Five questions for L.K. Advani and Arun Jaitley

His mouth already full, metaphorically speaking, former chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa lunges for a plate of chakkuli and kodebale from the next table, at a meeting of leaders and legislators at his residence in Bangalore on Thursday.

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Who exactly is ruling Karnataka right now?

Exhibit A: The Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme (MGNREGS) guarantees  employment in rural areas. Of the Rs 2,153 crore approved in the budget, districts in Karnataka have spent only Rs 1,265 crore—58% of the allocated funds—despite severe drought.

Exhibit B: Studies have shown 37% of children are underweight, about 28% are undernourished, and 5.5% of children die of hunger before they reach five years. Prevalence of malnutrition in Karnataka in Raichur and other districts has reached epic proportions.

Exhibit C: The process of naming a Lok Ayukta to replace Justice Santosh Hegde is still going on months after he remitted office, even  as minister after minister or official or other is caught every now and then with mind-boggling income totally unrelated to his / her income.

Exhibit D: The ‘blue babies’, the 3 MLAs  who were watching porn material while the legislative assembly session was on have already shamed the party, on top of all those caught in similar misdemeanours.

These are only few examples.

Despite all these major problems confronting the State and the ruling party, the only issue the BJP MLAs and BJP ministers seem to be interested in is: when will D.V. Sadananda Gowda pack up and go leaving the seat for B.S. Yediyurappa?

For this, dinner meetings spending lakhs of rupees are held,  the ex-CM dashes in and out of either Benares or Vaishnodevi, burning tax-payers’ money as if he is just taking a stroll from his bed-room to drawing room. The Veerashaiva swamijis, who are ready to jump into this any time, have become willing partners in this plot.

Confabulations are held in resort after resort, plans are afoot to unseat the CM by hook or crook.

Here are five key questions:

1) Why are sanctimonious BJP and RSS leaders tolerating such natak from its political actors in Karnataka, week after week, month after month?

2) Why is BJP president Nitin Gadkari putting up with such an audacious and brazen lust for power, giving room for suspicion?

3) Now there seems to be a plan to bring in Jagadish Shettar, a Lingayat, to replace D.V. Sadananda Gowda, a vokkaliga, becasue Yediyurappa cannot become CM immediately. How can the BJP make such casteist moves so openly?

4) Why is the central BJP allowing the authority of present chief minister to be so openly eroded?After all they nominated him for the post after all sorts of discussions and he is the elected leader of the legislature party.

5) Why are leaders like the former future prime minister of India L.K. Advani and the leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley mum on the subject? Can they unseat a CM and replace him with another against whom cases are still pending, no matter how much he hankers for the post?

BJP will again become a laughing stock if they bring back Yediyurappa due to coercion, religious and caste politics.  The cases against him are still on and he has not been declared innocent. He is only out on bail.

Meanwhile, let the administration be damned in the State.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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77 Responses to “Five questions for L.K. Advani and Arun Jaitley”

  1. harkol Says:

    Simple answer to this is – LKA is a compromised man. He forgot all decency, when he orchestrated a few folks to wave money within Parliament (when they discovered a plot to bribe, their best solution was to do a sting and file FIR with evidence), denigrating the sanctity of parliament.

    LKA himself is engaged in a covert war for the post of ‘future prime minister’, so how can he stop others from vying for some post?

    LKA never stopped the likes of Pramod Mahajan from using all corrupt means to keep BJP afloat, why would he stop a bunch of folks in Karnataka from doing so?

    Post Vajpayee, BJP doesn’t have a man of stature who can stand up to thieves and backstabbers. It has become a mirror image of congress in corrupt practices, without a nucleus of Gandhi Family.

    That nucleus stops people in congress from quarreling beyond a point. Otherwise all Indian parties have same problem – Once in power quarrel like street dogs.

  2. sanjeeva Says:

    The problem lies with the people, not with any particular politician or party. Until and unless a party with 3/4th majority is elected (let it be any party – because all are same after all), the situation of non-governance or not allowing to govern will continue and the people and the state shall continue to suffer. Fragmented verdict, fragmented governance.

  3. Anitha N Says:

    Let me attempt to answer all these five questions like this:

    1) Why are sanctimonious BJP and RSS leaders tolerating such natak from its political actors in Karnataka, week after week, month after month?

    For the same reason Congrss tolerated/tolerating the misdeeds and natak of Suresh CWG Kalmadi, Sheila CWG Dikshit, A 2G Raja, Kapil Zero Sibal, Chiddu the Loser in Elections, Vilasrao 14 acres Deshmukh, Ashok Rao Adarsh Buildings Chavan etc and etc. Note that the above mentioned lumiaries have inflicted far greater loss to the nation than anybody else.

    2) Why is BJP president Nitin Gadkari putting up with such an audacious and brazen lust for power, giving room for suspicion?

    For the very same reason Sonia Gandhi made Chidambaram the Finance minister and then the home minister despite winning dubiously from Sivaganga constituency, against whom a case is pending before the courts, which is moving at a pace which will shame even the snail.

    3) Now there seems to be a plan to bring in Jagadish Shettar, a Lingayat, to replace D.V. Sadananda Gowda, a vokkaliga, becasue Yediyurappa cannot become CM immediately. How can the BJP make such casteist moves so openly?

    For the very same reason that Rahul Gandhi, Khurshid Alam, Beni Prasad Verma etc are making about minority reservations.

    4) Why is the central BJP allowing the authority of present chief minister to be so openly eroded? After all they nominated him for the post after all sorts of discussions and he is the elected leader of the legislature party.

    The last I heard, MMS is still the Prime Minister of this country, albiet without even power enough to say no to an office appointed to PMO at the behest of the first family of Congress. He, poor chap, cannot even make his own cabinet colleagues allocate spectrum without causing loss to the nation and whose only concern was to keep the PMO at arm’s distance from all the controversies, lest dirt gets smeared to the only thing he cherishes. His white kurta pajama!

    5) Why are leaders like the former future prime minister of India L.K. Advani and the leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley mum on the subject? Can they unseat a CM and replace him with another against whom cases are still pending, no matter how much he hankers for the post?

    Well, Ms 272, who craved to become the PM of this country and who can never ever become the PM and her son are mum on various scams that have happened under their watchful eyes, aren’t they??? And today Nitin Gadkari has made it very clear that there is no question of Sadananda Gowda relinquishing the post of CM in favour of BSY. So why should Sri Advani and Sri Jaitley comment on that????

    Hope you have got answers for all the questions you have raised.

  4. srikanth Says:

    ಅಲ್ಲ ಸಾರ್ ಬಾಯಲ್ಲಿ ಪೂರ್ತಿ ಇದ್ರೂನೂವೆ ಪಕ್ಕದಲ್ಲಿದ್ದೋನ್ ತಟ್ಟೆಗೆ ಕೈ ಹಾಕಿ ತಿನ್ದೆ ಹೋದ್ರೆ ಅವ್ನು ಪುಢಾರಿ ಅನ್ಸ್ಕೊತಾನ? ಪಕ್ದೋನ್ ಕಿತ್ತೊಗಿರೊ ಗುಡ್ಲುನಲ್ಲಿದ್ರೂ, ಊರ್ ತುಂಬ ಮಾಲ್ಗಳ್ನ್ನ ಕಟ್ಟ್ಕಳ್ದೆ ಇದ್ರೆ ಅವ್ನು ರಾಜ್ಕೀಯ ಮಾಡೋನ?

  5. srikanth Says:

    Sir, it is generally spoken that crores of mining amount has reached to delhi guys thru our grt x cm. Now these dilliwaalhas cannot openly go against yddy.
    these local politicians hobnob with ಮಠ only to loot their properties. one big politician in shimoga district has similarlyforced ಮಠ to sign a 50 yr lease agreement for his education trust. These guys are ಸರ್ವಂ ಭಕ್ಷ್ಯಾಮಿ ಸಾಗರಂ ಭಕ್ಷ್ಯಾಮಿ type.
    But little better tha Khan-gress.

