5 reasons why South India is better than North?

The columnist Aakar Patel has recently moved to Bangalore from Bombay. He writes in Mint on why he prefers south India to north India, and south Indians to north Indians. And lists five reasons for this: music, religion, tolerance, intellectualism and language.

1) South Indians have a written classical music. This has enormous implications. It separates them from north Indians who have no canon of music. The average southerner can assess a performance of his classical music better than the average northerner can…. To appreciate Hindustani music other than instinctively, a northerner must study the deep form of his music, which few can.

2) South India’s high culture has little influence of Islam. It is Hindu culture, not a mix. There is not as much secular music in Carnatic as there is in Hindustani. There’s no equivalent of “Ganga Jamuni”, as the northerner refers to his high culture, a mix of Hindu tradition and the aristocratic Perso-Arabic tradition produced during Muslim rule. This might be seen as a bad thing. But the south Indian is actually quite tolerant.

3) The third thing is southern tolerance. Unlike the Baniya’s, the southern Brahmin’s vegetarianism isn’t oppressive. The intolerant and insular Gujaratis and Marwaris of Malabar Hill have banished all meat from their neighbourhoods. There is little sign of such horror of pork and beef eaters around where I live. This may be because the area is not a traditional Brahmin neighbourhood. But generally speaking, the Gujarati’s fanaticism against meat is absent.

4) South’s urban culture is more intellectual. My hypothesis is that this is so because its culture is dominated by the Brahmin. I like keeping the company of Brahmins, I must admit. When I listen to intelligent conversation in Bangalore and look around the table, they dominate. People like U.R. Ananthamurthy would not be treasured in another culture as they are in Bangalore. It seems to me that civic life here is more intellectual, and certainly it strives to be more intellectual than in Gujarat or Maharashtra.

5) The commonly found ability of south Indians to speak another (southern) state’s language. This comes from proximity more than from any pressing desire to be multicultural. But it shows the southerner’s openness, and even his canon of sacred music includes songs from another state, in another’s language.

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84 Responses to “5 reasons why South India is better than North?”

  1. Anand Baradi Says:

    Seems like the author is desperate to impress his south Indian girlfriend through this article.
    Churumuri’s Cheap gimmick to edit the subject line of the article, way out of context to the original

  2. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    South India may indeed be superior to its northern counterpart, but not for the crass/false suppositions listed by the author.

    No canon in North Indian music: Ever heard of Bathkhande? Different gharanas experimenting with the basic formulaic raga system?

    No Islamic influence: Think of the names of Karnatak music’s ragas which are the same as in Hindustani music. This situation came about not because of unilateral migration, but mutual exchange. Perso-Arabic architecture is present in Mysore as well as Hyderabad. Our languages have hundreds of words borrowed from Perso-Arabic sources.

    Food fanaticism: I suppose the orthodox vegetarian argument is, “If I don’t like to eat meat, there is not going to be any cooked in my house. If you eat it elsewhere, it is none of my business.” Imagine hoardes of Brahmins attacking their neighbours for eating meat. By the way, how does a whole neighborhood become Brahmin? I know there are small Brahmin conclaves in many parts of Bangalore, but I am not sure there is no meat cooked in any of those households or at least not eaten.

    Intellectualism: True as far as the three great Hindu philosophers, Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhwa are concerned. Because of the sheer number of people educated abroad or at elite educational institutions at home, the underpinning of India’s current intellectual discourse is predominantly northern, if one excludes creation of scientific knowledge. Proportionately speaking, of the forty or so Bharatharatnas, how many are from the South? By the way, what’s this “I like to stick around Brahmins” business? I can imagine myself asking a dinner guest if he is Brahmin. If he is not and tries to slap me for asking an unseemly question, I will find another who is. Of course, I cannot predict just how many times I am going to get slapped in the process.

    Multilingualism: Ever heard of the linguistic strife raging in Karnataka? Many Kannadigas believe their language is slated for extinction and the fanciful demise will be authored or spoken by Tamil? In Kerala, if you want to be part of real life, you have to be able to speak Malayalam and in Tamilnadu Tamil, and Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. Linguistic nationalism is a clear and present reality in the South.

    Shri K. P., why, why in the name of God, do you publish tripe like this unless you want to have fun at the author’s expense?

  3. vshivapura Says:

    Though i dont like comparing different india’s….but it seems to me that what ever he has said to be true….

  4. Adil Says:

    Does south India have a high culture? Really?

    I was born and bought up in the south, but living in Delhi for the last few years has made me realise there is actually no high culture south of the Vindhyas. The way people eat (the watery curry – sambar freely flowing up to the wrist with all the noise); the way people dress (langoti with butts exposed); the way they speak (singular for a servant as well as a parent), North Indians – Hindus or Muslims are far more civilised. If this is a result of ‘little influence of Islam’, then the south badly missed a few centuries of their rule. The beauty of Persian; the high fashion of the aristocrats; the invoking of nature in the form of Char Bagh – even amidst arid, wind swept lands; the departure from bland single stone carving into creating poetry in multiple stones – the south has none of those. Even the best known of the gardens in Karnataka – Brindavan Gardens of KRS, is a straight lift of the Mughal’s Char Bagh that symbolisis heaven in Islam. The largest of south India’s parks and the best known – Bangalore’s Lal Bagh is a lift from the royal gardens of Sira in Tumkur District, a Mughal ‘Suba’ (Province) then.

    Keep aside your religious fervour, anti-Muslim, anti-North India bias for a few minutes and think deeply what south is missing and why. Just like Indian Muslims today have to keep their religious fervour aside and think about the endless benefits they are reaping from a secular, modern, Hindu majority, post 1947 India.

  5. Somashekhar Says:


  6. sisya Says:

    Points 4 and 5 apply only to Karnataka/Kannadigas.

  7. Sapna Says:

    I’d prefer South to North anyday but I can hardly agree with any of the above mentioned points. I can’t believe this was published in Mint…

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    This guy should stick to writing about his personal experience and stop trying to find underlying patterns.

    “I know 10 South Indians 8 of whom are Brahmins. They listen to classical music. So majority of South Indians are like that.”

    WTF. He should do some basic fact checking with wikipedia or somewhere else, before he jumps to conclusions based on a sample size of 2. It is not difficult with the internet.

  9. Sunil Says:

    1. No comments on this point
    2. Largely because of fight back from Hindu rajyas – Vijayanagar, Marathas prominently and relatively moderate rulers like Nizam Shahis of Golconda so as to not upset the power balance.
    3. I have not heard any news report of Gujaratis/Baniyas destroying any place/business for serving meat or leading (violent) protests after Friday prayers to threaten. Its basically market forces stupid, read 7th class basic economics – demand, supply.
    4. U.R. Ananthmurthy an intellectual treasure?? Give me a break. He is perhaps the most shallow of all literary giants in Kannada
    5. Agreed.

    Most of the observations of the columnist are applicable only to Bangaloreans and cannot be attributed to whole of south indians. I’m sure he will alter his views if he stays for some time in Hyderabad or Chennai.

