CHURUMURI POLL: Why were journos targetted?

Suvarna News editor-in-chief Vishweshwar Bhat (fifth from right, third row from top) addresses journalists from across the state at a rally to protest the attack by advocates, in Bangalore on Monday.

There is something quite unreal and almost unbelievable about the extraordinary violence unleashed by lawyers on mediamen in Bangalore on Friday last.

For starters, there is the timing of it. It came precisely on the day the disgraced BJP minister G. Janardhana Reddy, whose millions mined from the hills of Bellary installed the BJP in power and who has spent the last few months luxuriating in a jail in Hyderbad, was being presented in court. So, was it an attempt to deflect attention?

Then the unprovoked vandalism, which is what it clearly was regardless of the faults of the media, came within days of the so-called “Porngate” scandal, in which TV channels had ripped the veil of sanctimony that BJP’s members love to cloak themselves in for the benefit of the cameras. So, was it an act of revenge?

Then there is the sheer scale of the goondagiri, going on for hours not very far from the seat of government, the Vidhana Soudha, almost suggesting that the BJP government was either not interested in ending the violence or, worse, wanted it to go on long enough so that the media could be taught a lesson for all its accumulated sins. So, were the chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda and home minister R. Ashok government complicit?

And then there are all the usual questions about the criminalisation of the judiciary, which becomes quite apparent looking at the still and moving images of lawyers deftly hurling bricks. Doubtless, the judicial commission appointed by the government will get to the bottom of all this, but what do you think provoked the violence? And going by the manner in which both sides are beating their breasts, will there be an amicable settlement soon, or are the battlines drawn?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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19 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Why were journos targetted?”

  1. harkol Says:

    As a famous cop once said, no violence can go on for more than a few hrs without the support/inaction of the police.

    The question isn’t why this happened. The question is how can the Bar council & lawyers get away with this?

    How would lawyers feel if a Doctor who is hurt in their violence takes the matter to a Medical Council and Medical council bars all doctors from treating all lawyers??

    How absurd can these folks get in cartelization? They need to be taught a lesson, starting with all the lawyers who resorted to violence and the bar council officials being barred from practicing law for a while.

    They’ll then realize the bite of law.

  2. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    Journalists are targeted because they giving biases in news.This is well known fact that most journalists demand money for publishing news.Some journalists are working as tout of politicians capitalists,If journalist s are not giving reliable news ,stand against corrupt ,murderer,fight against injustice naturally people will target to journalists

  3. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    No use blaming any side. It is the entire side which is responsible for this shameful act. In a nation which has given birth to Mahatma Gandhi, it is even more deplorable that people take up to violence to solve any dispute rather than being charitable to one another.

    It is high time that we as a society start reflecting on the violence prevalent in our society rather than merely looking this as a problem bewteen journos and lawyers.

  4. Gouri Says:

    Good analysis. It could be a tactical move of the ruling party to teach a lesson to the media which has been continuously at the back of corrupt men in it.

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    India’s wish is to mimic the U. S. In reality its object of adoration is South America. In lawlessness, we are truly like our sister country, Pakistan. See what the BJP has accomplished.

  6. asha Says:

    Why is there no post by Churmuri on the drubbing Congress got in the assembly polls and showed what exactly the clown prince,his sister and brother in law are as ‘CLOWNs’ ;). Incidentally, they also lost amethi and rai bareli that were the safe seats of the numero uno family. Watch them suck to Mullah I am singing yadav in the days to come.

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    As for Churumuri’s speculation about the violence, it appears to be entirely unfounded. The BJP is foolish, but not foolish enough resort to violence against “journos” in such a tell-tale manner. Why would any government be afraid of the media which have no power to dethrone or install a government? If they did, the BJP clown outfit would have been long gone by now. Remember how Indiramma defanged them and had most of them fawn on her for nearly two and a half years?

  8. DailyBread Says:


    >As for Churumuri’s speculation about the violence, it appears to be entirely unfounded.

    Sir, do you know what this fella smokes?

