Five reasons why Manmohan Singh is ‘guilty’

After tearing down every one of Manmohan Singh‘s ministers, “Team Anna” has trained its guns on the prime minister himself, calling him “shikhandi“, accusing him of turning a blind eye while his colleagues were making merry, and charging him of presiding over the coal scam.

In a piece in The Hindu, Singh’s former media advisor Harish Khare offers a backhanded defence of his ex-boss:

“Manmohan Singh is not corrupt, but he is definitely guilty. He can be easily charged — along with his political partner, Sonia Gandhi — of pursing a politics of decency and of elevating reconciliation to a matter of state policy to the extent of avoiding confrontation; a luxury, statecraft does not permit a prime minister.

“Manmohan Singh is guilty of making the grievously erroneous assessment that Mob Anna was just a bunch of well-meaning civil society busybodies; he is guilty of not seeing through their incurable political agenda.

“Manmohan Singh is guilty of not being ruthless enough to crack open the Nira Radia tape case, a rogue operation carried by unscrupulous corporate elements.

“Manmohan Singh is guilty of not marshalling the intellectual and policy arguments to tell the nation that Vinod Rai‘s maximalist interpretation of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)’s mandate has dangerously undermined the constitutional structure of equilibrium.

“Above all, Manmohan Singh is guilty of pursuing the noble quest for reconciliation at the expense of another maxim of statecraft: those who spurn the public authority’s hand of reconciliation must be made to learn the cost of confrontation. He is guilty of not learning the lesson from the mid-1970s and early 1990s when mobs were allowed to overwhelm the democratic institutions and their liberal ethos.”

Read the full article: Guilty on many counts, not corrupt

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41 Responses to “Five reasons why Manmohan Singh is ‘guilty’”

  1. VTVenkataram Says:

    Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest upholders of Democracy and Equality in the history of mankind, once said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

  2. harkol Says:

    Harish Khare was Manmohan Singh’s Media advisor!

    So, no prizes for guesing he earned his salary for doing nothing! Media advisory to someone who doesn’t communicate at all??

    And his defense of his ex-boss is plain ridiculous. He must think all are fools.

    CAG has undermined the ‘equilibrium’?? What is that equilibrium? Where the PM is the nucleus with all the weight and everything (CBI, CVC, CAG, Courts etc rotates around him? We want to change such an equilibrium and bring in ‘new equilibrium’ which provides equal weight to agencies that aren’t part of executive, but are directly answerable to Joint-Parliament committees.

    Equilibrium? Shouldn’t the words used be – Accountability, transparency & responsibility?

    After ruling for 8 years, if MMS hasn’t done any serious dent in reforming our corrupt administration & governance process, made our judiciary more efficient (by increasing bench strength), made our economy more vibrant by making business easier, then who else is at fault??

    MMS is a disaster as a PM. It is clear now. He is worse than VP Singh and our own Deve Gowda!!

  3. navollasa Says:

    super and effective usage of english but still the madivanthike of writing “political partner” has to be improved

    the moment they question Sonia’s sexuality like italian press did with Sylvio things will move faster.

    If everything is running on sex in india it becomes a weapon for a super stagnating reconciliating non confronting but stinking governance.

    torrents are enough for singhvi, tsunami is required for Sonia.

  4. nilesh Says:

    manmohan a rancid pickle

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  6. Gurudatta Shenoy Says:

    PM is no doubt clean, but what about his responsibility for actions of his cabinet colleagues who have looted the nations & its people. You call Team Anna various names but without their and media’s and other activists’ intervention many a issues would not have come into knowledge. The intention of Team Anna, whether political or not, is not the issue, and so is the mode adopted by them to protest, but people should not fail to ponder on the issues raised by them and accountability of Politicians & Bureaucrats when dealing with resources of the people.

  7. Anitha Says:

    What a load of crap!! What an utter load of CRAP!!! Churumuri, did you have to get this one article to defend this morally corrupt figleaf behind which the entire Congress gang is trying to hide???

    As his former media advisor, this bloke is trying to do what he could not achieve when he was on job. That is to defend the stink MMS and his coterie have been raising for the past few years.

    He quotes and instance where the MMS is supposed to have said that he should be informed of his family member’s hanky panky, no matter how painful it is. Well, not only his family members, his whole party and the government he is heading has been involved in one hanky panky after another and do you mean to say this Mauni baba doesnt know anything about it???

    What was his defence of the 2G scam?? That it was a decision taken by the then Finance Minister and Telecom Minister?? And that PMO was kept at an arms length distance from all these hanky pankies?? And that he wrote a letters after letters to his rogue telecom minister in a futile manner??

