How to launch a Kannada channel for Rs 25 cr

On the New York Times site India Ink, Raksha Kumar writes on how the Kannada news channel Public TV got launched:

“I got these lights for just 40 rupees each (76 US cents) when Wipro closed one of its branches in Bangalore,” said H.R. Ranganath, chairman and managing director, pointing at the ceiling.

“These cubicles, which my reporters and editors use, were bought from a shut-down office of Kingfisher,’’ he added, while doors were purchased from a Siemens branch that closed….

“We bought the cameras we use for 200,000 rupees each,” said Shashi Deshpande, facilities manager at Public TV. “Each of them would have cost us one million or more if purchased new.”

“According to Mr Ranganath, the cost of starting up a regional television news channel in Karnataka is anywhere from 45 to 50 crores, or 450 million to 500 million rupees ($8.5 million to $9.4 million). He figured that if he could cut capital and operational costs at least in half, then he would be able to build a network without any outside financial help.”

Photograph: courtesy The New York Times

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Is there room for another Kannada news channel?

This is your chief minister and here is the news

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13 Responses to “How to launch a Kannada channel for Rs 25 cr”

  1. subbulakshmi Says:

    and you believed him.. poor you…

  2. Anand Baradi Says:

    Just got curious to know the public TV owner ship after reading that minimum cost to launch a channel is 25 crore and also not to forget public disclosure of the assets of public tv head honcho H R Ranganath

    I searched the web and have gathered some information

    1) Public TV is owned by a company called Writemen Media Pvt Ltd
    2) Writemen Media Pvt ltd has authorised capital of 1 crore and paid up capital of 34 lakh
    3) Company has two directors H R Ranganath (M.L.A layout,R.T.Nagar, Bangalore) and Jay Menon (Balaji Layout ,Kodigehalli , Bangalore)
    4) Writemen Media Pvt ltd has no secured loans
    All the above are facts and obtained from ROC website

    Some speculations based on the above

    1) If they have incurred 25 crore to launch a channel , if I am not wrong u cannot exceed the authorised capital of 1 crore
    2) How did Ranganath arrange so much of secured /unsecured money on his own, considering his public disclosure of measly assets
    3) Who is this Jay Menon ? is he also an investor or just a director employed by the company , Jay Menon’s father name is stated as Govindan kutty menon , is this kutty same as Kerala congress leader who passed away recently
    4) Ranganath’s residence is stated as M.L.A layout , R.T.Nagar ,Bangalore , This M.L.A layout is the nesting ground of congress leaders ,Verappa moily, Dharam singh , Roshan baig,Qamarul islam If this residence is owned by Ranganath , is this the BDA ‘G’ category site which was given by congress CM S.M Krishna ,also Ranganath while declaring his assets mentioned he has 30 * 40 site in bangalore but M.L.A layout should be mostly 60 * 40

    I see HAND in PUBLIC TV

  3. suresh Says:

    you need quality programs more than chairs, table and cameras for a good Kannada channel. As expected Ranganath has joined the medley of other so called news channels

  4. harsha Says:

    its one more of the news channel breed which promotes more non-kannada stuff than kannada ones!! right from the name till the content..

  5. Anitha Says:


    Bang on target you are, when you say that they promote more non-kannada programs than the kannada ones.

    For instance, two days back I was apalled to see a program on Public TV on the music launch of Ajit’s tamil movie Billa 2. I was completely stunned. Where was the need and what was the necessity of promoting a tamil album in what is supposed to be a kannada tv news channel??

    But to be fair to Public TV they are not the only ones indulging in these kind of programs.

    Samaya carried the news how Gabbar Singh, a telugu movie is creating box office history in AP.

    TV9, which acts more of a telugu channel than kannada, carries all the happenings of tamil and telugu movie industry.

    Janasri channel had a half hour program on the earnings of Dammu and Gabbar Singh.

    Even the most native of all the news channels, Gowdra Kasturi News, too carries news like this.

    I wonder why not a single kannadiga or kannada organisations or kannada horaatagaaru have raised a voice against this.

  6. chanakya Says:

    Ranga,,,,,,Vittala……..Ranga…… I remember this old Kannada song….mythology says that universe has many hidden secretes and one should not try to discover them,,,,Ranga,,,,,,Vittala…..RANGA……….Wronga…..?

  7. Simple Says:

    Am disappointed with the programming content of Public TV. I thought it would be a channel that would be zara hat ke. But the only redeeming aspect of this channel is the way he presents the news at 9 am. I like the way he dissects and analyses news.

  8. dr ramesh Says:

    All Kannada news channels are doing great DISSERVICE to karnataka and kannadigas by promoting low -quality, non Kannada movies. Even engagements, one night standoffs and marriages of non Kannada film stars are EXPERT ANALYSED in these channels.
    What a pity, performers Like CHITTANI HEGDE, NAGARATHNAMMA are not given recognition and space in these news channels but chiranjeevi son’s marriage gets prime time attention.
    If this continues kannadigas should boycott these news channels resulting in their closure.
    Telugu, Tamil and Hindi news channels have no space for Kannada arts, literature and culture, why should kannadigas yield?.

  9. sathish Says:

    I am Sathish , horanada kannadiga, would like to share this information to all kannada people.

    1.Most of our Kannada TV channels are directly owned or Invested by Non kannada people , by other state TV networks / persons

    2. Though they have their own TV networks in their own states like Tamil Nadu but they are not allowing kannada TV channels to function and broad cast kannada pograms in their respective channels where as in karnataka we have provided full opportunity for all language channels to broad cast in their respective language.

    As a result millions of kannada viewers doesnt get opportunity to view kannada channel pograms, this clearly shows its a discriminatory and curbing of constitutional rights given to language and its people.

    I request the concern to act appropriatly and stop this discriminatory action by neighbouring states ex.TN
    or stop the other language broadcasting in karnataka or else ensure all kannada channels are braodcasted in other states.

  10. mahesh.s Says:

    waaw i am stunt with sir.Mr.Rangnath for their brilliance.These days we need public informer like you.My good wishes to you always.

  11. madhu Says:

    1. Expected a change compared to other kannada news channels. But most programs .
    2. But the prime news, is truly worth watching compared to other channels. After all we watch news channels to watch news, not bramhanda or heegu unte stuff.

  12. Sharath Says:

    In programmes like “Pavada” which is telecasted on Sunday morning the channel (Public TV) say not to go with person who say, they have supernatural powers, and on the same day night they used to telecast a programme called “Kashmora” a programme based on supernatural powers, and now they are telecasting advertisements like “Sarala Vastu” & “Bhairavi Yantra” which is promoting superstition. Is the channel Public TV under Ranganna guidence working and fighting for the betterment of the society or working and running in the race to gain TRPs or working only for the money which is generated from advertisements like “Sarala Vastu” & “Bhairavi Yantra”.

    Mr. Mukund Says:
    “If people say bad things about you, you must be doing something good.” is this good to the public

    Mr. Ranganna is creating confusion among the public and silently making money, ” Ibbara Jagaladalli Muraneyavanige Labha”

  13. jlakkanna Says:

    Hai ranganath I am your fan wish happy sukses.
    Your all Chanel’s b o luck

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