What should BJP do about Yediyurappa problem?

The BJP’s disgraceful nataka in Karnataka continues without a pause. Nary a fortnight passes without TV viewers and newspaper readers being woken up to the now familiar anthem of name-calling, muscle-flexing and shadow-boxing. And so it is this May in the year of the lord 2011.

After breathing fire and brimstone over the CBI probe okayed by the Supreme Court into B.S. Yediyurappa‘s wheeling and dealing, and after merrily slapping their thighs all weekend, the nation’s most ethically, morally, financially and sexually challenged bunch of legislators have now tucked their tail between their legs for another day.

Which will be some day soon.

After praising Sonia Gandhi one afternoon and threatening to resign from the party and bring down the government, the former chief minister has said he will not quit party for now and assumed his familiar position as the nuisance maker whom the BJP cannot swallow or spit out if it doesn’t want to lose the keys to the gateway to the South.

So, it’s back to status quo ante. A severely hobbled State government which doesn’t know if it is staying or going. A chief minister who doesn’t know if he is talking to friend or foe. An administration that is driving the State down to the dust, in a season of drought and despair. And a State whose reputation is being wrecked on a daily basis.

Question: what can the BJP do to get out of this hole?


Photograph: Former chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa leaves the Siddaganga mutt in Tumkur after calling on Sri Shivakumara swamiji  on Monday (Karnataka Photo News)


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How much longer will BSY stay in BJP?


CHURUMURI POLL: Yediyurappa as CM again?

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34 Responses to “What should BJP do about Yediyurappa problem?”

  1. harkol Says:

    BJP should kick Yeddy out. Yes, it’ll lead to a loss in one election. But, if BJP wants a long run in Karnataka politics, without it too becoming another ‘appa makkala’ party, then it needs to swallow this bitter pill.

    Yeddy will go the same way so many other stalwarts of BJP did before. Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharati, Keshubhai Patel, Shankar Singh Vaghela all thought they were indispensable to the party, but were no where without the party.

    Yeddy is just another politician who is nothing without the support of a national party. He doesn’t have it in him to build a local party, even if he did he will go Deve Gowda way – Needing support of a national party to be anywhere close to power.

  2. Brahmanyan Says:

    “From anger arises bewilderment, from bewilderment loss of memory; and from loss of memory, the destruction of intelligence and from the destruction of intelligence he perishes”(2.63)
    (Bhagvad Gita)

  3. Laxminarayana Rao Says:

    Politicians are shameless. Matadhipati’s are another class, who encourage politicians for their own gains. all these people put together drive this country to make a worst place for our future generation to live. Shivakumar swamiji probably has no guts to tell politicians not to visit him under the guise of taking blessings. If these politicians give so much respect to the swamiji then why not these swamijis cleanse our country of these dirty politicians.

  4. shanoi Says:

    Porbably everything is possible if India can get rid of Religions and castes. But every effort since 2000 years has failed . Each attempt has started another new caste/religion
    Jagajyothi Basaveswara, a great social reformer we had, tried, had to give up being a minister, had to retreat to Kudala sangama etc

    We have bear it I think

  5. Anand Baradi Says:

    Vinaasha kaale viparitha buddhi , lingayatara “Dandanayaka” yeddy will go down Bali chakravarthy’s or shishupala’s way no doubt , one of the worst chief minister karnataka has seen , inspite of all his misdeeds he keeps on ranting about his caste in each and every public platform and foolishly supported by his fellow community cronies,also sad to see seers who belongs to same community , these seers who supposedly should given all their ‘LUAKIKA SUKA’ have forgot their ‘DHARMA’ and are behaving as community power brokers

    Having said all these , bear with bloody yeddy and BJP for next six months and after that there should be no traces of yeddy till his lifetime

  6. div Says:

    They should fire this guy from the party even at the expense of an early election. It is unlikely that he will get a red carpet welcome from any party given what he has done (hmmm…not completely sure about the opportunistic JD(S)). Even if that happens, hopefully people of Karnataka are not that insane to elect the party which will have yeddy the next time. If they want to still vote based on caste, good luck to them and god save them.

  7. Jayashree Says:

    Crush and kill the BJP BED BUG!