    More powerful DVS will be a head ache like the way eddy became later to central leadership. h aving enjoyed the hospitality to the brim, can they oppose yeddy now. Yeddy has a point, he built BJP in karnataka. But he had no business to do whatever he has done to get down frm CM post. One can give birth to 100 children but has no licence to kill even one. Yeddy should not kill BJP and shall not aspire to bcom CM again. He should now concentrate at national level and try to build national base, which Ananth has failed to do.

  6. Vikas G Says:

    Anitha aptly has answered all the questions thus proving that in a federal union like India, national parties are mis fit to rule and hence every state needs regional parties to take care of their interests.
    Karnataka, are you ready for one?

  7. DailyBread Says:


    >former chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa lunges for a plate of chakkuli and kodebale from the next table, at a meeting of leaders and legislators at his residence in Bangalore on Thursday.

    We know you hate him. But do you need to deceive your readers like this?


    >He should now concentrate at national level and try to build national base

    IMO he should do a Shankar Sing Vaghela. BJP’s days in the state are numbered and I don’t think BSY has acquired enough wealth in last 4-5 years. Any respectable congressman who has been in politics for 2-3 decades will be easily worth 2000 to 5000 crores. My guess is BSY’s net worth is less than 50 crores and it is a shame for all of us.

  8. the colonel Says:

    hungry Kya????

  9. Shankar Bhat Says:

    Anitha N avare nimage sharanu.

    So we the people of Karnataka or Bharat are fools to elect BJP thinking that it is different and better than Congress. You have effectively done the QED that it’s not better than Congress, infact it’s just a mirror image of it with a different name.

    So the next time around people can go back to voting for Congress in Karnataka as the known devil is better than the unknown angel ie BJP which actually is nothing but a devil with a faux halo around its head.

  10. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    BSY gintha humbaru, anaksharasthararu, lootikoraru, hEdigaLu bahala jana iralikkilla. Aadare ee vyakthiya koLaku kaygaLalli ishtondu vinaashakaari bala thumbikondiruvudu hEge? Karnatakada uLida shanisanthaanagaLigu ee prashne opputthade.

  11. Emptymind Says:

    Yeddiyurappa and his gang back into their Monkey- minded game once again. Doing administrative work by these giants is similar to monkey practicing meditation! Can you imagine how monkey would begin its meditation? Sitting in half lotus posture and chanting with half hearted oooohhhm… Foresee any vehicle carrying bananas. seeing it no sooner jumps on it frightening the owner pick up the banana holding it in his hand, again started meditating from where it stopped . Few seconds later can’t withstand the smell of sweet banana, it started to get innovative ideas on how to meditate with banana in its mouth, again chanting ooohhm. No sooner its mind with all of rupture and serenity comes out of feeling of sweet banana in its mouth. It wants to taste it while meditating. It taste it and even fill its stomach and reaches nirvana (from the feel of hunger to feel of over eating). Thus monkey completes meditation cycle and begins new hunt for fresh bananas to start new cycle of meditation!!

    From this story anybody can predict what was Yediyurappa been in his previous birth. I give credit to one Buddhist monk for this story.

    The lesson here – you can’t achieve anything with monkey minded attitude.

  12. R. Vijayaraghavan Says:

    Is it bitter gourd? no even jamuns taste like them to bsy. the only sweet thing for him is his company and the chair of chief minister. he is really not mad. the world around him has become mad. i like him because others are not as sincere as he is. he is not sinking. the gratitude for his money keeps him floating. god bless karnataka.

  13. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    Yadurappa arrogantly challenging BJP because his caste assembly member can collapsed BJP government of Karnataka.So all Top leadership of BJP surrender before him

  14. arivu Says:

    i don’t know why people are so obsessed to comment here

    why dont people accept the present condition of indian citizen.
    they do watch porn
    even i would have taken another’s plate if it was chakli nippattu and kodubale.

    we need to accept we are still in this level.
    we are not americans or romans to behave that way.
    we have to evolve from here only.

    we cannot skip here and bring sonia and keep looking at her like Manmohan.
    BSY has also indicated he has separated from his sons.
    so its his private matter and he is facing his charges in court.
    if national leaders are behaving paranoid its not his fault.
    why should he resign when people like sheela dixit get away?
    national leaders also may have hidden agenda of creating rift here so that they have a upper hand.

    i am depressed at the political ignorance of commenters and churumuri publishers here.

    accept the facts. be aware.
    just sitting remotely and typing some comments wont do good to anyone.

    then atleast a few of us will be leaders . the backstabbing and ignorance wont help.

  15. harkol Says:

    “shanisanthaanagaLigu” is a right way to describe those folks who strut around Yeddy/Reddy creating a nuisance in the govt. of the day, not doing any public good.

    But, Yeddy’s strength is derived from an entirely different source. It is the blind voting of electorate on the basis of caste and ‘haNa/henda’ considerations, instead of merit of candidates.

    If folks refused to vote for ‘shanisanthana’ then how will they be in positions of power? The least people can do is refuse to vote in scoundrels. Folks like Renukacharya, Halappa, Yeddy/Reddy, Sriramulu, HDK etc. don’t deserve to be in public life. They don’t have any moral bones in their body.

    But, as recent election showed Sriramulu won handsomely, inspite of looting Bellary. Karnataka has been unfortunate for 20+ years now where we haven’t had a single CM who lasted a full 5 year term. Even SMK fell short by 6months.

  16. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    You need a different, more appropriate cognomen unless, of course, you are being sarcastic.

  17. arivu Says:

    Ree Pulikeshi nodri swalpa
    there is no news of our kannada scientist roddam narasimha quitting on any of the great vishwesha bhatta kannada prabha or churumuri.
    no news of sonia not disclosing her IT returns
    no news of sheela dixit being protected

    as harkol says
    “Karnataka has been unfortunate for 20+ years now where we haven’t had a single CM who lasted a full 5 year term”

    that means we are destabilised by olajagala. it has ripped our awareness or consciousness.
    this whole generation dont know who they are and what they speak.

    its absolutely north vs south now. there is nothing left to discuss
    get arivu into yourselves
    yeddy – wrong . sheela dixit or chidambaram is not.
    porn watchers wrong – nd tiwari was never.
    anna hazare
    arundhati roy

    – take any thinking person from south and they are corrupt
    but anyone who builds gurgaon like robert vadra, sonia, rahul, congressman will be a national hero!

    obviously the aryan belief of plains Punjab+ Delhi+ BIMARU + a bit of maharashtra
    all the north east +south 4 states (already ridiculed and mocked everywhere in movies and very minute respect for languages.)

    do you need more clearnace or you can’t broaden your arivu?

  18. Vinay Says:


    Get out of your well, and open your eyes before making idiotic comments.

    The maximum hate for the Gandhi family is among intellectuals in the North. Go and look at some of the BJP rallies or Janata party speeches.

    There is a huge, massive and gigantic body of people in bimaru, Delhi, etc. who detest Vadra, Sonia, Rahul, etc. and who follow the South Indian Subramaniam Swamy and cheer him on.

    The converse is also true – there are enough “South Indians” who detest our “South Indian” leaders like Deve Gowda, Karunanidhi, etc.

    You need to get out of your siege mentality and stop bringing non-existent issues into things.

  19. arivu Says:

    you are of the types – hindi is our national language etc – exactly that’s the concept of aryan plain belt which i was talking. they all share similar characteristics. you are one pseudo national brahmin if i am not wrong who believes this india has given me food shelter
    and i have to be faithful to it.
    you have no awareness that because americans came money flowed and you got enslaved many brahmins who were in govt jobs reciting sanskrit now became english devotees.

    i am kind of different. i don’t feed fears.
    we are born and brought up without those central govt colonies and schools, with second class products and third class transport
    and it turned true seeing the conspiracy by your clan who went on to break the govt at every level showing the cleanliness and racial features of ‘plains’ to be superior.

    we are not taxed population who have crossed thirties and now also are not into ‘your private diaspora’ which you can brag and drag about being a nation and we never will be.
    but still apart from fear i see no achievement in it.

    Being a Kannadiga i consider ‘plains’ as one part of our world . i equally respect people from jungles, from mountains ,deserts and from coasts.

    the concept of diversity is nullified on the false notions of nationalization just as the failed attempt of the globalization of IT czars.

    sorry i can’t get out of this huge well which has more awareness/ arivu e it to break a plain aryan illusion called India.