  10. shyam Says:

    Really?!!!! This article makes me feel like I am some loser. [I am a south Indian]. Author has no clue on either north India or south.

  11. kris Says:

    Mr. Patel is on a honeymoon period. Once it is over, he will be itching to go back to Mumbai.

    I am a South Indian living in Bangalore.

    Here are ‘Several reasons why NORTH India is BETTER than SOUTH India’ –

    1. South Indian classical music is boring where as Hindustani music is marvelious, rich with variety.

    2. Most South Indians ‘intellectuals’ are narrow minded, manipulative with no guts. ‘Sapad Ramans’.

    3. South Indian food is high carb, probably highest concentration of diabetics in the world – suffer from protein deficiency.

    4. South Indians intellect is limited (protein deficiency?). Read discusssions on this board, we don’t have much to talk about other than casteism, communalism irrespective of the topic. You may be impressed by intellectuals like URA but pretty soon you will realize how narrow minded manipulators they are.

  12. harkol Says:

    Oh damn!

    I can see this will turn into a north/south, Brahmin/no-Brahmin, and linguistic chauvnism shoot out.

    As usual With most of Akbar Patel’s articles I feel this too is a guilty of reductionism. We can’t generalise massive humanities with some general patterns.

    It is not in doubt that south has a cultural commonalities, but to say it is better than north or better than any other is to say – I prefer masala dosa, it is better than paratha.

  13. bengloor Says:

    “I like keeping the company of Brahmins”
    that says it all
    first- categorizing
    second – nepotism
    and third writing on live “mint”

    simply gujjarati marwadi patela.
    aakar patel prafull patel – shameless money worshippers who want congress to maintain their bombay deals but modi to keep their neighbourhood clean.

    you will always have a godhra and pakistan to your left even if gandhi takes birth. no awareness.

  14. the colonel Says:

    i am really going to enjoy this

    so lets start with a quote:-

    Could Carnatic music step out of its stultifying katcheris and perform a similar role for the cheri pasangal?

    another one . this is a favourite:-

    Doddi Buddi Says:
    19 April 2009 at 10:38 pm

    WTF is ‘Cheri Pasangal’ ?

    Churumuri stop being devious in introducing these weird phrases!

    still another:-

    Hindustani music stands a better chance of replicating in India Jose Antonio Abreu’s successful experiment. Caste, and even religion, have rarely become barriers in Hindustani music.

    Yes, the caste domination is too obvious to see.. also, those who enjoy the kacheris also belong to the same caste.. (mostly)

    now it gets better

    and whats wrong with keri hudugaru? why tamil?
    first has the author not heard of K J Yesudas. and what he stands for.

    now going back this is what all of you have said:-

    All this ballyhoo serves the ego but not the soul. Hindustani music, for me, is all about its simplicity. If you are closer to your soul, you will understand what I am talking.

    I don’t care if Hindustani music never gets this kinda hype and hoopla. Carnatic music fans will also feel the same, I am sure.

    Kannadigas are not known to be great promoters of Carnatic music. Not sure you will appreciate this.


    “cheri pasangal” Shows Churumuri’s (Over)Affection Over Tamil!!!

    Anyways, Will Churumuri take the Pain of translating the Same to our Sweet “Kannada” for the Benifit of likes of me!!!

    BSY AND HIS GANG are great promoters of CM (Carnatic Music)

    And Hyderabad didnt have an islamic invasion

    And Bangalore has been Invaded by the Thais, The Chinese, The Japanese, The Germans, the French, the Koreans…………..

    Also, i don’t know if carnatic music can change dalitha haidaru. I don’t care if it doesn’t. I don’t even know if carnatic or hindustani is the be all or end all of classical music genres. I consider janapada, vachana (forgive my limited knowledge here) as classical as anything. We know where we all get the classical status for kannada language, don’t we?

    The biggest trick the Brahmins pulled on the world is to convince it that they faced so much humiliation for nothing they aint did…halkat edhiri…but Great work!

    Keep basking in the lost glory of mysore. There is no patronage for carnatic music in karnataka.

    Shashank, Kadri, Mysore shrikanth and other kannadigas have made Chennai their home? Infact Dr.Srikanthan is more famous in Chennai than in Bangalore.

    One question that plagues me whenever I go to a concert or listen to classical music is: How come Hindustani music by and large draws me into it while I have to concentrate to enjoy Carnatic? I have often felt that it is the way in which the two are rendered.

    promote Cheri Pasangal to stardom

    the pathetic quality of carnatic music on Udaya TV daily mornings and compare the same with the ones on Jaya TV.

    Yaaaaawn… where are the facts ??

    There’s one nitwit who spouts his initials, a few other nitwits debating the merits of Carnatic vs Hindustani vs Janapada vs Vachana, and there’s another one saying that one type doesn’t speak to his soul and therefore…..whatever.

    we are all on the same sinking boat when it comes to music

    Churumuri,:but you are popular! And the quality seems to have gone out of the window.


    and Aakar Patel how about suffi music.
    you are a real moron, first class.

  15. Deepak Says:

    Stupid post and highly provocative comments :
    @Adil seems to be an Islamic fundamentalist with a diseased mind. No one other than diseased people would associate South India with langottis and butts!!!

    1. South Indian music is boring – get your head examined chum
    2. South Indians are sapad ramans? What about the butter chicken and mughlai hogs of the north?
    3. South Indian food is high carb? Wow! You are a genius sir, better stop writing on blogs and become a dietitian you will be highly succesful
    4. South Indians are non-intellectuals and are casteist and communal? Ha ha, looks like this guy has not heard of Lallu, Mulayam and co.

    It is disgusting to read such brainless, illogical comments. North, South, East and West all have their own advantages and disadvantages. It would be totally wrong to ridicule one at the cost of another. The original author is a fool to write such stuff and those posting comments seem to be itching for a fight!

  16. Bhaskar Menon Says:

    What a narrow minded un-Indian set of views. Islam is now as much Indian as Hinduism. All castes have intelligent people capable of scintillating conversation.

    To see how rancid the writer’s views are, replace Hindu, Muslim, and Brahmin in his text with Christian, Jewish and Upper Class.

  17. Goldstar Says:

    Mr. Aakar Patel, being a recent migrant to Bangalore, may not have read Churumuri or more importantly the comments section !!

    Once he reads Churumuri, he will come to know that in this “open tolerant” society, Kannadigas can’t stand Tamilians and vice-versa. Nobody can stand Brahmins. Every discussion goes into either Brahmin bashing or into caste lines, and even greats like Rahul Dravid are berated because they are more comfortable with English than Kannada.

