Should Sachin Tendulkar accept RS seat offer?

There is never a dull moment in the circus that is the Indian political league. As if the indecent clamour for a Bharat Ratna to be bestowed upon him wasn’t enough, the word is that the Union home ministry has recommended that Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar be nominated to the upper house of Parliament, the Rajya Sabha.

Coming as it does the very day Sachin and his wife, Anjali Tendulkar, called upon the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, in the company of the other IPL chief, Rajeev Shukla, the move has necessarily led to some tongues wagging.

Like, is a battered government trying to distract attention from the scams and scandals? Like, is the beleagurered Congress trying to shine in the reflected glory of a sterling cricketer? Like is the Mukesh Ambani hold on the Mumai Indian becoming all too clear? Etcetera.

Sachin hasn’t said yes or no, but obviously smoke like this doesn’t emanate without some fire somewhere. Simple question: does Sachin deserve the “offer”? Should he accept it? Will he be useful in the “house of elders” or will he just end up being used by politicians and political parties? And what can the BJP to match this?

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A true great, but a Mysore University doctorate?

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22 Responses to “Should Sachin Tendulkar accept RS seat offer?”

  1. Indu Ramesh Says:

    Remember the time when the NDA nominated Lata Mangeshkar to Rajya sabha? What was her contribution to the country’s problems> Same with Tendulkar. Can he participate in the debate on Lokpal , the RTE, the women’s reservation, or Bofors or anything? What a drama….

  2. Brahmanyan Says:

    Sachin Tendulkar has achieved some thing great in cricket. He certainly deserves a seat in Rajya Sabha. But he should decline to be led by politicians for this honour.

  3. Anand Baradi Says:

    If there is monetary gain from joining RS he may sure do so

  4. nanda Says:

    this shows another pawn to be used to sit next to Rahul Gandhi and nod their heads.

    why not Kapil Dev or Gundappa?
    who are sitting idle all along.

    if president wanted a marathi ass why not sunil gavaskar – we could have got new commentators.

    no awards or seat for any of them means they are against constitution at some point.

    no they wanted a pawn and beutiful wife dr.anjali took the 10th standard fail student to meet widow sonia gandhi since he is tired and not able to hit sixers.
    so ladies -dr anjali, dr nita ambani, pratibha patil and widow sonia sat in a kitty party and got a govt job for retiring cricketer.

    now wonder the ladies man was never able to lead the team and boosted marathi+north indian bhai bhai culture.

    and this is how feminism rules india.
    some shake abhi and
    some shake sport

    if sharad pawar was not slapped i am sure he would have become next president.

    can we please stop printing lessons related to india and its constitution in our textbooks. our sensitive and well educated children will find these characters nauseating.

  5. vaidya Says:

    Why not?
    Lots of eminent artists etc have been nominated before. And this is also from that quota, so if not him they’ll find some sundry has-been actor who wants to get some political mileage.
    He has been some supporting some charities etc and is known to be a person of decent upbringing. He would definitely need some good advisors too. Can tend to listen to everyone, and has difficulty saying no.

    (On a lighter note, might just help him retire from ODIs at least [runs, changes address and phone number]) :D

  6. Srikanta Says:

    RS will beat LS in Parliamentary Cricket match pants down.

  7. maisuru Says:

    If the reasons for refusing Honorary Doctorate from UOM is to be followed in letter and spirit then his accepting the RS nomination exposes his dishonesty. He can as well stand for election !

  8. karihaida Says:

    Its depressing watching Tendulkar become a cheap media/ambani whore :(

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Some one said on Twitter that the Dwarf needs UPA help to keep the tax man / may be CBI off his ill gotten money! So he will gladly take that RS seat. IMHO Dwarf has been a player on/off the pitch!

  10. Narayan Chabbi Says:

    No.He is still active in the game.Therefore what contribution can he make.

  11. Nastika Says:

    @Indu Ramesh, career politicians wouldn’t bother about RTE, Lokpal, et al. Why a nominated member must worry about those?
    If you don’t like the post, get it cancelled. As long the post exists, somebody gets nominated.

    @Anand Baradi, there are plenty of privileges, like
    1) Salary,
    2) Life long pension
    3) Free phone calls
    4) Free train & plane tickets (and at very short notice too)
    5) Official home in Delhi
    6) Immunity from arrest (Speaker has to give his nod)
    7) Honor in order of precedence in hierarchy
    & more

    Why Sachin must refuse? Who wouldn’t? Reports say Sachin has accepted.