  20. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Nodrepa arivu sahebra–

    If you are saying that institutionalized indifference and collusion on the part of the press in the north as well as the south and the overall sloth of Indians everywhere is causing our national malaise, thanks to Vinay’s elucidation, I thank you for extending my little arivu.

    The North v/s South divide is a historical and cultural monolith, but the North has the power to pulverise the south because it has money and unbridled breeding. If the South is now an adiyaalu of the North it is because even before the struggle for independence started, southern leaders genuflected before the self proclaimed “Indian” leaders of the North. They believed every claim made about the Vedas, Puranas and the two epics, not to mention the preference of the Hindu gods for the cold clime of the Himalayas and the polluted waters of the Ganga and the Yamuna. There never was any insistence that North India learn about its southern counterpart.Uttharabharatha Kannada/Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam Pracharasabha? We ceded bureaucratic and political power to Bimaru. Delhi has directly or directly ruled every principality and municipality in the southern states for well over three hundred years, the occupier of the throne notwithstanding.

    We might want to look at the once in a life time occurence of a political irony today. The Congress despite its gang of seventy assorted thugs is all but politically dead in Karnataka, yet all of its five MPs are ministers in the union government. (If rumors are to be believed, a uniion ministership carries a price tag of a hundred crore. Let us hope they are no more than rumors.) Does any of them advocate for Kannada or Karnataka? As chief minister, S. M. Krishna pretty much sold our state to the Northern industrialists. Journalists for New Delhi publications even received prime residential plots in Bangalore from him.

    Had the BJP wanted to, it could have paraded every sin of the Congress after ABV became Prime Minister. Everything about Bofors and Sanjay Gandhi’s death in a stunt in a populated area of New Delhi, for instance, could have been made public. Did not happen, did it? In Karnataka, the mismanagement by the Janatha Dal and the Congresss governments in the past could have been prosecuted with enough vigor to either retire or put every guilty politician of those parties in prison by the BJP. Didn’t happen, did it?
    Idu Kaliyuga swamera. Ee bhanagadi nilsaaka yaara kayyagu thakath illa, thali vaLaga hikmath illa.
    What will become of Hazare’s little moral clout if the politicians win and his campaign to challenge comes to a frustrated end in the five states which concluded the elections recently?

    We can use all the arivu that comes our way. Tell us where to look. Tell us how to persuade the Empress that as an Indian she is subject to RTI regulations just like you and me.

    P. S.: “The Dirty Picture” is an excellent parable of our national political life.

  21. arivu Says:

    nimma arivina prasaarakke nanna dhanyavaada

    even if anna hazaare fails his intentions will never. so there is nothing to fear about the reputation.

    while rest all paras you have excellently time travelled and written 91- economic liberalization- amitabh miss world- smkrishna – global it -singapura – sonia sushma ballari – mining – 2 decades of destabilized politics – yes karnataka got raped with udupi and sringeri still flauting hindi boards with racial submission.

    the cultural monolith which you are quoting is what i am interested.

    this monolith is the one i call pseudo nationalism.

    what you are telling is only delhi can rule us.
    this is mental block which happens because something is told to you for 30-40 years repeatedly and written on your consciousness.

    when things which are repeatedly asked for is not granted then this genuflection develops.

    you asked me “Tell us where to look”
    just look at your cognomen – even he was in kaligala. the valor lies in bengloor to mumbai underworld – we are just disorganized.

    there are enough number in this form who are learned , who know law, and who believe in small models.

    from asoka to alexander to hitler no one ruled a one billion population equally and never it can happen by one single centre and person.
    – just keep this truth to be confident all along

    this model just brings hatred and wastes time of generation for a benefit of few.

    i can see a separatism based churumuri convention as a continuum to gokak agitation. losers will be indians, gainers will be kannadigas – yet restricting an offence equalling a slow genocide rests on our shoulders – just think over .

  22. harkol Says:


    Correction: As private individuals we are not a subject of RTI, though ’empress’ would’ve been as a public servant.

    India went from one type of political exploitation to another, when Nehru provided a template for family rule. All political families are following that template now. Politics got individualized, instead of ideological battle it is meant to be.

    But, I find your arguments of North-South relations a bit odd. Most of south (Kerala, Karnataka, TN) escaped Northern rule,except for a few decades under Mughals), British rule isn’t exactly ‘northern’ rule.

    Earlier there were many southern dynasties that ruled south India. In fact one of your ancestors (Pulikeshi II) defeated the expansionist king from north ;)

    Post independence, we are a federation, where South and west India grew faster than North & east. North will be hopeless without the dynamism and progressiveness of South and West of India.

  23. Vinay Says:


    Now I will have to call you an ass. Don’t jump to conclusions. You are guilty of stereotyping people more than anyone else. You babble on about me being a “pseudo-national Brahmin”, “aryan plain belt”, “conspiracy by your clan”, blah blah blah! Shut the fcuk up already! Huh.

    Now, cut the psycho babble and understand what I said to you at the beginning. Your model of “South versus North” in every sphere, does not make sense because there are too many contradictory examples.

    How will your batshit model fit the millions of Kannadigas who support North Indian Narendra Modi? The millions of North Indians who hate Chidambaram? The millions of North Indians who are apt followers of Subramaniam Swamy, and the millions of North Indians who detest Sonia-Rahul and co.? More importantly, what about the cleavages within “South Indians” – KA-TN, TN-KL, etc.? By the way, since when did Chidambaram become a “North Indian”? What a batshit insane thing to claim!

    When presented with facts, you come up with a pile of horse manure. You need to tell us why it is “absolutely about North-South”. Crazy nonsense!!!

    Yes, there are some issues with some lack of respect for languages and lack of respect for diversity. These issues can be resolved. But if you use your common sense and do a cost-benefit analysis, you will realize that the larger benefit is not in your crap “separatism based churumuri convention as a continuum to gokak agitation”. The larger benefit is in reinforcing federalism and inculcating respect and knowledge about diversity and languages. India has been fucked over dozens of times because of this lack of unity in history. And you know what happens to people who don’t learn from history.


    And arivu:

    It is not that just “Delhi can rule”. I don’t have a problem if Bangalore rules, or if Nagpur rules, or if Mumbai rules. The question is, will you accept Chennai’s rule? No? Why should Madikeri accept Bangalore’s rule then? Why should Mangalore accept Bangalore’s rule?

    LOL – “losers will be Indians, gainers will be Kannadigas” -what a pile of turd! The biggest losers will be Kannadigas. Spend the rest of your life fighting wars with Tamilnation for cauvery, allying with Malluland against Tamilnation over Mullaperiyar, fighting with Marathas with regard to Belgaum, combat insurgencies in Tululand and Kodavaland, combat “radicalization” on the West coast due to influx of Gulf money and Paki personnel with dreams of Ghazwa-e-Hind.

    What a wonderful future you have planned for your children. I applaud you (I am being sarcastic btw).

    Did your jackass-type of analysis factor in all this? I’m sure not! It is much easier to type empty shit on blogs, than to try to look forward and see what things lead to!

  24. asha Says:

    I support arivu regarding the national (or notional) langauge issue. Hindi at best is a administrative langauge for me …we have 22 national languages each as important as the other….I do not see the point in forcing hindi down the throats of non-hindi speakers in the guise of national integration whatever that may mean to the ruling elites in delhi

  25. Vinay Says:


    Agreed, there should be no imposition of a “national language” by the center. Hindi should be considered just another Indian language, like all the other ones. No Kannadiga need feel ashamed if he does not know Hindi, and no Kannadiga need feel compelled to learn Hindi. Learning any language (or not) is a matter of choice, best left to the individual.

    But this silly fellow arivu is going a bit too far in looking for a “North South conspiracy angle” in every issue. More seriously, he is going too far in his secessionist thoughts.

    In my previous post, I have painted a brief outline of what the future holds for us if we go down the path which that silly chap is talking about. Fortunately, people like him are in a minority.