  18. sanjeeva Says:

    Unnecessary debate, unwanted arguments, which are not going to lead anywhere. South is South, North is North. Let them remain as they are. That is the philosophy. As a government servant, I have resided in North for 17 years. I like both South and North equally, not even 51:49. I relish Dal-roti and Anna sambar in equal measures. I like Masti and I like Premchand. I like P.B.Srinivas and I like Rafi and Kishore. Certain preferences are personal. Generalization is wrong and bad. Good and bad things are there at both the regions. If one has to live peacefully and happily, he/she should appreciate the good things and ignore the bad things. Trying to do a research as to which side is better is silly and waste of time. India is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural land. Let it remain so and enjoy the beauty. If somebody wants to mingle let them mingle. What is the need to find out what is better. South India-North India. What is next? 5 reasons why North Karnataka or South Karnataka is better? ! Silly fellows….

  19. DailyBread Says:

    Cry my beloved Bangalore, the uber castist is here. The guy should google Bhimsen, Basavaraj, Bidar, Bijapur, Bahamani….

  20. the colonel Says:

    and the original answer by a patel

    “Because, South becomes Southern part if you look down from North and North becomes Northern part if you look up from down South. That is why Southies are more intelligent and cultured people while Northies are dumb and uncultured.”


  21. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The Colonel can be vitriolic. Now he uses an occasional Kannada word, too.

  22. A.D Says:

    I am extremely surprised to see this article published on Mint.

    The author is draconian in his views and threatened by the sanity of people who ‘have better things to do’ rather than draw rubbish conclusions about culture.

    I hope he is reading this and finds something more ‘productive to do’ in life rather than instigate furore over such sensitive topics. I really hope he changes his point of view by living in a multicultural society like bangalore.

    I appeal to all of you to look at Indian culture as the melting pot and blend of every tradition & religion (both indian & from abroad) and appreciate it as one.

    I wish this trend of ‘unawareness’ discontinues because i have severe doubts about us turning into a more progressive civilized society.

  23. Vinay Says:

    South India is better than most of the North, but not for the reasons listed.

    In general (there are a lot of exceptions too), people from the South have better civic sense and have more respect for law and order. Of course there are exceptions – for example, the rowdyism and bloodshed in Rayalseema region (was horrible till the late 90s, and continues to be bad), would put Bihari and Bhaiyya goondas to shame. The CPI(M) vs. RSS violence in Kannur and other parts of Kerala, the militant trade unionism in Kerala, the long-macchu rowdyism in Bangalore, etc. – these are some salient exceptions.

    But by and large, the South is more educated, more liberal, more civic sense, have more respect for women, and simply follow the law better. Just look at the way many UPites and Biharis screw over the railways.

    The West of India also shares many of these traits, along with the South.

    Simply put, South and West India are much ahead of the North and East in many many spheres.

    But the points listed by this author are just idiotic, and don’t deserve to be dignified with a response.

  24. chidu22 Says:

    I am Kannadiga, will prefer South India any day, a south Indian to a north Indian for hang outs.. However there is more to the author’s crap article than meets the eye. Mr Patel is expressing what it feels like being at the receiving end of even a minor degree of Talibanic oppression.
    As for tolerance it does not apply to other states except Karnataka.
    I would prefer Hindustani music which is much more soulful and soothing. I am not a great fan of Karnatak music as it is reduced to rendering only Thyagaraj Krutigalu,which is only slightly better than the madrass’s teaching of Koranic repetitations.
    Brahmanical intellectualism…lol, many I have come across are intellectually challenged,where as many Veerashaivas / Vokkaliga/ Dalit friends showed much more intellectual flare.
    Many tamilians eat both with their hand and forearm, rightly pointed by one of them here- watery saaru dripping along the forearm. They are south of Vindyas as well.
    So Mr Patel take your bluff somewhere else.

  25. AlanJ Says:

    “Nobody can stand Brahmins. Every discussion goes into either Brahmin bashing or into caste lines,”

    Why is that?. Aren’t Brahmins the Smart people of India?

  26. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Only people who have lived in both South and North can make some kind of judgment on this. Personally, I haven’t. I have visited North India and I know North Indians. I have known North Indians in India and here in the US. I generally prefer the company of South Indians because every other conversation is NOT about the latest Bollywood flick or the next party (the exception among Southerners are the fine folk from AP – they are as obsessed with movies and parties as any Northie).

    But that is because I never spent any amount of time with them, and my prejudice reinforces the bias. For me India is South India, more specifically South and Coastal Karnataka. I don’t know what other Indias look like, and frankly if, without my knowing, most other parts of India disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t know the difference.

    At the end of the day, debates like this are silly. We are all pre-disposed to thinking that what is ours is better. The exceptions are the Aakar Patels of the world, but he has columns to sell.

  27. kris Says:


    Watch your language, man. What did you eat?

    If you do not agree with comments, just say you do not agree. Who needs whose heads examoned, MF? Go FYM.

    Address your frustrations, diatribes to the author of the artcle Mr. Patel and Churumuri.

  28. Goldstar Says:


    >>Why is that?. Aren’t Brahmins the Smart people of India?

    Perhaps, they are. That is anyway the popular perception. But it is also a fact that Brahmins are more into the “middle-class” jobs of IT/related fields. And therefore, they throng these online forums. They are neither economically nor politically powerful. So they are an easy target especially in online discussion boards. Nobody dares makes comments against powerful Reddy or Jat communities, for instance.

    Of course all this are my personal opinions.

  29. EmptyMind Says:

    Understood your logic, brilliant. I think Aakar patel has gone over mad because of his ignorance may be he got new south Indian girl friend:).
    These types of pseudo intellectual hypocrites are rampant in the society in various forms. Some hypocrites people will say Brahmins are more intelligent than Dalits. Sanskrit or tamil is holiest language than kannada. Teachers are holiest people than farmers without even discerning to understand that even farmers will become teacher to their kith and kin teaching his plaughing or farming skills :).

    These types should be given a dosage of basic relativity principles.
    1. “The laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion relative to one another (principle of relativity).
    2. The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of their relative motion or of the motion of the source of the light.

  30. SelectiveAmnesia Says:

    If only people argued the facts rather than their preconceptions or their subjective notions of which region’s people are more “civilized” (note to Adil: building gardens, especially when simultaneously paired with religious persecution and a lack of scientific development, does not indicate a state of being civilized, however religiously inclined you may be to say that).

    The facts are the following:
    The Southern states have the lowest fertility rates, meaning that they are gearing up for sustainable growth, as opposed to the Northern states of UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, WB, and Madhya Pradesh, which have population growth rates which will prove to be unsustainable in the future if nothing is done to curb them.

    On the basis of the Human Development Index, living standards are highest in Kerala, and a few other Southern states. Sure, there’s Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana, but sadly, those are the exceptions to the norm.

    And of course, there are the ever-cited statistics for literacy rates, headed once again by the South.

    Infant mortality rates are also lowest in the South.

    Household size is largest in the South (attributable to the lowered birth rates in part).

    The GDP per capita is also generally highest in Southern states, again with the exceptions of the three aforementioned Northern states.

    Thus, on a quantitative basis, rather than the silly qualitative way many of you have argued with your strange biases against each other, the South is currently doing better if one defines the South as being comprised of AP, TN, Kerala, and Karnataka.

