the thousands and thousands of people who have gone through religious violence in this country, how many would come forward and support their own religion? I doubt anyone in their sane mind would. It takes two hands to clap and there are always two sides (religions) to the story. Shame on Infosys and Satyam if this report is true!

  15. dr ramesh Says:

    If true, it is very unfortunate. But signs of this disease were evident. Large sections of media were downplaying acts of corruption and misdeeds by rss-bjp. Man called ashok singhal visits bangalore and says , to promote hinduism and protect india , indians should reject regional languages and should speak only hindi. He is making dangerous anti- india statements., yet media downplays these horrific statements by rss-vhp. Corporates ,specially techies seem to be soft targets for rss. Rss has goodrelations with NRN and company, may have promised him presidentship , if nda wins. Techies speak more on UPA corruption but when it comes to misdeeds of rss,somehow they are hesitant. Rss or simi ,these organisations should not be allowed to poison the minds of indians. Same yardsticks should be followed while handling them.

  16. Santosh Malavalli Says:

    Whether the IT and media have been infiltrated or not is not so clear. But after reading the indignant rants, it’s clear that the message board of Churumuri is surely infiltrated!

  17. Deepak Says:

    As usual, this article exposes your ‘ideology’ and your ‘independent views’. But you could have written this stuff yourself. You have done a great disservice by quoting Tehelka, which is the official pit-bull of the Congress party. Anything written by Tehelka can be taken with a truck load of salt :)

  18. Saif Says:

    This is well written stuff but I think it is a little too late. I think the situation in coastal Karnataka is already far worse than Gujarat.

    For the Kannada media, the time for their ‘secular’ test is far gone by. Every time there is ‘news’ of a ‘Muslim terrorist’ being caught by our brave cops, the entire Kannada media laps it up and screams from the rooftops, but not one of them mentions how every single of them except Madani and that one Paki guy arrested in Mysore have not been proven guilty in the courts. We didn’t see a repeat of any bundhs or protests that we originally saw against ‘anti national Muslims’ & ‘Muslim terrorists’ after the Paki flag hoisted recently in North Karnataka was found to have been done by a bunch of thugs who had every thing to do against Muslims.

    Why the Kannada press, even the mainstream English is busy painting themselves saffron. Check this one from a publication of the Times of India group. On Sunday, October 5, 2008, the Bangalore Mirror published a question ‘HAS THE STATE (KARNATAKA) BECOME A SAFE HAVEN FOR TERRORISTS?’ and one of the letters published said “Yes. In Mangalore, Bhatkal and in Bangalore it is – Tanery Road, KG Halli and near HAL Airport it is Islampura (read areas with major concentration of Muslims) that are known to have concentrated communities (read Muslims). All including criminals, terrorists are ‘khuda ke bande’ (read followers of Allah).” My question is, will the same news paper ever publish a letter that replaces the above Muslim concentrated areas with that of Lingayat dominated areas and replace the phrase “khuda ke bande” with “Basavanna na makallu”?

    It is small ‘news’ and ‘views’ like these that are built over a period of time to justify that one ‘big lesson’ that minorities are reminded of every now and then, when the perpetrators finally say ‘Oh, but these guys deserve it because they did this and that some time ago”.

    And Karnataka’s Muslims today are asked answers for the misdeeds of a handful of criminals in far away Kashmir and Pakistan, lands they have never been to, just like they are held responsible for the deeds of some fanatics ruling Delhi a few hundred years ago. How about including some historical facts in text books about the famed protectors of India’s Hindus – the Marathas? After all their forefathers also desecrated hundreds of temples across the nation in their quest for political power including the infamous episode of 1790-91 when Parashuram Bhave’s soldiers’ ‘Har Har Mahadev’ cries plundered the Holy Shrine at Sringeri, which was ironically given protection later by the much riled “Jihadi”, our own mannina maga Tipu Sultan?

