The half-truths of Aamir Khan, the truth fountain

K. JAVEED NAYEEM writes: Satyameva Jayate, which literally means “Truth Stands Invincible” or “Let Truth Prevail”, is a mantra from the ancient Mundaka Upanishad believed to have been written by our sages in 250 BC.

The slogan was popularised and brought into use by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya in 1918 when he was serving the second of his four terms as president of the Indian National Congress, and it was later adopted as the national motto of India after Independence.

Today it is inscribed at the base of our national emblem, the Ashoka pillar, and is also found on every one of our coins and currency notes, handled by the rich and the poor alike but without anyone ever noticing either its presence or significance whatsoever.

While it was meant to keep our conscience in a state of constant wakefulness to uphold the greatness of our rediscovered nationhood, we Indians with our dishonest ways and dark deeds have sadly kept its guiding light out of our murky lives.


Today, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ also happens to be the title of a very popular TV show being aired on every Sunday morning to tell us Indians all the wrong that is happening in our country which we need to set right.

Very recently, in the fourth episode of this widely watched television show, its host Aamir Khan, the popular film hero, chose to speak about health-care services in India and the threat of ‘rampant’ medical negligence. He called on real life ‘victims’ to share their trauma.

One such victim of alleged medical malpractice was retired Army officer Major Pankaj Rai who lost his wife Seema to what he called a badly botched up kidney transplantation operation.

Without naming anyone or any hospital during the course of the show, he said that his wife died as a result of gross medical negligence at a very reputed hospital in the country when she was subjected to a combined kidney and pancreas transplant that was done without the consent of the patient herself or any of the family members.

What Aamir Khan perhaps did not tell his viewers was the fact that on his show he was all along showing them only half-truths about what had actually happened.

And, mind you, half the truth is very often a great lie.


All details of the Seema Rai case are now available on the internet at the click of the mouse button. You can easily find out that the transplant surgeon who was accused of being inadequately trained and ill qualified to carry out the operation was actually someone who was trained in the United States with good experience in multi-organ transplantation.

The physician and nephrologist who treated the patient and managed her on dialysis for more than two years before she underwent transplant surgery too had 16 years of clinical experience in the US before he chose to return to India to serve fellow Indians.

He has been practising in India since 2003 without any charge having been levelled against his competence either in the US or in India.

Now, whenever a doctor who has been able to survive and practice in the US, which is one of the most paying but also certainly one of the toughest environments to practice medicine, chooses to return to a country like India, we cannot easily garland him with the accusation of either being selfish or inefficient.

This doctor in question, therefore, does not need me to write a page of unqualified and unpaid defence for him, to uphold his reputation or image, especially when I do not even know him personally.


Major Rai alleged on the show that the doctors who did not even have a licence to do the job, whisked his wife off to surgery in the middle of the night without his or her consent and transplanted the kidney of a cadaver donor, along with a pancreas, that was not only an unnecessary medical procedure but also one that risked his wife’s life as well.

What our famous host or his aggrieved guest did not tell us during the show—where they were applauded and cheered by their captive audience—was the fact that this case of alleged medical negligence has been heard by more discerning experts.

The State medical council in its ruling has clearly said there was absolutely no medical negligence involved and there was no motive of personal monetary gain on the part of the doctors. The incident has also been debated over by many professional bodies both in India, and abroad too, including a law University and all of them have ruled that there was no element of medical negligence involved in it whatsoever.

Despite these rulings, the family has chosen to pursue the matter with a claim for a steep monetary compensation and the matter is sub-judice still.

No monetary compensation can do any, let alone full justice, for a human life lost and for the ensuing pain but while the matter is still undecided they should not have aired their angst with misrepresented facts on a TV show meant for the masses hungry for sensational scoops.

It appears the patient who was on dialysis had registered for cadaver kidney transplantation with a government body called the zonal coordination committee for transplantation (ZCCT). Now, cadaver transplantation means the transplantation of organs harvested from brain-dead persons, which is resorted to when living relatives with matching tissues are not available to donate their organs.

In such a situation whenever a suitable organ becomes available, as it usually happens after a fatal road accident, the patients on the waiting list are informed and asked to report immediately if they are interested in getting the transplant done. There is very little time for this procedure to be undertaken as the organs from a brain-dead donor have a very limited lifespan before they are transplanted.

In the case of a kidney, it is best transplanted within six hours after death and usually not more than twenty-four hours to ensure best function after transplantation.

Moreover, the decision-making has to be fast here as other waiting prospective recipients have to be informed if the first one refuses. And, even after a prospective recipient is identified some more hours are needed to establish tissue compatibility.

Therefore, the summons from the hospital for a cadaver transplant patient to quickly get admitted sometimes comes only as an urgent midnight call and there is nothing surprising about it.


On May 1, 2010, when the ZCCT, the agency that allocates cadaver kidney organs, informed that a potential cadaver had been identified and Seema Rai was one of the potential recipients, she voluntarily got admitted to the hospital for the procedure.

The patient was evaluated by the nephrologist and the transplant surgeon who discussed the cadaver transplantation procedure with her family after which she, who was a teacher at an international school, along with her husband, gave the informed consent for surgery.

They did this after discussing the relative risks and benefits of surgery with the transplant team and also, over the telephone, with one of their relatives who was perhaps a doctor in the United States.

According to their nephrologist, the transplanted kidney was functioning very well but three days after the operation the patient developed a severe bleeding disorder called disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC. This rare complication, which is known to occur after any major surgery or even the delivery of a baby, causes massive bleeding which is difficult to control even after transfusing many units of blood as well as blood products like plasma and platelets.

It can happen in the best of hospitals and a very famous film actress, Smita Patil who could have sought and afforded the best treatment anywhere in the world, helplessly succumbed to it after childbirth. Despite the best efforts, this patient too failed to respond and expired and her death cannot be said to bet a consequence of any act of negligence of either the transplant team or the hospital.