    Or take the instance of CWG scam?? His own party colleague headed what could be described as a mindblowing corruption saga in the name of games. What was his reaction? Was he not aware of this hanky panky being carried out by Kalmadi and gang??? Was he not aware that Sheila Dikshit government run by his own party was involved in corruption to the core in the name of games??

    How about his own election to Rajya Sabha?? A person who had been living through out his life everywhere in the world but Assam, had given an address in Assam to get elected and become a MP?? Honesty anybody? Integrity??

    If the Nira Radia tapes were indeed conspiracy of corporates, what prevented him from taking it to its logical conclusions?? Fear of Sonia??? Fear of Rahul???

    The author makes one ridicuolous point after another to put MMS in a better picture. Sadly, people of this country know by now the honesty, integrity and the non corrupt nature of this “weakest PM” as complete sham.

  8. jayashree Says:

    Guilty of WHAT?

  9. asha Says:

    Bench warmer MMS is not prime-minister material….people should realize this first before even analyzing his performance or lack of it…he is a pliable PM installed by the Rajamata to be used to do her bidding…even the liberalization that is wrongly attributed to MMS was the brain child of PVN and MMS is getting credit for it and is not even honest enough to refute this. He is at best a mediocre bureaucrat and disastrous PM. He has been reprimanded by Guwahati High court for furnishing false affidavit to get into the RS…so much for his squeaky clean image…and we the sheeple of India look up to him as if he is going to do miracles

  10. Simple Says:

    It now transpires that CAG’s presumed loss of 1.76 lakh crore is all bunkum. Vinod Rai of CAG has to hauled over the coals for this exaggerated figure.

    Vinod Rai does not realise that Govt is not run like a business. Govt is accountable to the people of India. It is the people of India who has to benefit ultimately. Sukh Ram had auctioned telecom licenses in the 90s. The result was call rates were an astronomical 34 rupees per minute. Hardly a few thosuands owned mobiles at that time. This kind of call rates would have killed the mobile industry.

    Subsequent govts did away with the auction, because “revenue generation” for the govt was not important, what was important was to make mobiles accessible to the aam admi. So spectrum was sold cheap. Hence today call rates are like 1 paise per minute! Because of this abysmally low call rates, mobile penetration in india has grown to 800 million.

    it is a spectacular success of the telecom Industry in India. This is all thanks to UPA and Raja . Instead of praising him, we are crucifying him! Sad day!

    Narendra Modi was praised by Ratan Tata. The same Ratan Tata has also praised Raja in a telecon conversation (straight out of Radia tapes. So please let’s get certain facts right.

  11. DailyBread Says:


    >So, no prizes for guesing he earned his salary for doing nothing!

    Each & every media advisor of this PM like Baru, Khare & Pachouri fully deserve their salaries, perks, bonuses, type 7 bungalows, gaadi, nuakar, chaakar and whole works. They have done a great job of fooling this gullible nation; Khare & Baru gang is still at it, Sardar ka namak and all that.

    The massive loot in 2G, rigged & fraudulent Nuclear deal confidence vote and defreezing of Qs account were in public domain with massive clinching evidence by year 2008. With all this the man got reelected with huge majority. Kudos to media managers of MMS, even a man of your ability, talent, knowledge & experience voted for the that dude who bartered his vote for NMC sinecure.

    >After ruling for 8 years, if MMS hasn’t done any serious dent in reforming our corrupt administration & governance process, made our judiciary more efficient (by increasing bench strength), made our economy more vibrant by making business easier, then who else is at fault??

    On the contrary, this unfortunate nation would have been grateful if he had not done anything. But, this man has destroyed every institution this poor nation has built over a period of time, and on top of that he has aided & abetted the massive loot of public exchequer.


    >What a load of crap!!

    In my kannada, khare means truth/true. Khare sahebru helodella kharene irbeku bidri….

  12. harkol Says:


    You want Vinod Rai has to be hauled over coal for getting the figure wrong?? Why? He did mention the method he used to arrive at his number, and his report is transparent.

    I don’t see you wanting to haul the cabal of Chidambaram, MMS & Raja over the coal for defrading the nation. If not of 1lakh crores, certainly of thousands of crores in 2G?

    The reality is CAG is pointing out huge gaps in revenue, clandestine transfer of public assets to crony capitalists in 2G, Coal.

    The valuation by an auditor is always presumptive. But, The value of any product is established once it is actually sold in a open market. By that token Vinod Rai used the valuation of the companies of 2G licensees, when they sold shared of their companies with nothing but spectrum (No office, no staff – just spectrum). So, loss of revenue is a fair presumption.

  13. Goldstar Says:

    The resident Congress spokesman has woken up.

    In one of his earlier “Manish Tiwari” moments, he had said this:

    If first come first serve basis policy was formed by Vajpayee, What Raja did was merely followed that policy.