    And how about the saffron brigade paying for a few Dalits from Karnataka to go across the state to tell the commoners of the ‘atrocities’ they have suffered for 5,000 years under the caste system, just like the paid Kashmiri Pandit Brahmin refugees who are paraded every now and then to remind Kannadigas of ‘Jihadi terrorists’ atrocities against them for the past 20 years?

    Only time will time, if we the sane commoners of Karnataka will be able to resist the cries of those who want to let loose organised, large scale anti-minority organised violence like in Mumbai in Jan 1993 and Gujarat in 2002 which unfortunately were followed by the retaliations in Mumbai 1993 and the continued targeting of Gujarati business areas like Zaveri bazaar by criminal Jihadi terrorists even today.

  19. Aamadmo Says:

    My response to the Islamist authors of the Tehelka article is as below: [I will shortly release proof of their Islamist links and funding received from “terrorist” organisations]

    “Congratulations on your excellent article on your article on Karnataka. I have been a resident of Bangalore for almost all of my 27-years and have visited almost all parts of my home state of Karnataka – not sure if either of you share similar backgrounds. Now coming to my reason for congratulating you – you have successfully played into the hands of those who are wanting to polarise this serene state. I hold no brief or relationship with the Sangh, but your article riles me enough to consider supporting them for I cannot tolerate this blatant campaign of deceit and lies to tarnish the image of my community, state and country.

    Let me highlight as to why you come across as if your minds were made up before the article was written, and Tehelka seems to have been only too happy to provide you a forum to put forth your bigotry. For we all know Tehelka’s bitter history with the NDB/ BJP and the recent shaming of Tehelka on the Goa ThinkFest by a Bangalore-based newspaper. [Since you are so interested in caste – the Deccan Herald (and Prajavani in Kannada) were till recently the most popular papers in Karnataka and run by an OBC family for decades.]. So I guess Tehelka saw this as an ideal opportunity to get back at the BJP & Karnataka (media). Anyway for some glaring inconsistencies / anomalies in your article –
    1) Mahendar Kumar – Like you say he is a member of the JD-S; what a neutral opinion. Or perhaps you want to report both sides – but no wait – where is an interview from the other side?
    2) Minority Report – Where is the ‘Majority Report’ – We all know of the recent terrorist activities undertaken by Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD), a muslim front organisation which murdered a Hindu business man whom it had kidnapped to finance it’s nefarious activities. Where is the case in your ‘unbiased’ article?
    You haven’t even touched upon the communally inflammatory material distributed by a certain church which is at the route cause of all trouble. Am sure you do not understand the difference between ‘The Church’ and ‘a church’. Hindus have lived in peace and harmony for centuries with “The Church’. It is only the recent ‘rogue churches’ that have vitiated the atmosphere, not the old Catholic church. Why don’t you do a count of churches & mosques in Karnataka – the answer on your worries of ‘saffronisation’ will be clear, but of course the answer will be one which you do not want to hear.
    3) The caste factor – Karnataka has been way ahead in terms of social justice – since the time of Basveshwara. You seem to have a scant understanding of this issue and are apparently bent upon creating a conundrum on this issue, as none exists as evidenced by Mahendra Kumar’s interview and the overall incoherence on this matter in your article. All leaders in Karnataka are ‘OBC’. The only Brahmin was VS Acharya – who had the cleanest record! [How graceful of you to have attacked a deceased minister] Also, Sriramulu and associate of the Reddys is a Schedule Tribe. The most powerful people in Karnataka are all OBCs. But it doesn’t fit into your caste theory does it?
    4) Policeman Gopal Hosur – You may accuse him of Hindutva links, but he also has close association with muslim businessmen. Is he a Hindutva extremist or Islamist – talk about being objective and nonjudgmental.
    5) IT campuses – Ho ho! Wait a second, I have worked here in these very campuses (Satyam & Infosys) that you quote and have seen no such activity. Clear case of blatant lying on your part- no wonder you haven’t disclosed their identity. Wonder what the superlative of blatant-falsification is!
    6) Have you spoken to ‘other voices’ from the minority community, like members of the Karnataka Minorities Commission who investigated the Church attacks in Mangalore? You obviously did not want to hear inconvenient truths.
    7) Minority religion, majority wealth – All land in Bangalore’s commercial district are owned by the Church and Muslims – including Unity Buildings and Windsor Manor Hotel (in case you know Bangalore, which I suspect you don’t)

