Who the hell wants a Mysore-B’lore bullet train?

YOGESH DEVARAJ writes: Recently, there have been news reports about plans to introduce a “bullet train” between Mysore and Bangalore.

My question to the honourable industries minister and the State government is: why? Do we really need a bullet train between the State’s premier cities, or for that matter in any part of Karnataka?

As a Mysorean and a train passenger between Mysore and Bangalore for more than 25 years, as one who is aware of this rail segment’s history, understand its needs and track the progress of the infrastructure, my belief is we definitely don’t need the bullet train.

Passengers and commuters have watched with dismay their demands being put on the backburner by the railway ministry and State government for years. To see the talk of a “bullet train” is at once revealing and disappointing.

The conversion of the track (which was laid in 1882) from metre gauge to broad gauge took 14 years to complete but even when that was done, all the State got was a single line. Gauge conversion was budgeted in 1978 and completed in 1992.

C.K. Jaffer Sharief as railway minister takes credit for the gauge conversion but never owned up the failure to get the second lane. It made economical and common sense to lay a double track at the time of conversion than adding a second lane at a later stage.

In the last 20 years, several governments (both at Centre and State) have come and gone but very little progress has taken place in this segment. The doubling of the 140 km line is progressing at a snail’s pace with only 65 km complete (55 km between Bangalore and Channapatna, and 10 km between Mysore and Naganahalli).

There is plenty more to be done: Only a third of the land required for the project has been acquired. The single line bridge in Srirangapatna over the Cauvery river needs to be demolished and replaced with two new bridges. Tipu Sultan‘s armoury needs to shifted. Etcetera.

On top of all this, there are several demands crying for intervention. Like electrifying the track; like setting up additional ticket counters (right now buying tickets in both stations is a nightmare); like establishing a railway medical college (was proposed in 2009 Rail Budget but so far no progress, not even foundation stone laid).

Instead of addressing all these important and urgent issues, which impact thousands of passengers and commuters every day, the State government is talking of a “bullet train”, which will only serve a limited few because of the high cost involved.

The State government should push the railway ministry (we have one of our own K.H. Muniyappa as minister of state) to get the pending works completed instead of embarking on something which we don’t need and can’t afford. At least not at this stage.

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50 Responses to “Who the hell wants a Mysore-B’lore bullet train?”

  1. Narayan Chabbi Says:

    entirely agree.we do not need bullet train.there are other priorities. electronic vending machines for the ticket. ramps for the sr citizens.

  2. Deshmukh Says:

    Quite right. The Railway Ministry must see that urgent needs are first taken up instead of embaring upon very expensive “Bullet Train”.

  3. Brahmanyan Says:

    I agree with Mr Devaraj fully.

  4. vivek Says:

    Thank you for a good articles Sir..I don’t think the Personal assistants/sectretaries of these ministers have any common-sense and understand the common man’s problem…How they become IAS and KAS officers

  5. sanjeeva Says:

    Double line with electrification is more than enough.

  6. simhasn Says:

    I Agree.
    ‘Bullet train’ is a gimmick & is like giving an PAD to a starved beggar.
    Just by converting into a double lane & running express trains non-stop like Shatabdhi will reduce the MYS-BLR time to 1 hr 20 min. This is first priority & not Bullet train.
    SN Simha

  7. baadhe Says:

    this will be greatest reginal imbalance if done to satisfy kongas and expanding north indians who want to cool off their asses in bengaluru.
    now that most of mantri kantri are owned by agarwals , sethis and motis given by the real estate goondas of bengaluru as if they are trading their mothers these bastards now want place in mysuru to ruin it.

    i heard nr mohalla and nazarbad have expanded like never before.
    now mysore will get tag of tippu’s den with congress minority wooing – as sonia has reached tumakuru and giving speeches of morality even after abhishek manu singhvi’s blowjob in court premises who gets away with still.
    there is also hidden activity going on web to uphold tippu.
    i also heard there are increasing number of IPL bitches resorts and some crap rock shows held with boozers increasing in the 8PM city.
    totally the same conversion is happening which happened to bengaluru 2 decades before.
    honestly its just we are making ourselves available to suffering.