In another case, a patient was shown who claimed that a surgeon had amputated one of his toes needlessly. The ‘needlessness’ of this operation was revealed by another doctor only after it had already been performed. I fail to understand how the second doctor could give such an opinion when he or she had never seen what the problem was like before surgery.

In a situation like diabetic gangrene of one of the toes, a difference of opinion can be expressed only before the surgical procedure and not afterwards. No expert, however efficient and experienced can comment on the need for surgery or the lack of it after the condition has been treated.

No mention was made in the show of whether the patient was a diabetic and how well controlled his blood sugar was before the procedure.

From what I could see on the show, the foot looked like a classical case of diabetic gangrene that had been treated with the perfectly approved and appropriate treatment of surgical amputation. In fact, because healing can often be very slow here, it looked like the perfect answer to any diabetologist’s prayer about what the outcome of correct and prompt treatment should be!


Whenever truth is told, it should include the whole truth including the inconvenient bits. This show is not just unabashed ‘truth-telling’ but it aims to hammer the truth in after breaking it into convenient bits.

The whole exercise seems structured to appropriate for its lead star the role of being the truth-fountain. My worry is that he presents both a populist and ‘one-sided truth’ on an enormously complex social issue with a dangerous authority that only his kind of stardom can muster.

In his show, Aamir Khan has certainly taken a huge leap from simply raising the awareness of his audience to being a medical expert, interlocutor and activist all rolled into one.

Here he is not just making a fictitious film where he can manipulate facts to create a sensational effect on his viewers. Here he is sensationalising a real life situation in a reality show watched by very well-educated and even a technically qualified audience too in addition to the lay public that laps up as truth all that comes from the lips of their hero.

The show goes beyond a lay talk show, which at least pretends to allow different shades of opinion to argue, debate, agree or disagree with a situation. It only shows a blind judge without any qualification, showing his audience the subtle shades of differ-ence that lend charm to the sunset that his stardom dreads.

Await more comforting truths next week!

(K. Javeed Nayeem is a practising physician who writes a weekly column for Star of Mysore, where this piece originally appeared)

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83 Responses to “The half-truths of Aamir Khan, the truth fountain”

  1. harkol Says:

    While I admire Amir’s team for bringing up several immoral & unethical practices to the fore, I do hope they do a through research before presenting the cases. I won’t fault Amir Khan for trying to bring out social evils. But, if he has erred, it is only fair that he gives due attention to the wronged side.

    Medical malpractice happens and is very common. To verify most of what Amir’s program said, we don’t need individual cases like Mr. Rai. They are far too innumerable, and if you checked around you’d find such cases within your own family/friend circle. But, perhaps program format is such that it needs some stories to shock us. So, when they select stories, it is best to verify and also present the other side of story.

    The best response to Medical Malpractice is to take multiple opinions before undergoing any expensive procedure. Be aware of what is being put in to the bills in Hospitals, and ask for explanations.

    And worst response to a loss of life in case of a genuine death is to haul the doctor thru the coal. This only increases the cost of healthcare as doctors will fortify themselves by ordering unnecessary tests.

  2. tamma timma Says:

    Again, Dr. Javeed Nayeem, has chosen to conveniently ignore facts, that “are now available on the internet at the click of the mouse button”. See here: and here:, for Lokayukta report on this case. I am no medico-legal expert to comment on whether there was medical negligence involved in this case and if so by whom – doctor(s), staff and/or hospital. Let the courts decide that.

    To me ,it appears, Amir Khan and his team did insufficient research and ended up airing a “wrong” example to highlight a real issue.
    However, the real issue of this episode was not Maj. Rai’s case, the issue was “corrupt” practices in medical profession. Does Dr. Javeed Nayeem have any comments on the commission and referral business of doctors? How about doctors getting kickbacks from pharma companies? How about doctors prescribing a host of diagnostic checkups that the “friendly” neighborhood diagnostic center has to offer? And why don’t doctors prescribe generics? or at least give the option to the patient to decide? These were the issues discussed in the episode. Also, not discussed on the show, but an issue nonetheless – when was the last time you got a receipt for the consultation fees paid to the doc? Do the doctors actually declare this income and pay tax?

    If Amir Khan has erred in thoroughly researching his examples, he should apologize on air. But the real issue remains – corrupt doctors, the growing breed.

  3. chanakya Says:

    In realty, it is ‘Money Meva Jayate’….

  4. Poonam Singh Says:

    The truth never makes for compelling television, does it ? Half truths / one sided stories / lies all are great companions to the talk show medium. And our armchair activists can all sit at home, vent their moral outrage and move on to the next hot trending topic of the day.

  5. Nivi Says:

    I have always respected Aamir Khan but his show sometimes borders on the ridiculous. The accusation that a transplant operation could be performed without informed consent is too far fetched to believe because it doesn’t happen in Government hospitals also! Mr. Khan still refuses to apologize, and it makes me believe that publicity whether positive or negative is always good publicity. So, Mr. Khan, you can continue speaking your lies as it seems to be doing a world of good for your show.

  6. asha Says:

    Nice write up by the doctor. For the people who are always looking for sensational news breaks, Sathyameva Jayathe is a god send..

  7. dr kanak shah Says:

    very well illustrated ,,, amir do you know conseqances of such discussion, next time a pt in real need of surgery will doubt real decision of treatment and who will be responsible? amir do you know what is liver transplant ? its not a bad side procedure and can be advised and done in hurry. best thing is keeping both the sides for discussion with panel of experts , who can bring out truth, many a time it may be misunderstanding on part of pt or relative which may create doubts,,,,i do agree about black sheep,, ,but believe me liver trnasplant , and this way,, not possible… so amir you do one thing ,, you bring drs on your show , who treated your victims, and things will be clear to every one . otherwise dont do sin of misguiding pts.
    and abnormal capitation fee or drug price , who is respnosible. dr or goverment ,,,,, ,,who can stop this… they have all the power to control huge profit of pharma company

  8. Rowdy Ranga Says:

    I agree !!!. I guess the best thing to do on the show is to get the doctor who committed (supposedly) the blunder and give his defense. If not we get to hear only one side of the story.