    Your thoughts and vicious attack indicate that both of you are indeed ‘others’ – alien to the idea of India and the culture and heritage of Karnataka. You better go and make a living in ‘other’ places instead of cutting the very hand that feeds you.

    Jai Hind. Jai Karnataka.”

  20. Jayashree Says:

    If Karnataka can become like Gujarat for all the good that Modi has done, it will be Great! Karnataka will be on top of the World. let us be positive. Show one congress man who is really CLEAN.

  21. Mr. Poli Says:

    Its a bloody grey world out there, it suits us all to take a more balanced view instead of painting things in white and black like the article above. But I do concur with Mr. Mahendra kumar that there is strong caste angle to RSS & VHP operations. From my RSS, VHP days I could remember the saying “War is Old (brahmins) people talking and young (typically non brahmins) people dying”. India is where people are waiting to be exploited, Beware!

  22. anonymous coward Says:

    Actually, we need to start busting the claims of the leftists. We need more of RSS and their counter attacks against nonsense.

    Already RSS has won an important battle on free speech. In the 80s and 90s, the leftists were out to please the whites and opposed all free speech. Now the left is forced to at least debate the issue after MF Hussein was targeted.

    The p-secs supported everything from Emergency (RSS was the only group to oppose it), the ban on Rushdie in 1989, the ban on Taslima Nasrin, the ban on Moor’s Last Sigh, the ban on Da Vinci Code, the arrest of people who posted messages on Orkut, the arrest of Gurumurthy, etc.

    Yes, the Moor’s Last Sigh was banned by Congress, not by Shiv Sena. Besides, Shiv Sena is an extortion agency and a crime syndicate, not a Hindutva group. However, their record on free-speech is far better than that of p-secs. Despite the attempts to pass the blame for the ban on Moor’s Last Sign onto Bal Thackeray, it was Congress that banned it and Bal Thackeray actually evaded the issue.

    The only Sainik who talked on the topic was Pramod Navalkar but those were responses to questions. Of course, the English media deleted the questions and made it sound as though Pramod Navalkar was issuing threats!

    The Radia Media has been exposed. The post-Godhra riots did not have 3000 dead Muslims and ZERO dead Hindus. Sorry, this single statement proves that the media is corrupt.

    Also google for “Editor the Great” which is a Rediff article to read all about the Indian media’s functioning.

    RSS was for free trade and they were demonized as bania party. RSS fought for free speech and defended India against Emergency. RSS is the only group fighting Communists. And admit it, Christianity and Islam are not the same as other religions. These two religions seek world domination. If you do not agree, you disagree with Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

  23. asha Says:

    I can understand if Tehelka writes such trashy articles but churmuri reproducing it even without giving it a second thought.

  24. Ajith Says:

    The indoctrinated idiots commenting here are so thick that they don’t have a clue that they are proving the point of the Tehelka article, do they?

  25. Vasant Says:

    Although the story is one sided and half cooked, it clearly gives an indicator about what’s happening in Karnataka in general and coastal Karnataka in particular. The rise of majority communalism will only worsen the already fragile social fabric of the affected areas.

    Muslim community needs sane leaders to uplift people of that community from the slumber towards education. Only good education leading to good employment leading to good standard of life can bring about a change in that community. Be it UPA or NDA who may form the next govt, they have to strategically develop a string of sensible, non communal leaders in Muslim community to keep the communal elements in that community from having a sway at masses of that community. Blaming muslims for everything related to terrorism, seeing them with suspicion will only alienate them even further from the mainstream. Any kind of appeasement politics, be it minority or majority appeasement will never solve this problem.