  26. arivu Says:


    “What a wonderful future you have planned for your children”

    exactly that’s the fear of government worker / IT worker /9-5 worker and by this ‘plains’ aryans reached almost around 60 odd crores. that’s the fear the old hard-worked BSY sulks from even a very recent smalltime worker like gadkari. that’s the fear that dying congress ministers propagates to bengloor of a white delhi aryan – (though they are not white by definition that only few learned can know.)
    people who have groomed their children have already lost them because that’s not the way to plan for children.

    you are an example of that fearful populace. words are put into your mouth. tinge of white colour blinds you. pretty faces mums you. all are fine. but some part of the life when arivu comes that becomes topmost priority.

    as i said i don’t feed fears. the whole discussion here going on is ‘eliminating fear’ of instability and getting arivu/awareness than making enemies.

    for all the problems that you feared i would have looked at interlinking of rivers than buidling a ram temple or making making relations with italy and america ,specially when oil can flow from suez and panama tunnels gas from iran to india water surely can. and that certainly would be done in 60 years.

    the acumen of veerendra patil, rk hegde , nijalingappa or devaraj urs would have done that.

    the aryans have this quality of ‘fighting’ and ‘envy’. kashmir to start bengal to follow and latest gujarat.
    all three are in pathetic conditions now not to mention bimaru .
    who are the winners. a handful at delhi.
    they don’t have the maturity at all ,though everywhere they lose they consider their false ego as india.

    what i see now is repeition of veerendra patil – the last independent decision maker of karnataka just before onslaught of globalization episode .

    veerendra patil – moily (from d.k ) – through congress.
    yeddyurappa – dvs (from d.k) – through bjp.

    can you see the big picture and plan used to divide and rule?

    that is ‘plains’ aryans united by ‘envy’ powered by backstabbers.

  27. harkol Says:

    Asha: Can you tell me how is Hindi being pushed down the throat of those who don’t want to learn it? I never learnt Hindi and can barely speak it. My first language was Samskruta, Then English and third language was Kannada.

    Same is the case with my children now, though they speak better Hindi than me, thanks to Hindi Films. If hindi movies are what you are calling ‘shoving down the throats’, I don’t remember anyone forcing me to watch it.

  28. Faldo Says:

    I would like to point out that there is no defined national language for India. In earlier Churumuri posts/comments over the years, the issue of official languages of India has been debated ad nauseam.

    The principal official language of the Republic of India is Standard Hindi, while English is the secondary official language. According to the article 343 (1) of the Constitution of India, “The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script.” Neither the Constitution of India nor Indian law specifies a national language, a position supported by a High Court ruling. The individual states can legislate their own official languages, depending on their linguistic demographics.

    Coming to the points being discussed, IMO contrary to what many people think, India always has been a federation and Delhi rule really does not count for much. If anything people complain about that there is no rule. It is well known that over 200 districts are naxalite infected. In many other areas there is no local administration worth the name leave alone any rule from Delhi.

  29. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    ApaglOLra, akkagoLra,

    Naa baredirodna ondu doosra baari nodrela. I am not in favor of rule by Delhi anymore than I am willing to admit that Kannada should be willing to be relegated to also ran status.Kannada is the language of 65% percent flesh and blood people in Karnataka. They should be able to conduct their daily business in Kannada if they wish.

    I rarely disagree on these matters with you. My ancestor was known for his military prowess, but I was only talking about Delhi rule for the last three hundred years. In the last sixty, no Chengal, Kengal, Kadidal, Nijalingu, V. Patil, Jatti or any other pailwan ever said that he was going to put Kannada first. Heck, those chief ministers from Uttara Karnataka didn’t give a damn about their own parched, ever suffering land.


    In India there can only be Hindu nationalism and Hindi nationalism. That is the unfortunate reality.Pan-nationalism is not in the cards for us. How do we regain IV and V blocks of Jayanagar and parts of Anjaneya Temple Street in Basavanagudi from Northern agression?

    Arivu speaks a language too complicated for my understanding, but if he means in Karnataka Kannada comes first, I don’t again understand why he doesn’t see that I am saying the same thing and have posted any number of comments to that effect.

  30. arivu Says:

    i do acknowledge your views. i was more into forming a ‘convention’ with people on this forum. we need to take this discussion forward and work towards it.
    it’s hightime.

  31. Vinay Says:

    Pulikeshi the Last:

    Arivu speaks a language too complicated even for me, but if you look closely, read and re-read his writings 3-4 times, you will understand what bullshit he is peddling.

    I wholeheartedly agree that in Karnataka, Kannada (and other languages belonging to Karnataka) comes first. But what arivu is advocating and speaking about is insane.

    You say that Kannadigas in KA should be able to conduct their daily business in Kannada if they wish. Sure, say that to the yo-man, fuck-man type “hip and happening” Kannadiga youth in VTU engineering colleges, call centers, IT companies, etc.

    What I’m trying to say is, the language of white-collar jobs is English, and will not be Kannada or any other Indian language in our lifetime. This is the case everywhere in the nation.

    You want to regain Jayanagar and Basavanagudi from “Northern aggression”? Stupid people like arivu talk of “Brahmins”, but conveniently forget the non-Brahmin contractors who employ cheapest Bihari labour for tile laying, Oriya labour for carpentry work, and so on.

    Why is pan-nationalism “not on the cards” for us? And anyway, the recurring support for “Hindu nationalism” in Karnataka these days does prove a point, does it not?



    It is getting more and more difficult to decipher your bullshit about “aryans”, “tinge of white colour”, “fearful populace”, and all that shit.

    Make a clear point in simple English which people can read and understand, don’t use stupid words and dumbfuck meaningless phrases like “you are blinded by tinge of white colour”.

    You talk of interlinking of rivers? Sure, tell that to the hundreds and thousands of protestors and anti-interlinking brigade, citing “ecological damage”, “playing with nature”, etc. Your crap-filled theories about everything being “Aryan vs. Dravidian” needs to accommodate the fact that your so-called “dravidians” are part of this anti-interlinking (and anti-nuclear) cabal.

    Only an insane fellow will consider Yeddy’s butt-kicking as “Aryan conspiracy”. What about the dozens of instances where leaders have been kicked out from your so-called “Aryan states”? No, you will not look at those, because it makes it inconvenient for your worldview.

    I hardly understood your bullshit about Kashmir and Bengal and Gujarat. Suffice it to say that Gujarat today, is doing better than Karnataka at almost all levels.

    And remember, everything you blab about “handful in Delhi gaining” can be repeated by someone in BIjapur or Bidar, about a “handful of people in Bangalore gaining”.

  32. Vinay Says:

    BY the way, it is funny to hear these conspiracy theorists who see “North South” angle in every damn issue, speaking of river interlinking.

    River interlinking is a great proposal which will never see the light of day precisely because of federalism, because the states have the right to make noise about things, and the states do exercise that right.

    If the central government decides to ride roughshod over the state arguments and goes ahead with interlinking, it will get implemented. Not 60 years, it will be done by 2035. But then, people like arivu will beat their chests and moan about how “Delhi is ruling everyone in the country roughly”.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  33. Vasant Says:

    This one for Harkol
    ಹಿಂದಿ ಹೇರಿಕೆ ಹೇಗಾಗುತ್ತಿದೆ?

  34. asha Says:


    Have you been to any goverrnment offices lately or in the past? Have you seen those challans in natioanalised banks. Apart from english and kannada they are also printed in Hindi. Why is it necessary in a state that does not speak hindi? Taking the recent example of namma metro, why is the announcements in the train in hindi in addition to english and kannada. What makes you think there is a sizeable population of hindi speakers in bangalore, that namma metro should have hindi announcements. Look at it another way, why not announcements in say Tamil,Telugu and malayalam instead of hindi. Are the northies too lazy to learn the local language or is it their arrogance that prevents them from learning it? Why does Railway board conduct its exams in hindi in Bangalore for recruiting personnel for southern railway and commissions a special train from Patna to get candidates to come to bangalore to take this exam?

  35. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    You are darn right about the arrogance of immigrants who will not learn Kannada.

    As for the presence of Hindi in the banks and on the metro, it is purely a business matter. So many of our traders seem to saying, “Make it easy for the non-Kannada customer This is a money matter, even if our bank is named Karnataka Bank. Local sentiments be damned.” I don’t see the attitude changing anytime soon.