    Therefore, there can be no loss – since auctioning was never a policy either formulated by Vajpayee or UPA or TRAI. There was no rule or framework which said that auction should be followed.

    You can read it here:

    Of course, we shouldn’t forget “Manish Tiwari” ‘s ultimate gem !!
    Spectrum Scam? What spectrum scam? The Central govt made 100,000 crore profit because of sale of 3D and broadband. Which rock are you living under?

    The govt made losses in 2d spectrum, because Raja merely followed the rules and regulations made by the NDA govt.

    Read it here:

    Now “Manish Tiwari” gives credit to the UPA and A.Raja for the telecom policy. What hypocrisy!! Unfortunately, for “Manish”, it is easy to Google out his earlier utterances… Perhaps that’s why his colleague Kapil “zero-loss” Sibal is trying to censor the Internet.

  14. Suneel Sardana Says:

    Being CEO of Govt.of India,Mr.Prime Minister is 100 % answerable & responsible for CWC,2G,Coal & unending list of SCAM,CORRUPTION,GRAFT & failures including fall in GDP & industrial Growth.

  15. Simple Says:

    Harkol and Goldstar

    Your bogus rhetoric shines through every sentence of yours. Answer me on facts.

    1) Did or did not Mobile Industry grow spectacularly because spectrum rates were sold for less rates?

    2) If spectrum was auctioned, today like that visionless Sukh Ram, you would be paying 30 rupees per call.

    3) What is transparent in CAG’s report? That Govt of India is a business? That aam admi like you are irreelvant when policy decisions are taken?

    4) CAG’s loss figure is not sacrosanct. It can be challenged. Different authorities have come up with different figures. CVC, CBI have come up with lesser figures. Kapil has his own version to say zero. Entirely believable, why laugh at Sibal and say CAG is correct? No basis.

    5) Sibal is not censoring the net. He only said do not post obscene posters (sexual / nude ones) of Cong leaders. Justified totally. I would not like my mother’s nude photo on the net. Will you like it if your family members are shone nude Mr. Goldstar? So stop this mindless breast beating and think with your head.

    6) the fact that Cong has been criticized heavily in the entire media, including press, TV and internet means there is ZERO censorship. Sibal said, you can criticize Cong for it’s policies but why show it’s leaders in below the belt poses? that is cheap !

  16. Nanha Muhajid Says:

    Dear simple,

    I am delighted too see your illuminating posts and well-reasoned dialogue. Quite simply, you are superb.

    Let the naysayers say what they want, we know that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are the future of india. Just look at the dignity and poise of Sonia Gandhi. Just look at how intelligent, smart and crisp Rahul Gandhi is. And look at the golden heart of Sonia Gandhi – despite being from a foreign background, her heart beats for India, and she oozes concern about the population of India.

    Truly, India will not develop into a first world nation unless we put Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs. He is the youth icon of the future, and will be spoken of in the same league as Eisenhower, Lee Kuan Yew, etc.

  17. Anitha Says:

    @Goldstar and Harkol,

    As the saying goes, you can wake up a sleeping person but not the one who is pretending to be sleeping.

    Simple :

    Mobile industry grew spectacularly because of the policies adopted by NDA, which were later completely screwed by the UPA. Here is why.

    Company A got the spectrum at a cheap rate. But what it did was subsequent to this allocation, it sold it at a far higher rate to Company B. Now Company B is running the show through the spectrum which it bought at a far far higher rate than what the Government got. Still the call rates are cheap. Therefore selling away spectrum with nefarious intentions was not the right thing.

    Let me try to make it even more clearer for you.

    You are a very poor person. Government takes pity on you and allots a house at a dirt cheap price. If you stay in that house, the goal of government is met. But what you do is the moment this house is allotted to you, you sell it in the sly to the highest bidder. You made money while the government became a sucker.

    Got the idea?

    If the specturm was auctioned then the government would have got far higher revenue without sacrificing the mobile penetration.

    This logic has been understood by everyone in this country, except the likes of Zero Loss Sibal and a few congress spokespersons .They keep parroting the same lines again and again and again……

    You talk about Coalgate scandal. Here is a bit of information for you.

    CNN IBN reports that:

    “The coalgate has once again embarrassed the UPA. A former coal secretary on Saturday hit out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying he could have pushed for coal block allocations via bidding.

    Ex-coal secretary PC Parakh said that neither the industry nor the netas wanted to bid for coal blocks as they could get them for far cheaper through the existing screening process.

    Parakh said that he clearly pushed for auctions, but was overruled by the PM. ”

    Let us for a moment agree that this government is indeed working for the “aam aadmi”. Even then, there was no transparency in the selection of the companies for coal block allocation. This is a clear indication of the extent of corruption that has taken place in this matter.