    Terrorists are terrorists. We need right executive and judicial reforms to reign in and not creating a demon of one community. Once radicalised, be it hindu or muslim or chistian, everyone will behave the same way. Now, when one is radicalised and roaring to go and kill everyone including himself, what can stop them? Only strong intelligence, a government that acts. Need proof? Compare India with USA and how many terror incidents have happened in each of these countries in post 9/11 and you may appreciate the role of strong governance in tackling terror.

  26. DailyBread Says:


    >they are proving the point of the Tehelka article, do they?

    Absolutely no doubt, QED. I think all these folks , i.e. indoctrinated idiots are either working with Satyam or Infosys. If not anything at least you should write to Gurnani & Shibulal to identify these indoctrinated idiots and throw them out of their companies. You can even write to their clients who are directly helping these two companies in breeding these indoctrinated idiots. If this does not work you should write to Chidambaram and request him to dispatch NCTC black vans to campuses of these companies.
    @Santosh Malavalli

    >it’s clear that the message board of Churumuri is surely infiltrated!

    Boss, not just two penny Infosys & Satyam, even esteemed Churumuri seems to be compromised. FYI every message here is prescreened and there is something wrong if indignant rants are allowed to filter through moderator. Daal me kuch tho orange hai……

  27. Krishna Upadhya Says:



    You are ignorant on Bhatkal brothers who runs an MNC called Indian mujahideen operating with HuJi and Lashkar of Pak.


    Sringeri was intended to occupy as a land by marathas, but not to destroy the Temple. Tippu resisted the invaders because of the strategic position which our malenadu is, not because to protect a Hindu temple. Tippu forced Persian language against kannada in old mysore region hence today we can see Pyar ge agbuttaithe type of songs. Historically tippu’s atrocities against Malabar and Coorg Hindus have been proved. Today’s mallapuram,calicut,kannur districts muslim population has to thank Tippu for his contribution. His father, Hyder Ali even attacked Chamundeshwari temple also. But the main idol was fortunately replaced and a demi idol was broken by the army. You can find that half broken idol at the back side of the temple even today.


    What about Shia and Sunni division? Why does shia musilms are butchered everywhere in world? You better concentrate on your house, which is stinking already.

    Gujarat issue: Why there is a huge cry for Post Godhra case? What about 58 innocent hindu people burried alive? All the cooked cases of Teesta setalwad are already exposed.

    No matter what Tehelka gives wrong interpretation of Karnataka’s so called saffron brigade. Karnataka muslims always say, namdukke hindu ge agodilla, namdukke lashkar ge pyar ge agbuttaithe. So better chill…

  28. M Puns Says:

    Reminds me of Raghav Behl anchoring the programme on BBC called India Business Report way back in the mid 90’s. This was about development in Orissa, he was talking about the development of the IT industry there. At the end of the story he goes and stands in the a temple and says “This seems to be the main hurdle for development in these areas, superstition”. Was he implying Hindus are the only ones superstitious? Or is Hinduism somehow responsible for low IT skills?

  29. A Journalist Says:

    ‘Tehelka’ article is rubbish. You can’t expect a Congress funded magazine to do a balanced story. I am against all communal elements. Tehelka which openly sides with non-Hindu communal elements has no right to criticise Hindu communal elements.


    The Tehelka story is full of lies and moronic sentences.
    It says Ravi Poojari is a hindutva don. Actually, he is a Dawood gang member.

    She writes that ‘Karavali Ale’ was the most popular newspaper in Karnataka!! Is she so stupid?

    She also heaps praises over IPS officer RK Dutta. His own colleagues say he is anything, but honest.

  30. Jags Says:

    So, churumuri is now bought off by the Congress stooges and their muslim bretheren?