    Again to Adil:
    Odd how you would conflate the cultural norms of the poor villagers with haute couture, (i.e., your citing of the way some South Indians wear their dhotis is clearly not an aspect of high culture). But you know that, don’t you? Though you’re aware, you deliberately obscure it to belittle it. Typical.
    Haute couture in the South is that of Bharatanatyam, the intricacies of Carnatic music, the beauty of Kathakali, the intricate sculptures (far exceeding those created some 500 years later in the very Mughal palaces you cherish so) and architectural feats of the Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Cholas, the Kakatiyas, etc, the intricate artistic murals of Brihadeeswara temple, the beautiful designs laid out for Onam, Pongal, etc. The scale and awe of Hampi in Vijayanagara epitomizes South Indian culture (and how appropriate, its fall can be attributed to the “cultivated” Muslims who so “civilly” destroyed its magnificence). The beauty of Yakshagana theater, and so on and so forth. The point is, the high culture in the South did not have to be fueled by the agendas of invading foreign powers; though your subjective feelings lie toward a vision of the Mughals as some sort of civilizing force in a country lacking culture, the magnificence and splendor of the culture of South India belies your false notions. Furthermore, the South’s dominance over the North in nearly every assessable area imaginable is yet another hint as to what your “civilized” Persians and Muslims have wrought in North India. But I digress – ultimately, in a country that has so graciously allowed Muslims to be a part of the process of turning its ancient wheels in a new direction, you are no different from the very people you accuse of being religious zealots. All you have done in your post is address what you (obviously) personally consider to be most important – Islam’s influence. This is your agenda, and in focusing on it, you have made yourself out to be a pseudo-intellectual (read “anti-intellectual”) Muslim fanatic.

    And again, it’s absolutely hilarious that you cite the presence of Mughal gardens as an indicator of North Indians being more “civilized”. It was, all in all, a good laugh.

    By all means, go ahead and accuse of showing “religious fervor” as you desire.

    Finally, if you think I’m some old Brahmin coot, think again. I’m of a different demographic, and much younger than you think – indeed, I’m likely at least five years younger than most of these posters.


  31. shweta Says:

    From where the hell people think that Southies are more intellectual. You go to states like Bihar and UP, the intellectual level that these people possess is far beyond any southies. Only problem is the less education and poverty. If given an opportunity they are far far superior that southies in terms of intellectual level.

  32. Kannada Brahmana Says:

    The people in the South on average better than the Northerners only academically not intellectually.

    Karnataka is influenced “culturally” in a Brahminical way, yes. Brahmins alone can not claim credit for that.

    In other southern states common people are ruled by Cinema especially in TN and AP. Classical culture of Brahmins is separated from Cinema culture of the masses including Brahmanas. In Karnataka, however, the same person Brahmana or not likes ಜನಪದ ಗೀತೆ, ಭಾವ ಗೀತೆ, ಭಕ್ತಿ ಗೀತೆ, ಸಿನಿಮಾ ಗೀತೆ.

    Bengalis are intellectually better than Kannadigas.

    South Indians are more obedient and peace-loving but are not necessarily broad-minded.

  33. Pixter Says:

    There is nothing like better amongst different parts of India…

    We should not forget that we are INDIANS before categorizing ourselves as Madarasis or Kannadigas or Punjabis…

    Its a natural tendency that people feel that the place where they live is better than any other as they are accustomed to the place…!!!

    As somebody has mentioned, every place has something special in it…!!!

    The author mentioned about music… Its not true that Hindusthani music belongs to North India… There are great scholars in South who has achieved a lot in Hindusthani…!!!

    If south has more intellectuals… North has more brave/patriots…
    One should not forget about the contribution of Punjab to Indian army…!!!

    Lets STOP finding differences and start filling them to have better Indian

  34. Rajkumar Says:

    Alright guys, enough !!!!!

    Try to be benign, rather than being a misanthropist.

    Here we go, I kindly request you all to take a look into this link and land on a wise decision.


  35. film viewer Says:


    oh come on. she is including karnataka for her mischiefs.

    the major difference is both north and south i mean punjab and tamil nadu have had fair share in country called india.
    we don’t belong to it. their fights their love and hatred are seldom useful to us.

    we need not laugh and get illusioned again. its proven beyond doubt that they want to include us very slyly so that they can continue to loot our silence.

    now stop acting like a pimp on this blog and spread their nationalism.

  36. mithun Says:

    South India…………………. ie 4 states of india compared against the 25 odd other states of india..Still better than the rest.. the south where the modern india is built up on . where the soul of india rests … Where the History began…where the modern IT revolution began .. where the indian identlty is intact…..and will reign.. no wonder southe’s are intellectuals , no matter who oppose in vein

    North belong to the same category of people as Persians.. Afgans.. Pakis… good in talking …. trading….style, but generally …Air heads. too much talk.. too less work… Less IQ..But ..Good Business sense …no matter how much they learn they are born traders not intellects…

    As for the food… breakfast and lunch is something that is definitive south indian .. dinner i would prefer north indian…

    i would still say that the rest of india should feel the shame to compare itself with 4 states .. they should learn a south language as we do with north and accept the fact that it only increases ones GK, and be a part of the greater India where we live.. rather than in their definitive smaller confined minds…

  37. intelligent bengal,dumb india Says:

    Indian iq is 81.But Calcutta is the home of legendary inventor like Jc Bose,One of top 25 physicist of all time Satyendra Bose whose work has already brought 12 Nobel laureates,5 Nobel laureates,5 Resident Nobel laureates(one of them off course Tamil),Satyajit Ray,Ravishankar who had great impact on Beatles and many more-rest of india will take 500 more years what Calcutta had already done,but West Bengal is now destroyed by filthy dumb semi literate Indian people-I want to see only Bengali,Anglo Indian,chinese ,Jew etc.

  38. Shridhan Says:

    To sum up all, as a Maharashtrian living in Kerala for a year and half..

    I. South Indians are socially more responsible i.e. fewer quarrels in neighbourhood, more traffic discipline(not the best in the world), a little more sense of hygiene than North.

    II. They seem smarter. I think it’s due to their importance for education and discipline.

    III. They are highly RESERVED. Talk less. No quick friendship. Very formal friendship. North people are more friendly, atleast they TALK.

    III. About culturedness and bullshit, Southies seem more honest, less abusive than Northies. But a North Indian friend is likely to call you “yaar” on first day you meet and invite you to join them more than a Southie.

    IV. Rather a generalisation but, Southies seem to have more IQ. But Northies have more EQ ( I am sure). And IQ sucks. Regardless of how much one has.

    V. Another strange observation. Atleast in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as far as I know, interaction between neighbours is very less and very formal. In my place I can enter my neighbour friend’s house as if it is mine.

    VI. And all Southies call Maharashtrians as North Indians. No we are more like “West Indians” [Not West Indies :) though they are cooler than you South people]. So don’t show your “Intellect” by calling all non-dravidas as North Indians or “hindiwallas”.