    Kapil Sibal is an a*****e of first order. This joker is out to ruin this country. First he tried to defend the indefensible by putting out the zero loss theory. Then he royall screwed up by withdrawing all cartoons from the text books. Now he is out to create havoc in the entrance exams for IIT. I only wonder what other damages he will do in the remaining period he is in power.

    Incidentally, wasnt it the Congies & Sickularists who defended nude Bharat Maata paintings, nude saraswati paintings, nude seeta paintings etc of M F Hussain??? If these pictures can be on internet, what is so sacrosanct about cartoons of your God Mother? Are you saying she is more venerable than Mother India???

  18. harkol Says:


    You’ve blindly supported congress for a long time. So, this comment doesn’t come as a surprise.

    1) Mobile industry didn’t grow because of spectrum being sold at low rates. The spectrum that was auctioned was priced in with the market value and that benefit never reached the customer. Example – Vodaphone, Uninor etc. paid the market price for spectrum, when they bought it from original owners, but still offered competitive pricing to the user. The only guys who gained from low spectrum price is the middle men who got licenses, and sold them without even creating any infrastructure.

    Besides, Consider 3G pricing. India Auctioned 3G but still has the lowest 3G pricing in the world. Cheapest post-paid tariff in China for 300MB is 66RMB/month (ie. Rs.528). In india, you can get Airtel 3G 300MB for Just Rs.100/month!

    2) Whole world was paying high call tariff for mobile during 90s. The mobile technology has changed. Today, I make international calls through Skype over 3G, without paying anything.

    3. CAG is a constitutional body formed to keep tabs on Govt. mal-administration, mis-governance and embezzlement of public funds. It is transparent it’s findings are available to everyone.

    Govt. of India is an ‘institution’. It is an entity covered by law just as any other entity. It is subject to same accounting standards as any other entity. That is LAW. Govt. doesn’t make law or above law. It just administers under law. ‘Aam admi’ is not an excuse for mis-appropriation of govt. asset.

    For example – Govt. can say it will give away spectrum free in a environment that is new (like in 90s) where value of resource is not established. But, it can’t say that in a mature market where demand (and price for spectrum or coal) is already established. CAG counts the market value on the basis of price discovery done in Markets.

    Another example: Govt. gave away revenue land for agriculture – practically free in first half of 20th century, but in later part it stopped doing that as land became scarce and valuable. It still allots land, but it is supposed to happen at Market value (Though there is also a lot of corruption here).

    4. CAG’s loss figure is market derived. Massive loss happened and corruption on massive scale happened. People far smarter than you have argued ‘zero loss’ & smaller loss in court and SC found fraud & irregularity on big scale and squashed 2G allocation – No point in you arguing it all over again!

    5 & 6. Sibal wanted to censor the Net, but couldn’t find an appropriate law to do so. So, they are trying hard to make a new law. What he said and what he wanted to do were two separate things. Check the govt. requests for ‘take down’ of pages on google. Majority were political rather than obscene, and Google rejected the requests.

    It’s your prerogative to support congress. But, at least put forth some logical arguments instead of ‘bigoted’ arguments.

  19. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Simple is Dr. Ramesh of Congress! jai ho!

  20. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I will only reply on …”
    5) Sibal is not censoring the net. He only said do not post obscene posters (sexual / nude ones) of Cong leaders. Justified totally. I would not like my mother’s nude photo on the net. Will you like it if your family members are shone nude Mr. Goldstar? So stop this mindless breast beating and think with your head.”

    When Cong leaders or BJP leaders are in public eye, whatever obscene posters or rude articles exist, let them be. Who is Sibal to say do this or don’t do this? The more prudent way is to ignore these posters and carry on with governance issues.

  21. Goldstar Says:

    1. Airtel has dropped 3G prices by 70%. 3G, as “Manish Tiwari” knows it, was auctioned and not donated on FCFS basis to A.Raja’s cronies.

    2. As per Google transparency report (2011), 255 out of 358 requests for website content removal from #IdiotKapilSibal’s government came for Political Criticism, not for below-the-belt activities of the sort Abhishek Manu Singhvi or Renukacharya indulge in.

    Read here:

    >> As the saying goes, you can wake up a sleeping person but not the one who is pretending to be sleeping.

    So true… but I couldn’t resist showing up “Manish”‘s hypocrisy :-) .

    In earlier posts which I have linked, he very clearly says it was NDA’s decision not to auction spectrum and A.Raja was just following policy. Then he goes to give credit to UPA for the same policy. Makes me wonder if “Manish” got a cut out of the 2G scam and he may not be a just “sleeping” after all !!

    it is a spectacular success of the telecom Industry in India. This is all thanks to UPA and Raja . Instead of praising him, we are crucifying him!