  31. dr ramesh Says:

    As a devout hindu, i along with crores of hindus believe that rss does not represent hindus. The hinduism practised by hindus is different from the one preached by rss. Rss is known for its MATERIALISTIC brand of hinduism which is different from SPIRITUAL hinduism. Rss does not recognise that weare all gods creation and equal. For rss, a hindi speaking brahmin is superior to a kannada speaking gowda, or telugu speaking dalit or an oriya speaking brahmin. Hindus consider hinduism to be as old or older than this universe, its our belief. Hindus dont need a pseudo cultural organisation to protect their interests.

  32. Angry Young Man Says:

    Has the ISI infiltrated Tehelka, or has the Congress hired these boot lickers? The rabidity of the pseudos knows no bounds.

  33. Nitin K S Says:

    Mama Mia! What an avalanche of responses. I don’t recall any hot-button topic of recent vintage eliciting such a stampede of replys.

    I have got no clue if the local media is infested by a certain hue of ideology. May be the media people or the folks who closely follow the media would know – yet may not admit it. But when it comes to IT, I can say with some certainty that the scene indeed has changed over the last 2o odd years of my career span in that field. Quite a few of my colleagues of recent times are much more opinionated or even biased. It may not be overt even now but scratch the surface and one faces a fair amount of bigotry. Some of them are regular contributors to the Rediff message board and the mask often slips with sympathetic prodding mostly aided by alcohol.

  34. Jags Says:

    We knew Tehelka is a trash tabloid. The fact that churumuri is wasting space on this trash only brings you down to their level, i.e., bought off by the pseudo-secularists, a.k.a. our brainwashed thugs

  35. Emptymind Says:

    Hmm… Somebody making too much noise about contents of historical books targeting leftist ideology. Educating kids about history is not like entertaining them by showing masala cartoon flicks where one culture (take it has Brahmanism) has shown superior against all others. History is not about knowing facts or even recording only space time of an event. It is not even for glorifying or demonizing the characters it carries over its space-time event.
    History is branch of science where the recorded fact tells the Cause and Effect principle of the Nature. The very Nature which includes microscopic to macroscopic level of its form- cells, dna, organs, organ system, man or animals and, family, society, caste, religion, his language, state, country, world , universe etc. History deals with action and its reaction, cause and effect of an incident. And wiser is one who understand this principle as really as it is, help him to take wiser decision at similar circumstances and not to be carried away with characters and its attachments like his caste, religion etc that comes in its way.
    History has to be saved from fake historians. It’s a high time to merge History with Science in school curriculum along with psychology and other world philosophy.Emphasize more on Cause and Effect of an event in given space-time and give least privilege to the characters, its caste, religion and also confusing date, place of an incident. Our RSS minded education minister is so stubborn he won’t let this happen.

    Why historical facts from our fake historians only depicts kings, queens,poets, story writer, palace, temple its builder, founder, some selective caste icons?
    And lastly, difference between fake historians and fake media

    -Historians runs behind dead celebrity idolizing them
    -Media runs behind living celebrity again idolizing them.

