When R.K. Narayan went to see a ‘blue’ film

Khushwant Singh in the Hindustan Times:

“Once while attending a writers conference at Hawaii the only participant I knew was R.K. Narayan. He was a saintly sort of person, not great company for the likes of me. He was a strict vegetarian.

“In the evening he would buy a carton of dahi and go from cafe to cafe looking for plain boiled rice. He insisted I keep him company.

“One evening I tried to shake him off with the excuse that I wanted to see a blue film. ‘I come along with you,’ he announced. So we went to a locality where there were a few cinemas showing blue films.

“After an hour I got bored. So did he. We came out and resumed our search for dahi-chaawal and place where I could also get a meal of fried fish. I have not been able to find out why sexy films are called blue films. Why not red, yellow or green?’

Read the full column: Lost romance of candlelight glow

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21 Responses to “When R.K. Narayan went to see a ‘blue’ film”

  1. Rahul Says:

    They are called blue films becoz Narayan saw them; Vishnu is blue in color

  2. Deepak Says:

    So Khushwant Singh tried to corrupt RKN too? Thankfully the dirty old man didn’t succeed.

  3. Doddi Buddi Says:

    If only RKN had enjoyed the movie and sought much material from these genre of films, he surely would have written a book, “The Moll of Malgudi and Her Friends”.

  4. chidu22 Says:

    Blue films because they contain blueberry muffins prescribed for the depressed.

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    “Blue” is a survival from the nineteenth century. Means something that ought not to be talked about, seen, or sold.

    Back to RKN again. Why is K. P. so preoccupied with Narayan?
    Let’s see a few references to his contemporary writer in a “phorin” language, Raja Rao. And let us not forget that there is some “blue” language in “Kanthapura.”

  6. Rajesh Says:

    So whats wrong in watching blue films Mr. Churmuri??? Why are u making big deal if RK N has seen it

  7. Gaampa Says:

    Another of the sick minded old man’s sickly sad lie

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Story of any two Indian guys visiting a foreign country: watched some porn, ate some rice/daal/roti/curd and went to sleep.

    All this used to be news during Kushwant Singh’s/RKN’s days?

  9. harkol Says:

    On a light note: Well RKN watched it with Kushwant Singh? What’s the big deal? Some one seems to have gone ahead and produced one with another Singhvi (Abhishek M)!!

    On a serious note: What folks do in their life is left to them. It is of concern to them and their immediate family and not really our business, unless it effects their public conduct in any way.

  10. Chombuka Says:

    Khushwant,a first rate liar…who will trust this boot licker!!!

  11. asha Says:

    Kapi thanu keduvudallade vanavannella kedisithu…this provers suits perfectly to Kushwant Singh…

  12. Vinay (@wineye) Says:

    So..whts the point KS is trying to make?

  13. sunitha Says:

    rhey are called blue films because blue is the colour referred to krishna(neelmeghashyama) who is famous for raskreeda

  14. Doddi Buddi Says:

    i think it is fair to say:
    With ole Khushwant Singh acting in a porn movie, you will be watching the hairiest movie as in literal sense and also in the metaphor sense:)

  15. Sheshadri Says:

    DB, just off the cuff, though not a full fledged masala, you can see an element of “blue” literature in RKs Financial Expert where the village banker Margayya teams up with Mr.Pal to produce some printed matter of it. Nicely portrayed onscreen by Lokesh and Sundrakrishna Urs.

  16. Sheshadri Says:

    Long back in a weekly feature on photgraphy/cinematography in Chitraprabha or in the cinema supplement of Prajavani(dont remember exactly), RN Krishna Prasad, had said that different colors suggest different moods, green for serenity, red for anger, blue for passion etc. May this is the manifested into “blue” films. Dont know if its the right way though. Blue films, yellow journals, red books, things are quite colourful. ;)

  17. Thimma Says:

    When porn films were first made they were made in low lit very small hotel rooms or make shift ramshackle studios. Since the filming was done in low light the image captured had a bluish tinge. This made the films actually look blue. Hence the name blue films.

  18. Shivaprakash Says:


  19. gururajan Says:

    I am not believe this false story by Singh . probably like others he wanted to bring defame to RKN also. so don’t believe such a nonsense.

  20. the colonel Says:

    dear gururajan




  21. Ramanathan.G. Iyer, Advocate Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful services u r doing. i came to this page after reading the e-mail of churmuri about 24 years ago made obituary for Late Kushwant Singh.
    I am shocked to read that, since the age 39 Kushwant Singh was having only a hot water bag to warm his bed – but he wrote that, he like to read “open books” by lying in the bed, about interviewing a female. (As joke in one of his “with malice to one and all”).
    I pray God that, you should get a long life to serve the people with wonderful articles like this.
    3 pm of 24-3-14

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