    VII. For South Indians, there is difference in “Hindi” and “Hindi speaker”. You are also a “Hindi”, literally meaning Indian in Urdu/Parsi/Hindi language. So don’t call me just “Hindi”, as you are also Hindi. Neither call me “Hindiwalla” as I am “Marathiwala”; I speak Marathi [ever heard of it?, PS: More IQ required than you already have :P ]

    VIII. As far as Northies concerned, till now I don’t have to whine about you. But if you try to show your North Indianness, we can show how messed up, uncivilised and pain in the arse we can be!

    So for me, I would prefer South India for things like education etc but I would not stay here permanently. In the end, all of us suck and all of us are great in different things.

  39. Ram Ramanathan Says:


    Why do you divide ourselves as North / South / West or East? I don’t all myself a Tamilian or from South. Call us good Indians and bad Indians. Good are the people who care for the country / family and do the right things. Bad are the politicians (no exceptions) / corrupted officials (is there any exception? – may be less than 1 %). There are good things and bad things everywhere. Just take the good things and avoid bad things.

    Follow this logic: if you have 1 rupee and I have 1 rupee and if we exchange, we end up with 1 rupee each again. On the contrary, if I have 1 idea and you have 1 idea and if we exchange them, we each will end up with 2 ideas. Let us share good ideas and grow up in life.

    Have a great day guys.


  40. midhun geevargese sabu Says:

    actualy we are no longer indians………..we belong to united states of india…………..am south indian and pround to be an arya-dravidian blood….

  41. punjab the munda Says:

    Sure enough, Aakar patel did a good job convincing the world that South is better than North. that must have made his southe boy friend really happy too:@#$

  42. kapil Says:

    As a north Indian… I agree with your points except the 5th one…. In Delhi 90% of the population know language other than Hindi be it punjabi, bihari, pahari, haryanvi etc

  43. Radhica Says:

    if you have never visited to pluto …..then what you can describe is the earth only

  44. lakshay Says:

    These kind of comparision always comes from South because north always been in limelight. Here is why north is far better :

    1) First of all North is not only UP and Bihar. Whenever any southie has to do comparision they pick up Bihar. This is no surprise because they cannot stand anywhere when compared to Punjab , haryana , Gujrat.

    2) Those who says GDP per capita is better in South. Please get your fact corrected. Check out Haryana.

    3) South Indian men are the weakest in world. Check out contribution to Armed forces and freedom struggle.

    4) Southies stand no where in Sports. Please check how many medals have you brought till now.

    5) In terms of musix. In todays times songs from any language are cherished by everyone. e.g “Kolavari Di” but how many of these kinds are there in south ? Compare this with Hindustani songs. You don’t have to dig more in this .. just check out of 10 songs getting played anywhere in south, 7 must be hindustani music.

    6) In terms of culture if you say living simple not even celebrating your own marriage is culture , then its a wrong perception. Having wealth and not spending it , just keep accumulating it .. please change your definition. Go and look of culture in Rural North not only Delhi. Check out number of festivals in North.

    7) When you compare intellect, please do that with Bengal you will be surprised and never do that again.

  45. Vinay Says:

    lakshay :

    Punjab and Haryana, really? Land of rapists and molesters. Land of female infanticide, skewed sex ratio, brainless people and retards.

    Your statement about per capita income just proves the point that people like you have a caterpillar intelligence. Per capita income of the Southern states as a whole vs. per capita income of Northern states as a whole – that is what we are comparing here. You need to focus less on shagging and whistling at the neighbourhood girls, and more on improving your IQ.

    And remember, neither is Bengal part of “North”, nor is “Gujarat”. Of course, people like you with hardly anything to boast of, try to rest on the laurels of others.

  46. Vinay Says:

    And anyhow “lakshay”, the author is not a “South Indian” – maybe that needs to be spoonfed to a retard like you, not surprising at all.

  47. adithyahk Says:

    It is in people’s hand to make their city state or place better and liveable.
    Like already said by many every place culture and race is unique and no one deserves to be called weaker or culturally suppressed so why don’t they divide India into small nations of different cultures and races, if they can’t do it why don’t they teach their kids how to behave with people of different race, because most of the times these kids are like pain in the a**
    I may be from South but I don’t find anything common between me and a Tamilian, It isn’t just “Dravida” like it is briefly depicted in our national anthem, Or it isn’t buffoonish as shown in bollywood.
    I’m a Kannadiga from a remote place in Western Ghats and I don’t find many things culturally common between me and other Kannadigas who’re living just 60kms away, on the planes
    When an alien culture is admired by people of another culture it is certainly because of their openness never mistake it as weakness.
    “Men of my race have brought more medals than others” _ is it? from where?
    Are you accepting that Indians, I’m sorry, men of your race are weaker than Chinese? because Chinese have taken hell lot of medals to their home. Not right? You have an explanation for this well apply the same theory to men of other race before calling them weaker.
    Only those who are involved in excessive sodomy with random men of different races would say men of a particular race are weak. I’m sorry if that hurts anyone of different ethnicity, hope you’re using protection.
    Those from North who’re living in the South, finding it difficult to assimilate with the local culture, who get to hear lot of music would say this is all Hindustani music( apparently these are the ones who are more prone to racism when they move abroad to places like Australia), Well you sure don’t know much about music, have you ever heard of Kirana school of music, Kirana Gharana? also learn, Bharata Ratna Dr Bhimsena Joshi and Gangubai Hangal and many others from this school are from Karnataka.

    2 decades ago number of people from my village in the armed forces was zero, today my village with a population 270 has 7 men serving for the forces, all because, Indian army started hiring from near by places like Chikamagalur & Hassan.

    And coming to intellect part, When India was asked to submit nominations for the Nobel prize along with Tagore a Southee, Kuvempu was also considered but you can search on the net how Kuvempu’s work was dumped by the ignorant authority. But today U R Anathamurthy again, a Southee has been picked by the British as a nomination for 2013 man Booker International prize.

  48. the colonel Says:

    last night kamal haasan was feted on 4 news channels.

    in spite of a few hindi movies, KH was totally taken aback and pleasantly and gratefully surprised by the support he received at the pan-indian level.

    this should end this stupid-debate of the idiotic divide.

    more power to KH’s elbow and he should take complete freedom in his pictorial narations.

  49. Sharjeel Says:

    I am a north Indian ( high caste if caste does matter to you and partly afghan from my great grand mother’s side.) settled at Lucknow but originally from West UP ( Aligarh ). I do feel good about the composite culture. I try to be rational putting doctrine of human reason above everything .

    The need to feel better arises from an inferiority complex.

    The writer seem to be romanticizing the south Indian Brahmin culture , let me tell you could be Iyer or nambudiri or whatever , They would still be put into madrasi tag at Delhi along with their SI dalit fellows . Being from west UP I know the people can be very arrogant and in your face at Delhi . I guess that’s what irritates them the most that they are not meted out the treatment as they get in south.
    I don’t have anything against anyone but just want to tell you one thing that that a superiority complex is nothing but a covert inferiority complex. This is all this article depicts. In my opinion many south Indians have imposed this inferiority complex on to themselves tamils in particular who also happen to be most hypocrite that could be a reason as to why they are hated by other SI specially the kannadiga and malyalis There may be a few intellectuals but same is the case with any other ethnicity . No culture is devoid of intelligent and cultured people. Romanticizing blindly is a trait of hypocrites only.