    “Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.”- Albert Einstein

  36. Harihara Bhat Says:

    Dear churumuri,
    What I am writing here is my own experience say 15 years ago. If you find the contents to be too “communal” or “anti-secular” I know you would not even bother to publish it. But I feel someone should bring these points to the open.
    One of the comments above mentions coastal Karnataka and says “it is worse than Gujarat”. But as a native of Surathkal, I have witnessed situations in my area which were worse than the ones in Kashmir or Kerala.
    When I was in high school in 1995-98, students from “one community” were so anti to the ideas of India and Hindus that they used to openly remark that “only waquar younis and wasim akram would be sufficient to destroy whole Indian cricket team”, “all Hindus are hinulidavaru (backwards)” etc. And we Hindus used to listen without a hint of resistance. These are two of the many such quotes still lingering in my ears even decades after. Whenever India would loose to pakis (which used to happen quite a lot then) we would hear joyous celebrations in our localities with sweets and firecrackers. I have also seen what easy money from “gulf” can do to a society when it reaches uneducated ill-spirited communities.
    There were communal riots time and again. I remember (highly possible) rumors that “professionals” were brought from “famous” places like Bhatkala and Ullala. It was a totally ghetto environment. But in 1998-99 period, there were strong retaliations from Hindus in a violent clash with “that” community. For the first time, Hindus learnt that if they meet insults with fire, they can no longer be subjugated. From then onwards, there has been no looking back for the BJP, as all Hindus are voting it without looking at the caste of the candidate.
    And now when tides have turned against them, “that” community is feeling the heat. All of a sudden coastal Karnataka has become “worse than Gujarat”.
    And by the way, just two days ago, there was a news in Jayakirana, a local newspaper. Please read both articles on the headlines. http://www.jayakirana.com/19022012/epaper/page1.pdf
    What impression you get from this? If this is the state of affairs in an area which is “worse than Gujarat” what might have taken place if it were to be allowed to continue as Kerala or Kashmir?


  37. Kiran Acharya Says:

    Sorry state of English media. A day when they have to recycle bull**** from regional yellow journalism!

  38. dr ramesh Says:

    Remember what happened a few days back in sindhagi town , bijapur dist. Few people belonging to an rss affiliated organistion were found hoisting pakistan flag to flare up tension for political gains. What is this akhand bharat rss is talking about? Rss literature contains maps showing burma, bangladesh in bharat. Whats happening,Will india conquer neighbouringcountries, come on times have changed. If one reads about rss stand on regional languages and federalism, every indian will feel angry and sorry that such organisations claim themselves as patriots. Why did rss keep quiet when parliament was attacked. What instructions did it give to its own men who were PM and HM.

  39. Kashinath Says:

    South Canara Byari’s are very fanatic and inclined towards Pan Islam. Thanks to Dubai duddu which flowed like a river to whole dakshina kannada. Naturally hindus retaliated to this extremism, which is now branded as Hindutva lab 2 by tehelka. Even today many abduction, rape of hindu women are taking place in south canara. Can this idiot who happily wrote about Hindutva lab answer for that?

  40. Kingkhan Says:

    @Harihar Bhatt : Every barrel has a rotten apple….please dont generalise and have a prejudiced mind set. I agree there are elements in every community who are real Idiots. But the general public is not like that. The majority in all communities should voice their opinion, and ensure that these narrow minded minorities in all communities should be dealt with a strong hand, and a spirit of National brotherhood prevails.

  41. Shankara Says:

    “Should, would, could, don’t generalise, prejudice, etc etc”
    Face facts. Today one political party and their fanatic support for one minority religion is destroying India while the silent majority get exploited, looted and subjugated by outsiders. This rubbish from Tehelka regurgitated here only drives the knife deeper.

    I, for one, am fed up, sick and tired of this so-called secularism and political correctness which is a sham and a mask for destroying the unity of this country. Congress has literally destroyed this nation since the Nehru days and now with the Italian mafia queen and her amul baby son. I am proud to vote BJP even if they are corrupt, at least they will not kill me and sell my organs to the “minority religion” in my sleep. Jai Hind.

  42. NRI Says:

    I can understand if some idiots in Tehelka write a ‘hit piece’ on coastal Karnataka filled with predictable bias and propaganda. But….for a kannadiga website based in Mysore to quote the article as a gospel truth and ask a very leading question is below the lowest standards we have seen in the past. It is time for Churumuri to stop blindly repeating the talking points from your masters in ‘English media’ and start looking at your own backyard for knowing the reality!!

  43. bhat Says:

    Good job KrishnaPrasad..

    Now that you have got elevated to the post of Outlook’s Editor-in-chief, you need to back up this kind of article more often get into (or manage to stay in) in the elite club of secular journalists of English media.