  22. harkol Says:

    Goldstar: spot on.

    The funny part of the argument of ‘cheap telephony’ is that it is phoney.

    Indian Mobile costs drastically went down way before 2G auction happened. In 1995 it was about Rs.20/minute. By 2004, it was Rs.2/Minute – though it was a forced price.

    In 2004, Reliance wanted to bring down the cost of mobile to Rs.1/3minutes, but wasn’t permitted by DoT, as that would be predatory and was against the license provided to Reliance.

    The major reason why costs came down was maturity of the technology, operational efficiency and of course competition.

    Wonder if Simple would also attribute the crash in mobile handset prices to UPA/Congress policy as well!! :)

    While at it, how about inflation in all essential items? Isn’t it because of the huge fiscal irrespnsibility and borrowing of UPA that we are in huge deficit and there is such huge inflation & value erosion of rupee?

  23. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi

    In other words you are saying it is ok if your family photo is put nude on facebook. Just because Sonia Gandhi is a public figure, does that mean you can show her cartoons in a sleazy despicable way? by all means you can caricature her, her policies, her way of functioning, her refusal to talk to the media, everything about her. ..but why sleaze and vulgarity?

    The rest of you blabber mouths, Ms. Fake Anitha, Mr. Gadkari Goldstar (who has a penchant to make a foot in the mouth statement every hour, on the hour) Mr. Harkol, who is a Blind anti Congressman, please wait for my reply.

  24. Anitha Says:

    My gosh… now i am waiting with bated breath for the next round of revelations from you, Simple!!!

  25. harkol Says:

    Simple: I am not an Anti-Congressman. I voted for Congress in 2009 (hoping MMS would do wonders). And I voted for BJP in 2004 (hoping Vajpayee would do well).

    I am NOT A BIGOT. I won’t support any party inspite of all their failings, perfidy and disasters. I will never vote again for Congress if they came back with Sonia/Rahul team, because they have failed the country. But without them I may vote for Congress again, if they find a dynamic leader to lead them.

    I won’t hold my breath for your reply. I know it is going to be more of the same non-sense. And I won’t rebutt any further.

    Afterall – trying to talk sense with you is like trying to talk to a ‘bolder stone’.

    Bhorkalla mele neeru suridante.

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Although your moniker is simple you are pretty messed up in the head! In one flight of fancy you were saying you don’t want to see your mom’s nude photos on the Net. I am still trying to understand where you get these ideas. If this pleases you, sure I have no problems with any one showing any body nude on Face book or any where in Cyberspace. I am sure all men and women have standard body parts. Therefore cartoons showing Sonia G in a sleazy manner or any leader is freedom of expression. QED.

  27. Simple Says:

    Doddi buddi, it shows you are a nth rate hypocrite. You are ok with Sonia Gandhi’s cheap photos but not of your family members. You are exposed for what you are : A two tongued snake.


    you are woefully out of touch with India and Indian culture. Akhilesh won in UP. Jagan won 95% of the byelections seats, by a thumping margin. It shows that Indians love to DEMOCRATICALLY elect dynasty! Why do you have antipathy ONLY for Rahul and Sonia when you have nothing to say about succesfully democratically elected, DYNASTIC children like Omar Abdullah, like Vasundra raje, like Uddhav thackeray, like Raj thackeray, like Naidu, like a hundred other sons of BJP politicians starting from Raghevendra and ending at Jaswant SIngh’s son and bangaru laxman’s wife and Varun Gandhi and his shrill mother Maneka Gandhi!

    Harkol again!

    The mobile bill went down because Vajpayee did not allow auction. If Vajpayee had allowed auction, your bill would not have been Rs. 2 per minute in 2002 as you claim.

    It is common sense, when you end up running a huge bill for the raw material, you make your customers pay for it . In any business it is true.

    What inflation are you talking about? Shows that your sense of economics is zilch. BJP govt increased milk rate, increased water rate, increased electricity rate, REFUSED to cut sales tax on petrol, they increased alcohol rate, they increased a hundred other things! and to claim that only CENTRAL govt is responsible for inflation is laughable. As usual you are wrong on facts! Start thinking with your brain and exorcise the ghosts of irrational hatred for dynasty! Root of all your woes is not dynasty.

    Gold star, !

    Telecom companies are now crying that they will be forced to increase prices if spectrum rates are raised. You will be the biggest loser if the rates are raised. Pray and hope that it does not happen. Silently thank Raja and his men.

    when 3G was auctioned the same companies said that they will go bankrupt! they are finding it difficult to run their companies now, thanks to auctioning. yes it got the govt revenue, but at what cost? it will stunt the growth of the mobile industry.

