‘Narendra Modi cannot be the face of India’

Fareed Zakaria, the Bombay-born anchor of the CNN show, GPS—and son of the renowned Islamic scholar Rafiq Zakaria—at “Express Adda“, the informal conversations organised by the Indian Express:

“My personal opinion is that Narendra Modi is unlikely to be a national leader in India and he may not even be a regional leader come December. He has been able to achieve certain kinds of things, but he cannot be the face of India.

Karl Marx said that history repeats itself twice—first time as a tragedy and second time as a farce. There is not going to be a Hindutva takeover of India—this is one stream that will be diverted in the long run.”

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37 Responses to “‘Narendra Modi cannot be the face of India’”

  1. Deepak Says:

    I hate to admit it but Zakaria is right. Modi can never ever become a national leader. He doesn’t have it in him. When he is not acceptable in his own state, party and alliance; it will be next to impossible for him to be acceptable all over the country. And further the recent by-election result is ominous and there is a possibility that Modi could be defeated this year-end, in which case his national ambitions will have to RIP. Even if he wins, Delhi will still be ‘door ast’ for Modi.

  2. Shankara (@Sshankara) Says:

    Some people live so far removed from reality. The author of this blog is one.

  3. NRI Says:

    Is it the same fareed Zakharia who was challenging India to ‘stand up’ for the right thing – In other words, join Uncle Sam in its propaganda to attack Iran ?? Oh well…Modi has turned into a latest obsession for all the fake seculars and the activists from ‘peaceful’ community!! They want to get him so bad and make him the biggest ‘criminal’ in the eyes of India and world. Take a look at the way journalist-for-hire at Tehelka, NDTV and other media outlets are spinning the story everyday. After all, Prince Raul to our own URA believe that RSS is the biggest terrorist organization. The attacks on Modi, RSS and BJP will continue…

  4. raghuvanshi1 Says:

    Narendra Modi never be prime minister of India In next election of Gujarat assembly he will get majority or not that one is big question..He have no capacities to run the hug country just like India.

  5. sahhasra saagaraamrita Says:


  6. harkol Says:

    Not sure about Modi becoming a leader in India or not, but for sure Zakaria won’t!

    If Modi becomes a leader of India or not will depend largely on the the kind of alliance govt. that’ll be formed next year. If BJP needs too many allies, then they’ll use his 2002 record to kick him down. But, if BJP does well, and especially well in Gujarat, then perhaps allies will have less of a say.

    While I don’t feel Modi should become PM of India, till he apologize and makes amend for failure of law& order during riots and subsequent failure in providing semblence of justice, I also think he is a better PM candidate than Rahul Gandhi!!

  7. Shivaprakash Says:

    wow churumuri gets another inspirational character, and it only helps that he is well connected and a muslim. way to go churumuri, keep it up.

  8. Kitapti Says:

    sahhasra saagaraamrita – Did you forget to take your medication today

  9. Anitha Says:

    The secularists have begun their duties in all earnestness, 9 months in advance!!! We can see several such articles by eminent personalities like Burkha Dutt, Sri Rajdeep Sardesai, Smt Sagarika Ghose, Sri Praful Bidwai, Sri Siddarth Varadarajan, Sri Ashis Nandy, Sri Aakar Patel and others explaining to us, the utterly clueless and ignorant people, the reasons behind the likely downfall of NaMo.

    Ofcourse it is another matter that last time around too they had tried to enlighten us BEFORE the elections and once the results were out, the entire blame was laid at the feet of ignorant, criminal and communal minded people of Gujarat. This time around too, such explanations will see the light of the day in friendly,sickular media, once the election results are out and NaMo is elected back with a thumping majority.

  10. twistleton Says:

    it all depends on the vote of the Gujarati farmer.

  11. Simple Says:

    The myth has been busted several times. Modi’s regime is neck deep in Corruption. Here is proof of CAG


    Modi’s govt is neck deep in debt. Badly managed financial State. At least 7 other states have managed double digit growth in the last five years. Several states have much much greater GDP than Gujarat. Among several socio economic indicators, Gujarat is miles behind developed states.

    Gujarat runs a revenue defecit state – it spends more than it earns. Clear case of badly run state. Several other states have improved their fiscal positions. 20 states preceded Gujarat in implementing VAT. Several states besides Gujarat have shown double digit growth in recent years.