    While your Anti BJP, anti-RSS ideology is understandable (and there is nothing wrong in having a opinion about an ideology), I never thought you would get into this level of cheapness of promoting a totally terrifying and horrible one sided article which would contaminate even a trash bin.

    you know the meaning of Halka in Kannada.

    I would only say Thoo Halka…

  44. kingkhan Says:

    “Sick, sham, mask, organ selling,etc,etc”

    This is what i was referring to. It is not fear which is eating us, it is the fear of ‘fear’ which is making us paranoid.

  45. Curry Hurry Says:

    Saif-bhai, what have you got to say about Love Jihad ? I have seen a credible example of this at my neighbour’s house. When the girl was convinced to break off with that boy, they started harassing the family so much that they moved out to some other locality. The boy tracked down their new residence and when he could woo the girl no more knocked her off her two wheeler twice. First time she was lucky to escape with a few bruises. But the second knock ensured that she is stuck with a pair of crutches for life.

  46. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Nobody is putting a gun to the head of the IT folks. They can join whatever group they want. There are IT folks who are members of banned groups like the IM or SIMI.

    With respect to South Canara, it is not difficult to see how these things came about.

    Ghettoisation, disrespect for non-Muslims, putting religion above the country’s law – this will have consequences. It seems as though Muslims like the author want to be measured by a different yardstick when it comes to crime, support for violent fanatics and riots. Radical Islam respects force and violence – we know this from out past and we see it today. It seems a number (some? many?) Muslims sympathizes with and support the radicals. Unfortunately that means – the only means of tackling the problem is the use of force. Passiveness and wishing the problem goes away means we haven’t learned anything from history.

    We can make a laundry list of activities Muslims have indulged in, in South Canara, just like the author of the article has about RSS/BJP and Hindus. And like some commentors above have done about Muslims. But this leads nowhere. Finger pointing and accusations wont change anything.

    Things will play themselves out.

  47. Curry Hurry Says:

    It looks like Opus Dei has infiltrated the media. All of suddent there is a talk of saffron terror.

  48. Indian Says:

    If all that is written in this article is true, then I am really proud of BJP and would undoubtedly vote for BJP in the next election. In a life lost in daily chores, we often fail to notice interesting undercurrents in our society. Thanks to our anti-Hindu media (including churumuri.com), I am now aware that at least some social and political organizations are doing what the nation needs most today. Thank you anti-Hindu churumuri for helping the Hindu cause by publishing this.

    – A well-educated techie

  49. Indian Says:

    Some reader has written about fake historians. Now, in the history of our country, we have not seen a bigger fake historian than Jawaharlal Nehru. It is high time someone told the truth. We are glad to have BJP today.

  50. Kunika Says:

    Please write a similar article in Saudi Arabia or even Rome regarding the religion of that place.

    Churumuri folks will have their hands and legs cut.

    MF Hussain denigrated the Gods and Godesses of Hindu religion, but couldn’t display a similar attitude to his own religion.

  51. Shivaji Says:

    It is a paid article.your magzine is antinational antihindu .discrimnation of hindu in pakistan banglades kashmir u donot see shame on u thanks

  52. Rajiv Says:

    Journalism at it’s worst,
    tehelka is a paid parrot of the pseudo-seculars anti-nationsls.
    Modern Jaichand in short

    And Karnataka becoming Gujarat will be a really good thing.
    Just go and look at what’s happening in Gujarat.

    For my job I had to travel between Gujarat and Maharashtra. When I pass through the towns of Maharashtra I find they are in contrast to towns and villages of Gujarat.
    I know certain localities of Maharashtra where there is 8-10 hours load shedding.
    On the other hand just 30 kms away the towns in Gujarat get 24 hours electricity and have got better roads.

    Leadership DOES brings a lot of difference and if you want to see it pass through Gujarat Maharashtra border.

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