The flying bird always fascinates the young one

A little girl clambers up her mother’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of Karnataka chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda, as he arrives at Mudalapur in Koppal district on Wednesday during his visit of drought-hit areas.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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4 Responses to “The flying bird always fascinates the young one”

  1. A Journalist Says:

    Cute girl child and a nice picture!!

  2. chidu22 Says:

    Pure innocence is such a joy to watch.

  3. Suresh G Says:

    He was travelling to a drought-hit region ignored and repeatedly promised by ALL parties. “Most Tragically”, aside to publicity, speeches, interactions and assurances, there has been zero help tangible, as yet…

    Taking about the key snap, Gowda has no other choice in a state that is now universally accepted as being on par with Bihar and UP. Arguably while his close family members, cronies, ministers and MLA’s are being talked in press circles as overnight-billionaires, including so called Sangh Pracharaks like Pradhan (now recognised as part of corrupt inner circle by none other than the #1 Pracharak magnet Viz., Mr. Kalladka)

    Sadly the state has had not an iota of progress in its shocking infrastructure, in particular basic roads, anti-corruption and even mere daily needs like electricity and water!

    The suddenly lucky CM travels by air or chopper even to his own home town (Puttur) and to temples in the coastal region while the excellently maintained roads immediately after Vitla (ಇಟ್ಟೆಲ್) to Kasaragod and beyond the border is a stark example of the rot within Karnataka. Not sure how many are aware, but fact is that many villages in Udupi Chikmagalur Lok Sabha constituency had boycotted the most recent election as a protest at lack of the basic needs like asphalted roads!

    Is the quiet CM is in a glass-house?
    Or has he doubled the monthly roll-call that people suspect the former CM paid to a canny nagpur trader?
    Or is this new so-called ‘temporary fix’ more obsessed with stealth-looting until election while the sun does not shine anymore in Karnataka (Karandlaje will confirm especially during daily unscheduled power cuts!)

    What’s more, the recent Sonia-Shivakumara Swamiji meet will ensure the state is indeed domed while there will be no more IT raids on any looter from politicians to mutts to real estate cartels to excise dons to medical or engineering colleges. Incidentally the Maoists always gain, while the people in places like Malpe beach ask, why do we let Italian tourists here?

    Anyway, talking about the helicopter, we all will be left with no other choice very soon! Take a trip to Mangalore from Bangalore or vice versa, and you will know more about Karnataka and its politicians after Independence from the Brits! Even on the extremely bad so state-trunk road and highway, you will encounter innumerable overloaded oil tankers, most dangerous granite lorries and mining trucks, each one of which is ‘actually owned’ by a son or daughter of a central or state minister! Not to mention black-money associates of well-known corrupt Cong-I and JD ministers of the recent past.

    Well, it is indeed regrettable to note that while the equally corrupt Yeddi was exposed regularly by Churumuri (with swift and very significant uplift in popularity to this very popular web site), there has been not a single exposé of the new CM (or his associates or benami transactions) who has a 70MM smile and tons of 100MM skeletons on his cupboard.

  4. baadhe Says:

    @Suresh G
    very well made points.
    this so called ‘good’ image of these smiling (sadananda gowda) and silent (manmohan) have taken us decade back and increased our suffering.
    the so called potiffs are inviting sonia . what is the need?
    i mean abhishek’s blowjob in office is fine – he is let off now!
    bofors is fine.
    rahul’s failure is fine.
    swiss bank is fine.

    a ‘namaskara’ by sonia is what they wanted to hear!!
    for that they write everything on stage in english for her to read!!

    on contrary manmohan made the life of middle class south indians hell.
    they were made to work like workhorses amidst heavy competition – lot of them who weren’t used to this level and normally less greedy were forced to earn more income to feed to rising real estate which would gobble their lands in front of migrants.
    result for a normal unpretentious and simple kannadiga : hair fall, increased stress and unstable political unrest and doesn’t know why he/she was doing all these things.

    this led to increase in lifestyle and population of north indians and for kanndathis it was decline in fertitlity – according to census of india 2011 data

    i wonder if sadananda has read all these still now. he must be happy that he visited all districts and see the statement “since sonia has visited we may have more assistance from centre”.

    ultimately there is no hope.

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