Sugata Raju is new editor of ‘Vijaya Karnataka’

Vijaya Karnataka, the Kannada daily from The Times of India group, has a new editor: Sugata Srinivasaraju, the former associate editor, south, of Outlook* magazine. He takes over from Vasant Nadiger who was officiating as editor following the sudden death of E. Raghavan in March.

Raghavan had taken over VK from the paper’s longstanding editor Vishweshwar Bhat, who has since moved to Kannada Prabha, the Kannada daily owned by the mobile phone baron turned parliamentarian, Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

ToI bought Vijaya Karnataka in 2006 from the truck operator Vijay Sankeshwar, who launched a new title called Vijaya Vani following the end of the five-year no-compete clause with Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd. Vijaya Karnataka also faces growing competition from former market leader Praja Vani (from the Deccan Herald group).

* Disclosures apply

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Is Vijaya Karnataka ready for a Dalit editor?

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11 Responses to “Sugata Raju is new editor of ‘Vijaya Karnataka’”

  1. DailyBread Says:

    >truck operator Vijay Sankeshwar,

    Do we really need to insult our successful entrepreneurs like this. The man has single handedly built one of the most successful & largest Logistics & Transportation company in South India. The man had the vision & sagacity to build a news paper empire from scratch. Try doing it……

  2. Sanjeeva Says:

    Dear Editor, Your first task is to kindly see that the style of headlines are changed (vichitra sheershikegalu, absurd sentences, silly and funny thale baraha, two words in red colour etc.) Please bring some semblance to the news paper, make it more interesting. Your competitor is only Prajavani. Please introduce some good columnists to write on different subjects, different topics (politics, science, sports, social science, contemporary issues) All the best. If there are no worthy improvement in the next three months, I will stop reading VK once for all.

  3. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    His dad was a great person. always trying to bring out hidden talent in Kannada literature through Christ College. Hope son follows the same trend to find some talent in Kannada journalism.

  4. Gouri Satya Says:

    All the best Sugata Raju. VK needs good moves from you.

  5. Mahadevaswamy Says:

    Good Luck Sir

  6. Deepak Says:

    All the best.

  7. Anitha Says:

    Sri Sugata Raju,

    Hearty congratulations.

    May I request you to look at the issue of film reviews carried on in VK sunday editions on a priority basis?

    My concern is since the last few weeks we are reading a lot of telugu, tamil, malayalam and hindi movie reviews in what is probably the largest circulated kannada newspapers. I dont understand why we have to endure this pain. I was absolutely disgusted when Mahesh Devashetty wrote about the tattoo on Trisha in his review of Dammu. Infact I even had a word with one of the staff and he replied quite arrogantly that we live in a cosmopolitan city and therefore VK is doing this.

    Can that be a valid excuse? How many telugus, tamilians, malayaalis read your paper? The circulation is so high only because kannadigas read it and we dont need a bloody telugu or tamil film review in a kannada paper.

    Please focus on giving quality news and reviews on kannada films, kannada naatakagalu and kannada sangeetha loka.

  8. virgopal Says:

    Agree completely with Anitha reg film reviews.Dont know how many Telugu/ malayalees / Tamils can read kannada.Very few I guess.So what’s the point in reviewing non Kannada movies?
    Instead I request SrimRaju to give prominence to Kannada movies.
    No offence meant for other language friends:)

  9. srivalli Says:


    Now a days in our house we also feel that vk is not worth reading. we are planing to change from vk to some other papers. you have to publish different kinds of articles and also note that please don’t repeate the articles.


  10. Ashok karekura Says:

    Date 20/12/12 ra page no 10 nalli ‘premjibhayi matthu kach purana’ article alli kach ‘dodda’ jille antha barediddeere, adu ‘sanna’ jille alva?

  11. Lokesh Says:

    priya sampadhakare,
    parisara malinya thadege uthamavada prakatane maduthiddiri. eegina kasada samasye innu hathotialli baruthilla plastic vasthugala balakeyannu kadime madalu jagruthi maduthiddiri dhanyavadagalu.adhare mumbaruva rajakiya atakke andare election ge munche jagruthi needalu shuru madi. ekendare rajakiya pakshagala bhithi pathragalu banner galu rasteyalli kattuva postergalinda innu hechu parisara nashavaguva sadyathe hechide addarinda dayamadi avugala havali thadegattalu panathodi.

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