    Modi gave away cheap land, cheap electricity, cheap infrastructure to Tata for his Nano car. DId not the govt lose revenue? By your foolish logic and I quote ” The major reason why costs came down was maturity of the technology, operational efficiency and of course competition. So what is great about Modi, if Nano was sold cheap?

    Modi has given concessions to many industrialists and not just Tata. If Raja is in jail for causing loss to the govt, why are other politicians of other parties still enjoying freedom out of jail

    Harkol again

    For all your laboured fulminations and hollow support of CAG,did you know that the same CAG has indicted Modi twice for causing more than 20,000 crore loss through its Public Sector Units? Why is nobody hauling Modi over the hot coals?

  28. Goldstar Says:

    @Simple saar,

    Your frustration and senility is showing.

    First you attribute Harkol’s quotes to me but that’s a pardonable mistake.

    Next, as usual, you start praising Raja and his cronies for a policy decision that you yourself admit that the NDA government took and UPA just followed.

    I agree with Harkol’s example here:
    >> Govt. can say it will give away spectrum free in a environment that is new (like in 90s) where value of resource is not established.

    Everybody outside Raja’s room knew the value of the spectrum being given away. And that included the LSE trained economist sitting on the PM’s chair. And you go on arguing that Raja “gave away” spectrum to his cronies due to his good heart, generosity, and concern for the aam aadmi.
    Giving land/tax concessions for promoting industrialization has been a practice since God-knows-when. Has been done by BJP, UPA, NDA, Janata Dal, DMK, AIADMK, Democrats, Republicans, Japan, China, South Korea, Namibia, South Africa, Australia, Nepal, Timbuctoo and everywhere else. Don’t go barking up a wrong tree and waste your energies.
    Finally, don’t assume that anybody who writes about a scam ( for e.g 2G scam ) are UPA haters or BJP supporters. I have in these forums supported the UPA-1 pursuit of the Nuke deal. I have praised Rahul Gandhi’s brave support of retail-FDI during the UP campaign. I strongly support, both these policies of UPA (which the BJP shamefully does not support). Google it out… you will find my comments. They would not have been censored out for they are in support of UPA.

  29. Simple Says:


    Who decides spectrum has to be free when industry is not established? what is the cut off mark? cut off date to start auctioning it? what is the cut off benchmark in terms of number of customers for being ‘established’? what is the cut off mark in terms of revenues a company makes before it is called as established?

    Laughable your arguments. You will be laughed out of a court if you present your own case. If Raja is gulity of causing loss to the govt, so is Arun Shourie or Pramod Mahajan.

  30. Anitha Says:

    When Jayanagar as a locality was formed in 50’s, there were no takers for the sites there. In order to make people buy sites there, the then government decided to build a house along with a 40X60 site and sell it at Rs.8,000/-.

    That was to make people go to a place where none wanted to go.

    Similarly, when BJP announced its policy of spectrum pricing, the telecom industry – specially the mobile telephony – was at its infancy. The sops given then were well worth it.

    Today, Jayanagar is practically a gold mine for real estate. A single square foot of land is going at a price of more than Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000!! Now imagine, a fool like A Raja is the housing minister in a cabinet led by the Moun Mohan Singh, super controlled by Raj Maata. A Raja, in all his kind hearted gesture towards the poor people of Bangalore decides to sell away the government land in Jayanagar at the good old rates of 1950’s, because he feels that if the land is auctioned, poor people will not get an opportunity to buy land.

    What will happen in this allotment process is, a few cronies of A Raja, pay him a huge amount of bribe to get the land allotted to themselves. For they know the potential of building residential societies, multiplexes, malls, shopping centres and the associated revenue it will bring for a hundred years. So they get the land.

    Now they are in a hurry to make money, who in the world is going to wait for the property development and the associated delays in it, for the revenue to start flowing? What they do is they offload their land holding t some foreign companies at a 100 times premium and pocket the money. Ofcourse part of the loot will go to A Raja, his CM and the Super CM.

    The foreign companies now have bought the land at the market price. And they have business vision, acumen. They dont want to kill the golden goose they have bought. What they do is create infrastructure and keep the costs at a reasonable level so that they can derive profits from a billion people! Mind you, they did not get the land cheap, they did not create the infrastructure cheap, yet they priced their end product low.

    Now imagine, instead of paying A Raja, MMS and Raj Maata the premium they had paid for the land had they paid the same premium to government? Or if the government had auctioned the land and given it to the highest bidder? Government would have still made money. And the costs would have been still down.

    Well, this SIMPLE logic is understood by the dumbest of the dumb people in this country, except a few cronies who, like frogs in the well, keep croaking the same thing again and again and again and again and…..