    The state govt recently admitted that they can supply only 8hours of electricity contrary to nonsense claims of 24 hours. Gujarat is one of the most backward states in primary education and higher education. Girl child is the most neglected in Gujarat. Like this there are a 100 more reasons to prove Modi is taking Gujarat backward. NO wonder his party lost a seat in Gandhinagar last week,.

  12. Swaroop Says:

    Typical biased bigoted pseudo-secular ranting. Oh and I dare not use religion or the M word lest I be branded with all sorts of rude adjectives. Or why not, since the author plays the Hindutva card? Tell it like it is, fanatic Muslims like this man and a whole lot of others only care for his religion, his community and let everything else perish. These are the true anti national elements, not Modi.

  13. dmanair Says:

    @Simple: Congress led union budgets are result in fiscal deficit only. So please don’t give economic gyaan without funda! Have you ever been to Gujarat that you say that it is miles behind? Do not sit in front of a screen and feign wisdom… rather, do not fool yourself in pursuit of becoming a hardcore congressi!

  14. dmanair Says:

    @Rafiq Zakaria (Author): While saying that Narendra Modi cannot be the face of India, are you expressing a wish or, a prayer, or, are you forecasting? The first two are only expected reading your name, you have a long way for the third case!

  15. Amith Belur (@amithbn) Says:

    Glad to see that the Hindutva crackpots have not swamped the comments section! ^^

  16. Anitha Says:

    The congressis and its supporters believe in one thing for sure. Keep repeating a lie in the hope that by some kind of magic, it turns into truth. This is possibly true about this CAG report and its so called findings. Ofcourse, our resident Congress supporter boldly says that “Modi’s govt is neck deep in debt. Badly managed financial State. At least 7 other states have managed double digit growth in the last five years. Several states have much much greater GDP than Gujarat. Among several socio economic indicators, Gujarat is miles behind developed states.”.

    To what extent is this true? To what extent is this garbage recycled as gospel truth?? There can be only one place to find the answers. The CAG report itself. While it is not possible to produce the entire report here, I will quote verbatim a few findings of the report which will prove that the “pick and report” style of newspapers is pointless and the screaming of Congies and their supporters that Modi government is in a scam is worthless. So here we go:

    Chapter 1: Finances of the state government. CAG says “Gujarat State has shown a relatively high economic growth in the past decade as the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of its Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) for the period 2001-02 to 2010-11has been 17.16 per cent as compared to 14.68 per cent in Other General Category States”.

    I was curious to know which are the other general category states. The footnote given by the CAG clearly mentions the names of these other general category states whose performance Modi Government clearly bettered. And these states are : Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya
    Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. This is 16 out of 26 states of our country. The ones which are left out are small states like the seven north eastern states, Goa etc.

    In the same chapter, CAG says that the revenue receipts grew by 25.66 percent over the previous year and Interest payments as a percentage of revenue receipts as well as revenue expenditure declined from 22.36 per cent and 23.71 per cent in 2006-07 to 18.38 per cent and 16.76 per cent in 2010-11respectively.

    Wait a minute. As per some of the naysayers, Gujarat Government is neck deep in debt. Conventional wisdom says, if a person is neck deep in debt, his interest payouts should be actually increasing year on year. But the CAG report says the interest payouts in case of Gujarat government is decreasing year on year. So who is right? Somebody who utters rubbish or the one who audits the finances of the state government and then publishes a report????

    In the same chapter in a table given by CAG it is very clear that Development expenditure, Capital Expenditure, Social Sector Expenditure, Educational Expenditure and Health Care Expenditure carried out by Gujarat are far higher than the other General Category States. This clearly shows that the government knows it priorities. CAG very specifically says “Increased priority to physical capital formation which will further increase the prospects of the State by creating durable assets.”

    This is more important. Modi is spending money on actually creating assets for the state unlike the huge burden the Central government has put the country through its NREGA scheme.

    One more lie nailed. Simple said “The state govt recently admitted that they can supply only 8hours of electricity contrary to nonsense claims of 24 hours.”. However, in a WRITTEN reply to the State Assembly, the Gujarat Power Minister Saurabh Patel has said that against a demand of 40,793 million units, the state had produced 43,848 million units and it has sold excess power to other states”.

    Again who is right and who is wrong? If the statement as given by the minister was wrong, the Congress in assembly would have created a huge issue. They kept their mouths shut because they knew that Gujarat is one state where there is power supply 24 hours.

