The best advertisement for safety of Hyundai?

Driving on Indian roads (and returning home safely) is a daily miracle. Motorists and pedestrians encounter all manner of beasts trying to send us intimations of our mortality at all times. At Nagarabhavi circle in Bangalore on Tuesday, a Hyundai car driver miraculously escaped unhurt after a cement concrete mixer turned turtle. Tomorrow is another day.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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16 Responses to “The best advertisement for safety of Hyundai?”

  1. harkol Says:

    Amazing what modern cars can do. The crumple zones can indeed be life savers.

  2. the colonel Says:

    jai ho bengaluru

    police busy pulling out tinted screens.

    safety an enigma


    whatever excuse “haveu”

  3. the colonel Says:

    my old eyes said it was a jet engine from a plane………lol

    on a closer look

    it re-enforced avor plight

    mis-spelling deliberate.

  4. AlanJ Says:

    Analyzing the shape of the cement mixer it is conical; that perhaps did little less damage. It would have been a different case for a different shape.

  5. Nastika Says:

    If Hyundai (or any other manufacturer) claims their cars is safe based on a accident photo, then there is no bigger fool than them.

    Can they assure that driver & any passenger will survive that accident again? If they do then that is an advertisement for safety.

    @harkol, crumple zones are in the front, rear & sides. A & B pillars utmost can support weight of the car. No way they are designed to support the weight of a concrete mixer. And nobody designs crumple zone for roof.


  6. Vivek Vijayan Says:

    If the driver and co-passenger had their seat-belts fastened, they would not have made it out in time. Sometimes defying rules and safety precautions helps?

  7. Sunil Says:

    Jokes apart, Question to be asked, “Who is responsible for this ?”

  8. rama Says:

    search ‘concrete mixer crash in china’ in google or on . you will see two passenger turned pulp!

  9. harkol Says:

    Nastika: Good point. Perhaps as AlanJ pointed it is the conical shape that avoided the complete crushing of the car.

  10. Chandrashekhar Joshi (@CJ_Shekhar) Says:

    Vivek Vijayan – more people in US die because of wearing seat belts than not wearing them!!

  11. Faldo Says:

    Was the car trying to carry the cement mixer?

  12. Nastika Says:

    Its for a reason why seat-belts are compulsory. You need to find & understand those reasons before commenting or spreading half-baked theories. Some education here:


  13. babuds Says:

    It may or may not be the best safety advertisement for Hundai, but it serves as a grave warning to citizens about the nature of our road traffic and its management by our mandarins.

  14. Cdr.Chandrashekar Says:

    I heard a foreign couple commenting while trying to cross a road in namma Bengaluru”we never believed in god till now, after seeing the functioning anarchy called Indian roads, we now strongly believe there is God and only he is running this great country called India

  15. Javy Says:

    if this was a Maruti car. the driver wud have died.

  16. Sanjeeva Says:

    There is a tendency among us to blame the government or administration for every ills. Of course, traffic management is horrible in Bangalore. But what do you expect! The government cannot put a bunch of policemen for every street! First, people should try to obey traffic rules. It is not that only in Bangalore traffic is awful. With the growing number of both human and vehicle population, same situation exists in every other city.

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