    One more thing ……I do happen to be very fair also ( I know that will send deeper into your self imposed inferiority complex . But I like the dusky Bengali beauties and I dont look down or make fun of anyone but those like you . In my opinion many SI see an unnecessary evils in NI.

    I believe as cultures we should not judge each other.

    Eating on a banana leaf and slurping may be culture for you but not for us. Penny pinching is also not our culture. For every SI who thinks NI are loud and show off there is at least one NI who thinks SI are penny pincher. South India also produces most in fact almost all the porn movies.

    Talking of rapes .I Just watched a news of a Kerala girls who was gang-raped for 30+ days. Rapes are not endemic to NI only.
    If you guys really think that only North is fair skin obsessed then why many leading ladies of SI movies are from north and fair most of the times. The truth is that you are also fair obsessed but in state of denial .

    I don’t feel a need to feel better than others. I DONT LIVE IN A STATE OF SELF DENIAL. I know North is not picture perfect , south is also far from it.

    South India’s “high culture”….. what about the most oppressive caste discrimination which happens there . Culture doesn’t come in music and dance alone . It’s a mulch-faceted thing. .

    In north we do make fun of each other but in good taste but don’t hate like in your case and more certainly more open to accept others than you unless you come with prejudices and baggage . In south you guys hate each other. No wonder your culture is restricted to within your own state only

    Tolerance is not always a virtue. Your contribution to freedom struggle is far less than the so called aggressive NI. Source : Read Bipan Chandra.

  50. Nastika Says:

    Very funny thread and people seem to taken to heart on the silly statement made by the Mint writer.

    I can only laugh when left hand & right hand fight to prove which hand has served the master better :)


  51. Rashmi Behera Says:

    Guys whether north or south it’s not d issue….d fact is that we all are Indians….n we must not forget dat n we must learn to love each other

  52. adithyahk Says:

    At least we use Banana leaf what cutlery did north Indians use? Knife and fork or chop sticks? who knows people’s IQ is so high they profoundly believe Gobi Manchurian is a north Indian dish.

    ”South India’s contribution to freedom struggle is far less-” what the crap there have been incidents like jalianwalabagh in Karnataka too, it’s a shame that you guys don’t know, of course your hegemonic nature doesn’t accept anything that is non hindi especially if it’s from South.

    You guys are stupid enough to presume that Hindi is the only national language, including those who work in media, even though their news broadcasts are in English. LOL.

  53. adithyahk Says:

    South-North issue is one among India’s long list of of bad traits that often surfaces with undertones and overtones of racism which unfortunately can’t be curbed by any level of statute.
    North didn’t see any or perhaps didn’t want to see any freedom fighters from South before independence just like it can’t see any PM from South now.
    People from South would never want to dwell on this issue for us North is just the capital city New Delhi. Whether it is employment or livelihood or anything else apart from the migration that happens naturally to the nearest township like in the case of North Karnataka-Mumbai, South is hardly dependent on North but the other way around is not true.
    As our constitution has allowed free movement within India North Indians are always welcome here but most of them show their disrespect and ungratefulness for no reason.

  54. Ram Ramanathan Says:


    It looks like some people purposely want to create the division so that India can never recover the past glory, which we all dream of. Let us do something now rather than dwell on the past or dividing North and South etc.

    First get the population under control. How do we do this? We can’t stop people having more than 2 children but Govt should make them pay. No free education to any family who have more than 2, No govt job for them. No ration card, if you have more than 2. This will stop people from breeding like pigs.

    Reservation – yes – that is something we have to have. But for people who have less income etc not based on the caste or religion as it is causing more rift. Again – it should never cross 25%. Also, once people graduate, they are all equal. Postings are based on merit and merit only. That way, we can improve the standard unlike the present. It can’t happen now but within 5 years. Implement it gradually and fully functional within 5 years.

    Unless we act quickly, China will overtake us and our politician will sell our country to them.

    Let us think in those lines.

    Jai Hind.


  55. JITENDRA Says:

    I am maharashtrian, neither southie or northie. But still as far as to marry my daughter or son I will prefer southies. South Indians are more civilised, honest, have good civic sense & good tolerence, are peace loving , never double speaking. You can read their faces easily and beleive them. Crime rates, female infanticides, honor killings are less common in south india.

  56. Jimmy Says:

    The author knowledge is far from correct. Let me explain step by step:
    1. Who told you south Indians wrote classic music. Music is invention of vedic times as it is one of the limb of Vedas called Gandharv Ved. And most of the commentators of this science were from North India.
    2. yes North India has influence of Islam which now a days south India also have mainly of Christianity. It is mainly because north India has unfortunate history of suppression and fights with invaders. But now a days the purity of south India has gone.
    3. tolerance and tolerance for non-veg food are two different things. Tolerance of the north Indians can be judged from the fact that Mahatma Gandhi allowed muslims to live in India in-spite of contrary decision and mood of those Islamists. and regarding non-veg I would just say that this thing proves that we act in what we believe and that is ethics for tolerance towards others life be it a life of an animal.
    4. Even this point is far from truth as this can be judged from their contributions in various fields. Most toppers among competitive exams are north Indians plus intellectuals like Tagore, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Patel, Sikh gurus, Yogis etc. are all from north India. Plus their intellectual can be judged from their beliefs of stupid stuff like Aryan invasion theories which are not only archaeological proved wrong but also found no mention in books they have faith and based on which you are judging them as intellectuals. BTW Bengalis are famous as intellectuals.
    5. This is the most incorrect line. I can tell from my exp that south Indians not wants to speak other languages to an extent that they don’t even know Indian national language Hindi. And when in 1984 govt tried to declare Hindi as national language which was supported by national leaders like mahatma Gandhi too then in Cheenai people showed so much opposition that some people set themselves on fire where in comparison in northern states people have knowledge of both regional as well as national language.

  57. alex Says:

    one more thing about south india !!! There is no racism between the muslims and hindus expecially in tamil nadu and kerala..

  58. alex Says:

    currently, the indian government is very choosy !!! Always develop Bombay and New delhi Rapidly… they didn’t care about the development of the south indian cities expecially Chennai !!!

  59. me Says:

    @alex. It’s the same for other parts of India. We also feel that our region is not being developed. Your not alone. You only mentioned 2 cities out of which Bombay isn’t part of north india. Also Tamil Nadu and Kerala were never divided during partition. People whose states were divided went through sh.t that you can’t comprehend and that unfortunately influenced some into having a bias. I know some people will say all indians were affected because those regions are part of india but honestly it affects you more when it happens in your backyard or home than across the town. Is it right? Ofcourse not but you didn’t go through what people of pakistan and north india did. Also its not racism, racism is between 2 races and this is between 2 religions both have the same race. If you are so proud of how both muslims and hindus treat each other equally in the south than you should be ashamed of people thinking south is better than north and vice versa as its the same thing.