    On a Light Note…. SRk should start an other program interviewing folks on the other side of the fence.

  9. R.Raunak Says:

    In this article you sound more like a Lawyer than a Physician. You got to accept that a life has been lost. There is a difference between Mistake, Negligence and Deliberate Misleading. Does practicing in the US make a Doc very well qualified?

  10. the colonel Says:

    so the bullshit has started.

    black sheep: do people know its usage.

    death: 90% cases is because of negligence, inflated ego’s of self.

    the story rendered by the eminent doctor from the eminent Star of Mysore is still A STORY.

    in india no doctor is criminally negligent.

    come on how many more lies are to be rammed down our throat.

    the story quoted has been vetted by eminent lawyers; we know better, we have no recourse.

    We Can Grieve; and DOCTORS can pour CALUMNY.

  11. asha Says:


    In the US, doctors have something called malpractice insurance which covers any libel against the doctor….every time a doctor is sued the premium of the malpractice insurance goes up and I think after three law suits the insurance coverage is no more available to the doctor and it is very difficult for him to continue his practice without this insurance… doctors in US are over cautious even to prescribe an anti biotic like ampicillin which is routinely prescribed by doctors in India…Yes doctors practicing in US have to be very cautious and diligent if they have to stay in business….

  12. Pawan Kumar Singh Says:

    what you are trying to defend is not defensible. you are just trying to defend that part where there is scope of some defense. Why don’t you defend the commission charged by the doctors for referring the case to some other doctor, y don’t you talk about the prescription of over priced medicine, y don’t you try to defend the arbitrary disease which doctors tells to their patient, the list of y don’t you… can go on… Please do not try to get cheap publicity by writing something which will instantly appeal to people but is not true. Instead why don’t you appreciate his efforts of bringing the matter to the fore and suggesting a solution for it, unlike others, including you and me, who just talk about problems but not of solutions… also having practiced in US doesn’t mean that he/she is fit for Indian condition..

  13. the colonel Says:

    and these are not half truths.

    the persons who are “victims” are known to us.

    the tears on the show are glycerine, right????

    Dr who ever u are go fly a kite.

    the tragedy is real, the pain is real, the negligence is real.

    And only a GHOUL can speak in an unwarranted defence like this.


  14. the colonel Says:

    and once more decide for yourselves,

  15. the colonel Says:

  16. Shrinivas Says:

    To all those on this forum who are asking the doctor come and defend his case on the program, I would rather have him perform his duties and save lives rather than try to defend himself on a cheap talk show.

  17. ERR Says:

    Most doctors support their clan… That’s clear..

  18. @sanwat Says:

    Its sad to see people opposing such honest effort by aamir, what was telecasted is the truth a common man encounters every day. Go to a govt. Hospital and see the conditions there it might change your heart forever. Its isn’t any joke, its matter of life and death.

  19. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    Seriousness of Aamirs concerns have been diluted by wrong choice of case selection for the program. Lobbies who may be interested in killing medical tourism in India, too might have played a major role!!!

  20. Destination Infinity Says:

    I think, a show focusing on the misdoings of the pharmaceutical industry is required.

  21. Hemanth Kumar Gaekwad Says:

    Aamir is doing well,and he has to continue it.HATS OFF AAMIR MIYA

  22. Hemanth Kumar Gaekwad Says:


  23. dr kanak shah Says:

    shrinivas , you are true on your suggestion but today only i had one pt , with confirmed cerebralar malaria, , who can died if not treated was talking to some one in words of amir about washbasin tests… do he know what can be impact of talking such nonsense things on public talk.

  24. dr kanak shah Says:

    sanwat , for this position of govt hospital ,who is responsible ?

    clearly health policy…… and who can change that.?

  25. J.O.L.T (@smileamiledr) Says:

    I am a doctor who left India 8 years ago due partly to the issues mentioned by Aamir Khan in his programme on the state of healthcare in India. I am presently in the UK NHS AND THEREFORE NOT AFFECTED BY Aamir Khan’s programme personally. Therefore I hope you will consider my views unbiased and read them objectively and not emotionally. I agree with the various points Aamir has raised in the programme. HOWEVER I HAVE A FIRM BELIEF THAT DUE TO HIS PROGRAMME LIVES WILL BE LOST. Read on and then tell me if I am wrong.Please remember I agree with most of the points he has raised in the programme.

    1- Aamir stressed the point of generic medicines which in itself is a great one. We in the UK prescribe about 80% of all prescriptions in generic form. BUT there is a big difference here and in India. Here all generic medicines are same quality as branded ones. In India where 75% of the population is in rural areas and a great proportion is not educated, how will you prevent them being sold chalk tablets by every pharmacist with accompanying dialogue ” this is the generic that Aamir Khan was talking about in “satyamev jayate””. I suspect this advice to gullible public to ask for generics without checks on quality of the generic medication is a recipe for disaster and by conservative estimate will result in LOSS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES as poor illiterate millions are fed spurious medicines in the name of “Aamir Khan recommended generics of Satyamev Jayete”. The poor uneducated thousands have no clue about the difference in generic made by Pfizer, Ranbaxy etc from the one made in the next backstreet illegal medicine factory. I talk from experience as chemists have been selling low quality locally made generics to the poor illiterate folk all the time. Even in the government hospital and primary healthcare, medical supplies of generics are mostly substandard. If the quality cannot be ensured there, how will the private chemists be made to adhere to quality control?

    2. In healthcare trust and faith in your doctor is as important as, if not more than the actual treatment. In clinical trial even placebo medication ( dummy medication) works in a lot of patients because of their belief that they are taking medication for their ailment so should get better. Aamir Khan with one stroke has destroyed that trust and faith. No doubt black sheep should be exposed and punished but now the trust between millions of rural and urban poor and millions of well meaning god fearing doctors has been shattered. It will result in misery and mistrust and apparent lack of effect of treatment as patients believe now that their doctor is not treating them right and is a cheat.