    its becoming a norm for north indians ( and to compete – the kongas too ) to own a apartment in north india for winter and a home in bengluru for summer.

    now the local people who have denotified and own two apartments are checked by localites and hanged but migrants are given the first class treatment along with those army and govt workers who have already the best encroachment area.

    and our own people who are not used to live in apartments are becoming mute spectators of sharing and caring of these bastards in these apartments.

  8. Goldstar Says:

    When a guage conversion takes 14 years to complete, you can imagine how long a bullet train will take to construct.

    All these are just plain hot air talk . Talk is cheap and is plentiful. Even a pre-pre-pre-feasibility study has not been prepared for the Bangalore-Mysore line. The construction will never happen in our lifetime.

  9. Gouri Satya Says:


  10. FSY Says:

    absolutely correct; we need to speed up the average speed from a pathetic 45-50 km per hour by atleast 15% say 55-60 kms per hour and you will see the difference, The cost will not be an outrageous 200 cr per km but not even 10 % of that. This can be done by doubling tracks, electrifacation of tracks, reducing inclines (ups and downs,) straitening out curved lines and bends that reduce speed, better optimisation of train timings, increading maximum speed of the slower trains to atleast 120 km per hour from the existing 90-100 kmph speed by better coaches and engines and so on; which cost a fraction of that cost. In
    The benefits are immediate because the shorter period of time the train remains on a main line (by increasing speed), the freer the track for reduced crossing times and also freeing up track capacity for more trains

    This bullet train idea is only being proposed by this most corrupt state govt onoly to get kick backs. Even in China they reduced the speed of the bullter train to reduce fuel consumption and cost to the passengers to make the service economical and improve safety, But is anyone listening

  11. Srikanta Says:

    Nose cone around ten meters; a showel attached to nose to sweep anything that obstructs the bullet around fifty meters . Watch people flying of the tracks major attraction

  12. KannadigasLand Says:

    hell lot of outsiders in bangalore!! !enough enough migrating to bangalore..!! .please dont hook up bullet train in between bang and myse..IF so blady ousiders keep migrating to mysore(THEN MYSORE BECOMES YOURSORE!!) !!

  13. asha Says:

    K H Muniyappa is busy introducing new trains from Bengal and Bihar to Bangalore, so that people from these states, do not have any problem travelling to Bangalore and settling down here. He is too busy…leave him alone

  14. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    What is a “Railway Medical College”? Why is the Railways interested in a medical college? Why is it of interest to a commuting Mysorean?

    Why should Tippu Sultan’s armoury be shifted? What next? Shift the Taj Mahal to accommodate the next highway between Delhi and Agra?

  15. vivek Says:

    good article

  16. chidu22 Says:


    Sir, your anxiety is not unfounded, it’s shared by many in far flung parts of karnataka as they see Bengalur being raped by every filthy Indian from outside karnataka. The idea to build bullet train is to help outsiders at the cost of locals and their aspirations. I have never heard any developments in the state railway network to help the local commerce and trade.
    Muniyappa, as his predecessors from the state, have yet again displayed apathy to local needs. The state continues its tradition, sending eunuchs to the parliament.
    Bengalur is hosting many of the central government offices helping outsiders to displace locals, I dont see kannadigas finding place here, partly it’s our own doing, more so because outsiders’ (read Kongas and Northies) evil designs to screw kannadigas. The bullet train is one such design as alluded by you in your post.
    The railways is bastion of biharis and Kongas, the bullet train is extension of their family serving their own. Unless their is fundamental change in the attitude to help all, particularly the local needs above the outsiders . I dont think outsiders are bringing revenue to state, they are only here to exploit the land and people.
    So oppose any move which do not help locals.