    Infact speaking on the occasion of Business Standard’s Businessman of the Year Award Function, Modi has said that in other states Continuous power supply becomes news whereas in Gujarat people have taken the power supply for granted. Only power cuts becomes news!!!

    I have lots more to add. But then this much info is sufficient to say that Modi is the right person to become the PM of this country.

  17. Anil Says:

    So the more the media demonizes narendra modi, the more he becomes famous. lol

    IMO, he will probably become the first dalit PM of india

  18. asha Says:

    Great Post Anitha !!

    Now that SIT has declared Modi as innocent in the Gulbarg case and has formally asked the SC to close the case on Modi, the psuedo secular media will have heart burn all over again and teesta and gang will furiously look for fresh non existent issues to pin on Modi

  19. Anitha Says:

    As expected, there is not a whiff of news on the clean chit given by the SIT to NaMo in Churumuri. I am not surprised. I would have been surprised had there been a mention of this.

    Thats another topic for another day.

    Have you noticed the hit and scoot tactics used by the sickulars and liberals???? They rant and rave and rant and rave, with utter lies ( Hello, anyone remember the ghastly incident of a pregnant woman getting raped and the foetus ripped open by the blood thirsty hindus which was repeated ad nauseum by Teesta and her gang, which later was proved to be completely false??).

    Why do they do it this way? Because for a long time in the history of India, the only voice which was heard was that of leftists, liberals and sickularists. The state owned media never gave platform to anyone else to air their views. The control the government had on media was so total that very few dared to antagonise the powers that be and newspapers were also out of bounds for the saner voices.

    Net result, they perfected the art of uttering total lies & getting away with it. When, by chance, someone confronted them with data, facts and figures to disprove what they have been uttering, either they were branded as right wing lunatics or plainly lunatics, who did not deserve to be given response. Silence greeted them. Not because people who presented the other side of the story were wrong, it was the opposite.

    Now take the latest issue of CAG report on NaMo and his government. Barring a few noises by the Congress, where is this issue?? There was no issue in the first place. The media took few soundbytes out of context and made it sound like this government had indulged in corruption of monumental scale. But once the entire report was available to ordinary folks, they realised that their conceit would not work and kept their mouths shut.

    If NaMo cannot be the face of India, we the nation will be at a loss. But then, dont we have the track record of always chosing the second best when it mattered??? I mean, can anyone imagine what we would have become had Patel been chosen over Nehru way back when we got independence?

  20. Malayali Says:

    Modi is an authoritarian and a totalitarian,Modi is a bachelor,he is a strict vegetarian and do not drink smoke or womanise ,he belongs to a lower caste community thats why so many A/c arm chair pundits hates him.

  21. Anil Says:

    Contrary to popular beliefs, modi is a jain. Though like many people in india, he praises other gods which are part of indian religions. He actually belongs to a caste of vegetable sellers which is a part of the BC caste.

  22. Anitha Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    Today CNN IBN has reported that Gujarat Government is giving 24 hours electricity supply to over 18000 villages. To quote verbatim from the report “As the hot summer triggers increased use of electricity, load shedding and power cuts in rest of the country, the power-surplus Gujarat is sitting pretty, defining the season differently. Gujarat has emerged as the largest solar power maker in India with more than 18,000 villages of the state receiving 24-hour electricity.”

    Sometime back I had also quoted the written statement of Guajarat Power minister in the assembly which almost said the same thing.

    Imagine, if Modi can do this wonder to the whole of India, how blessed our people will be!!!

  23. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Modi will be confined to Gujarat, in spite of the wet dreams of cheddis.The rest of India is not ready for fascism yet.

  24. Anitha Says:

    Guajarat gets world’s FIRST Canal Top Solar Power Plant. The plant has generated 200,000 unites of clean power since it was commissioned two months back.

    The canal top power plants are a huge blessing to the land starved states since it eliminates the need to acquire huge tracts of land needed to set up solar power plant. Not only that, the canal top solar power plant also helps in reducing the water evaporation through heat.

    And this can happen only in the state of the Visionary Leader NaMo. In my last post I had written about the uninterrupted power supply to the villages of Gujarat. And now with this unique canal top power plant, Gujarat is surely going to become more POWERFUL!!! (Pun intended)

    NaMo becoming Prime Minister may be wet dream of nationalists, but certainly it is the kind of nightmare anti nationalists and sickularists would like to avoid at any cost!!! What say AG??? LOL

  25. Dr Vivek.R.Iyer Says:

    Simple make way for Namo or perish jai Ho Modiraj he will undo the anti Hindu leftist work done by Nehru !!