    3. Though it is not a rule but does pass the test of common sense that people without requisite intellect who become doctors and specialists by paying 50 Lacs for MBBS and a similar amount for postgraduate degree are more likely to try and get returns on their investment. Since private medical colleges are a good source of income for politicians and their ilk, Aamir Khan could have highlighted the politicians in this nefarious nexus. But no, that could have upset some powerful people. Solution-Ignore the politicians who are the root cause of mushrooming private medical colleges where you can buy your medical degree. Go for the soft target, Doctors.

    4. I was enjoying every episode of “satyamev jayete” and even with this episode I was quite embarrassed that the IMA were appearing to be making a fool of themselves by demanding an apology from Aamir Khan, but having read the story of the doctors involved in the case that was highlighted, and , I am of the firm opinion that, maybe not from anyone else, but from this team Aamir Khan must seek apology and explain to us why he did not explore the truth before giving his platform to Major Rai.

    5. Again Aamir Khan has played with many lives by jeopardising the Cadever organ transplant scheme which is well established and well organised .


    In summary, Healthcare is a very complex field and is different from all other trades that involve things or commodities as here faith and trust works as much as the actual treatment. Therefore every step of change should be well thought out as it can have some very unexpected outcomes. Therefore for a person of Aamir Khan’s calibre to not do adequate research and malign a dedicated doctor is plain shoddy and in very poor taste.

    It has also dealt a body blow to his programme’s credibility as now with every guest, I and all others who have read the above mentioned articles and attached documents, will suspect Aamir Khan is dishing out half truths just to get high TRPs and justify his fee of Rs 3 crore per episode. Afterall he is from showbiz and therefore those tears might be, might just be, a proof of his acting prowess!!


  26. harkol Says:

    Well, what do you know! The hospital in question was indeed found to be non-licensed for performing pancreatic transplants. And for a hospital of its class it is unusual that a post-operative infection happened after days of operation.

    Both perhaps wasn’t doctor’s negligence, but it surely was that of hospital.

  27. Shaili Says:

    I stopped watching it after the first episode. What he is doing is quite obvious.

  28. mysore peshva Says:

    kudos to dr. nayeem for a most persuasive argument! mistakes happen everywhere, including the united states that dr. nayeem refers to. see today’s excellent cnn report about “10 shocking medical mistakes” — slide no. 13 actually made me weep.

    in any rule-of-law society, as india claims to be, there are enough safeguards to protect doctors from accusations of mistakes.

    but mistakes are not the same as negligence.

    the law recognizes that negligence, at whatever level, should be punished. (negligence is defined as the failure to do what’s reasonably expected to be done in a job or going out or one’s way to do something not reasonably expected in the job.) there exists an established legal procedure to prosecute negligent doctors.

    a doctor accused of negligence would be prosecuted in either civil or criminal court or both — with the MCI as amicus curiae (expert aide of the court) if not witness in every prosecution.

    if the accused doctor is convicted in either court of causing death or debilitation, then the next question is: should liability be determined (1) regardless of fault? or (2) with fault?

    if liability is determined regardless of fault, then the convicted doctor should pay (a) if was a criminal prosecution (that is the accuser was the state), criminal penalties such as a prison term; or (b) if it was a civil prosecution (that is the accuser was the patient’s family), civil damages — actual, general, and punitive — as determined by the court.

    if convicted criminally, then the doctor would not only face a jail term (for criminal negligence or other statutory crime) but in addition, also civil damages. if acquitted of the criminal charge, then the doctor could still be tried in a separate civil trial pursued by the patient or patient’s family. in any civil trial, liability should be determined with fault, so the next question is what should be the degree of fault? negligence? gross negligence? if no fault is determined, then there would be no punishment. if negligence or gross negligence or criminal negligence is determined, then damages should be awarded per statutory law.

    in other words, theoretically our system has adequate safeguards to protect patients from doctors’ negligence.

    but the system has nothing to protect patients from doctors’ greed, which only awareness and wisdom can protect against. so educated patients — which aamir khan’s show so competently helped with — is as important as any legal mechanism to watch doctors.

    on another note, thanks to all — especially dr. shah and jolt — for the excellent discussion.

  29. Gouri Satya Says:

    Thanks J.O.L.T. for the link wherein Dr.Sreedhara has revealed the truth behind the surgery in his letter to Aamir Khan. Going by the Dr’s letter, which is clearly convincing, the retired Army officer has misled Aamir Khan in this episode and made not just Aamir and team but the large number of viewers too believe his version. Aamir Khan should now bring out the other side of the story and tell his audience the truth and remove the mistrust that his episodes are ‘half truth’ ones. Kudos Dr.Nayeem for bringing out the real side of the story.

  30. Angry Young Man Says:

    Even if Amir Khan and his team erred in finding the exact facts involved in this case, there is little doubt that medical malpractices are rampant in this country and ought to be curbed with an iron hand.

    I have personally witnessed how pharma companies purchase doctors for various things (and how doctors readily sell their souls for money). So I don’t need to cross check whether or not Amir Khan is right.

    Let’s please not dilute this by picking on errors in one story. The larger story is very true. And very tragic – ask the people who have suffered at the hands of this murky system. Let’s fix that.

  31. Ravindra Kudur Says:

    The defense of the medical professionals in this case seems rational. However, by pointing DIC as the sole cause of failure is unjust. Most of the bodies that investigated and passed judgement are peers. Like US and probabaly in rest of the world, these excercises are ususally a white wash. We need more programs like Sathyameva Jayathe to shed light on many facets of malpractice in India. Poor and the helpless need a voice and protection. Kudos to Amir Khan.

  32. harkol Says:

    Gouri Satya: The last word hasn’t been said on this. There was a rebuttal by Rai family, showing why doctors claims are incorrect.

    Apparently, Lokayukta found that Fortis had no license to perform Pancreatic Transplants (one of the claims of the Mr. Rai). There is still confusion about the informed consent.

    In show Amir said very clearly that the matter is subjudice, which clearly is a disclaimer that he isn’t passing a judgement on the issue. He is just presenting the side of a aggrieved person – and the grievance has some ground.