  17. Srikanta Says:

    Localization is the future Mantra;

  18. Aravind Says:

    Bullet train?? A pure myth!!. Electrification with a double track running between two cities would be more than enough. Infact delaying of any so called progressive developments linking to Mysore is a blessing in disguise. I seriously don’t want Mysore to become another Bangalore.

  19. DailyBread Says:

    Author of this piece has a typical provincial mindset. What is the point in whining endlessly on one or the other useless subject. Churumuri flame-baits and the commentators oblige. There is no question of have this, or you will not get that thingy here. Somebody is offering a bullet train, take it instead of trivializing by asking for more ticketing kiosks…..


    >it’s shared by many in far flung parts of karnataka as they see Bengalur being raped by every filthy Indian from outside karnataka.

    You are absolutely spot on in most your comments. The comment above (in fact the entire post above) is wrong….

    The local landlords always welcome outsiders. Rents and the property prices invariably go up, general service quality of services like transportation, utility, etc., improves, you will have diversity in education institutes/society, the quality of life improves, etc.

    > I dont think outsiders are bringing revenue to state, they are only here to exploit the land and people.

    Lets not even go there, we don’t even know who is an outsider. I am from Hyderabad Karnataka, am I an outsider? Locally consumed goods & services always generate revenue for state.

  20. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Dailybread, well said. People like Chidu22 are economically illiterate.

    Every city needs an influx of people to grow. No city in India has sufficient manpower to provide white collar and other labour for a city the size of Bangalore. Tomorrow, Coimbatore will grow. Then Cochin, Vizag, Bhubhaneshwar…. all of them will see massive influx of “outsiders”. Some of those outsiders will be people who are working in Mumbai and Delhi and Bangalore today. Some of the outsiders will probably be the people commenting on this blog today.

    People like chidu22 don’t know basic economics. LOL – “exploit land and people” ante – the number of Kannadigas and Bangaloreans who have moved up in life due to the growth in Bangalore – the number is greater in the last 5 years than in the 50 years preceding that.

    I want growth and increased prosperity in Bangalore. That is the natural course. Other Indian cities will grow in a similar fashion – Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad are leading the way, now watch out for Jaipur, Cochin and Surat. Those who cannot tolerate this can go to New York or Tokyo or Mandya or Hosur.


    I don’t think this bullet train will come up, but it is so stupid to argue and cry against it. What is your point? What is wrong if it comes up? If they build a bullet train between Chennai and Vellore, these people will wail about how the Kongas are cornering all resources of South India!!! Damn, what does one do about these nagging people – they know nothing but nag, nag, nag!

  21. Hosa Mane Says:

    Some people seem to have forgotten that we are Indians first and Kannadigas second. Shame on racist narrow minded bigots who hate their fellow Indians! For every North Indian in the south, there 1000+ south Indians in North India, across Jamshedpur/Bokaro/Bhilai/Korba/Durgapur/Lucknow/Jaipur/Delhi/NCR and the list goes on. There are way more south Indians in the north than the other way around. I don’t understand why some find it hard to understand that India comes first. Be an Indian in India, be an Indian, stand up for India. Don’t be a racist and hate ur fellow Indians. Otherwise you have no right to complain when Indians get attacked in foreign countries. People who spew venom against their fellow Indians need to realise that they are no better than Geelani-they are dividing India!

  22. Nastika Says:

    Hey Guys,
    If somebody is giving you ‘Bullet Train’, take it :) and reach Mysore in 30 minutes. At the very least it help to de-congest few people from Chamundi or Tippu trains.

    For those who to see double track, electrification work done, form an action group & help Railways, Govt.

    Every family in Bangalore came from outside. Some came 2 years ago, some 20 years & some 200 years ago. So when did *you* arrive in Bangalore and start this ‘raping’ business?