  26. sam Says:

    some stupid people indian and outside india live in a dream world of their brains, people like MAD fareed zakaria, burkha dutt and rajdeep sardesai, to name a few, are always on the bandwagon of downgrading SHRI NARENDRA MODI, for what reasons i think only known to them, i am pretty sure if they do not talk negative about MODI, they would not be able to make their livelihood, but the sad part is, rather aiming for a BETTER INDIA and supporting NARENDRA MODI in his quest for a proud and better INDIA, people are just out their to BREAK INDIA and US INDIANS.

  27. RC Sharmas Says:

    Zakaria on CNN. Ek karela dusre neem chadhah. Bravo.

  28. harihara Says:

    The writer is rightht in this way : the present face of india that WAS bharat, is one of sleeze and corruption, of hypocracy of secul;arism with dogma groups getting unjust prominence . Now Modi will certainly change this face provided he sticks to his present convictions, he can bring the face of india into its prestine glory of the sages( note indias ancient sages were not casteist). the evergrren hindu way of life . thet is life style of all those on other side of sind were charecterized by inquirt for truth and that will prevail, wrongs will be changed; there will be no dogma like ” my gad is gad” etc secondly let every bloke remember always -without hindu way of life dominating this land will become dogmatic, there will be no progress in any field only coercion

  29. aamir Says:

    Godhra riots happened because of BJP and RSS pushing the agenda of Ram Mandir for decades now to garner communal support. Religious fanaticism
    even though the matter was in the court and they could actually do nothing about it. They started it with the demolition of Babri Masjid and continued
    the agenda relentlessly. Shame on the people who burnt the train and may they rot in hell but BJP cannot wash hands with the chain of events it started.
    If you are curious to know the reason for things, might I suggest going to the root.


    Godra and the subsequent riots happened because of the systematic targeting of the minority community by the Sangh Parivar by the means of hate
    speeches and other direct intimidation. A few days prior to the Godra incident the same train carrying the Kar Sevaks bound for Ayodhya harassed the
    local muslim community by shouting out how they were going to build the Ram temple and even burnt copies of the Quran. All this was in the news just
    before the train was burnt. I personally read this in the Hindu. These Kar Sevaks did this knowing that they could do as they pleased since the BJP was
    in power.The greatest fault of Modi is not controlling the riots but he created a environment which made it easy for riots to happen. Have you guys
    forgotten all the hate speeches he made? Have you forgotten how the Sangh Parivar threatened to replicate the Gujarat riots all over the country? is that
    what you call great leadership


    Gujarat was developed even when Narendra Modi was not there…! Gujarat was not highest money generating state even before Modi has become the
    prime minister. More than 95% of diamond used as ornaments in world are polished in Surat, is that because of Narendra Modi? Gujarat is having
    highest no. of industries/factories, is that because of Narendra Modi? This is a stupid question that who has to blame? Everyone in the world knows that
    Mr. Narendra Modi is only responsible for 2002 riots just to win his political communal game. That is why he wasn’t allowed in US. If you allow me to kill
    7000 people including women and kids and then I will develop the state better than Narendra Modi, is it justified? Last but not least, people should go and
    see the authentic environmental data of Gujarat, especially Anklweshwar, Panoli, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Maneja, Sarkhej….you will come to know
    whether we are moving towards success or destruction??????????


    Rajnath Singh says,”To be successful in general elections, we have made Narendra Modi the Chief of Election Campaign committee. Is that my mistake?”
    aamadmi says:”Definitely YES”!Because : 1. Where was the “urgency” for such an appointment for the election due after eleven months? 2. Seven
    months ago ‘Modi-magic’ not only failed but also proved counter-productive and Himachal Pradesh held by BJP was LOST!Further, exactly 32 days earlier
    than 9th June,2013,thanks to Modi’s repeat-performance the only Southern State held by BJP(Karnataka) was also LOST!How,then, Modi could even be
    considered for such an onerous post? 3. Advani is the co-founder and ‘guardian angel’ of BJP. He objected to such an appointment with the ‘utmost care
    and concern for BJP and NOT on narrow selfish ground!Rajnath carried out the dictat of RSS and failed to take into consideration theexpected “fall out’
    such a move!