    It is indeed unfortunate for the doctors if they are hauled over coal for no major fault of theirs. But it is also true that we need far more rigorous protection to hapless patients from rapacious doctors.

  33. Satya Says:

    I was waiting Dr Javeed’s reply and was actually disappointed that it has not come so far :-). Anyway, I will also await your next writing on this topic. On the topic itself – I did feel that Aamir Khan was showing one sided truths. It is like saying you cannot believe any doctor in this world – I have been going to doctors since childhood (not often, but 2-3 times a year) and though I ve found some doctors are not good, most doctors I have gone to, have been good.

    And I would like to add that every profession has people trying to sell stuff that buyers dont need. People have to be educated enough to make the right choice of doctor / hospital. As an IT professional, I also dont believe in offering lot of choices to customer – that is my job to distill the facts and offer the best solution. If you do not like, then you can look for other professionals. e.g. if a doctor were to explain to 20 different treatment techniques to my fever, I would worried and immediately change the doctor!

    So, aamir khan should stick to safe issues female foeticide for which there are no 2 sides.

  34. raj Says:

    It was indeed great on the part of aamir khan to have raised the issue of medical malpractice. This issue is very complex. But the case (Rai & co) was presented entirely in an one sided manner. There were many important facts that were not raised. Except for that the other issues are very much have to kept alive, debated and dicussed.

  35. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    FYI:Nothing but Truth…
    Satyamev Jayate SMS money is donated to
    (as per link
    Whose objective number 3 & 4 are quite revealing!
    Thank you Aamir!!!

  36. dr kanak shah Says:

    very well concluded by satya

  37. usha Says:

    @ Dr.Kiran, the humanity trust referred to in satyameva jayate seems to be this one

    The healthcare episode did a good job of highlighting corruption in the medical proffession. The examples are only indicative – there is a larger malaise and we dont need Aamir Khan and SJ to prove that. Why the overreaction by the medical fraternity ? wouldnt it better if they introspect and see if they can address the larger issues?

  38. Parijata Says:

    Actually it is the Humanity Hospitals Trust, not Humanity Trust.

    I agree with the concern about generic medicines. In a country like ours, it is not going to harm as much as help. But the numbers are staggering. Plavix is a drug that costs Rs 1800 for 10 or 15 tablets (our cardiologist said that he could get it for us, for 1600). The generic drug is Clopidogrel, sold as Clopilet, and it costs some 150 Rs. What would we have the people do? Buy Plavix or die?

    There are many good doctors around us. But we have to admit that there are black sheep. Many of them. Blinding ourselves to this sort of a thing will not solve anything.

  39. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Dr. Kiran Acharya, very interesting info!

    Beware of donating to Satyamev Jayate, spread the word around.

    Not that I am a “fascist-fundamentalist” or anything, but I cannot tolerate donations for secular humanistic causes going towards asinine nonsense like “Masjid construction”. Like our country needs any more money spent on religion!!

    If the trust uses the money to build Mosques or have placement assistance exclusively for “Islamic youngsters”, I spit on that trust. It is very clear that everything else the trust speaks of – medical assistance, assistance to widows and orphans – everything has an Islamic bias. Even a fool will realize that on seeing it.

    Was it that difficult for these people to find a secular and humanistic trust instead of a religion-based one? Spread the word around through social media, no donations to Satyameva Jayate.

  40. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Usha and Parijata, that’s what one would think at first sight. I thought so too, but if you go to the “About Us” link in humanity hospitals web page, you will see that it refers to the same “humanity trust” that Dr. Kiran has pointed us to.

    I don’t think there are two trusts with the same name with that kind of presence. If there is a mistake being made here, I will apologize and recant my comment, but I have a feeling it is one and the same. Can anyone clarify?

  41. Jay Says:

    @Dr Kiran Acharya, this is how you doctors try to divert issues. I am pretty sure you are one among the corrupt, unethical doctors who the show was talking about. If you were innocent, you would have at least done some research before spreading such rumors.

    For your information, the Humanity Hospital trust website is :

    This is clearly mentioned on the Satyamevajayate site.

    God!!! save us from doctors like you!!!

  42. Nagaraj (@whybutwhy) Says:

  43. Maj Pankaj Rai Says:

    Dr Rajanna Sreedhara’s misrpresentations have not been in good taste and one-sided. He has not deliberated on the more serious issues which are serious criminal offences of which I have provided evidence in my rejoinder. What has been done is far worse than negligence – betrayal of trust and deceit. Earlier, I used to be hurt when Dr Rajanna Sreedhara hit out my daughter at my daughter in public media and a 47 year old man spread canard about my daughter. However, I am glad that High Court of Karnataka has heard me and in their wisdom seen through the misrepresentations put forward by the learned clever by half doctor.

    One more question – if Dr Sreedhara is innocent as he claims, there should be no question of trying to jump bail and flee India. Is it because that is the only way out for him right now when he stands exposed?

    Please forgive me for saying so that after two years I am no longer hurt by the sentiments that a doctor can do no wrong and a patient whose home has been destroyed is being untruthful.



  44. harkol Says:

    With Mr. Rai’s explanations and rebuttals, I suppose we can stop speculating about Amir Khan’s ‘half truths’.

    There may be argument about the validity of the judgement & statement of various authorities or Lokayukta – but apparently Satyameva Jayate team have done their due diligence and were convinced there is sufficient documentary backup to air the grievance in their program.

    One can’t fault them.

  45. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    @ Jay, Parijatha, Usha: I had posted the spurious link with a purpose. Just to prove a point…that there is more to what meets the eye…similarly Aamir could have done little more homework, brought genuine malpractice/ negligence cases to light, than the cases which are sub judice! Remember, there is always two sides to a story!

  46. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    One thing really lacked between Doctors and Mr Rai is ‘ COMMUNICATION’. I really don’t see a reason for pancreatic transplant here, which only helps with endocrine/ hormone function part only (I may be wrong) I feel new to city surgeons/ transplant physicians wanted to create a ‘ media flash’ by doing the same. Though expertise is same, it adds an additional two hours to already prolonged surgery. Though DIC is possible, florid infection within four days is uncommon.

