Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Is this art?

As a thumb rule, state-sponsored “Public Art” in independent India hovers between the ridiculous and the obnoxious, as votebank politics meets diploma-level aesthetics. This cement monstrosity, which will pass off as sculpture in the Bangalore city corporation’s account books, has been installed at Vasanth Nagar circle on Miller Road, as part of BBMP’s “beautification” of traffic signals.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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27 Responses to “Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Is this art?”

  1. Brahmanyan Says:

    BBMP seems to have surplus funds. Who has approved funds for this wasteful expenditure, which helps no one except some people.Instead of spending on this kind of ridiculous Art, the funds can be spent on cleaning the city properly.

  2. Kitapati Says:

    The rhino and lion on the elephant, the tortoise and the bird on the rhino is sheer surrealism with a hidden meaning of inter connectedness of all life. The imagery is bizarre and fantastical and disturbing, and the artist firmly believes in the importance of humor. The artist provokes a deep resentment with a real humor which is subversive, liberating and deeply unsettling. The comedy in this structure is fundamentally lighthearted and irresponsible, the sort most likely to make you laugh, something which the busy and stressed out citizens of the speedy city of Bangalore are in dire need. Kudos to the artist and more so the enlightened decision makers in BBMP to have such a refined sense of selection in displaying this masterpiece into our public domain.

  3. Vishy Says:

    Oh wow!! Oh wow!!

    I simply cannot stop laughing. It is so wondrous and monstrous that I cannot stop looking.

    Each of these animals has a bigger brain than all the corporators of the BBMP put together.

    I think the sculptor had to accommodate all these morons that has resulted in this animal-stack.

    I would like to see a chimpanzee, a gorilla, a pig, a donkey and an owl next…please name that as the “Great BBMP Corporators”.

  4. mel0309 Says:

    Don’t know whether something is wrong with the government that put up that structure or with my eyes! To my amateur eye, this work of “art,” seems to lack any sense of aesthetics!

  5. Nastika Says:

    Me too. I am curious to know the link between 3 mammals, a reptile & a bird. Nobody can miss this ‘art’ even during night !


  6. Balra KN Says:

    BBMP has no sense of aesthetics or real love for art. Only professional and practicing artists can do something worthwhile when it comes to public sculptures. Artists of repute should be hired for such jobs if they really care to lift image of the city visually.

  7. S K Muthanna Says:

    This is absolute non sense. Can anyone initiate getting hold of details of money spent on this and by whom, under the R T I?

  8. Ananth Says:

    now I understand! the elephant embodies the general public. it’s ruled by Coalition of several parties. The Lion and its allies are heading different directions

  9. A Journalist Says:

    Madam Sheila Dixit has installed a similar one (made of steel) near AIIMS in Delhi. It looks terrible. Except the artist, it helped nobody.

  10. Tusharnath Giri Says:

    Mayawati must be happy to see this highest grade of creativity.

  11. Geetha Says:

    Bangalore is already a concrete jungle. We dont need such a beautification programme.

  12. asha Says:

    If there is any hidden meaning to this, the BBMP should put up a sign in front of the statue explaining what it is

  13. the colonel Says:

    SI are intelligent


  14. M Says:

    YES that is art. I like it. Better than the ubiquitous Ganesha. Its secular, naturistic and the creafmanship is proportionate and aesthetic.

  15. chidu22 Says:

    Another avenue for corruption in the name of beautification. For the art itself , it should be promoting local talents of Karnataka, the constitution of the state should mandate that.

  16. Deepthi Krishnamurthy Says:

    Public art in New York or Singapore makes sense even if it is abstruse. But that’s New York or Singapore! In Bangalore, spotting anything other than large posters of assorted heads (of Chinna, Maada, KaaLa, Mudda with politicians of their choice) causes discomfort to many, simply because they don’t understand it! The streets are supposed to be ugly…and finding a sculpture there already makes it ‘surrealistic’, ‘unsettling’ and in a way ‘subversive’ too!
    While I agree that it is not justified for the Govt to spend on fancy things when fundamental things have not been straightened out…isn’t it a relief just to see something that is not an ugly movie poster, pothole, fat cop, beggar, broken pavement etc.? Well, its definitely better than the super kitsch splash of colors we started seeing on walls all over the city not so long ago! Some of us are still recovering from that. Especially the freedom fighters’ portraits somewhere in Jayanagar (4th block?.. not sure)…my heart bleeds!

  17. ayyyyoooo Says:

    MF Hussain bareda chitragalannu (arthavadadiddaru) haadi hogaluvaga idannu tegaluvudeke. Illi yarradaru “art appreciation” nalli padavi padediddira?

    Shilpavantu nanna gamana seledu yenirabahudu endu yochisuvanthe maaditha. Nanage astu saaku. MF hussain athava tyeb mehtana chitragalu naanu nodiddene avu arthavuaguvudilla chintisuvantheyu madduvudilla.

  18. Anonymous Guy Says:

    What is not there to love about this magnificent piece? Who wont be wonder-struck when they behold this work of genius?

    This is one of the rare instances when public money has been spent well.

  19. frg Says:

    Some tweeted the meaning of the “art” work.

    “symbolic of BBMP. The girth of the elephant, speed of the turtle, thick hide of the rhino, the predatory nature of the hawk & tiger”

  20. nilesh Says:

    it is fine art corporation style.

  21. Faldo Says:

    Whether it is money well spent or not is open to question. However, animal lovers should welcome it. At a time when the wildlife population is dwindling and many species are getting extinct, a monument that depicts nature’s creatures might not be such a bad idea.

  22. maisuru Says:

    It is a sponsored work by Bharati Cements .

  23. insightforesight Says:

    Does anybody know
    1. who is the artist, if there was one?
    2. who within BBMP, if that is the department, commissioned this?

  24. Gaampa Says:

    Whilst this sculpture is grotesque, same with many of the multi million dollor valued modern paintings (Incl the cream which was auctioned for more than a hundred million dollor).
    I would request CM readers to suggest what to do !!!

    Miniature forts and places of Karnataka?
    Large representations of old world items like kudure gaadi (horse cart), Onake, Beeso Kallu??

  25. N Shravan Says:

    On any day it is better than the hoardings that can be seen in the background. Bangalore is badly in need of public art (That is maintained … unlike the paintings on the walls ….)

  26. simple_gowda Says:

    Take this in good light humor. Its a good lesson on peaceful co existence. I see today families so absurdly dented by pity issues(including mine).

    This is just so soothing .. i love it. They have come over here to see our lives in cities… they are on a trip. The GAJA-RAJA is taking them all on his back with majesty… wow.

  27. Alex P Says:

    Bangalore Mayor and team planning visit to SanFranciso to learn best practices

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