  8. chidu22 Says:

    Its not Yeddyurappa { he is doomed anyway!), its the sick Indian politics that needs to be fixed.Yeddyurappa epitomises that is Indian politics. He is cought out in a time when the congress is looking to fix the opposition to cover its own track record. Fearing CBI wrath, Yedyurappa cought in a web, can only do what he is doing but cannot go outright against the party.Otherwise, he will meet the same fate as Bangaru Laxman. He is in a limbo, it will only get worse for him. Its better to come out and face the long arm of law, which will not spare him even if he sticks by the party. So the solution lies with advisers to tell him the right thing.
    DVS is another from the same stable as Dharam Singh and the also rans.

  9. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Not sure if there’s a logical answer to the question other than, “Kick him out”.

  10. AlanJ Says:

    Genetics + Lack of Nutrition + Indiscipline +Laziness + Lack of Intellectualism + Lack of Exercise = One Stupid Indian

  11. Govinda Says:

    You are correct Jay! He is a blood sucker of the people!

  12. Indu Ramesh Says:

    Kick him out. He seems to think that the BJP will do everything he asks for, just because he has the support of the swamis of his community, Or does he?

  13. kaadu manushya Says:

    jealousy and envy rule karnataka politicians.

    but still i want people like yeddyurappa to speak against the central leaders and carve a power centre here.

    corruption is everywhere we can see how singhvi chidambaram and sheela dixit are saved by congress!
    a bill gates gets out of office in america where everything (from prostitution to pornography) is legal.

    but here even after the video is leaked all over internet our esteemed parliamentarians tried to block internet itself instead of touching high profile ones because he knows every secret of every judge and politician!!

    yesterday chidambaram was crying not to question his integrity aircell max deal ( i strongly feel deal was with russian prostitutes )

    we need someone here who can bypass the dreaded delhi politics and reach out deals and trade with other countries directly.

    Sadananda Gowda doesn’t even know how to ask to ask for water in drought . he doesn’t know how power supply can be restored.
    he seems a small rabbit warming in BJP camp.

  14. Prasad Says:

    @LR, There was a report in Tumkur daily [Praja Pragathi] on monday that Yeddy had Telephoned Shivakumara swamiji on Sunday morning and Swamiji asked him to be calm and resolve issue with mutual consultation for which Yeddy started saying that BJP is ignoring him and he had to take an action for which swamiji said do whatever you think is right and cut the call. I guess because of that he had visited Mutt on Monday. The paper report was about how Yeddy is loosing various swamijis well wish. It also reported that Muruga shri objected in his speech to Yeddy’s ranting about DVS in his speech on sunday. It also reported that Suttur shri also did not entertrain Yeddy in Nanjungud function on Friday. See the report at http://prajapragathi.epapertoday.com/?yr=2012&mth=5&d=14. “BSY dhooravidalu Mathadhishara Chinthe” in front page. Same paper also reported sometime back that Shivakumara swamiji asked Yeddy and his ilk to concentrate on their Work than visiting the Mutt.

    Prajapragathi reporting is fair except for a little bit pro-biased towards Siddu.

  15. Sanjeeva Says:

    Best option for the BJP is to seek fresh mandate, accepting its mistakes. Atleast people may forgive, reconsider and elect the party again. If this daily dose of shameless drama continues, it would reflect on the developmental work of the state, people who get more and more fed up and the party will have to face its consequences whenever elections are held.

  16. chanakya Says:

    Just throw Yeddi and Renukacharya to Arabian sea,,,,

  17. Simple Says:

    Niether Yeddi has to guts to get out of BJP, nor does the BJP Low command have the authority to sack him. Each cannot do without the other. With or without Yeddi, with or without Gadkari, BJP is doomed in the next assembly polls, whenever it is held.

  18. Gouri Satya Says:

    Throw him out with his supporters.

  19. ashram67 Says:

  20. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Kaadu Manushya, you improve day by day! Your posts are getting a little more readable as the days progress.

    I didn’t understand what is your problem with “Bill Gates” though – what has he done?

    And regarding “bypassing Delhi politics” – you need to learn from ThiruKa and co., the way they brought Hyundai and other Korean companies to TN.

  21. DailyBread Says:

    Wah!!, forget churumuri’s obsession with BSY, people who could not even win a class monitor’s election will advise a political party on what to do with a former CM who built the party in the state over a period of 40 years.