  60. Karthik Says:

    Utter bullshit, why is Churumuri even allowing this article which is very catist & partisan to go on print.

  61. param Says:

    @Sharjeel, I agree with you on how writer blindly romanticizing southrern culture. You know why, its because of bigoted people like you. Fair skinned, high caste, afghan blood and mainly disgusting views.

  62. prabhyot singh bains Says:


  63. Muhammed Noufal Says:

    Serious factual error. Point 2 is completely wrong.

    Kerala : The first place in india islam reached at the time of prophet (s.a).
    Read this :

  64. dev Says:


    Half indian metro cities are in south. 80% of indian professional institutions are in south. Almost all our scientific personalities are from south. Top 10 ranking in any indian aspect comes the south states.


    Ashoka couldn’t over come south. Mugals couldn’t grab south. kerala TN was joined to indian union during british.

    Even today hindi couldn’t over come south.

    History says North was always a place of frequent foreign invadings and South was a place of harmony.

    No wonder why south succeeds

    I love India as a whole, not as parts

  65. God Particle Says:

    It’s true that south India is hell lot better than north India in terms of famous personalities/literacy but in south Asia only one city that stands out more than rest of South ASIA IS Kolkata,the capital of West Bengal.This one city has with Bengali Hindu/Anglo community has produced more laurels than rest of south Asia,be in literature,invention,science,grammies&oscars,philosophy and in Both USA and UK 50k Bengali Hindu routinely outperform 3.5 million Indian(USA) or 7-8 million Indian in UK.BTW Muslim of entire south Asia are quite backward except Kerala.

  66. south Says:

    @lakshsay do u have any sense? its a joke to say that the south indians are weakest in the world.have you heard about veerepandiya kattabomman,v.o.c,subramaniya siva,the great raja raja chola king karikala chola. we are the bravest men in the world.and your women were sex slaves under muslim rule.u bloody north indian cowards except punjabis ,were slaves to islam.and do you know about jallikattu which is the bravest game ever in the history.and what about sports.we have viswanathan anandh,pt usha.dhanraj pillai,vikas dhorossoo who played for french intl.fifa world cup.

  67. God Particle Says:

    In England Rabindranath Tagore is the only non British whose bust is created in street of London in 2011,similarly Sir J.C Bose is the only Asian scientist whose bust is created in Christ college,Cambridge university which is kept behind English poet Milton and Charles Darwin.

    BTW I’m not even Bengali but rather an Anglo(mother is Bengali though) but spent my years in Kolkata and Manchester and in UK Bengali Hindu are certainly most successful immigrant and even British or American people know it.

    read this one-In India Bengali seem to regain as intellectual-Los Angeles times,2nd September,2012

    Oh Kolkata,the past and future-Jonathan Power.

    Or,Wall street journal publication by Tom Wright-Kaushik Basu becomes latest Bengali to dominate world of Economics.

    Even Hillary Clinton accepted the contribution of Bengali while wishing Bengali new year.

    So we don’t have to brag for us but rather foreigners give us the credit…it’s only Indian people with full of inferiority complex do these kind of gossip.

  68. Abuyus Says:

    Two reasons are enough that I love North India more than the South: (by the way: I am not from India, and not from the whole zone):
    1. The famous Indian movies come from the North. Whilst the movie from Tamil is having no color, no smell and no taste.
    2. The food (all dishes) of the North is great. The food of the South is surrounded by spices. The spices prevents the eater of evaluating the taste (same as heating or cooling the food or the drink: it prevents feeling its real taste). Simply, it means that, if you remove the spices from the Southern food, you find that they do not know how to cook.

    Well, the Southern stay as Pure Southern. This is considered as if they hate the whole world outside of their race.

    Science proved (long time ago) that mixing with others is healthier than isolating ones-self.

  69. Raman Says:

    This blog highlights the heights of stupidity and ignorance that the author has achieved. And yes, most South Indians are not as stupid as you. Please stop writing.

  70. Himanshu Says:

    Oh my god you fucking moron !!! don’t you know how much percentage of north indians in our great Indian Army ?

  71. Shemej Says:

    Fifth law of online motion states, if both cinema extra artist’s undergarment and CNR Rao’s Bharat Ratna (no offence intended) are auctioned online, there would be more bidders for undergarment. More so, if it is some South Indian actress who moved to North India to end up as the mistress of some 1970’s heroes. (More national integration has happened due to this mistress kelasa than all the Redfort speeches put together). This is one reason why I am “proud” to be a South Indian…. At least this shows, North Indian stars have money and South Indian actresses have brain to find out where the money is. If that helps national integration, why oppose it? Chalo Mumbai !

    Well, I actually want to bring to your notice a recent news report appeared in Newyork Times (just click on the top right hand side link at Churumuri Home page. If that doesnt work, please press the shift key 5 times and then cancel .Then continue clicking the link.). Read Further from news: “Recently, as part of their research on alternative approaches to treatment of depression, the researchers of NIMHANS Bangalore showed this Churumuri Link of Akar Patel write up to the patients and 7 out of 10 most severe case patients started laughing uncontrollably, to the surprise of the doctors. Encouraged by this positive result, some doctors belonging to other Research Institutes tried this, but some of these doctors (namely Pulikeshi, Somashekhar, Anonymous Guy, shyam, kris , harkol, EmptyMind et al) after reading this, were said to be totally confused and severely depressed and angry. And the most depressed of all is the colonel . Poor chap !”

  72. moin divkar Says:

    Aakar patel bharwe toh musalmano aur islam se jalta hai. Toh ye bolne keliye “south india achcha hai north se” musalmano aur islam ke khilaf kaise bola. Waise pora india achcha hai kyuke hum desh keliye sochte hai. Tere jaise gujrati zaheniyat nahi hai. Agar hindustan ya hindustani ke khilaf next bola toh aakar bharwe tojhe batata ho.

  73. Pawan Says:

    cutural mix of north indians with persians is obviously due to muslim rule in north, where as south did not have such a prolonged rule bcos of vijayanagara empire . Never the less i did not find any kind of cultural activities in north like we have in south ,when i visited delhi for 3months by any north indian community nothing ,people are way too much castist .
    The first thing they ask bfor holding any conversation is which region /state are u from,it ends bfor it even begins . I dont know why delhiits are very reserved towards different state people .

  74. kaushal Says:

    Greetings sir,
    Firstly I wd like to say, i m totally agree with ur views on the differentiation and also want to add that i m highly influenced by the people from south India ….their culture …ha bits..tradition ….customs everything has been encouraging for me …it helped me a lot and i CD learn that dedication from them……..
    Really wd like to have a word wid u sometime thx

  75. smitha Says:

    The south is definitely a better place to live in. There are few communal riots & inter caste clashes. Law & order is much better.

    The south indian is more educated & cultured than the northie. he can also adapt to any environment.

