One rule for ordinary Indians, another for SRK?

The temporary detention of questioning of the actor Shah Rukh Khan by immigration authorities in the United States has, as is usual, created a small tsunami in the media tea cup. Everybody went into a frenzy and the external affairs minister S.M. Krishna adjusted his wig and demanded an apology.

Shashi Baliga has some searching questions in The Hindu Business Line:

“Why should US Immigration treat Shah Rukh or any other star or celebrity differently from you and me? And why should the MEA demand an apology in this case and not on behalf of thousands of other Indians who are similarly singled out?

“News is that Shah Rukh is seething at the “humiliation”, especially since the others travelling with him — among them industrialist Mukesh Ambani‘s wife Nita Ambani, who was accompanying him to Yale — were cleared without a problem.

“Would it help him to know that thousands of other Indians have undergone a similar experience?

“Actor Irrfan Khan, who is actually more widely recognised in the US because of his many roles in Hollywood movies, has been detained more than once because of his surname. Irrfan has taken it in his stride, Shah Rukh decided to talk about it.

“Because that is Shah Rukh’s I-take-things-head-on style.

“And because superstars don’t take kindly to obstructions in their path.

“Film stars are our new royalty; they are used to sweeping grandly through doors held open for them, protected by their mobile entourage, much like the maharajas of old. They are accustomed to people fawning over them, fighting to offer them gifts, begging for an audience in the manner maharajahs’ subjects used to. Many of their nicknames are telling — King Khan and Badshah of Bollywood for Shah Rukh, Shahenshah for Amitabh Bachchan.

“They live life king-like, if not king-size. Many of us travelling on an Indian passport have been asked to undergo a body scan or an extra search at airports abroad. Problem is, here in apna Bharat, there is so much bowing and scraping before ‘big names’ who get so accustomed to rules being bent or at least disregarded for them that they expect the same everywhere else.”

Read the full article: Mujhe pehachano, mein hoon Don

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26 Responses to “One rule for ordinary Indians, another for SRK?”

  1. Indu Ramesh Says:

    If anybody looking like Shah Rukh khan in the picture knocks on my door, I will call the police

  2. maisuru Says:

    Why should US Immigration treat Shah Rukh or any other star or celebrity differently from you and me? …

    Absolutely correct. Why this phobia about grease paint monkeys ! They go around bashing people and practice casting couch with impunity and deal with anti nationals and black money !

    SMK should apologize to the Indians for wasting tax payers money for such inanities !

  3. Dr.Dattatreya Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. The common man is always inconvenienced by the s called stars. Who made them stars? A point everye forgets. There are no first among equals in western society. To quote one instance, The prime minister of Britan (the name fails me) was to land in Heathrow airport, but a plane carrying organs for transplant requested permission for landing. The British premier wa asked to postpone landing. Would this happen in our country, were stars do not give way to ambulances. Ego is something our stars have in excess. The ambassador of USA in Pan stood in line to buy coffee at Tokyo airport, in our wildest dream our stars would never do this. Alas sometimes I feel we are losing our self respect.

  4. Gaampa Says:

    I fully agree. Well written.

  5. asha Says:

    I do not see anything wrong in Shahrukh Khan going through the security check. It happens all the time at american airports…It just happens that he is a muslim..and US airport security (TSA) definitely pays more attention to muslim passengers and rightly so. US does not care for stardom of the khans…heck it did not even care for the President of India and the defence minister who was strip searched on a official visit….get real Shahrukh things happen and learn to take it in stride instead of throwing up tantrums like a kid..

    And Somanhalli Kitta should delegate such matters to MEA minions and the Indian consulate in US and try to concentrate on improving his portugese

  6. Kaadu Kudure Says:

    I am just curious, Is this not his 2nd detention ?

  7. chidu22 Says:

    Another instance of minority appeasement by the pseudo-secularist UPA government. Does not surprise at all. Still worse, none of the so called national channels glaring and shameful i

    none of the so called channels question the governments reaction to the incident. Shah Rukh, the megalomaniac, continues to suffer from delusions of grandeur. The pseudo secularists of the bollywood, Javed Akthar and Mohammed Bhat, went on some channels questioning Immigration aurthorities actions, making a fool of themselves in the process. Unfortunately,such idiots are ruling the roost in bollywood.
    Dr Javeed Nayeem sahebra, nevu summaniddhiralla, yenu helangilla tavu?

  8. vindy Says:

    awesome photo…hope he didnt turn up like that in the airport and that created all this useless drivel

  9. NRI Says:

    The unknowns from Indian politics and Bollywood can’t expect special treatment everywhere. In India, Shah Rukh Khan can get away with crime even after assaulting some unknown Shirish Kundar in a Bollywood party. Our politicians get royal treatment even after they spend quality time in parappana agrahara. Fortunately, things are not that bad on this side of Atlantic.

    Moreover, we all remember how this guy was talking in his code language (‘terrorism has no religion’) after Mumbai attacks. Unlike India, other countries with self-respect note down these things about different individuals for their own safety.

    Shah Rukh Khan and other people can complain all they want. At the end, they need to follow the rules.

  10. Pramod Says:

    Congress is trying to cash some votes in the name of My Name is Khan. Congress friendly media licking Khan boots as usual. Unfortunately we Indians are least bothered about security, and glorifying detentions.