    Other thing is in early 90’s everything was going well with kidney transplants(live donors), then this doctors ( DP, DD, KSS) got very greedy and ruined everything to a point kidney transplant was stopped

    Doctor Saab, smitha patil had amniotic fluid embolism induced DIC ( hope I am right), since this started after delivery, while in hospital they couldnot transfer any where ( I don’t think cryoprecipitate, other blood products which is the part of treatment)were not available even in Bombay then???

    Just waiting for the day, Amir bhai to a telecast program on extra marital affairs, and for him to release his last 5 ( at least 3) years of tax returns

  47. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    They say 50% of law suits can be avoided if you are honest to patients (& patients relatives) & informing them everything( even if you have made mistakes)

  48. harkol Says:

    “Mudi” malnad:

    >Amir bhai to a telecast program on extra marital affairs, and for him to release his last 5 ( at least 3) years of tax returns

    How extra marital affairs of Amir bothers the society in general?

    Tax returns: hmm… Interesting, but since he isn’t running for a public office,I think he has a right to privacy. I am sure he is ‘tax efficient’ but then he hasn’t been greedy. With his status as one of the top actors, he can grab money by making slew of non-sensic films. But he does not more than one a year, and he commits to what some think are ‘unviable’ projects.

  49. Anonymous Guy Says:

    It is fun to see doctors and dentists closing ranks and lashing out at Aamir Khan instead of facing the facts. Instead of trying to fix the obvious problems with malpractice which is rampant among government and private doctors.

    Aamir is wasting his time trying to shine the light on wrongdoing in our society. Things improve when people want things to improve. On the whole we dont want that. That is why we are such a filthy, underdeveloped country when compared to the West or even East Asian countries. Aamir to learn from someone like Salman and make movies which make folks fork our a few bucks for 3 hours of mindless entertainment.

  50. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Harkol – good question.

    Somehow, people in our country are more concerned about things like “extra marital sex”, “pre marital sex”, “casting couch”, etc. When issues of real importance to society are discussed, they come up with crap like this, as if it it such an important thing. Everyone is such a freaking self-styled moral policeman, more worried about what two individuals do in their bedrooms.

    Truly, the average Indian is a hypocrite of the first order.

  51. dr ramesh Says:

    after seeing amir Khan’s TV show one feels how true is the adage.
    Week after week this man is raking up widely prevelent, serious issues without adequate research, and biased interpretation. When irresponsible comments are made by a popular cinema star (given undue importance in India) on national Tv , there is a need for self introspection by the actor and the channel airing it.
    Terrorism, illegal wildlife poaching, sex trade, tax evasion, hawala trade are some of the crimes Bollywood heroes and divas have indulged in repeatedly over the years, what credibility does a Bollywood hero has to cast aspersions on doctors and politicians? Its very similar to DISCO NITHYANANDA PREACHING DHARMA AND CELIBACY.

  52. the colonel Says:

    dear BB:
    i agree with you.

    They are so narrow minded that they can see with TWO EYES through a KEYHOLE

    They would make a good laugh but they are so sad.

  53. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    @ b baba,
    I really don’t care about your(& others) affair(s), as long as you stay as ‘common’ man.
    When you try to be ‘ moral police’ of the society , only people with a clean tract record can speak. ( Caesars wife should be above suspicion).
    Dishonesty and deceit is a pattern, if you are not honest in your day to day relationships. ( BTW, with your post I can make out how much ‘importance’ you give to relationships in life), you are MOST likely to be ‘ dishonest’ in every walk of life. ( @ Harkol, that’s why I was curious about tax returns )
    (COLONEL; I like you, your colleagues and your profession, so I leave you alone, jai patiala👍)

  54. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Dr. Ramesh, It does not matter if Aamir is most corrupt person in the world. He is not preaching anything. He is just turning a mirror on our corrupt and undisciplined society.

    If what you see in the reflection is bad, do you break the mirror? Or do you try to do something about your face?

    You corrupt doctors and dentists and your defenders should be given the same third degree treatment that our police reserve for petty thieves and minor offenders.

    But you know it wont happen in our chalta hai country, so you can get away by shooting the messenger.

  55. Emptymind Says:

    Hmm , so next time all the folks should get treatment from Aamir Khan or Rajani kanth when they got sick as they are better human being according to you people:). Do you think actors got better magical healing power than doctors!

  56. B Patel Says:

    @Jay Do some DD. The hunanity hospital says this in its “Abou us” page.

    “Humanity Hospital is a charitable hospital operating under the umbrella of Humanity Trust.”

    And now look up the Humanity Trust website and its objectives.

    Now even the Satyamev Jayate site lists this

    “Humanity Trust started Humanity Hospital in 1996”

    And it also lists a blatant lie

    “This hospital and trust does not have any religious denomination.”

    Now look again at the objectives of the Humanity trusts.

    >> Masjid Construction assistance.

    Why not Mandir, Masjit, Church, Gurudhwara etc. constructions or, no religious place construction.

    >> Placement assistance for Islamic youngsters

    Why not placement assistance foe needy regardless of their cast and creed.

    Now does their statement that the trust does not have any religious denomination, hold true?

    I guess not.

    Is it difficult to find a trust which solely provides healthcare assistance? I guess not. Then why choose this specific trust. Something fishy? I guess so.

  57. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Mudi Malnad, very clever – trying to extrapolate people’s “moral behaviour” to their behaviour in all other fields of life. And yet, complete bullshit.

    The fact is that for whatever reason, many Indians such as yourself and some others on this page, are overly converned about what other people are doing with their private parts. The real issue is that many Indians place too much emphasis on “morals and values”, so that you can bribe your way through life, not follow any traffic rules, use “influence” to get things done – and yet – and yet, you can continue to lead a completely “moral life” by not having pre-marital sex and not touching alcohol, and not eating meat.

    You venture to guess how much “importance” I give to relationships? Yeah right, I think you are just another of the “moral Indians” I spoke about above.

