CHURUMURI POLL: Mandira, Archana or Shibani?*

Yes, it is the silly season.

First we had Mandira Bedi, the wide-eyed Punjabi girl who gingerly learnt the game with experts while she adjusted her noodle-straps. Then came along Mayanti Langer, the Kashmiri lass whose breakneck diction did not distract conspiracy theorists from wondering if she was a surreptitious product placement for Adidas’ Jabulani ball.

Now, in season five of the Indian premier league, we have been served up Archana Vijaya and Shibani Dandekar as eye-candy to beat the summer heat. Sports television’s admirable quest to make cricket coverage sexy and expand the viewership by empowering women anchors continues relentlessly.

Who gets your vote?

* Please feel free not to take part in this poll should it offend your (soccer and/or gender) sensibilities.

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7 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Mandira, Archana or Shibani?*”

  1. dr ramesh Says:

    The rate at which cricket is being spoilt by IPL in the name of commercialization, the days are not far away when MAN OF THE MATCH in a IPLgame will get to spend a day with Glam dolls. What’s happening in IPL is just not cricket.
    its more shameful to see a man like GAVASKAR who took on Andy Roberts and Lillie with elan and gusto nodding his head in admiration on cricketing insights of SHIBANI and other Bollywood actors.
    BOLLYWOOD HAS BECOME SOFT PORN INDUSTRY AND IPL IS FEELING ITS AFTER EFFECTS. National council for women welfare should step in to stop exploitation and commodification of women in IPL.

  2. Goldstar Says:

    Is anybody still watching IPL?

    This IPL would probably go down in history when more people watched IPL in stadium than on TV. Sony is finding it tough to find advertisers:

  3. Nastika Says:

    @dr ramesh, your post is like a rant and sort of mourning. Who are you mourning for? Who is dead?


  4. chidu22 Says:

    Age old adage” sex sells” holds true. So with liberalisation in the 90s , India is cashing in on this phenomenon. This will continue as long as women feel their power is their sexuality,and Freedom and liberty exists. Is it sexualisation of women ?,or the society is shedding its inhibitions and is growing comfortable with nudity/human body,is how you look at it.

  5. ತಿಪ್ಪೇಸ್ವಾಮಿ ಹೊಸೂರು Says:

    ನನ್ನ ವೋಟು ಪೂನಂ ಪಾಂಡೆಗೆ :-()

  6. ganesha Says:

    if Asad Rauf is caught like this. then imagine how much sex flows in IPL.
    Rajiv Shukla is the biggest pimp.

    its shame we are still allowing IPL.
    cricket has become a disgrace.

  7. harkol Says:

    Ganesh: By any chance are you from Mangalore? Part of the ‘defend Hindu culture’ gang? ;)

    Why should we care if a grown up woman, decides to share a bed with a man, who isn’t interested in Marrying her, but isn’t averse to a romp? isn’t it a problem between those two?

    And if IPL is a front for ‘flow’ of much sex, then it is a worry for the wives of cricketers. Why talk of ‘allowing’ IPL?

    I mean, who are we to allow or disallow something that’s within the legal limits?

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