  23. kkk Says:

    @Hosa Mane
    we agree but you should understand that the ground of a kannadiga is shaken by visibly evil migrant people.
    we have no problems neither we spew venom against good migrants who work here with good intentions and become one with society – they are no longer migrants.
    the people who come here and want to be still called migrants are the troublemakers.

    today we have no direct trains from mysuru to hubballi or belagavi or bijapura. why? if they did whole of karnataka would unite and break india.
    but they want one more bullet train to mysuru.

    what is the need? its not a” need” . its a “want” from rich migrants who want to remain as migrants grabbing lands.

    delhi vs mysoor is oldest battle of race , capital and geographical climate.

    hope you get the point.

  24. BangaloreBaba Says:

    kkk, what a load of horseshit.

    I agree with the first part of your post. “Good migrants” will not be migrants eventually – maybe in 3-5 years, they will assimilate and become one with society. The “bad migrants” are “bad” – agree.

    After that, you completely lost it. No direct trains from Mysore to Bijapur, Hubli, etc. because they would “unite and break India”. Give your paranoid and stupid mind a rest.

    You will be the first one to wail loudly if a bullet train is started between Chennai and Vellore, claiming that the “Kongas are cornering all the resources”, and that the “central government is favouring Kongas as usual”.

    Completely shameless!

  25. chidu22 Says:

    DailyBread, BangaloreBaba and HosaMane,

    My grouse is not at outsiders coming to Karnataka, but at their attitude towards the native people of Karnataka. They don’t have civility, show utter disregard for the local language and culture. How can you expect me to respect these uncouth people.

  26. Beluru Says:


    Swami, hogi chennai li nimma ‘outsider’ vaadha na maadi nodi, also try speaking in any language other than Tamil. Nimmantha bhasha naastikarindale kannada haaLagirodu.

    Bangalore baba,

    Nimma vithanda vadakke dodda dhikkaravirali.

    Hosa mane, ‘m sure u will be working in a corporate sector in Bangalore. Hope some insane tamil or mallu guy fires you on the basis of your mother tongue. You will understand what is patriotism later.


    Anna bond super :) and also releasing in 3 multiplexes in Chennai.

  27. Nastika Says:

    @Beluru, I am born, educated & earning livelihood in Bangalore. Why should I go to Chennai (just to find that people there are bigots?). BTW, you are impressed by Chennai & its folks. How about making the move & settling there? Just like birds flock together?

    @kkk, who is that evil ‘migrant’ who is causing heartburns, by preventing train connectivity between Mysooru & Belagavi? Could you say some names?


  28. kkk Says:

    well you flew to chennai! don’t do such mistakes.

    now why do you want a bullet train when you can reach mysuru on train bus a.c , car , jeep and even cycles.
    don’t you think first we need to make the resources available to those unlucky poor brothers and sisters of north karnataka who have no options due to deep regional imbalance?

    they don’t even have proper drinking water after 60 years of independence!

    only when we interconnect them with our nativity their problems can be solved. for example bagalkote and belagavi is notoriously famous for child marriages.

    bijapur gulbarga and ballari can be used to recreate gujarat solar panels. so there should be first people to people interaction and then technical expertise from mysoor bengaluru visiting there get river interlinking done for water and install solar panels for power – this is how things are done.

    the age of bullet train will start only when regional imbalance is met with else it will be like bengloor to mysoor people have bullet trains and people in other districts will have begging bowls.

    and well there may be some bombs in between the tracks.

  29. kkk Says:

    can you name the kannadiga ( except made by dirty politicians as representatives ) who wants bullet train.
    i will personally take him to his destiny.