  11. Basvangudi Baddihida Says:

    A rule is a rule even for a fool……………..

  12. D S RAO Says:

    The writeup is a naked truth.This MERA BHARAT MAHAN has become worse than the the dictators rule. This aryavartam is motherless fatherless. Only god can save this country

  13. the colonel Says:

    my name is khan?????


  14. FirstReality Says:

    I have started to take everything about our country as joke, that helps keeping calm.

    US should just say STFU to SM Krishna, SRK and Indian Govt.

  15. Anand Baradi Says:

    If SRK the superstar don’t take kindly to obstructions in his path likewise Super power USA would not mind obstructing any one or anything deemed dangerous to its society

    As far as INDIAN passport is concerned i do have pleasant experiences. I have been stopped couple of times for looking south Asian in Europe but the moment i take out my INDIAN passport i have been let go , no questions asked!!!

  16. Jayashree Says:

    SK made a comment in USA that the Indians do not encourage innovation and culture.and creativity.

  17. Simple Says:

    Why is it the everyone in the world is expected to know who Shah Rukh Khan is? who watches Hindi films apart from India and a couple of middle eastern countries? it is silly really to compare a hollywood star whose movies rakes in 100 times more money than a puny star like Shah Rukh

  18. Manas Says:

    i decided not to watch any more movies of this crap hero after seing how he behaved after mumbai attacks..

  19. VS Sinha Says:

    I don’t care much about what happens to SRK or some other Khan. He did try to make light of those events anyway.

    On the other hand, our dear politicians and babus expect to be treated like maharajas and -ranis anywhere they go, specially on “phoren” trips. They feel that white passport is like a ticket to heaven. I have personally witnessed ugly scenes once at JFK (New York) and another time in 2007 at Melbourne by a few self-righteous white passport holders who were unfortunately traveling on my flight.

    Instead of remembering that they are official representatives of their country on these occasions, they resorted to their usual street gangster type behaviour of self-entitlement and uncouth displays, embarrassing anyone who looked Indian.

  20. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Next time US Immigration should detain SMK and examine his wig to make sure he is not carrying any contraband!


    Great comment! Will you ask SMK from your party why this is so? Why did SMK flip his wig?

  21. Anonymous Guy Says:

    SRK is using this for free publicity. He got to visit the US anyway.

    Narendra Modi on the other was banned by the free and fair folks in the US.

    DB, any comment from your party on NaMo’s US ban? Why was NaMo denied a visa?

  22. Lobo P Says:

    Agreed 100%: Most Indian Passports are unfairly harassed or questioned at arrival in the US, but it is natural and at times arguably justified.

    Trust me, these super-rich dodo’s help :-(

    It is now known among journo’s that SRK was excessively arrogant and bossy with the local immigration official/s at the small airport. Kindly note that the specific trip was pre-planned.!

    Thx to a big and well-known, powerful corporate house the news/facts will be conveniently hidden. :-(

    BTW, this KHAN has a well-oiled IPL engine that can turn all black to white!

    Thx also to our desi-politics and remote controlled governance, major diplomatic issues and associated high pressure, matters will be hidden forever.

    Key question:
    When will the media expose this canny billionaire (he openly expresses bias to family roots in Pakistan) is generally ego-hungry/ always looking for pre-planned global publicity, as almost everyone enlightened about the case, is suspecting?

  23. MysooruBoyz Says:

    oh boo hoo SRK….
    I remember being on the same flight from San Francisco to Chennai as Chiranjeevi several years ago. He was patted down at the security check… took it in his stride…

    I think SRK was pissed that the others made it out and he didn’t…

    By the way..whats with the gloves?? and the hairstyle?? was it for some movie?

  24. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi

    SMK should quit as foreign minister. NOt just because he made this srk statement, but he is well past his prime. He is too old.

    And, by the way, I don’t have any party. I am not a card carrying memberof any party. I severely criticize congress whenever they deserve it. SO stop spreading rumours that congress is my party. I merely support the positive aspects of Congress

    Is it so difficult to comprehend?

  25. Ashish Patel Says:

    Why SRK should be treated different? is that what you people are asking. SRK-bashing is a common pseudo-intellectual activity nowdays. Being a SRK fan is not “cool”!!…
    he is a Padma Shri… by awarding that title itself, the goverment of india has acknowledged his contribution to the scoiety.. and yes he does deserve special treatment.. because he has the ability to make a million of ppl forget there dsyfuntional life and smile even if its for a sec.. he deserves special treatment for that! i have studied from an NIT and an IIM… please give some credit that people wid average intelligence like me are a fan of SRK… and definitely there are more like me … insulting SRK is insulting us.! so yeah …while an insult to an ordinary citizen can be excused.. the insult to SRK…and by extension millions of his fans.. is not acceptable! even if another million hate him… you cant ignore the million like me who adore him.

  26. sanjeeva Says:

    The fault lies with the people. We tend to idolize anyone, once he or she becomes even little bit successfull in any field – particularly films, cricket and politics. This is more so in South (Remember, in TN, people built temples for Khushbu, Namitha etc.). Naturally, when you start worshipping somebody, slowly it would go to the head of the person and he or she would start behaving like not only King or Queen, but God too!. People like Rajkumar, Rajanikant etc. are very very few, who even at the height of success felt humble.

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