    BJP is entirely responsible because Vajpayee was the prime minister, LK Advani was
    home minister and Modi was the chief minister. Should we hold Muslims responsible for the riots? I think Rajnath has lost his balance after JD (U)’s
    withdrawal… If Congress is responsible for 1984 Sikh riots then BJP is responsible for 2002 where innocent Muslims were killed… Rajnath Singh must
    have the courage to say “Sorry” for 2002.

  30. aamir Says:

    hahaha YUP.jus want to highlight the problem with modi lovers..they forget to see the reality..just to metion few points u’ve mentioned 1)corrupt minister
    -Gujarat Water Resources minister Babu Bokhiria was convicted for corruption, Purshotam Solanki (fisheries and animal husbandry) and Anandiben Patel
    is accused of corruption by none other than Anna Hazare 2)Murdering minister-Mayaben Kodnani,former gujarat minister under is convicted for murder,
    amit shah-who served jail term for murder is Modi’s lieutenant 3)Gun troting MP- Vitthalbhai Hansrajbhai Radadiya is presently gujarat’s BJP MP from
    porbander & for development-Gujarat was a desert before modi comes to power.its modi charm gujarat has acheived all teh development..gimme
    break…come on open up..dont fall victim to PR..

  31. aamir Says:

    “If an unfortunate riots occurred in Gujarat in 2002, should the Chief Minister be held responsible for it.?'” BJP president Rajnath Singh, if genuinely
    interested to get a trustworthy answer (not fake answer from the air) please ask the question to one Mr AB Vajpayee, who was the Prime Minister of India
    in 2002 ( when your so-called riots occurred). If You know and heard about such a person called Vajpayee, I assure you that he would enlighten you on
    your search for wisdom.

  32. aamir Says:

    What more Proof is required ? . A Prominent Minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet Maya Kodnani is found guilty and is sentenced to 28 years
    of RI for inciting violence and killing innocent people. Babu Bajrangi , another guilty and sentenced to Life Imprisonment has claimed that he had the
    blessings of Namo, this is recorded and is in Youtube for everyone to see and understand the involvement of the concerned.

  33. harkol Says:

    Aamir: Gujarat 2002 is not going to be the issue in 2014 elections.

    What is of relevance is 3 times increase in prices of essential commodities in past 4-6years, 10% growth in unemployment (with zero net job creation), Growth deceleration, collapse of rupee.

    Even if we agree BJP govt. was complicit in Gujarat 2002, it is no more an issue than the Congress complicity in 1984 Sikh massacre. Everyone and their aunt knows Congress helped bury the 1984 cases against its partymen, BJP did not (or could not) do that in 2002 case. BOTH PARTIES ARE BAD ON THAT FRONT.

    But, What is of relevance today??


  34. asha Says:

    Aamir why stop at Babri…let us go all the way back when Babar demolished ram mandir to build a mosque there which was in disuse. The ram mandir was being used by hindu up until british took over India and a case was filed by muslims to stop hindus from worshipping there. Babri masjid issue was raked up and kept alive by muslims first by destroying the ram mandir there and then by building a mosque over it and then denying hindus their right to worship at the mandir. The same holds true for Mathura and Varnasi where hindu temples were destroyed by muslims to build mosques. Yes Modi was elected a good 11 months before the elections. Do you have a problem…deal with it. You do not know anything about the electoral process and are just venting your communal hatred towards hindus and modi. what about those kashmiri pundits who are languishing in delhi and jammu refugee camps for last 15 years do you have anything to say about that? And all inquiry commissions set up by SC/HCCBI/SIT could not find a shred of evidence against modi’s involvement in the riots. On the contrary have commended him for handling the situation remarkably well. Take your communal rants elsewhere. You guys are exposed and the gujarat riots 2002 cottage industry is about to be shut down.

  35. Doddi Buddi Says:

    In a democracy your views will be heard; but if you are being selective and economical with the truth, the majority of Indians will ring in the changes, any way, whether you like it or not. Deal with it. Thanks.

  36. the colonel Says:

    “what about those kashmiri pundits who are languishing in delhi and jammu refugee camps for last 15 years do you have anything to say about that?”

    what has anybody done including you.

    just moan or blame.

  37. asha Says:

    I regularly send money to Kashmiri pundit relief funds and have adopted a kid from the refugee camp and am responsible for the kids up brining. Over to you..what have you done? Just moaning…or something more than that

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