    Having said that, I wish he does a Shankar singh vaghela. Renukacharya should bargain a RS nomination as part of the deal and join the standing committee headed by honorable Abhishek Manu Singhvi or alternatively demand the governership of Rajastan so that he can learn how to handle nurses.


    >BJP is doomed in the next assembly polls, whenever it is held.

    Sir, not so fast & how is your former chief spokesperson doing? BJP has built a war chest of US $ 5 -8 billion in last 5 years in Karnataka. In case of hung verdict, BJP has all the necessary tools to form the government. Congressis have been out of power in state for close to 7 years now and their poverty is visible.

  22. Sanjeeva Says:

    DailyBread, to opine whether a book is good or bad, one need not be an Author himself; to decide whether a film is good or bad, one need not be a Director. Vox Populi sir. People’s voice. Don’t under estimate the opinions of the readers or the general public. It could be the collective opinion of a group of people. It could be a decider whenever elections are held.

  23. kaadu manushya Says:

    well i thought you stopped at oedipus in Karnad’s entry.
    looks like you have come out of supply demand mind -that makes my comments enlightened to you. i am happy.
    sorry for typo i meant Bill Clinton.

  24. Ashwin R Says:

    After all this comes to an end after several years(if it does), one of us will be able to write an epic akin to Ramayana and Mahabharata!!! We can link it to other national level scams so that future generations will know the modern day drama!!

  25. Nastika Says:

    When BSY goes to jail, the most relieved & delighted would be
    1) His high command
    2) His colleagues
    3) People of his state (leaving out his benefactors).

    I pity such a human being. How is it like to go to bed every night, knowing that half the people you talk everyday wish you were in jail….


  26. DailyBread Says:


    >Vox Populi sir. People’s voice. It could be a decider whenever elections are held.

    Grand delusion Sir. Obviously you have not heard about Sivaganga model. Even now, BSY can hire the services of Advantage Strategic Consulting and emerge out of this mess smelling roses.

  27. Mahadevaswamy Says:

    Why people are blaming Yeddi alone do you think is there any high command in BJP. BJP General Secretary Sri Ananthkumar is responsible for all this developments in karnataka Bjp.

  28. Nastika Says:

    How did this photo miss Churumuri?


  29. Nastika Says:


  30. RaoWords Says:

    Show the way to mental asylum!!

  31. harkol Says:


    How do you know that Ananthkumar is responsible? All we keep hearing is screaming, crying, begging Yeddy on news. The guy has no sense of shame, modesty or propriety.

    One may vote for a crook by mistake (without knowing his crookedness), but one should never vote for a crook when he is shown to be a crook. Yeddy is a self confessed (‘i did what all CMs do’!!) crook.

  32. harsha Says:

    BJP should throw Yedi if he again cries like a baby for CM seat.. Sharad Pawar moved out of INC and still commands respect. If Yedi wants respect and power, let him ask his folks to resign and seek mandate again.
    Karnataka should stop voting for national parties, its time for regional parties

  33. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    There is a new power combination in India now: the enforcement directorates and the judiciary. Would be interesting to see if money and jaathi can render their efforts ineffective. Yediyrappa and the Reddys’ situation is a test case.

    We are also seeing the chipping away of the power of the legislative and executive wings of government. Given the level of incompetence and corruption in those bodies, it may be a welcome development. But thinking of what will happen to parliamentary democracy in India as a result is enough to give anybody a pause.

    In the game of dynastic politics, the scions of leaders ought know the niceties and nuances and what it takes to nourish the continuity of democratic polity. We are not anywhere near that expectation. For instance, Rahul Gandhi still is unable to get his bearings on a world gifted to him; B. Y. Raghavendra has not said a word in Parliament that I know of. For H. D. Kumaraswamy, New Delhi is justs another place for nefarious financial and political deals. The list is a long one.

    What should the BJP do now? Abandon BSY to his fate and commit harakiri. Nobody will miss either.

    The under thiry population is what can bring about positive change.

  34. Rastrakoota Says:

    Actually, do nothing! In a sense he is doing everything himself now! Isnt he?He is making all efforts to be expelled. He needs this to be able to rise again riding the sympathy wave hence generated coupled with the enormous amount of ill gotten wealth. BJP knows if it takes the step of expelling him,its gonna lose a precious vote bank which it does not want to knowingly risk. Yeddy will have to wean himself away in such a case. Or are there more twists as usual?

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