    You are right about the inevitability of English as the language of white collar jobs in Bangalore. Those who learn “ganakeekarana” in our poor Kannada will confine themselves to the lower rungs of mobility. What the IT industry wants and gets is software engineers who can negotiate technical English. Given India’s history, it is wrong to point to Japan and European countries and say we could be like them in using our own languages for everything. Even the most rabid of our nationalistic cousins, the Tamils, have always deferred to English. (They don’t even use the word “computer” in Tamil.) Even if one passes the IAS exams by writing them in Kannada, his is going to be an uncomfortable career if his command of English is sketchy.

    However, I am still troubled by the lack of prospects for my people who know no English. Makes it easy for Hindi outfits to sell the language under false pretexts like it is Indian, easier to learn, etc.
    It is the same people who trumpet the false claim that Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages.

  36. Curry Hurry Says:

    Please take KPN’s sensational pics with a pinch of KP masala. Who in his right mind eats a plate load of that stuff ? How do you know that he is not putting the plate aside after offering the contents to others?
    As Anita points out Tyaag Maata 272 can do no wrong. Neither Shunglu report nor Madam Dixit’s son’s suitcase can sully the Congress(I) image. Chief Chef in Rashtrapathi Bhavan can do no wrong with her son’s suitcase. Sooner or later that can of worms is going to unravel.
    This is in no way holding a brief to the shameful disgusting track of Yeddy, Katta, Renukacharya, Halappa. But it would help if the self anointed conscience bearing pontiffs were impartial in their coverage. It is sad that the alternatives sought by these pontiffs are Drum,Siddu,HDD or that flood relief Deshpande.

  37. Anonymous Guy Says:

    The Tamils have got it right – Tamil and English. F*** Hindi. Kannada is doomed. At best it will be the language of the minority slaves in the next couple of decades.

    See how firmly entrenched Tamil is in Tamil Nadu. See who the bosses are there – the local Tamils or the Hindi wallahs. Even in politics, Cong or BJP have to do business with Tamil parties who dictate terms. The healthy xenophobia has kept Tamil Nadu from being swamped by outsiders, quite the opposite.

    See how it is in Karnataka – both with respect to kannada language and who the bosses are. wrt politics, Cong and BJP both prostrate to their high command in the North. At best we will react with nasty little trouble-making ‘kannada’ outfits supported by lower middle class folks. We will be swamped and pushed aside – just a matter of time.

    The current BJP government is doing its job in accelerating this process.

  38. Vinay Says:


    IMHO, the solution is clear – English and Kannada. Tarlesubba had advocated a solution around 2 years back, wherein social studies, literature, etc. would be taught in Kannada, and science, mathematics, etc. would be taught in English. All schools across the state should implement this uniformly.

    We are not doing any good for Kannada or Karnataka by insisting that everything will be in “Kannada medium” till 5th standard, and English will enter the picture only after that. We are crippling a great mass of people by suggesting such stuff.

  39. harkol Says:

    Guys: Peace. I was wrong.

    Perhaps there are many ways, that I wasn’t aware (as some are subtle and others not so), where Hindi is indeed being promoted -compelling people to learn it.

    However, I am not upset about it. For me language is utilitarian – only a tool of communication, not of domination.

    I come from Mangalore, where Tulu is the majority language. But Kannada is the official language, and you have to learn it. But, many villagers don’t know any other language than Tulu. Our maid servant in Mangalore, couldn’t speak in Kannada to save her life. Still, There are many who can’t speak Tulu in Mangalore, because they can get by with Kannada.

    And to put things in context – Tulu is not even in the same family of languages as Kannada.

    Similarly, In Bangalore perhaps majority don’t find the need to learn Kannada, as they can get by in English and Hindi, though there is a class of folks who can’t speak it.

    Hindi is just another language in the mix of languages in a nation of polyglots. I read/speak 4 languages well, plus can haltingly read & speak Hindi, speak a bit in Tamil as well.

    Survived in Hyderabad for 2 yrs without knowing much Telugu, in Mumbai with my halting Hindi.

    But, Never felt ‘forced’ to learn a language.

  40. arivu Says:

    wait a minute before you conclude.
    we are into administration.

    but having known kannada , modern kannada,is as alien to tulu as it is to old kannada.
    the name kannada is not meant to be a misnomer . it is vast and compassionate.
    if you watch a movie “dweepa” full version now available on youtube its equally understandable to any original tulu native.

    so don’t make awareness go awry and be a backstabber like kannada 9-5 brahmins. we have enough backstabbers in mangloor udupi who run to delhi and mumbai usurping bank
    accounts and writing hindi boards and now hanging on to bjp leaders.

    as i discussed above tulu ignorance is the traditional weapon for national leaders often used against mysoor.

  41. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    Buddhi, Tulu is one of the oldest surviving languages of the Dravidian family, same as Kannada. I often wonder what its course might have been had Kannada not been able to domineer over it.

  42. Vinay Says:


    I missed this part of your post:

    “the North has the power to pulverise the south because it has money and unbridled breeding. ”

    Ree swamy – no offense , but this is a very stupid statement.

    The “North” has unbridled breeding, but not money.

    The West and the South is where the money is. The center of economic power has already shifted South-West, and will continue to do so with every passing day.

    The “North”dominated national politics for decades because of this money and influence being concentrated there. That has changed in the last decade, and will continue to change.

    All this talk of “pulverizing” is scaremongering. All the more so, since it is remarkably silly to look at the “North” as a monolith. The BIMARUs are as different from the Hill states as chalk and cheese. The Gujjus are as different from Bengalis as chalk and cheese.

    Stupid people like Arivu who don’t know anything beyond their little “beedhi” are the ones who look for an “Aryan-Dravidian” angle in every thing. Do you notice how there is not a single sensible response from him so far to any questions or comments? Anyway, he seems to be a bitter old man consumed by hatred in some corner. He, and the insignificant minority of people like him will have to suck it up. Nobody buys their snake oil anymore.

  43. chidu22 Says:

    Anonymous Guy has hit the nail on the head. Kannada is suffering and will very soon be declared by United nations as a extinct language.
    People who are arguing otherwise are pseudo intellectuals who are brain washed to believe that bending backwards is a sign of tolerance and modern outlook.
    Arivu I am with you,beware of mangaloorinavaru ,for that matter coastal people.They have ratained tulu to back stab kannadigas. By the way no one is ramroding kannada down the throats of tulujana.So its not the same as hindi being forced upon us through mangaloor banks.
    Some idiot will say ” why this insecurity”, my middle finger
    to them.

  44. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    The south has the natural resources, the north the money to exploit them for a nominal fee. Hence the presence of the Jindals, the Kotharis, and a whole slew of other assorted moneybags among us. But this is not to say we are not being invaded by AP and TN on the east. Raichur and Bellary virtually are colonized by AP investors. Much of the labor supply in Bengaluru is of TN origin.

    I will not be apologetic about my belief about the N-S divide being real. It is what it is.

  45. Vinay Says:


    Why? Kannada signboards proclaiming in “Kannada” instead of “Tulu” can be called “ramroding” Kannada down their throats no? Going by exactly the same yardstick that you use.

    Who is asking you to “bend backwards”? Speak in Kannada, don’t answer outsiders in Hindi or Tamil. What is preventing you from doing that?

  46. harkol Says:

    Arivu: sir, your writing makes my head spin and makes me feel like I’m loosing arivu. So, I won’t even attempt to try to decipher the deep meaning of your evidently very profound observations.

    Chidu22: You seem to be proficient in pattern recognition as demonstrated by your classification of all ‘coastal people’ in to one basket. My compliments on your skills.

    Pulikeshi: I feel that no ‘language’ domineers over other. It is just the practicality of use, that enables a cross pollination that’s constant and natural.

    Dravidian languages were influenced over the time by Samskruta, and so many words from Samskruta were adopted. But, samskruta itself died as a regular language.

    In a thousand years, It is quite possible we’ll have an highly anglicized Kannada in Karnataka, or perhaps something that borrows both from Hindi and English. Or perhaps we may have English that borrows from Kannada.

    What some folks experience with such fast change is what Alvin Toffler called ‘future shock’. Change is getting faster with higher communication between cultures. But, Change happens, even though some find it difficult to embrace such change and fight it.

