Public TV head declares assets on live television

Even as a question mark hangs over the heads of many editors and journalists, H.R. Ranganath, the chairman and managing director of the newly launched Kannada news channel, Public TV, has declared his assets and liabilities on live television, with his tax consultant sitting alongside him and reading out the list.

Ranganath—former editor of the New Indian Express owned daily Kannada Prabha and the Rajeev Chandrasekhar owned news channel Suvarna News—says he provided the list of his assets and liabilities to his proprietors at his previous ports of call each year, but was only now putting it in the public domain.

Any piece of property over and above those listed by him can be auctioned and the proceeds used for public use, declares Ranganath.

The editor’s assets, as read out by his tax consultant of 15 years, Vijay Rajesh:

# A gift from his mother of four guntas of land in Arkalgud, Hassan

# 1991-92: Partnership in a plot of 13,980 square feet in Mysore

# 2002-03: A house constructed on a 30×40 site in Bangalore

# 2005: A Hyundai Accent car bought on loan

# 2009: A Honda Activa scooter

# 2011: A second-hand 1975 jeep bought last year

# 11,000 shares in Mindtree, 12 shares in Reliance Industries, 15 shares in Kairon

# 250 grams of gold belonging to his wife, 100 grams gifted at the time of marriage, the rest bought over the last 20 years.

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40 Responses to “Public TV head declares assets on live television”

  1. shama sundara s k Says:

    It`s time for me too to declare my assets.

  2. Dheerendragopal Says:


  3. the colonel Says:

    looking at the state of affairs will this make the difference

  4. S.Prakash Says:

    A good start

  5. Kashinath Says:

    Public TV, raganathange………Bari oLu, Bari oLu

  6. A Journalist Says:

    Cheap gimmick. What about his alleged benami properties? Only crooks declare their assets.

  7. Deepak Says:

    Sorry for the doubtful-like comment!! But with such meagre assets, how could he start and run a channel that requires so much capital? Wonder is some politician/industrialist is providing the funds!!

  8. DailyBread Says:

    Sorry Ranganath, this is useless idealism. Don’t waste a great opportunity to accumulate immense wealth, anyway you will loose your job in next six months….

    Sir, please make your money, get on the Stratfor list like other eminent professional pontificators.

  9. shankar Says:

    what about the site given to you under discretionary G quota by S M krishna ?

  10. Anand Baradi Says:

    Mr Ranganath instead of being ostentatious and propping your image using this channel, focus on your work and let your work speak for your self
    One more thing just present the facts in the programs you host and not your judgement let the judgement be left to the viewers

  11. Faldo Says:

    This act may be well intentioned but it is but expected of most professionals to have earned their income and performed their duties ethically. Media persons, like any other members of the society who wish to be respected should rather let their work speak for themselves.

  12. Rastrakoota Says:

    There shud always be a bit of an enigma about whosoever in public life, including news channel personalities. This guy O dear is mostly always abt himself! Plz do justice to your job alone, forget thinking abt being judged by such actions.You’ll realise that in the years to come anyways.

  13. Prakash Says:

    Mr. Ranganath, by declaring your asset, you have set a trend and by proving your financial status. Then what is your share in Praja T.V and also you are liable to comment on Mr.Shankars statment Dt28.2.12

  14. babuds Says:

    Is or will he be contesting in elections by any chance? I think he has forgotten to mention the moolah in banks, as is customary with the declarations from bigwigs. Then again he may not be that big a wig.

  15. Harihar Says:

    Mr. Vishweshara Bhat of KP too should declare his all assets. I want to know who are these V.Bhat and RB mentioned in the report below, even though I believe these are the same we all know for sure.

  16. redz Says:

    mr.ranganath what ever property u have shown with this u can run a tv channel ….dont cheat the people sure some day public only will hit u if u have that dare keep clear pitcher about ur assets ….if ur not doing so there is no difference between u and the people with scams.. i hope u do honest to public ….if not so u r not eligible to name ur channel so

  17. Poornachandra Says:

    WHo is the chief of HDK news channel by the way !, nobody knows about it.