  9. paciFier Says:

    What do you want Churumuri to do? Celebrate return of Goonda-Raj to UP?

  10. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Gouri Satya,

    I disagree. I thought you knew something about journalism and politics. I am disappointed.

  11. Deepak Says:

    Its very clear that the violence was orchestrated by JDS. The ringleaders are JDS members and there is news of how Kumaranna forced Ashok to make the police keep quiet to allow the goondas to have a free run.

    It is shocking that the BJP Govt. doesn’t have the guts to expose this, looks like there is an unholy link between some BJP ministers and the JDS.

  12. asha Says:


    please read my post carefully before you respond

  13. pulikeshi the last Says:


    Whatever he smokes must not be very good.

    Have you noticed how sacrosanct our usually pious newspapers have become? Vishweshwara Bhatta is the current prophet of the holiness of the press. It is as if Lankesh were to raise his voice against blackmailing people in the tabloid world.

    Let’s get rid of the press, the police, and the politicians. We will have ten minutes of samaadhi sthithi.

  14. Vinay Says:

    What is interesting in this poll, is that a sizable number of people have said that the media deserves such treatment.

    As anyone who has been following churumuri comments (and other internet forum discussions) over the years would know, the media is becoming one of the most hated institutions in the country.

    The media needs to introspect too – it is high time. The kind of dirty sensational journalism and inaccurate facts that they peddle is plain malicious and dangerous. I have myself personally come across numerous instances where the media have totally distorted stuff – it is as though the stupid reporters just give free rein to their imagination and write whatever pleases them.

    There was this case recently when a villager in Karnataka dialed a Pukistan number by mistake, which coincidentally happened to belong to the foreign minister Rabbani Khar. The Puki authorities informed the Indian external affairs ministry. Just informed – not “complained”.

    And our asshole media reported that the Pakis “complained strongly” against a mysterious Indian caller who called up Hina Rabbani Khar and “abused her for 15 minutes”!

    Don’t the mediamen have any shame? Should they not run a front page apology admitting that they have been assholes? In the first place, why give free rein to your imagination and write whatever springs to mind?

    I have been severely critical of the lawyers in this incident, and would want the severest possible punishment for them. But it is high time the media began to introspect and reform themselves. Else, one day the irate public will do the same thing to the media, that the lawyers did this time.

  15. Sara Says:

    This is going to be a never ending problem. Now the police are planning to stage a protest against lawyers.. What news!

  16. Shivaprakash Says:

    I did not expect churumri to be so biased in its opinions. This survey has shown how short on creativity our sickular journalists are. If this survey did have even an iota of honesty, it should have included one option on culpability of the opposition parties.

    I can guess with 95% confidence to what caste (and thus what political party) the scoundrels reported here might belong to: Just look at the retarded face of that person, and one can think what class of a lawyer he might be.

    Whats really painful is how our beloved State is going down the steep slope in every possible way because of the personal egos of our political vayo-vruddhas (but of course they are not jnana-vruddhas). To pose themselves to be the heads of their respective castes, these people can go to any low level, and keep the State at ransom.

    Assuming that the BJP will not come to power in next elections, I hope that sickular journalists will keep the same intensity of anti-incumbency reports on their newspapers as they have done throughout the BJP tenure. If you are under the impression that you are fighting for a cause by specifically targeting BSY and BJP, either you have been hallucinating for last 20 years or else you are the most dishonest bunch of journos.

  17. paciFier Says:

    you trying to fix a person’s caste, his class by his face? Good luck.

    Lets talk when you remove prejudice mask of yours.

  18. Nastika Says:

    Who will Modi target this time?

    Two BJP MLAs from Gujarat have now come under scanner for allegedly watching obscene photos on a tablet during the Assembly proceedings


  19. Curry Hurry Says:

    @Nastika ,
    How did Modi come into this picture ? Vaghela Chela cooks up a story and media goes ga ga. Any news clips or blogs or columns about the Wakf property scam yet ? Maybe it was Modi or Yeddy who sold the land. That would be a *Simple* explanation!

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