  47. harkol Says:

    Since this discussion segwayed into linguistic domination and exclusivism etc…I cant do better than quote famous words –

    ಪ್ರತ್ಯೇಕಸುಖವಲ್ಪದುದು, ಗಳಿಗೆತೋರ್ಕೆಯದು,
    ಆತ್ಮವಿಸ್ತಾರವಾಗಿಪುದೆ ನಿತ್ಯಸುಖ.
    ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿಜೀವನದ ಸೊಂಪು ಸಮಷ್ಟಿಜೀವನದಿ,
    ಒಟ್ಟುಬಾಳ್ವುದ ಕಲಿಯೊ – ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ (DVG)

  48. Vinay Says:


    The North does not lack in “mineral resources” either.

    And the Jindals and “assorted moneybags” whom you speak of, provide benefits to the “South” when they come and set up shop here. If anything, we need to welcome more people like Jindal to set up factories here and provide employment to our people, instead of going to the East or the BIMARUs, etc.

    Yes, there is a N-S divide, but that divide is not the be-all-and-end-all of things. Looking for “Aryan Dravidian conspiracies” in everything is the mark of an idiot. Only stupid people like Arivu can see an “Aryan conspiracy” in Yeddy’s case here.

    Pullikeshi, I know that you have been a huge critic of DG and family. Why is that? Is it because of the DG family’s cynical and duplicitous nature, or is it because you are an Aryan in disguise, out to run down our Dravidian hero DG? If you ask Arivu, that will be the answer! Why was our “hard working Yeddy”, as arivu puts it, made to shed tears on national TV by the Reddy brothers? Are the Reddy brothers “Aryans” in disguise?

    There is an N-S divide, and there is an S-S divide too, not to mention the N-N divide. There are enough other divides that one can speak of. Looking at every damn thing from an N-S angle is the work of small-minded silly people.

    You know the problem with people like Arivu? They reinforce the prejudice of “superior white Aryan” and “enslaved dark Dravidians”. At this time, instead of ridiculing such categorizations and moving away from it, why hammer the prejudice deeper?

  49. arivu Says:

    as we can see the sole unifying factor of awareness is to make that last woman speaking kannada at village to live with dignity respect and resources.
    for this her kin has to prosper
    for that they should not migrate or migrate with choice
    for that resources should be reaching every part.
    for that we need local language, constitution and administration.

    i am very much interested to hold an online group in this awareness and take the convention forward. i need the aware people on this forum to reply here and if we can get the ‘churumuri gamut’ as i read the previous posts we can start.

    there is a plan to chalk out to interlink this group of think tank with the executive – at the ground level operating at different levels of network.
    literary circles – to translate effectively co-ordinating with current status
    pro-kannada circles – to educate masses and become more objective than aggressive
    law circles – to denigrate the enemies and backstabbers of the state.

    it will be an open to all aware kannadigas, the people who can really bring difference would be one who have compassion for suffering of kannadigas.

    For example take pawan kumar and his venture
    His awareness has gone beyond system of theatres of country and laws of this country.

    People from literary circles should take the same enthusiasm in publishing and selling kannada books on kindle and amazon.

    we can certainly reproduce this awareness in administration. ‘the gamut’ – please reply here or to bhandara(dot)kannada(at)gmail (dot) com

  50. chidu22 Says:


    I am sorry to say you assume a lot, your comments are completly off the track.
    The central government imposition of Hindi in Karnataka through Government Institutions and aided by Mangalur banks is what is marginalising Kannada. Not to mention the attitude of kannadigas towards their own language. Because this is what is happening in Bengalur where systematically the local population is displaced by outsiders. Kannada has lost its prominence and you are forced to do business in foriegn langauage.
    Tulu is written in same script as kannada, so whats your argument about sign boards?

  51. Vinay Says:


    All this angst about “Kannada dying” and “Kannada losing its prominence” is a Bangalore phenomenon. The Chamrajnagars, Shimogas, Davangeres, etc. don’t have all this hullabaloo about “death of Kannada”. Bangalore is not Karnataka.

    The influx of outsiders into Bangalore, coupled with the fact that most Kannadigas prefer speaking Hindi with outsiders, is what is “marginalizing Kannada” in Bangalore. Bangalore written in bold for emphasis.

    Central government “imposition” through boards is hardly a factor. Putting too much emphasis on boards is missing the wood for the trees. Drive through the roads of Bangalore. The hundreds of thousands of shop boards, street signs, etc. are in English and Kannada. Just because some boards in metro and NH7 Airport road are also in Hindi (and a few other isolated examples here and there), does not make it as major a factor as you are making it out to be.

    You are not forced to do business in foreign language, you have chosen to do so. By “you”, I mean Kannadiga businessmen, shopkeepers, etc. who have chosen to speak in Hindi to the customer, for the sake of business. In eagerness for business, if a shopkeeper speaks in Hindi, some would call him “enterprising”, some would call him a “traitor”. Whatever you call him, the fact remains that he was the one who made the choice that he did. No one forced him to make that choice.

    Your talk of “Hindi imposition by central government” is redundant precisely because it is such a minor factor in the overall picture. You are trying to shoo away moths when there is a rhino in the room.

    Tulu has the same script as Kannada, but do the “Kannada” sign boards on the coast spell Tulu or Kannada? Devanagari is shared by both, Hindi and Marathi. That does not mean the MNS will accept Hindi boards in Pune, instead of Marathi ones.

    All I am saying is, the same argument that you make about sign boards, can be made by “tulujana” also- in fact, it has been made in the past by several Tulu posters, on this very blog. Search around, you will find them. Kodava posters have made similar points too.

  52. chidu22 Says:


    Speaking in Hindi makes business sense, is looking at the whole argument through the broken prism of commerce. This should make the kannada businesses most successful, are they? You dont see outside businessmen in karnataka do business in kannada, are they not bothered about the commercial gains?. What I am saying is kannada as a langauage of commerce is bieng systematically eroded. This will be a disadvantage for bussiness in karnataka who cant speak other than kannada.Your argument of being enterprising does not hold water. There is a saying in bombay, “if have to talk business,talk in Gujju”. This enables the Gujju clan to prosper not others. This principle is followed by tulus in banking, hotelier and else where in Karnataka to hoodwink Kannadigas.
    The problem is kannadigas are naive(tolerant and bend backwards) and suckers who are being taken for a ride, this is exploited by the North(politics and businesses like wise) and our neighbouring states. So you are saying that we should change this attitude and become like people in our neighbouring states i.e. kick out Hindi and Hindiwallahs, control politics and businesses as they do in Konga land.This has been articulated succintly by Anonymous guy earlier in this post.
    So for some petty and skewed gains dont kill your own mother. ‘Janani Janma bhumisha swargadapi gariyasi”. Thayi mattu tayi nadu swargakintalu melu. This is not some stupid emotional out burst, it is basic human principle of self preservation and without which you cease to be human being. Thank You.

  53. Rastrakoota Says:

    A whopping 51 comments till now, all because of one awareness called arivu. Yen arivo yeno, the original message is completely lost!

  54. arivu Says:

    @Rastrakoota ,
    the original posting is “who’s ruling karnataka” and that’s being pondered by sensible awareness. i haven’t even opened the emotional disturbances laid by smk on ‘first family’ or the ‘medium’ issues – to suppress sensationalism and have just looked carefully at the administration level.

    Look at these :
    none of the states approve power to Lokayukta because karnataka is the place for experimentation and destroy. slowly anna hazare and santosh hegde will die. who’s the loser – their own next generation. who are the winners – delhiites- they squeezed them and showed others that delhi will rule whatever happens!
    none of the states allow coverage of assembly sessions – that too by private channels. do you think other ministers in other states are decent?
    mining licenses were first given by congress after ballari elections of sushma and sonia. they shut their mouths now – why because of delhi orders.
    bsy actually wanted to stop grants of licenses which he did – but he also kept mum on his own cabinet – why again because of delhi orders which again trapped him in bribe and donation.

    both congress and bjp at delhi wanted to loot the state- they did it in turns by baiting.