    Just accept the reality of India, that there are too many hypocrites who speak of needless things like “morals and values” when real tangible issues are discussed. I think many people who are talking nonsense on this page will argue that a doctor (or dentist) who indulges in medical malpractice is a better person than someone who has had sex before marriage. Now, that is the problem with thinking that we have.

    In a discussion on medical malpractices, there is no meaning in talking nonsense about what some people do with their private parts (or not). Only a fool will argue otherwise.

  58. Emptymind Says:

    Anonymous Guy.

    Why are you shooting the messenger of all ill doings of bollywood stars? Does satya meva jayathe and Aamir khan got the sole patent to display the vulgarism of all profession? What happens when churumuri and dr.ramesh does the same? Let both parties fix their respective Greed in mutual bashing!

    Boss, Greed is just Greed by itself. It is foolishness to categorize it as doctor’s greeds, actor’s greeds, businessman’s greeds, layman’s greeds, small greeds, big greeds, greeds that doesn’t affect society in general, personal greeds, private greeds ………:) .

    you know Greed is similar to virus and it is deadly epidemic!

    The layman like aamir khan’ s ignorant foolish fans doesn’t know the mechanism of greed – how it arises and how it flows from person to person, from profession to profession and finally kills the peace of entire society!

    They don’t have time to go inwards to their mind to research to this deadly virus and contemplate towards their inner greed which is resting quite comfortably. They lack research skills and blame external ones like minds of different professions like politicians, doctors, and may even farmers!! You know it is very easy to be ಕೋಲೆ ಬಸವ to the tunes of their favourate movie pet stars :)

    Do you want to know the mechanism of greed? ask any good doctors how deadly virus of plague, cholera, swineflu spread from person to person?. How to avoid this spread? And how to fix this deadly virus?
    And yes you wont get simple answers like it is enough if affected patient takes medication to fix his disease!

    cleanliness(both mind and body), avoiding dirty habits, good precautionary measures, moderate desires are the key to avoid any kind of deadly viruses.

  59. Nastika Says:

    A doctor can be sued for *not* ordering a medical test. He/she can never be sued for ordering a medical test. Hence doctors take the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach.

    Medical (like a lawyer) is a practice. So for the same problem every doctor might have his/her own approach & solution. While most are right, some could be wrong. Hence the option to seek second opinion.

    Regarding the nexus between pharmacy & doctor, its more due to competition between the medical shops than doctor. An auto-journalist can go on a foreign jaunt for writing positive review about a new car. Given that a drug has gone through rigorous tests, whats wrong if a doctor prefers this drug over the other? (after all he gets a gift if does so !).

    Aamir Khan is right in highlighting this issue and while its “good” to know about this problem, there isn’t any solution.

    A possible solution for reducing healthcare cost is to standardize procedures in hospitals (after an experienced doctor certifies the ailment). Not sure how this can be implemented.


    And IMA made fool of themselves by asking for an apology.


  60. dr ramesh Says:

    Disciples of amirkhan and nityananda like you would get cured of all health problems by KUNDALINI YAGA AND AMIR KHAN ‘S BOTOX AIDED SMILE, but rest of Indians have to depend on doctors.
    Doctors are fully accountable, if u mess up the treatment , u r practice is doomed.
    Patients coming to doctors, even today in the age of glitz, glamour publicity rely on GOODWILL and W O M .
    Techies, MBA’S can get away with hundreds of goof-ups in their profession, not doctors.

  61. Emptymind Says:

    Just to understand the Dynamics of Greed. Here analogy of spread of bacteria or virus.

    The virus or bacteria of deadly diseases spread from one creature to another creature through various environmental mediums like water, air or direct influence.
    Different steps to fix the spread of this deadly virus towards any abnormal level.

    1. Kill the already arisen virus by injecting antibiotics (counseling or punishment for the crime) to diseased person.

    2. Prevent the spread of newly arising virus into the diseased or Non diseased person by precautionary measures like cleanliness of body, mind, surrounding environment.

    Keep the diseased (greed infected) person away from the proximity of healthy person (Non greedy person but likely to be affected).

    Note :-Cure for ‘A’ person cholera, ‘B’ person cholera ……………… ’Z’ person cholera is largely the same with or without slight variation depending on reaction and condition of patient.

    So don’t make too much difference between varieties of Greed., like Doctors greed, actors greed, politician’s greed :)

    But the tragedy of our society is -the business minded corporate and Bollywood actors who holds stockpile of Greed the deadly virus, are giving lecture to other profession to do charity work!

    Naturally the “Demon of Greed” will be laughing seeing this!!

  62. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Patients come to doctors do so because they have no option.
    Please visit a government hospital in Bangalore. Maybe you work in one and are blind. There is no goodwill on the part of the staff or doctors there. The doctors collect their salary, and in many cases side money and do their job. The patient may feel goodwill if he is cured, but then what option does he have?
    About private hospitals etc., they obviously operate on money. You have yourself written how that works.
    So what goodwill?
    BTW people feel more goodwill about their favourite film stars. Like you probably do towards Puneeth. What good does it do you?

    ‘Doctors are accountable’. This is exactly what Aamir’s program is showing. Accountable to what? To whom? In developed nations, there are government associations and doctor elected bodies which oversee medical activities and make sure that doctors are accountable.

    Obviously as was shown in Aamir’s program not all doctors are accountable in India. They get away with murder. What do you do with them? Hope that people’s ‘goodwill’ will make them do the right thing? No what that is happening.

    Aamir is not claiming he is will take doctor’s job. He is just pointing out one of the many evils some doctors practice. And instead of probing this particular practice and weeding it out, IMA wants to go and shoot the messenger. And we have folks like you who are defending IMA’s actions and want to make unnecessary arguments about Nithyananda and the like.

    About techies and MBAs – they are much more useful to society than a dentist like you. They generally earn their money honestly without killing anyone or taking bribes. Not because they are not corrupt, but because there is minimal scope for them.

    And who cares is a dentist goofs up anyway.

  63. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Nobody is giving lecture on charity work. Take money and do your work. Dont break the law and kill someone in the process of making money.