  30. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Chidu22, even I dislike the attitude of many outsiders (not all). Does that mean we give up all the development and progress? Millions of Kannadigas have benefited by the growth of Bangalore. I would have probably migrated to Delhi or Mumbai by now, as would have thousands of Bangalore-Kannadigas like me. The unemployed rural folk from Mandya, Chikballapur, Davangere, etc. who are employed as drivers in Bangalore today would have rotted in their villages, remaining unemployed or underemployed. The thousands of people in the Hallis that comprise Bangalore (KG Halli, Geddalahalli, LotteGollahalli, Nagashettihalli, Gangenhalli, etc.), who are employed as Tata Sky installation people, Airtel recovery agents, attendants in malls and petrol pumps, carpenters, electricians, waiters, etc.

    What would all these people do? Do you not see the immense benefit that Bangalore’s growth has brought to the city and its people? People like me can easily migrate to Mumbai or Delhi or San Francisco or Melbourne. What will all the low-income and rural people do?

    Just because you are pissed with the attitude of some outsiders, you wish for all the growth to stop? This attitude bears a similarity to Islamic fanatics at one level, if you think about it.

    And how is all this related to the bullet train in any way? Like I said, I don’t think this train will come up in the first place, but if someone is talking about giving a bullet train between Bangalore and Mysore, why do you simply nag? Development and progress is never harmful. This is totally warped mentality that you people are displaying.

    You people are the first one to nag and rant if the same development happens in TN or AP or Kerala. And of course, if it happens in Rajasthan or UP, it is “Northie bias against Karnataka”, eh?

  31. parijataka Says:

    Most of N India and the rest of S India wish to own property in Bangalore and/or Mysore it seems. On a family trip to Yercaud, the restaurant owner [a Chennaite] where we ate, revealed he had wanted to open his restaurant in Mysore or Bangalore but cost was higher. On recent trip to Varanasi, the silk shop manager we went to revealed he had an apartment in `Kormungla`. Probably Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh also own real estate in Bangalore [Jagan already has a palatial bungalow here!].All the N Indians I know want to settle down in Bangalore… :-). All speak about the sweet nature of `kandigas` and my new neighbour [Rajasthanis] who moved from Chennai was complaining how difficult it was to manage there and how much better it is in Bangalore where everyone speaks Hindi. Methinks it is time Kannadigas started speaking more Kannada to avoid being overwhelmed by others.

  32. dr ramesh Says:

    I totally agree with chidu22,baadhe and others who are expressing concerns over the motives behind the proposed bullet train. Electrification of existing line and improvement of railway stations is the need of the hour. More dangerous plan is the proposed bangalore-chennai superfast train, this is being pursued with the sole intention of INCREASING MIGRANT TAMIL POPULATION IN KARNATAKA. Central ministers muniyappa and Krishna have again let down karnataka. They don’t deserve to get elected from karnataka.
    Best thing to happen to development of karnataka would be BANGALORE-MUMBAI SPEED TRAIN passing thru davanagere and belagavi.
    @beluru- Anna bond has created history with its first day collections, proving that PUNEETH IS ONE OF THE BEST PERFORMER ACTOR IN THE COUNTRY and Kannada films are doing great business.

  33. Shrinivas Says:

    Like it or not, migration will happen, outsiders will come. If not North Indians, you will start considering your own Kannadigas who are not from Bangalore (oh yeah, funny North Karnataka accent) as outsiders and blame them for all your troubles.

    With bullet train or without, I still see hundreds (if not thousands) of migrants coming from Tamil Nadu every day (just stand on Hosur Road at Madivala Junction and count the buses) to Bangalore to earn their daily bread. same way, hundreds (if not thousands) of people from Gulbarga and Bidar (remotest part of Karnataka) district go to Solapur (one of the remotest part of Maharashtra, yet has plenty of job opportunities) and Zahirabad seeking work.

    So, in a nutshell, you can whine all about it (like the cheap politicians of Mumbai do every time they want to hog limelight) or you can accept the migrants as your own and try to induct them into your and our culture.

    As far as the bullet train is concerned, I would love to see bullet train but not just between BLR and MYS but also to remote and backward parts of Karnataka like Raichur, Gulbarga and Bidar.

