CHURUMURI POLL: All over for Yediyurappa?

The bottomline of the five headlines— “The high command had promised to reinstate me as CM in six months.” ” I won’t go to Delhi seeking CM’s chair.” “Untrustworthy people ditched BSY.” “BSY reinstatement chances bleak.” “Not many options before BSY.”—is that the BJP appears to have finally called the bluff on B.S. Yediyurappa.

Since his unceremonious ouster eight months ago, the former chief minister had, by turns, been sulking, simmering and scheming to return to the seat he once occupied but from which he was unceremoniously toppled under a haze of corruption charges involving the denotification and illegal mining scams.

Even the ignominy of a jail stint didn’t quell his ambitions, nor did it stop the Lingayat mutt heads—and the “leaders” seen with him—from making his return a caste issue.

So, what next for Yediyurappa? Will he stomach the insult and continue in the BJP? Will he bide his time till the elections? Will he split the BJP and join hands with Congress rebels to kickstart that outstanding party of clean politics, Sharad Pawar‘s NCP in the State? Does he still have some draw?

Or, is it all over for BSY bar the counting?

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CHURUMURI POLL: Yediyurappa as CM again?

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21 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: All over for Yediyurappa?”

  1. harkol Says:

    I wish so, but I don’t think so.

    Yeddyurappa kinda folks will continue to bother our state as long as there is caste based voting. HD Devegowda is still hanging on to Karnataka Politics like a leech, why would Yeddy be any different?

    He has tasted blood, just as HDD and HDK.

  2. viji56raghavan Says:

    the people of Karnataka have failed in elimination round

  3. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Yediyurappa’s asininity is mind boggling. He is acting like a child. “Matthe alli kooristheeni andri, eega kai kotri,” etc. Nowhere does he admit that he has many cases pending before different courts. The latest charge against him is that he validated some people’s claim that they were journalists so his daughter could wangle the land they were allotted.

    It is interesting that he speaks so much like Devegowda. Claims to have knowledge that he will reveal when the time is ripe. Says, “Maadi thoristheeni, enantha thilkanddeeri ee Yediyurappanna?”

    I am mighty certain that nammappa Kasi Iswappa was mighty impressed by Y’s flight up there on a chartered plane in the company of someone who fuels his grandiose notions of himself. Now he is our Basava according to her.

    Not the BJP, not the Congress, not the JDS. What do we have left?

  4. kris Says:

    BSY’s career is far from over.

    BSY’s calculations are so far correct.

    Lingayat community is fully behind him after they were short shrifted, first by Congress (Rajiv Gandhi sacking Veerendra Patil) then by JD(S).

    BJP will be the big loser if they are not very careful regarding the sensitivities. The behavior of Anant Kumar, Sushma Swaraj and LK Advani do not bring much confidence.

  5. kannada Says:

    BJP without yeddyurapps is Man without Manhood.BJP must stop listening to Ananth Kumar.Do you think Vakkaliga ,muslim will elect BJP ?BJP big wigs are actually Minority with no mass base.They are trying to drag down Modi as well.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    First , yeddy went about screaming, chest thumping on the streets of karnataka about vachana brashtate of jd s . Now he is tear jerking about vachana brashtate of bjp high command. What non sense. Most scam tainted politician in the history of republic india has been shown his place , thanks to advani’s rigid stand. swamiji’s who are beneficiaries of yeddi’s donation are batting for him, people of karnataka have lost respect for YEDDY ABHIMANI SWAMIJIS . Deve gowda resigned from PM post, look at the dignified way he went about politics. Chalk and cheese. Yeddy is slowly but surely on the verge of becoming irrelevent in karnataka politics.

  7. harkol Says:

    >What do we have left?

    “Kurudara Ooralli Okkanna raja”. We can only select ‘lesser scoundrel’. And that title keeps shifting, with each new scoundrel proving to be bigger one than the previous!!

    You are right BSY is a mirror image of DG. Both rely on caste as main plank, shed crocodile tears for farmers – while swallowing their lands without a second thought, talk of big ideology while being totally corrupt, nepotistic and selfish. Congress is lost cause overall with one family lording over us for longer than any middle-east dictator.

    And it is so pathetic for this guy to be talking of promises made by Gadkari, and the backstab by DVS when in reality he back-stabbed the people of Karnataka and constitution of India by his nepotistic and corrupt ways.

    Sad state of affairs indeed.

  8. geeyes Says:

    Oh, why hurry? The courts will rule his future.