    I can write 100 pages talking of how people here were used and abused, of how behaviour changes after vindhyas and the fact that our arivu is getting lazier and leaning onto them because of unaware backstabbers.

    as you see judiciary and press have now segregated . executive and legislature are already separated.
    there is nothing stable than ofcourse delhi – that’s the illusion created from 2-3 decades now which our arivu has to break.

    people have to rise beyond their segregation from administration ( please read administration and not politics )
    ‘nadiyuththe’ won’t work now. the state now is ‘kuththigege bandide’.

  55. Vinay Says:


    Go back and read my post again.

    I did not say that the “successful” or “enterprising” argument is correct. I just said that no one forced the choice of speaking Hindi upon the businessmen and shopkeepers, it was their own choice.

    Go back and read my post again. You don’t need to make all the points that you have made to me. You didn’t bother to read what I wrote, and answered questions which I have not even asked, and refuted arguments which I have not even made.

  56. Vinay Says:


    Instead of typing reams of incoherent babble, why don’t you write in plain and crystal-clear language, what exactly is you grouse and what exactly are you advocating as a “solution”?

  57. Rastrakoota Says:

    Hehee!! OMG, mistru Arivanna! Understanding what you have written is beyond me!The vinays n the harkols have tried and moved on.(rightly so). I have not read much except the first comment of yours which was enough! Go ahead and write your 100 pages. I am sure Churumuri will be obliged to bring ’em here!

  58. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Kannada bandhugale–

    Nobody is obligated to speak Kannada, unless I know the language and the person I am speaking to knows no other language and I live in his land. The government and businesses are under an inescapable obligation to make all information and form available to Kannada speakers in Kannada if that is their preferred medium of communication. But even as a Kannadiga, I cannot demand that a job be made available to me in Karnataka simply because I was born and bred here. In any case, jathi is more important to us than our home language.

    It is about time that we all stopped singing the praise of the land and its people. Even as we do so, we don’t read literature from the Halegannada or Medieval Kannada. We don’t need to. The continued existence of Kannada does not depend on its top class literature or third rate movies.

    Our bookfests are wildly popular, but the number of those who read Kannada works is infinitesimal compared to those who don’t.

    Kannada vinashada anchinalli ninthilla. Vinay hElo haage karnatakada oLa jillegaLalli adu gattiyaagi badukide. Aadare Kannadavondanne avalambisidare, aa jaagegaLalliruva namma makkalige avakaashagaLillada baduku guarantee. If at all we have the slightest concern for Kannada and Kannadigaru, we owe it to teach those children both Kannada and English and teach them well so they can become competitive with those who make a decent living in our metropolitan areas. It is cruel to condemn them to a world bound by Kannada. Oppa kannada maathaaduvudakkinda thappu English maathaduvadaralli sukha paduva keelu manobhaavadinda naavu doora sariyabEku. Eradu bhaashegaLannu samarthavaagi kalisaballa vaathaavarana naavu strishti maadabEku. Namma neladalli ninthu oohegu nilukadashtu duddu maadiruva Infosys, Biocon, Jindal ithyaadigaLannu ee kelasakke enisalaaradashtu duddu kodi endu mulaajillade keLabeku. Adannu hafta maadade vivechaneyinda, praamaanikatheyinda viniyoga maadabeku.

    Namageega Kannada ondu kannu. English matthondu.

    Ittheechina charitreyallina dodda vidyamaana endare nammalli hindendu iradidda madhyama vargavondu srishtiyaagide. “Kannadave satya, nitya” means little to them. Members of that class live comfortable lives largely because the language of their professional lives is English. I hear them speak Kannada at home. Their children seem to speak Kannada, English, and Hindi with equal ease. Nothing can be more foolish to issue a fatwa saying that they should only speak some “shuddha” kannada.

    KSP and KRV gaLanthe kannada uLisuttEve endu Novembernalli veeraveshadinda bitti abhimaana thorisuvudaralli yaava arthavu illa. Raajyothsava prashasthi padeyuva shekada 25 mandige kannadada bagge yaava kaalajiyu illa. Sahithya Parshatthu angeekarisuva nirnayagaLalli parinaamakaariyaagi aLavadisikondaveshtu? Namma praadhikaaragaLu illiyavarege kadidiruvadenu?

    Bahushaha mukhyavaagi maadabEkaada kaarya andare namma emmelle, emmelsi, matthu empigaLannu kannada kelasadalli thodagisuvudu. Aa kelavu mundevakke kannadane baralla. Innu kelavakke yaava bhaashelu sariyaagi saarvajanikavaagi maathaadakke baralla. Namage vakkarisikondiruva mannina makkala kutumba saarvajanikavaagi adeshtu baari kannadavannu utthejisuva maathaadide? Potuguese bhaashe antha gotthillade adaralli bhaashana oduva namma topi kitta kannadakke maadiruva kainkarya enu?

  59. arivu Says:

    more questions
    1. why of all , an adocate called srijan basha (half muslim by name) suddenly gets jnaanodaya to file case against CM of the state! and then every lawyer is lethargic to study about dharam singh and smk because money would have flowed to keep their mouths shut!! so that means dharam singh of all was a clean CM
    what an effing joke by lawyers

    2. why media suddenly complains on lawyers – may someone has bought bar council !!

    3. i did see beating by police on media as well as lawyers to make things even!! on youtube and facebook – they are best to see real picture than media these days.

    4. i saw recent news being 15 MLAs including siddaramaiah’s party workers watched porn. isn’t it enough to take vengeance on media.

    who can be used as chess pawn! why not lawyers?

    even vishweshwar bhat or publicised public TV cannot be effective because everyone is brought under the illusion of that ‘Kaanada Kai’ of delhi!

    yes that’s what uses sometimes politicos , sometimes lawyers and sometimes media to destabilize karnataka – induce fear in masses.


    simply , it is to look at the big picture and be aware of it.


    kannada will be there even if we dont discuss here. agreed. but the question is why are we not serious about getting out of delhi hold?


    sorry for wasting your time.

  60. Vinay Says:


    What “big picture”? You need to tell us what you mean – the onus of explaining your position lies on you.

    What do you mean “getting out of Delhi’s hold”?

    What “Delhi’s hold” are you talking about? Among the interactions I have in my daily life, I don’t remember having any interaction with “Delhi government” even once in the last 10-11 years, apart from the yearly income tax submission. The last I remember having interaction with “Delhi government” was during my PAN card application, passport application, etc. – more than a decade back.

    A normal middle class person does not even have to deal with “Delhi’s hold”. The lower middle class and the poorer ones, even less.

    What is this nonsense about trying to find a “Delhi conspiracy” in the lawyer episode? You need to back up your conspiracy theories with facts. All this shit that we are seeing around Vidhana Soudha and high court is entirely a Bangalore phenomenon.

    You cannot endlessly type tripe, not answer anyone’s questions, and continue some loose bullshit about “awareness”, “big picture”, and so on.

  61. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    Don’t discourage Arivu. He is filling the vaccum created by the disappearance of some very acrimonious posters whose handles I fortunately forget. One of them was extremely allergic to syllogistic reasoning. The undistributed middle was his prime recipe as in the case of Shri Knowledge.

    Arivu’s latest missile/missive is interesting. He ignores the correct spelling of “Sirajuddin” and thinks his first name is Srijan, as if that has to do with anything.

    I have plenty of my own angst against rule by Delhi. It is real. But Arivu apparently feels that Delhi took away BSY’s fiefdom/thiefdom and that it protects the Congresswallas in Karnataka. It does. I don’t know why Dharam Singh has immunity and Krishna near immunity when it comes to their economic crimes. Even the Gowda clan seems to enjoy some hugger-mugger support because it is worth three votes to the UPA. Wish to God that CBI had a little bit of self-respect and independence.

    I hope the day comes soon when we know what Arivu stands for. If his regionalism is for the right reasons, then he will be my leader.