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  19. subbulakshmi Says:

    Ranga declared his assets on Public TV? and that too with his tax consultant sitting by his side? and you thought it was ‘good news’?! now get cracking to reveal all his real ‘assets’. Ree Ranga yaarige maadti myaam?

  20. Sara Says:

    11000 shares in mindtree!

  21. Anusuya Raghavan Says:

    “Every saint a past, Every sinner a future” So you are sins shouldn’t follow you. Your past has always been bad. You have not shown the leadership, Where ever you went your arrogance and `I know all’ propped up That’s not good. As you grow you should become humble and receptive. You are always judgmental;. Yes you may know many things but the way you present must earn friends unfortunately there is very little left. You were hobnobbing with Deve Gowda, HDK and family during your brief stint in Suvarna TV, suddenly you were issued marching orders. Now as many suspect your investors are not known. Anyway survival is for the fittest Like elections you can’t deceive the voters, so also the viewers They will easily find out Most of the Kannada News Channels are up for grabs and they are going down every day. A news channel known that was a pioneer has been relegated due to political compulsions. Similarly another with dubious Corporate connection that sent them to jail is also on the look out for buyers All their anchors are running away to greener pastures. Another started by a MP is also slowly getting unpopular and loosing its sheen. You still have a chance but you must be sincere and correct all your past mistakes. One way to do that is to reduce entertainment and improve Public service by giving the right advice and exposing corruption truly. It’s a long way out and if you persist you can win You are a MD not a reporter anymore sitting and writing scripts. You must induct right people to advice and they must be credible This is an unsolicited advice and for your own good. Let us see.

  22. Kannadiga for Justice Says:

    Will the MP who talks so high of Probity, transparency and against Corruption ever bother to counter the facts reported here? Or will he hedge this also since he may know all of them and would have by now turned a Politician to say one thing and preach another? Let us see how this pans out

  23. Manina Maga Says:

    Oh, Rajeev Chandrashekar is a shrewd businessman. All his banter and `tamasha’ by using his investment in media is hogwash. If he is truthful and straightforward his actions would reflect but he has taken a tainted, yellow journalist in Vishweswar Bhat as a quid pro quo to Ananth Kumar -South Bengaluru BJP MP. Once you compromise on principles all other things don’t matter. Thanks to the mutual support, he was made the Chairman of Abide which sometime ago he relinquished or that was what was reported. He does blow hot and blow cold and has no commitment. Therefore it is good that such people are left alone. I salute the RSS for its bold and courageous move to stall his entry through backdoor once again. But who knows such people will also work in the shadow and for all you know get the support of appa Maga party? Forget the anti-corruption stance or posture for the time being and look after your own welfare.

  24. Prakash Says:

    Churmuri has invited comments on the act of Sri.Ranganath, and that is the key issue. Is it a good trend or a show of idealism is the point to be discussed by the viewers.Let us not to worry about the past of Sri.Ranganath. In my view by declaring his assets the Chairman and MD is proving that, his assets are not dis-proportionate to his earnings and every thing is legitimate.
    Let us wish him all the best.

  25. Ashish Reddy Says:

    Mr.Ranganath you don’t hav any rights to speak on sadanand gowda or janardhan reddy or HDK, try to show the facts n figure. if the court is proved that reddy is culprit then u can deliver the news, u dont hav ny rights to assult people.
    try to analyse y u left suvarna news…?

  26. Nalini Says:

    I like Public TV. It is superior in quality compared to other news channels. Rangnath’s presentation is unique and honest. Let’s give the guy the credit he deserves.

  27. Sanjay Sanju Says:

    sir u ve rigths to talk on society , where ur trying to clean it. so i am thankful to u with a very great honour. i am sure ul get success shortly.. i am very concern about chaanel..

  28. Mukund Says:

    Whatsoever his past is, no doubt Mr.Ranganath is doing a fabulous job. The way the issues are analyzed deep rootedly, discussed and explained are simply good. Some of the facts that he reveals are not only informative but educative as well. We are not interested in his past until he is doing this wonderful job.(when not even the retired High court Judges are spared of accusation in this country). The point of applause is, the channel does not just broadcasts the news, it brings it out and delivers it to the public on a positive not as well.


    Hope you have heard the famous dialogue from hindi movie, GURU:

    “If people say bad things about you, you must be doing something good.”