  31. Rahul Mirchi Says:

    Thanks Anitha. That was a succinct review of what has occupied terrabytes of cyber space (Now Simpletons will pounce on me to send chaddis since I have said you have done a good job in explaining this mess) :)

  32. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You put it so well; Simple is literally caught with his cheddis down!

  33. Simple Says:

    Ms. Watermelon Anita,

    You are entitled to worship fake parties like BJP.
    Because that is blind faith. Faith and reason are two opposites.
    When it comes to reason you can only huff and puff and heave and grunt and come up with awkwardly laborious explanations !

    Only RSS worshippers and Gadkari fans can call your review as succinct. It has no rhyme, reason or logic. I am convinced you also have a watermelon in your head instead of a brain.

    1) Car industry was established several decades ago, why did Modi give power, electricity infrastructure, water at heavily subsidized rate to Mr. Ratan Tata? And look at what Nano has become – a laughable flop car! Who is responsible for this brazen blatant daylight loot?

    2) Your argument that mobile industry was in its infancy – if one has to take it at its face value – when does it stop being an infant? Just after Vajpayee govt is kicked out of office for a shoddy 6 years rule? You have ignored all my questions. When does mobile industry begin to be called adult? How much revenue should a mobile company start to make before it is called adult? Are there any parameters?

    Ms. Watermelon Anita, industries keep growing all the time. Different stages need different impetuses. If Raja had auctioned it for Rs. 1.7 lakh crore, then you would be paying Rs. 10 per local call. Keep a photo of Raja on your desk and worship him. You take benefits from Raja and you berate him! This is called INGRATITUDE of the nth order! But then cheddi parivars are known to be graceless and selfish and – worse, morons!

    3) Hello Ms. Watermelon Anita! In 50’s Jayanagar sites were only that much! Ms. Watermelon, do you think if it was priced at 20, 000 per sft, anybody would have bought it? Maybe a dodo like you would have bought it.

    So all your arguments fall like a heap of cards.

    Think before you write.

  34. Anitha Says:

    @ Simple,


    Thank you very much. On a monday, you do provide us with a fair bit of entertainment!!!

    Here is one suggestion for you. If you think NaMo did something illegal, unlawful, criminal act by providing what he has provided to TATAs, go ahead .Sue him in a court of law. For this “brazen, blatan daylight loot”!! Once you do this, you will be in the good books of raaj maata and her son, god knows where all you can reach!!

    On a more serious note, I am sure, if there was even an iota of proof of wrongdoing in this case, your paymasters would have jumped at it and would have hauled NaMo over fire. The very fact that even the Congress unit of Gujarat ( which at times wakes up to issue some mindless and inane statements) is keeping quite is proof enough tha there was nothing illegal, unlawful, criminal or unfair in this whole transaction.

    Infact, unlike in may parts of the country, the farmers in Gujarat have willingly given up their land for this project and they are seeing the economic results of this already. When you get time from day dreaming and conjuring replies like this, please do a bit of research. You will know.

    When does an industry stop being infant? Only when Rajmaata and her son have looted enough to sustain their party and family for the next ten generations?? Nah..

    Let us look at the whole thing objectively. Mobile telephony came to India in 1995-96. Vajpayee government came to power in 1999. 3 year old baby needs more handholding, I am sure you would agree. When did your boss allot the licenses? 2008. By then the mobile telephone was 12 years old, almost a teenager!!! You think this is still infancy??

    I am glad you agree with me on this, in 50’s sites in Jayanagar were only worth that much, much the same way the value of licenses in 1999. Later, as the city grew, so did the locality and slowly it started attracting many investors, residents etc. Much the same way the mobile industry grew in country. Just as you are feeling it is stupidity to sell sites in 2008 at the rates prevaling in 1950’s, it is the same way with mobile telephony licenses too.

    By the way, did you read the report in TIMES on the underachiever MMS? Yes, the very same TIMES which praised NaMo? Sad, congress cannot buy TIMES’ opinion, like it has done with the english media here. Agree?

  35. DailyBread Says:

    I think Simple is a paid member of cheddi gang. To me this looks like a psyop conducted from basement of keshavkripa…..

  36. Goldstar Says:

    @Anitha, harkol, DB et al,

    I used to think that our u-know-who friend here probably got a minor cut from the 2G scam and so he is vigorously defending Raja.

    But now I am convinced he is an first-rate Idiot and an ignoramus. I mean look at his statement above: Ratan Tata established a car “industry”?!?! Does the Idiot mean there were no passenger cars before Ratan Tata set up the car “industry” in Gujarat? ROFL !!
    The Idiot quite simply doesn’t understand the difference between an industry and a factory. Sure, it must be tough for him to go through entire Time or Economist articles.

