An image and an icon worth their weight in gold

On Raj Kumar‘s sixth death anniversary, we republish an outstanding picture of the thespian at a thulabharaa in Dharmasthala. Veerendra Heggade, the dharmadhikari of the temple-town, is at left. This photograph was shot by the Mangalore photographer, Yagna, who bagged the T.S. Satyan memorial award for lifetime achievement, instituted by and Karnataka Photo News.

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20 Responses to “An image and an icon worth their weight in gold”

  1. asha Says:

    Annavaru looks very scared, as if he is going to fall off any moment ;) A great photo nevertheless

  2. Peace Says:

    Not sure about the image(photographically) being worth its weight in gold. Nothing special about it ; yes, it is a nice moment. But the icon, more than worth his weight in gold…

  3. NanKannada Says:

    ibaru digajaru one photnalli sooper Yagna

  4. batta Says:

    Really memorable picture… nice work Yagna

  5. sanjeeva Says:

    Thank you Churumuri for publishing the photo. The caption is quite appropriate and true.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    Six years have passed since the legend breathed his last. Yet the phenomenon grows only bigger. A good photo, can appreciate the yogic calmness in annavru’s face. Also read that dharmadhikari heggade will be the chief guest in the book launch about Dr.rajkumar penned by power star puneeth Raj Kumar to be held shortly.

  7. M Says:

    The thakadi-diggaja was into (1) illegal granite mining in Chamarajanagar Distc. (2) ran an illegal gambling den near MG Road, B’lore and (3) grabbed public land. He had tried to grab about 5acres of land in Jayanagar 5th block, B’lore (near Shalini Hotel) but was thwarted by an old day using PIL. The local resident association then turned it into a park.

    The asana-diggaja is a Bunt whose family converted to Jainism centuries but now operates a Hindu Shrine for money. Travels around in a bevy of Luxury Cars. No one in Belthangadi Taluk (where his Sri Kshetra is located) can contest even a gram-panchayat election which out his blessing. If someone dares to then his brother with come around with a machete. He is involved in growing Ganja inside the forest, and covers it up as naxalism. All chota-mota papers in K-nataka including honorable ‘Lankesh Patrike’ receives mamool from them. For his political support Oily-Moily gets contribution for election fund. Does churmuri also get any puri from this fellow

  8. Goldstar Says:

    Churumuri trying to re-establish its “kannadiga” credentials ;-) . If it had been somebody else (read Yeddyurappa) it would have criticised this practice as superstitious mumbo-jumbo or questioned the relevance of charity towards temples !!

  9. madan Says:

    this so called dharmadhikari owns a marriage choultry in mysore that is right in the middle of a residential area. The decibel levels during social functions are eardrum-rupturing and all requests for reducing the volume have literally fallen on deaf ears. Can this dharmadhikari not hear the calls for his ” down down”?. Maybe not today but certainly some day soon when he will be in a court hearing where the judge will give him more than an earful. Tone-deafness is no excuse for shouting at others.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Time when an annavru would make sanctimonious movies about shunning wealth to a naive public while his wife and family went about ruthlessly eliminating competition and amassing wealth and power is gone. Hopefully there will come a time when the inordinate power that mataas yield will be gone.

    This ceremony will be replaced by another involving a laser show, song and dance.

  11. dr ramesh Says:

    Elimination of competition, not at all, puneeth rajkumar is the most sought after actor in south India, has acted in 19 movies, of which 13 of them are blockbusters, a record in India. This is the age where business practices are governed by CCI. Inspite of competition, Dr Raj banner has produced great movies ,improving standard of Kannada film industry. Latest being ANNA BOND, slated to be a brilliant movie. Awesome promos are making lakhs of kannadigas wait for their new bond. Anna bond rocks. Its a known fact that producers are queing up for puneeth call sheet, ready to pay him a fortune, but its Raj legacy to choose carefully scripted clean entertainers. Dr rajkumar and family is not unquestionable as no one is in democracy, but give them their due for their immense, positive contribution towards Kannada culture and arts.

  12. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesh,
    I hope you are not confusing Dr Rajkumar’s family with Devegowda’s family!!

  13. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Right DB, Different family but same behavior. And same die hard fan and blind defender in Dr. Ramesh – blinded by Annavru’s thulaabhaara yesterday and by Puneeth’s laser show today.

  14. Nalini Says:

    Lovely picture. Thanks to Churmuri and to the photographer. Caption “worth their weight in gold” is indeed very true. This month April is Dr. Raj’s birth and death anniversary. Lots and lots of memories through his films and songs.

  15. dr ramesh Says:

    AG, IDU KALIYUGA GURUUU, Infy murthy has followers, Kheny has millions of educated followers, Sri Sri Sri Sri Ravi shankar gurujee has foreign fan following, Even gadkari has fans—— naavu simple kannadigaru swamy, namage Annavru,karantharu,gowdru,tejaswi aadarsha.

  16. sanjeeva Says:

    It is common that on one side when lakhs of people like and adore a person, on the other side, there will be few hundreds who tend to dislike, tarnish the image and spread canards. Crores of people workship Rama, Krishna, Shiva and other Gods and there are few thousand who abuse them. Avaravara bhavakke, avaravara bhukutige……. Rajkumar is liked for his acting, his singing, his contribution to Kannada and Karnataka. Similarly, if Veerendra Heggadeyavaru is worshipped, there must be something in him . It is said that some people can be fooled all the times, all the people can be fooled sometimes, but not all the people can be fooled all the times. I don’t think crores of people of Karnataka were/are being fooled for many decades by one person or one family.

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:

    doctor, fair enough. As long as you let me write things to the contrary here…

  18. Nalini Says:

    Very well said, Sanjeeva.

  19. shubashaya Says:

    Annavru is legendary.
    he lives in all of us.

  20. Dheerendragopal Says:

    M and AG , if you guys even a speck of proof , please produce it .
    or can you guys list any contribution to the soceity or arts or culture .

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