Hydrogen, oxygen and a world of difference

As a mini-City gets built in front of (and under) the temporary address of those who shamelessly glug water out of bottles when millions of those who elected them go thirsty, a Metro worker lugs a can to quench the parched tongues of his heroic colleagues toiling away silently.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

Also view: The complete Namma Metro portfolio

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2 Responses to “Hydrogen, oxygen and a world of difference”

  1. Goldstar Says:

    Where is the a-crore-per-day-delay Ambedkar statue? Can somebody point it out? A couple of millimetres to the left of crane, there seems to be a status covered by a shroud. Is that it?

  2. Srikanta Says:

    Please present your local politician this:


    Run behind his car and suck water.

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