    Give the Idiot a break !!

    Read this,if you haven’t had enough of our local Idiot !!

  37. Deepak Says:

    Wow! You want to put a photo of Raja and worship him! Stupendous!! Proves that Congressmen participated with Raja in the loot, no wonder they want to venerate him….rofl

    And while you are worshipping real Gods, how about adding photos of Kalmadi and ND Tiwari – that will complete the trilogy of Gods for you to worship!!

  38. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Thank you the Graymonk’s blog. It is very good.

  39. Anitha Says:

    Since there was a bit of talk on the 2G scam here earlier, which was ably defended by Sri Simple, who kept saying that there was no crime committed by Sri A Raja and where he should have been garlanded, people are trying to put a noose around his head, here is a bit of news.

    CBI has given a free chit to this man and requested Supreme Court to close the investigation on him.

    If this was the only bit of news, I would not have bothered to post it here. The best part is this:

    In Arun Shourie’s case, the CBI said he strictly followed rules and distributed about 50 licences without any delays.

    “Unlike his successors Dayanidhi Maran and A Raja, Shourie used to clear the issuance of spectrum under the unified licence regime within 30 days of receiving an application, as prescribed by the rules,’’ a senior CBI official told Firstpost.

    The CBI’s status report says that Arun Shourie had also tried to auction spectrum despite the first-cum-first-served (FCFS) policy to explore revenue generation, but there were not many takers for spectrum at that time. This is when Arun Shourie distributed spectrum on FCFS basis in areas like the North-East, Assam and Jammu and Kashmir, where the people were eagerly waiting for mobile services.

    “Unlike Dayanidhi Maran and A Raja, Arun Shourie did not focus on metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, which were already ably served in terms of mobile facilities, and these areas were always up for grabs. Shourie tried to push mobile services to areas like the North East and Jammu and Kashmir, where it was needed the most,’’ the official said.

    The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has also submitted its report, or advice, on the basis of the CBI’s status report to the Supreme Court. CVC is also said to have endorsed the CBI’s recommendations and suggested a closure of the enquiry against Arun Shourie in the 2G scam.

    Just to remind you, CBI and CVC operate directly under the instructions of Central Government.

    Simple, you said NDA was in fault for introducing FCFS method, now you know the truth. There were no takers for the specturm if it had been auctioned!! BJP is not telling this. BJP supporters are not saying this. CBI, which is direclty controlled by Chidu is saying this!!!

    You needed FACTS. This cannot get bigger than this. Now waiting for your response.

  40. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Anitha, I don’t how you do it but you are wizard with facts and details; Sri Simpleji has been drop-kicked into oblivion!

  41. Hemen Parekh Says:

    Reaching for Aakash ?

    Yes , Mr Prime Minister

    You can deliver on your promises , by distributing Aakash2 tablets ( being developed by IIT- Bombay ) to 20 Crore Indians who have registered for Aadhar Identification so far
    In your Independence Day speech , you made following promises – all of which can come true by employing latest software / apps , specified by IIT-B

    Before distributing Aakash2 to 20 Crore Aadhar Card-Holders , just ensure that these tablets are integrated / pre-installed with :

     “ Aadhar Identification Number “ of Nandan Nilekani

    To fulfill your promise :

    “ It will be our endeavour to ensure that all households benefit from bank accounts in the next 2 years. “

     “ Mobile Wallet “ app of Sam Pitroda

    To fulfill your promise :

    “ We want to create a system in which money from Government schemes – pension for old people, scholarship for students and wages for labourers – can be credited directly into people’s bank accounts. This would reduce inconvenience to the beneficiaries, make it easy for them to receive payment and increase transparency. For this work, we will take help from the Aadhar scheme under which about 20 crore people have been registered so far. “

     “ Educational Apps “ of Kapil Sibal ( installed on Aakash2 )

    To fulfill your promise :

    “ Now we will focus on improving the quality of education. In the next few months we will put in place a system of continuous assessment of the benefit our children are getting from teaching.
    We want to create many new job opportunities for our youth in the coming years. To achieve this it is necessary that we train them in skills which our economy needs. It is our endeavour to put in place a system in which training facilities are available in many new skills.

     “ My Jobs “ app [ freely downloadable from Google Play ]

    To fulfill your promise :

    “ I promise that we will work hard for creation of new employment opportunities for our young men and women living in villages and cities “

    Mr Prime Minister ,

    You have less than 18 months to fulfill your promises before 2014 National Elections

    There is no time to waste !

    And the best part is :

    No need to pass a bill in the Parliament . No need to worry about “ Coalition Dharma “ !

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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