    Hope that explains the rest…

    All the best with your new venture.

  29. chetan Says:

    why has ranganath hired that former radio jockey who is now anchoring talk shows and reads news? he has the most irritating voice and a ugly face. same with another person who was previously with tv9. kick both of them out. there is already too much ugliness in kannada channels.

  30. kiran Says:

    compared to other channels public tv is excellant …yappa,i cant see suvarna news ,always they will give judgement instead of showing news .News channel doesnt have any rights to judgement , its left to people and court to decide . They dont have any rights to interfere in any ones personal life . They even show fight between husband and wife , brothers and sisters.Its a family matter . I request all news channels ,please dont take people for granted. They highlight only bad things.

  31. Govinda Says:

    Ranganath is doing good work. His comments on 9pm news are very good, it is educative and deeply analysed. let’s encourage him to continue his good work. Let’s not be jealous and pull down each other.
    Ranganath, your have our support. Pl. continue your good work. I enjoy your 9pm news.

  32. kr Says:

    Mannya Ranganath Sir,
    Karnatakadalli Alpasankhyatharu iddara? Illadalli.. no question.
    Iddalli…avara bagge TV maadhyamadalli charchege yavadadru BAN idiya?

  33. chetan Says:

    ranganath has employed some good looking talented girls as presenters/anchors, keep it up

  34. K Says:

    11000 shares in mindtree…? wat abt bank balance ..? and then how come you are running a news channel..? stop this bull shit and be a responsible journalist..

  35. Deepak Says:

    Kannada news channels have really gone to the dogs. Suvarna TV which has such a competent team is behaving like Kejriwal – hell bent on targeting few individuals! And the other channels like Janashri and Public are competing bitterly.

    First we had Suvarna target actor Yash and Public TV jumped to his defence and took the attack back to Suvarna. Then for the past few days, Suvarna was running a non-stop campaign against Nityananda and Janshree took up the gauntlet on behalf of Nityananda.

    And now Public TV is targeting a self-styled swamiji who joined hands with Suvarna.

    The TV channels give lectures to politicians on morality and corruption. But they themselves lack ethics and morality and instead of presenting unbiased news with balanced opinions, they are busy running slander shows.

    And check out the doomsday countdown on most Kannada news channels as they along with their inhouse astrologers drool over the impending end of the world. One doesn’t know if the world will; end, but definitely quality in Kannada news channels has come to an end.


    Mr Ranganath,

    I am a staunch follower of you. I really like to see you on 9… pm news. I never missed your wonderful comments/analysing the headlines and your explaining many points is very convincing.
    But, since one month I am missing your 9.00 pm news because I don’t have cable connection given by cable operators. I have Sundirect DTH.

    Kindly enter into MoU with Sundirect TV and favour me with your Channel on Sundirect TV early

    Your early action is anticipated

  37. nane Says:

    Sir sometime i feel your are aganist BJP it self.Pls do not show again again like dunia viji marrige.I first time vomitted in front of camera.PLs do not bring candadtes like,harish.or dutta or shoba pls.One more thing whenevre you show apaya to certain public grievnence programmes highlighting u shd also show upaya also.All the best.

  38. PALANI Says:

    Pls stop this vijay episode .Daayfull u r reporting why.I FIRST TIME VOMITTED ON TV.

  39. Sharath Says:

    In programmes like “Pavada” which is telecasted on Sunday morning the channel (Public TV) say not to go with person who say, they have supernatural powers, and on the same day night they used to telecast a programme called “Kashmora” a programme based on supernatural powers, and now they are telecasting advertisements like “Sarala Vastu” & “Bhairavi Yantra” which is promoting superstition. Is the channel Public TV under Ranganna guidence working and fighting for the betterment of the society or working and running in the race to gain TRPs or working only for the money which is generated from advertisements like “Sarala Vastu” & “Bhairavi Yantra”.

    Mr. Mukund Says:
    “If people say bad things about you, you must be doing something good.” is this good to the public

    Mr. Ranganna is creating confusion among the public and silently making money, ” Ibbara Jagaladalli Muraneyavanige Labha”

  40. Sunil Says:

    public tv is really good…..

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