    Think about it, there are only 4 trains from Gulbarga to Bangalore daily while Gulbarga has over 12 daily trains to Mumbai and even more to Pune. Guess whom you find most in labor class in Pune???

  34. Gaampa Says:

    Yesterday I returned to Mysore by Kannur Express. The TT was superb. He was mobbed by WL tkt holders and others for assistance. He would first asnwer only in Kannada and only if they could not speak Kannada, he would reply in English.
    Bengaluru’s growth was not inclusive growth. That is well known and can be seen all around. Upper crest of living is mostly by non Kannadigas. If commenters like Bangalore Baba (he is a Telugu fellow as he slips in a Telugu word “ante”) feel Kannadigas are getting their due as Tata Sky techs, Airtel Bill collectors, that’s plain BS. Who wants my Kannadigas to be on fringe work force? There is an urgent need in India to balance the growth of mega metros. Otherwise, cities like Bengaluru will implode. Like Detroit, the motor city, now almost a ghost city.

  35. BangaloreBaba Says:

    kkk, so your problem is that North Karnataka must be developed, and we must not “waste” money on a bullet train here. Fair enough, you can say so without talking all kind of nonsense.

    If the bullet train is built between Bangalore and Mumbai as Dr. Ramesappa is suggesting, will you keep quiet then? Or do you just want to oppose any kind of development?

  36. Srikanta Says:

    Theortical underpinnings of Electron Beam Transport Technolgy has been worked out by me; The theortical model is flawless; The prototype I just built seem to preserve spin states upto four branes. Almost all quarks can be regenerated; At the moment I am able to “Beam up” simple inanimate objects. For example, I was able transport a saucer, some objects have ended up like the picaso paintings. I have not lost faith in my work. I know it will be a success.

    Due to anti-matter radiation, and event horizon at each brane, the part being “beamed up” is placed in a wooden box. Option “B” if option “A” fails is to just FedEx the box.

    If you are interested you can read the whitee paper I wrote on this.


  37. எழில் Says:

    this will be greatest reginal imbalance if done to satisfy kongas and expanding north indians who want to cool off their asses in bengaluru.// survival of fittest. if you are not capable, that is your fault we can’t do anything.We dont bother who comes in to our state. thousands of kannadigas lives as land lords in TN. are we talking anything about them? never. its upto you how u are going to utilize the infrastructure, if you can’t, others will. thats the moral. grow grow instead of blame blame

  38. Nastika Says:

    What people want here is:
    1) Double track
    2) Electrification.
    Bullet train is double track & is electrified. Plus it reaches fast.

    When Govt wants to give mobile telecom network, few people want still want landline telecom network.

    @kkk, when on some day you enjoy the electrified, double train ride on tracks (ie on open toilet) and reach Mysore from Bangalore, your kids would you reached Mysore and finished climbing Chamundi hills on foot.


  39. DailyBread Says:

    Bangalore Baba, great comments. Socialist kool aid detoxification is not that easy. Lage raho…..


    >Otherwise, cities like Bengaluru will implode. Like Detroit, the motor city, now almost a ghost city.

    Sir, whats the link? Who says Detriot is a ghost city?. You need to blame chinese and Reddys for any decline in fortunes of Michigan.

  40. Faldo Says:

    There would be no harm if there is a double track, electrification, bigger and better railway stations and a bullet train. Yes, a double track and an electric line have been long standing needs, but it does not mean that we should restrict ourselves to items which were needed twenty years ago. Maybe if we ask for all these and we might end up getting at least one of them.

  41. the colonel Says:

    losers all.

    kanada is more important than the right of a female child to life. the deficiency has crossed three crores by last count.

    seven sponsors have paid 620 crores each for satyameva jayate, but kanada and KFA have won.

    continue counting

  42. gaampa Says:

    Daily Bread…
    Detroit – a Ghost town

  43. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Gampa, “anthe” is a very commonly used Kannada interjection. You are clueless enough to call it a “Telugu word”. I did mention that I was a Bangalore Kannadiga – are you not reading the responses?

