On days like these, only Tamannah gives company

Loaders relax on piles of onion sacks near the Cantonment railway station in Bangalore on Thursday, as work grinds to a halt owing to the Bharat bandh in protest against rising fuel prices.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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4 Responses to “On days like these, only Tamannah gives company”

  1. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Shame on NDA/BJP for this useless Bandh. Political mileage and nothing else. Why do these sly fellows not reduce taxes on petrol if they are soooo concerned?

    And this concept of Bandh itself has got to stop. Enough of this rotten Indianism of bringing the whole country to a halt. Let the BJP go on strike if they want, who gave them a right to prevent the rest of us from working?

  2. Roy Says:

    I pity on ourselves for our political choices that we have. The ruling party breaks the back of the common man by increasing the petrol and other household/grocery items. The opposition makes it worse by imposing a bandh which brings the entire country to a standstill with a loss of millions.

  3. subbulakshmi Says:

    in the same breath shame on Public TV owned by Ranganath which shamelessly and with utter disregard to media ethics telecast repeatedly gory footage of a murdered/cut body parts. Doesnt Ranga know he should practice what he preaches or used to preach once upon a time? Nobody to twist his ears?

  4. Nastika Says:

    I didn’t get what this bandh was for. Was it for
    – Central Govt to reduce duty on petrol or
    – State Govt to reduce duty on petrol or
    – OPEC to reduce crude oil price or
    – Halt falling rupee?

    I didn’t see any of these happening.

    (PS: Any of those 4 will reduce petrol price.)


    ‘Some’-body need to file a PIL in Supreme Court to prevent these channels from showing dead bodies (since it is against few religious sensibilities to see dead people). Only then there is hope.


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