  62. arivu Says:

    “All this shit that we are seeing around Vidhana Soudha and high court is entirely a Bangalore phenomenon”
    “The last I remember having interaction with “Delhi government” was during my PAN card application, passport application”

    Ultimate. exactly what i thought you would think. that’s what i call 9-5 kannada brahmin phenomenon .

    all the shit and dirty picture is a bengloor phenomenon.
    all the PAN card, passport and nation building and progress are delhi phenomenon.

    come out of ignorance. all these fights are baited from delhi through state politicians feeding them with swiss bank money.
    Kharge, SMK, and Moily filled their tanks in Delhi,
    Siddaramaiah is presented for every statement he barks in assembly with aggression.

    now one part of media will be shown sympathy and made to become dependent on a political party. Rajeev Chandrashekhar is already of congress.TV9 is again linked to Ramoji Rao and to Ambani
    So Rahul will be portrayed as leader if they get linked with Maya in UP. Maya for UP and Rahul for Delhi.
    Lawyers will become more frustrated with Reddy and create ruckus for fools of ruling BJP party.
    Suddenly Hansraj Bahradwaj will play an ‘ace’ and dissolve state.
    DVS and BSY along with karikotu and bilikotu will sit and fight again for power.
    HDK will have third wife and his son will get kinky with hummers and bummers as shares of KMF since genetically they are bound to oppose BJP without any logics forget about administration.

    one makes another pawn.
    its called saama bheda danda. divide and rule. hope it helps.

    On reading the next churumuri article or comments they may change their plans also according to uncertainty of 9-5 workers.

  63. harkol Says:

    pulikeshi: The irony is that any passive observer would know that dumping of Yeddy is perhaps the best thing that happened to BJP. If he’d have continued in his corrupt ways, BJP would’ve lost even the Lingayats after a while anyway. This way, perhaps they’ll loose an election, but not credibility.

    I don’t know how we entered the arena of linguistic babble on a post about BJP & Advani.

    But, bottomline – We are one country. Even USA with far more uniform culture went thru a civil war in about 100 years after its formation.

    Hopefully, we’ll avoid that fate.

  64. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    I am as upset as you are about how the unon government has played ducks and drakes with the lives of the Kannada people for over sixty years. But what I don’t understand is exactly what it is that you think New Delhi has done wrong. Before I can agree or disagree with your argument, I must know what it is.

  65. Vinay Says:


    “I hope the day comes soon when we know what Arivu stands for. If his regionalism is for the right reasons, then he will be my leader.”

    Truly said, and I concur. :)

  66. Vinay Says:

    arivu :

    Instead of answering my questions, and the questions of others on this page, you have come up with more tripe. You are a supremely irritating poster.

    No one claimed that everything related to Delhi is progress and everything else is shit. That is your siege mentality that makes you babble about “9-5 Brahmins” all day long like a retard.

    The point I was trying to make was, to try to drum it into your thick skull that “Delhi government” does not play a big role in the common man’s life. First, understand the point that the other person is making, that would be a good start to make yourself a little more comprehensible.

    Because as of now, as Pullikeshi said, we are waiting for you to come out with what exactly you are babbling about. Your accusations of “Delhi being responsible” for all the shit that happens here, is the biggest pile of horse manure that I have heard in a long time.

  67. Vinay Says:


    While you castigate the union government for “playing ducks and drakes with our lives”, keep in mind the following: HAL, NAL, DRDO, LRDE, ISRO, etc. etc. etc.

    This whole charade of blaming all ills on some distant “union government” does not hold water.

    Better if we list out what exactly the grouse/grievance is. I have given up hope that that idiot Arivu will come up with anything sensible – I don’t know if he even has any sense, or whether he is a mental patient who has somehow got access to a computer. Maybe it is time to close comments for this article.

  68. asha Says:


    The decision to base HAL,NAL,DRDO,LRDE ISRO in namma bengaluru is not a altruistic decision or not that the delhi big wigs somehow have soft corner for us, it was rather a strategic decision to make it difficult for Pak/China bomb these factories/establishment.

  69. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I like Asha’s explanation. Those establishments are partly the reason for the dream that Bengaluru be made a union territory.

  70. Vinay Says:


    There are reasons for everything. There is an optimal location and a bad location for everything. These could have been based in Coimbatore or Cochin or Guntur or Vizag too. Think about it.

    This whining about “central government neglecting Bangalore” is really stupid. Bangalore has got more than the fair share of central government spending and investment.

    When people write reams of nostalgic articles about the good oooold days of Bengaluru, HAL and NAL become fond memories, but these are conveniently forgotten when it becomes necessary to whine about “step motherly treatment”.

    The attitude of “altruistic decision”, “delhi bigwigs”, is really messed up. As though some distant bigwigs are sitting and ruling. The truth is that they are also a part of us. The bureaucracy is filled with so-called “South Indians”, and the babus are the ones who really run the nation. Contrary to what stupid idiots like Arivu would have you believe, it is not “Naaaarth Indians” who are ruling Bengaluru.

    The people who can really justifiably crib about “step motherly treatment” are the North Eastern states, and Sikkim. The Southern states have always been core states in every sense of the term.

  71. Vinay Says:

    What “altruistic reasons”, what “soft corner”? Nothing is altruistic, and no one has any “soft corner” – what childish talk. Given the constraints and requirements, the best possible. distribution of resources needs to happen – that’s it.

    Too much unnecessary whining. Bangalore is the second city to get a metro in India, after Delhi. JNNURM funds have been utilized well by BMTC. NHAI has built more elevated expressways in Bangalore than in any other city.

    Actually, if one looks at it impartially and with hard numbers, Bengalurians have the least to moan about. But I guess people who want to moan and whine will continue to moan and whine.

  72. Vinay Says:


    But then, if the institutions had been set up in Coimbatore or Cochin, there would have been more moaning from the Asha and co. about yet another example of “central government neglect”.

    Bangalore is going to be the second city after Delhi to get the anti-ballistic missile defence shield. I’m guessing it is because of these institutions. It might well come in use sometime later this decade, looking at trends.

  73. asha Says:

    >>These could have been based in Coimbatore or Cochin or Guntur or Vizag too. Think about it.>>

    Why did they not do it then? What with all the tamil and malayalee lobbies active in delhi during those days…this could have been very easy right ?

    >>Given the constraints and requirements, the best possible. distribution of resources needs to happen – that’s it. >>

    Is this happening….south India contributes much more by way of taxes to get the crumbs it receives from center.

  74. Vinay Says:


    So you don’t have an answer to my questions. Basically there is no justification for your constantly claiming that Bangalore has been “neglected” by the central government. On the contrary, Bangalore has been pampered.

    Please quit the “step motherly treatment” whining – it has no basis. When I ask pointed questions, I don’t get proper answers.

    What do you mean “crumbs”? I would like you to prove to me, factually, that states like UP, MP, Orissa, etc. get more central investment and projects than “South Indian states”.

    Prove it factually, speak with facts and figures. I, for one, have had enough of hearing rhetoric from people about “step motherly treatment”. And this entire talk of being “ruled by Naaarth Indians” is so damn messed up! It just shows that the person making the statement does not know the abc of how Indian administration and politics works.

    Maybe it is time India has a second capital (summer capital) in Bangalore or Hyderabad. Maybe that will shut up some of the idle minds.

  75. harkol Says:

    To paraphrase Purandara Dasa:

    ಭಾಷೆ,ಭಾಷೆ,ಭಾಷೆ ಎಂದು ಹೊಡೆದಾಡದಿರಿ
    ನಿಮ್ಮ ಭಾಷೆಯ ಮೂಲವೇನಾದರು ಬಲ್ಲಿರಾ? ಬಲ್ಲಿರಾ?

  76. pulikeshi the last Says:

    To me Kannada is more important than any other language in India.
    To me Karunaadu is more important than India. Harkol sahebra, hindeena namma thalee myala herabyadi antha hindi mandige thareef maadi. jaroori andra kannada matthu English.

  77. organized criminals Says:

    Sadananda Gowda to NYTimes:
    “We are not getting iron ore for several industries and employment generation could not be done. Nearly 150,000 employees are on the street and there is a loss to the government exchequer.”

    OTOH Yeddyurappa:
    I did not grant licenses and wanted to stop mining.

    playing games and filling ballari with dhool.

    what;s this legal and illegal mining.
    Is mining the only way these people know to provide employment?
    I can teach them a lesson or two on how a state with 6 crores of population should actually not carry out mining legally or illegally/

    There is no hope. really no hope. these people can never think bigger.

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