Bird brain? Finally a Kingfisher in good company

It speaks for the power of branding that Kingfisher is identified more for barley water and the mineral water after which a barely-afloat airline is named. But there is such a thing as the bird, too, and we don’t mean the tweeting kind that the Kingfisher owner’s son was infamous for till the out-of-court settlement was reached in the IPL molestation case.

On Thursday, near the central library in Cubbon Park, the bird of good times shows a penchant for good company by taking refuge on the statue of the visionary administrator, Diwan K. Seshadri Iyer.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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Such a lot of water but not a lot of power (sigh)

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7 Responses to “Bird brain? Finally a Kingfisher in good company”

  1. Arrow Says:

    Seshadri Iyer, no doubt was a visionary Diwan. How vision less is the present administration, for their pathetic failure in not able to keep his statue clean and also restore the Central library to its past glory.

  2. Gouri Satya Says:

    This is how our heritage is preserved in Karnataka.

  3. RAWKILLER Says:

    To be an Iyers Rock, and not to Roll

  4. yogeshdevaraj Says:

    I doubt if our Minister Belamagi (who also holds public libraries portfolio in addition to many other departments) would know much about Diwan Seshadri Iyer nor care about the nuisance seen in the picture nor the sorry state of public libraries. We all know what interests him these days.

  5. Sanjeeva Says:

    Well, what should be done?! Engage a person to clean the statues on daily basis? Or keep all the statues covered with glass case?!

  6. yogeshdevaraj Says:

    Blog post on the apathy of the monument and about the man in-the-picture

    @sanjeeva – if not daily, make sure it is cleaned periodically and not to wait for the rain to wash away the dirt. btw, does all the statues in Bengaluru or elsewhere are in this miserable state ??

  7. Renu Says:

    Forget about this statue of Diwan K. Seshadri Iyer. Pl. come to Gulbarga, how clean the roads are.. ! Years together the administrators are building roads, but, till date they have not completed. No roads, no footpaths, no cleanliness, everything is a mess.

    In 6th June 2011, they cut trees for making road wide, still roads are not completed. This is our administration from Indian Administrative Service. Udho Udho uDho…

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