  9. karihaida Says:

    If vokkaliga and lingayats vote for one of their own, what is the rationale of the voters behind that decision? Is it just caste pride or people think their caste man will do something for them? I’m really curious …

  10. SMI Says:

    Politics and religion are two faces of same coin . One cannot exist without other. So Yeddyurappa or Devegowda are real politicans. Politics is dirty any where . BJP is using his helpless ness. But there is limit. . Without Yeddy BJP willnot get 30 Seats. Congress will be back to Power . Sooner BJP realies better for the party.

  11. Nanjundaswamy. Says:

    The media is giving undue importance to people like him and hence heroes are born from zeroes.! Why can’t we ignore such people for sometime to see the system gets itself corrected.

  12. Mr. Poli Says: … this link sums up what kind of person Yeddyurappa is. Well Is he the Karnataka version of Bush?

  13. Rastrakoota Says:

    Whatever u may say, I guess the administration was a notch better during HDK as CM! Yeddy with his criminals is reaching depths that is pretty hard to emulate. So who is left? I completely agree with you on congress, BJP…..well not anymore with Yeddy n his gang of blue eyed boys. It has to be JDS:-) the only real regional party in KA! Anyways, I am inclined to believe HDK is the lesser scoundrel around, certainly less castiest than Yeddy ( the mutts are shouting big time for him now). Don’t see anyone else is on the horizon yet!

  14. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Mr. Poli–

    A perfectly symbolic picture. Ghastly man, ghastly deeds.

  15. Angry Young Man Says:

    harkol, Pulikeshi etc.
    It is no use complaining that Yeddy, DG etc. are this or that. The fact is “they are like that only”. Snakes are poisonous. That is their nature.

    Try to understand their psychology.

    They were born and bred and grew up in very medieval surroundings. So their worldview is not very different from that of a Somali warlord. They have a sense of entitlement which is very hard to dislodge. They cannot see reason even if they want to.

    Their brains have been wired up like that. The reptilian parts of their brains rule the roost.

    This is the mentality of ALL the politicians (the .00001% don’t count anyway).

    People like you and I cannot do anything (we cannot be Anna Hazare. We do not want to, and cannot, enter politics to clean up the system – basically, we cannot do anything that can make a scratch, let alone a dent).

    I don’t buy the accusations of some people who say “You don’t vote, that is why things are like this” – that doesn’t work. Who do you vote for if every one is a thug? Voting for the lesser scoundrel doesn’t help.

    Don’t even mention “electoral reforms”, “police reforms” etc. That will not happen.

    People like us have a couple of choices:

    1. Kaalaaya tasmai namaha. Wait for things to take a turn for the better. Hope that increased awareness, technological advances etc. somehow will bring about societal changes that will create a new generation of forward looking, educated, enlightened population. That could take an enternity, but I am hopeful things will change, even if not in our lifetime.

    2. Run away from the country (and be a slave of some mega corporation).

    3. Don’t read newspapers or watch TV. It is a sure way to achieve peace of mind.

  16. Emptymind Says:

    Politics is temporary version of Religion. Religion is permanent version of Politics.
    -Jayaprakash Narayan.

  17. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    A trenchant analysis of the Gowda, Yeddi combine. However, If they get what they want, are we not too at fault for making it happen by voting or not voting. The karma theory has damaged us beyond repair.

  18. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Let’s forget about Yeddi for a moment. What is wrong with the legal profession in Karnataka? Rogue lawyers and rogue justices running the show? The media obviously do not want to look into why the lawyers rush into periodical violent binges and some judges think the law is whatever they think it is. Would be nice if one of Churumuri’s star bloggers–too many to mention–were to enlighten us in this matter.

  19. kris Says:

    Angry Young Man,

    Very well said. I like the way you enumerate the choice we have.

    You may want to add one more –

    “Be honest and realize that our leaders are corrupt because we are corrupt. Stop all our activities based on our caste.”

  20. True Kannadiga Says:

    Wish Yeddy plunges and splits BJP and forms the Govt with Cong so that all his faults will then be transferred to this alliance and they would be routed in the next elections and then some clean Govt can perform. Yeddy with Shobha on tow and his gait is nauseating and sickening. He should be sent to jail again and from there the gallows He is a big nuisance like Deve Gowda & Family. Both the families have ruined Karnataka from being the progressive state. It is a curse for RSS-BJP and they must do prayaschit Lingayats should be ashamed to project him as their leader just because he has favored them with largess from the State funds.

  21. wis Says:

    @True Kannadiga
    wrong. he should launch a strong regional party without cong or bjp or anyother state party.
    for all the things said cong is much bigger stinking drain than bjp.

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