  12. Rekha, Sachin Tendulkar nominated to Rajya Sabha « 6sixsix6 Says:

    […] Should Sachin Tendulkar accept RS seat offer? ( […]

  13. Anand Baradi Says:

    @Nastika , the privileges u mentioned are pittance but he may not mind them coming

    I am talking about windfall gain by entering into RS .

    1) Get a gift of Ferrari 360 modena from shoemaker which is worth 75laks
    2) Ask the government to waive to 120% import duty which is
    more than 1 crore
    3) some how make Fiat pay the import duty and pocket the Ferrari without paying a dime
    4)Enjoy driving the Ferrari for 9 years and then just for the greed of more MONEY put up the GIFT ( gift is not priceless) for sale
    5) Sell it to a builder for 1.5 crore
    6) Media asks about the sale and the need for it , remain mum as ever

    bottom line is 1.5 crore unexpected income not to mention the pleasure of driving the Ferrari

    This is akin to Leonardo engaging a PRO for free and in turn trick her to pay for the act in the guise of money change in the movie catch me if u can

  14. DailyBread Says:

    >He would definitely need some good advisors too.
    >Can tend to listen to everyone,
    >and has difficulty saying no.

    For Sonia’s sake the man is 39 years old. Please don’t forget that the man was captain of a billion people’s kirkit team.



    >RS will beat LS in Parliamentary Cricket match pants down.

    Please avoid phrases like “pants down” in the context of RS. LS has Siddhu, Kirti Azad and honorable Azzaruddhin in its team. Unless the match is you know what, LS should easily win the match.

    >Dwarf has been a player on/off the pitch!

    No doubt about it, well played SRT!

  15. cinderellaman Says:

    SRT should retire from cricket before he ever shares a stage with that Hyderabadi MP of Moradabad

  16. M Says:

    Despite all the talent he has in copious amounts, Sachin has also perfected the Art of Submissiveness. He is a staple guest in all Ambani parties and bashes. He was also spotted washing plate at (Sri x 2) Ravi Shankar’s Ashram.

    Who will he represent as memeber of RS.

    I not a cricket fan, but still he has my fullest repsect for his acheivement in the game.

  17. Nastika Says:

    @Anand Baradi, Sachin got a free ride on Ferrari and also ended up with some spare cash in the end. He did that without being an MP. I just mentioned the list a added minimum benefits he would get without leaving his home in Mumbai.


  18. Dinesh Says:

    If sachin wants to Retire let hime decide!
    If sachin wants to enter RS let him decide!
    If sachin wants to Pee let him decide!!!
    guys do some work of ur’s!!!!

  19. chidu22 Says:

    Why are we not rooting for any kannadiga for the RS post? Come on lazy bums, get of your back, make some hue and cry for a kannadiga to be nominated for the post. That’s how it works in this country full of bigots, regionalistic and parochial nation. No room for honest and hard working people. The RS is full of bollywood buffoons and dishonest and selfish sportsman. Where is the voice of karnataka?, Hema Malini and Venkayya Naidu’s want karnataka to support their election, yet to hear their voices in RS in favour of the state. CPI has already asked for egomanaiac ganguly for RS. In comparison to Tendlya and Gangya, our honest Gundappa and Anil deserve the post than anybody else.
    Please, kannadigas raise your voice for Gundappa and Anil, or NRN, Byrappa etc.

  20. chanakya Says:

    This is India,,,,,Mahan Bharat.,,,what the hell Sachin Tendulkar will contribute to country as RS member? as a cricket player, he has officially earned more than 500 crore. This was the same Tendulkar who had requested central government to way off tax for his Ferrari which was gifted. Then Ferrari people volunteered and paid the tax which came up to 1.2 crore. Tell me one thing, other than cricket records, what contributions has come from Tendulkar?
    there are many more personalities that will fit in RS seat than the ‘Little master’ .. Tendlkur is selfish man; just selfish,,,,,

  21. madhu bijapure Says:

    i think rather than wasting his( sachin ) time in this corrupted politics he should do some social service ..or he can join Anna hazare team…

  22. Communal Award Says:

    Sachin Tendulkar evaded 500,000 rupees property tax to Mumbai Corporation.
    He evaded 1,130,000 rupees customs duty and imported a Ferrari Car.
    He evaded crores of income tax and hoarded that money in Puttaparthi Baba’s Trust.
    To evade more taxes he took 100 crores insurance on his Mumbai house.

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