    Northie show off even for trivial things. They have a superiority complex & cannot think beyond hindi.

    One northie friend of mine even went to the extent of telling that hindi is the oldest language in the world. :-)

    They criticise the way southies spoeak hindi, but the point is southies speak decent hindi whereas northies speak english like hindi & cannot even pronounce a word of tamil properly.

    All hype & no substance – that is the quentessential northie.

  76. aayush varma Says:

    It seems to me that the author has only heard someone praise south india and based his article on that. Also, step out of bangalore. There are 4 STATES that are referred to as south india and you are listing experiences from one CITY. I have been living in south india for 7yrs now-3 of which were spent in ‘namma bengaluru’. During this time i experienced for the first time what discrimination is. I experienced it to such heights that my bachelors degree was on the line and i had to run around for 2-3 months for a job that others were getting done in a matter of days and, as expressly said by an official in the end, it was because i did not speak kannada. I lived in andhra pradesh after this for 3yrs. Here i did pick up the language pretty well and am now capable of having short conversations in telugu. I have now moved on to tamil nadu.

    In these 7yrs i discovered the opulence of rice in every meal and the near absence of anything else in a south indian meal. I have had to shout at waiters to serve more vegetables and less rice. I learnt to eat without sitting up straight because that would mean catching a glimpse of others eating and i did almost puke when i was new here and made the mistake of looking around during lunch. There are infants who have better table manners than these people. Also, you can be assured of absolutely no variety in food no matter what the occasion- marriage, grih pravesh, retirement party, birthday party, everyday lunch- there will be rice, sambhar rasam, curd and 2 types of vegetables, one dry and one slightly curried. Before anyone counts idli, dosa, uttapam etc. I must clarify that those are regarded as only ‘tiffin’ (south indian term for breakfast) and people are astonished if you say you ate a dosa, or idli for lunch.

    When it comes to religious tolerance, the author himself seems to possess similar orthodox feelings as most south indians i have come across; which he has showcased quite clearly in his approach on the subject. When the author says “south india’s high culture has little influence of islam” and lists it as a reason for south indians being superior; it is a clear sign of INtolerance. I guess what he means by tolerance is that south indians can probably tolerate standing in the same room as someone from a different religion.

    As far as linguistic skills are concerned, the average south indian can speak only his mother tongue fluently. There are very few who can speak more than one language fluently and i am including english in the ‘more than one language’ category. Also, speaking ‘one more southern language’ is the same as a north indian speaking one more nothern language. This too the ‘average south indian’ has no idea about. They are surprised at times when they hear that languages like gujarati, punjabi, haryanvi, maithili, bhojpuri, oriya, bengali etc. exist in north india apart from hindi and english and an ‘average north indian’ does speak hindi and his mother tongue quite fluently and has little difficulty in picking up a new ‘northern’ language if he stays in a particular area- as is the case with the ‘average south indian’ and his one extra southern language. Also about 90% of south indians can only speak their mother tongue and no other south indian language- they may know a few words from other south indian languages but assuming that all south indians speak more than one souther language is preposterous. Also, the fanatical support for their own mother tongue means they generally despise people who speak any other language (northern or southern).

    Apart from this i must add that the ‘intellectual south indian’ found in urban areas has eluded me so far. Society, here, has a set pattern and very rigid rules and any disturbance or introduction of something new astounds them. Also, the influence of cinema on the general public, especially in andhra pradesh, and the cheap sleazy reproductions of what they see in movies leaves little room for adding intellect to the average south indian’s character. I must express upon the impact of cinema on people because it is really that big a problem here. Its like they never crossed the ‘impressionable age’ and carry this with them forever.

    i would have liked to add more about lungis, but its the kind of trauma you can understand only if you have exoerienced it too. I’ll just say on the subject that yes many people wear them to classify south indians as lungi wearers and no they dont keep it respectable- they will lift it up and you will see a grown man’s underwear exposed in a voluntary upskirt incident and that too in the middle of a busy street.. If you are in south india, except for bangalore and hyderabad, you wilk have experienced this quite often. Chennai has a lesser no. of peopke wearing lungis but its still a significant number of people.

  77. billi Says:

    ha ha ha..as usual we Indians love to find fault with each other..why are these Nortie Soutie stuff?
    Be happy yaar..like one big happy family..u have right from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari to be happy with.
    But I have noted that South Guys tend to be shy..North guys if they like a girl they are brave enough to display their feelings with out any ego hassle or hang up.

    so everyone relax and kiss and make up..enjoy this song:

  78. Edwin Says:

    I am a malayalee. Kerala has got its own unique tradition and individual culture and History and it has nothing to do with “North” or even “South”.

  79. SAMBIT Says:

    Don’t fight here because all are 3rd world.A small fraction of Brahmins(who are hated in TN) are pretty smart,but then we have scored highest in IQ test & have highest inventions in USA & even in UK universities considering our tiny population.

    Even American scum dogs(not Jewish) are jealous about it.

    Thomas idiot Drake & his :):) partners & few other scum.

  80. SAMBIT Says:

    Why my comments isn’t there:BTW Im Bengali Brahmin and Tam Brahmins of south India are the only group in India who can be compared close to us although they are not footnote in terms of invention/population.All in US,UK & India because Bengali Kulin Brahmins are now around half a million or so.IVF(which was awarded Nobel in 2010) Subhas Mukhopadhyay & Tagore belong to this community & A.Sen belong to Brahmin doctor community.

    :):) were some Jesselyn & …follow the buzzer.

  81. Gopala Krishna Says:


  82. Prashant Says:

    There is no such thing called South India, Tamil Nadu have different culture & language, Andra Pradesh have different, & so on… Each one thinks themselves or their culture superior to others. And most important thing they don’t have any common language to communicate with each other.

  83. srishti Says:

    I am a north Indian who studied in Bangalore and I pretty much agree that it is a better place to live in, if you speak to people from the North East they feel a lot safer in Bangalore or even Chennai than in Delhi and its post commonwealth cosmopolitan avatar.The English media is very,very Bombay/Delhi-centric ,even rural coverage on TV especially,is based around Bombay/Delhi.So there is a sudden realization there are other sane,safe,peaceful places which move at a slower pace.

    Also, there is more peace in South India, I remember getting a call once a semester about some attack or another in Bombay, making me realize how uncommon they are elsewhere. I think the ‘peace’ may also be because hierarchies in both the family, the community and the education system are pretty rigid and controlled.Colleges in South India(or just Bangalore) function like schools and tend to tightly control their students whereas in North India(Delhi/Bombay) people go wild when they enter college and unions even hold college professors hostage to their whims.Thus south Indians are better socialized to obey authority than north Indians. I also think their is an imperialism in upper class socially mobile Hindi speakers that they don’t realize they have that regional language speakers don’t have.There’s a lot more humility when you’re not trying to impose a 19th century social construct of a language on everyone in the name of ‘nationalism’.(Sorry,got a little carried off)

  84. Rahul Says:

    ha ha ha … such a nonsense article .. can’t stop laughing

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