PM goes to Press Club without his media advisor!

Yes, the clothes are white, the turban is blue, but this ain’t Manmohan Singh.

The prime minister’s lookalike Gurmeet Singh Sethi arrives at the press club of Bangalore (PCB) on Thursday, with faux special protection group (SPG) men in tow, to promote his film 498-A, The Wedding Gift—and promptly tucks into chicken masala. Fareeda Jalal plays Gursharan Kaur. The director is rumoured to be looking for someone to play Pankaj Pachauri.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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5 Responses to “PM goes to Press Club without his media advisor!”

  1. A Journalist Says:

    These security personnel are not from the SPG. They are from the NSG!

  2. R. Vijayaraghavan Says:

    so nice. like sachin, like nehru, like gandhiji, like so many– but like himself? not even he
    R. Vijayaraghavan

  3. err_go! Says:

    He is different….He looks quite assertive… nobody is telling him what he should eat..

  4. Shalu Sharma Says:

    Looks surreal. MMS has become a laughing stock of not just India but the whole world. The meek PM with one hand in his pocket and fake wave to the public looks almost rehearsed. What he needs is a image change over.

  5. Vindy Says:

    *does he speak?

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