    And the Tata Sky part completely went over your head. Let me try again.

    As many Kannadigas in Bangalore are in white collar jobs, as any other individual linguistic group. Your problem is that you bulk everyone into “Northies” – the fact is that Kannadigas form the single largest group of white collar professionals in Bangalore. Larger than Dilliwalas, Bengalis, Marathis, Gujarathis, and so on.

    And my point is, this is how it is going to be in any city in India. Do you expect an SSLC pass or PUC pass to work as a marketing executive or sales manager or software developer? The sad fact about any Indian city is that there are just not enough people with the requisite level of education to fill in all jobs required in a megacity. There will always be outsiders. Delhi also has more outsiders – UP wallahs, Rajasthanis, Himachalis, Biharis, Tamilians, Kannadigas – yet, Dilliwalas form the single largest group. Ditto with Mumbai. Marathis form the single largest group, but that is still less than the outsiders – the Gujarathis, Marwaris, Kannadigas, etc. form a larger number in total, than the Marathis.

    This is what will happen tomorrow, in Cochin, Jaipur and Surat.

    Do you understand the mathematics and the economics involved here? Or does this logic still elude you?

  44. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Dailybread, thanks!

    I agree – socialist Kool aid detoxification is an onerous task. I am hoping against hope that the task will become easier after the old generation is replaced by the newer one. The problem is that we have too many socialist mindset people in positions of influence. As those people begin retiring and get replaced by the 90s generation, things should improve manifold.

    I foresee a bright future for India in the 2020s onward, once this “generational change” begins to take effect, as millions of 90s kids enter the workforce.

  45. Sandesh Says:

    “seven sponsors have paid 620 crores each for satyameva jayate”
    Wish instead they had used the money for actually help saving female life….

  46. Nastika Says:

    @Sandesh, few question:
    1) How raise 620 crores without a program?
    2) How to use 620 crores to stop female infanticide? Who to give that money?
    3) Do you believe throwing money will solve that problem?
    BTW, this thread is about train journey. You are on wrong thread.


  47. DailyBread Says:


    Sir, repeating again, whats the link? why do you think Bangalore will become another Detroit? I was a traveling salesman in Midwest area in late 90s/early 2000s. I know what happened to Detroit and why? But ye wala comparison is little difficult to digest….

    @Bangalore Baba,

    >I foresee a bright future for India

    Sir, all is not well on that front, the blood sucking socialists have gamed the system. They are back in power in Europe and RTE/FSB/MNAREGA foggies are firmly in saddle here. You can’t legislate away illiteracy, hunger & unemployment, but thats the kool aid we are being drip fed. Anyways I wish more power to your fingers……

  48. pun Says:

    WOW, am amazed at the xenophobia in this thread. Tomorrow people will start claiming that dinosaurs went extinct due to kongas and north indians. Like many people have explained here that influx will happen and is unavoidable. Poor people are poor irrespective of their mother tongue. Just because of some noisy outsiders one cannot stereotype them all. Do you mean to say there are no noisy kannadigas??

    Also our beloved Rajkumar was a kannada speaking konga originally from Erode district. Do you consider him outsider or kannadiga?


  49. Mysorean Says:

    Change is the only constant in this world! I hope bullet train sees the light sooner than later.

  50. Madhu, Mysore Says:

    Yes sir yogesh, you are right. who wants bullet train ? non of the common man is dreaming about that. Just make Double track between Mys-Bng is more than enough for us and for next gen.life time. I am listening this issue for past 12 years. This year will happen… that year will happen…. and wating still……….. i am traveling every week and looking out of the window every time the work progress [it is faster than Tortoise ! ah.ho.ha!]. I am 40 years now and i wish before getting retirement i want to travel at least once in double track. lets pray DT dream will come true !!!

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