    Bash Aamir all you want. He is a public figure so why not.

    But Aamir’s real and perceived sins are no defense of corrupt doctors and their murderous ways.

    Your meandering lecture on virus is irrelevant to the topic.

  64. Anonymous Guy Says:

    To make it clear to folks who want to talk about 101 unrelated things:
    Issue is not *all* doctors indulge in malpractice. It is about corrupt doctors indulging in malpractice openly and with no fear. And how IMA which represents majority of doctors, reacted when shown the malpractice on a public forum.

  65. Anitha Says:

    Talking about Amir Khan targeting the “greed” of the doctors is a little hypocritical.

    When his movie 3 Idiots was released, Amir took a share of profit as his remuneration ( or may be ticket collections from a territotry, I am not sure) This clearly affected the producer. Therefore Vidhu Vinod Chopra demanded a better share from the multiplexes than the prevalent percentage. Multiplexes did not agree to let go of their share. Finally they decided that the multiplexes would hike their rates to compensate the additional demand of the producer. The end losers were public who were forced to pay substantially higher prices to satisfy the very same GREED this man is targetting amongst the doctors!!!

    I am an ordinary person. No one in my family is a doctor. I have no friends who are doctors. When I fall sick I go to my regular doctor, with whom I am consulting since the last 25 odd years. I have never questioned him, always trusted his judgement on the diagnosis and the medication he offers me. Not for a moment I have thought that there must be some sinister greed working in his mind when he prescribes the medicines. I dont want to know if he taking any money from pharma companies to prescribe the medicine. All that I am bothered is will I get cured?

    Finally doctors are also human beings. No doctor wants a dead patient under his care. And none of us will go to Amir Khan for treatement for our ailments.

    Let us be greatful for all the good deeds the doctors are doing instead of thrashing them.

  66. Emptymind Says:

    Anonymous, I have forgotten to mention one more analogous disease of Greed-PRIVATE CHOLERA!!!
    Work it out. Very very funny disease! He he he he……….:)

  67. dr ramesh Says:

    Here is an example of how ruthless, insensitive, morally corrupt amir Khan and his Bollywood compatriots are,
    Taare. Zammen pe was originally scripted and given shape by amol gupte, he actually even started direction but amir Khan stopped him, took over as director after ingloriously sacking gupte.
    Movie became a hit, amir took all the credit shunning gupte.
    INDIANS CAN BE EASILY CHEATED it is proved again, amir Khan was invited by Parliament to give lecture on generic drugs, if health ministry was inept in this issue it could have asked senior doctors who have won awards for their service to provide inputs. Amir Khan lecturing parliament——–is an insult to glorious democratic tradition of Parliament.
    What next, sunny Leon , poonam pandey ,rakhi sawant giving talks on women welfare and development.
    There is something horribly wrong with UPA 2 which is relying on SACHIN, AMIR, REKHA and other celebrities to uphold democracy and parliamentary traditions.

  68. Emptymind Says:

    Anonymous Guy,

    When did I endorse doctor’s Greed? That’s the blatant lie you have extracted deliberately from my post.
    I said let there be mutual dialog between different streams of the society to curb this menace called “GREED”.

    How did you disagree my Greedo-Dynamics theory? How can it be out of topic?!!!!!

    Looks like your favorite Aamir Khan has to make an episode on this collective Greed topic. Then only this “simply derived complex subject” will go to your stubborn head!

    That’s why I hate movie stars and their idiotic fans :)

    If you still love good movies I recommend you to see the movie “ondu mutthina kathe” directed by Shankar Nag and acted by Dr Rajkumar. Hope that will remove your part of ignorance of harsh realities of Nature.

    Boss, you are trying to Categorize different Greed which is deadly “Epidemic”, “Explosive” and then Prioritize the Patient !!!!
    “A” patient –Top priority, “B” patient –Next priority………”Z” patient- No treatment!!! He can enjoy the sweet disease and carry the deadly virus!!!

    “Z” Patient can spread this virus to the already cured “A” patient, “B” patient etc after they lose immunity power!!!

    Equilibrium of Greedy World Re-established. JUST MAINTAIN THE STATUS QOU! Ha ha ha ha ha :)

    Joke apart. Let be serious

    Selective targeting, selective bashing will yield no result. It is proved time to time. Whatever the result it yields it will be only temporary solution.
    And it’s a time to look comprehensively towards our problem as every phenomenas are interrelated and interconnected. It is foolish to believe it is not related.

    Let us curb the menace called Greed from its root.

  69. dr kanak shah Says:

    and at the height of this , chairman of parlament comitee was shown on tv , saying , we will not allow pharma company to charge rs 20 for drug of rs one,,,, hahahaaaaaaaaaaa, where were you till now and if you were not aware of this what were you doing by chairing the comitee or was your wasted interest kept you unaware of this price ragging ,/ ? and whose permission you need to restrict that practice of pharma company,,,,,, and for this doctors are blamed,,, in stead of going in depth of the issue ,, ,amir blamed dr for this high price ,and what else can you expect from a person who had denied to give credit to chetan bhagat for his novel on which 3 idiots was based…

  70. dr kanak shah Says:

    nastika,, , very easy way to control loot by pharma company,,, if gov erment can control price of thumsup and cocacola ,, why not drugs,, charging one rs more for cold drink is offense and can be punished f or that , why not control on drug price , which is in multiple of 10 to 20, why we dont know.
    and ima has asked for apology not for show but for half truth, you can not blame any one for others fault, and do you know how difficult it will be to work for a doctor, if he has to work under suspicious…may be you dont know but i know how imp its to have pts trust in dr for treating him,

  71. harkol Says:


    There is a huge difference between pricing a product (like film), and pushing medicine.

    When someone prices their product really high in a non-essential market they run the risk of it being rejected by people. A person going to film, decides whether to watch it or not by himself. He isn’t being told by a ‘professional’ he needs to watch it to improve his health. He checks the ticket prices, and he hears the word of mouth/reviews and makes an informed judgement on the purchase of ticket.

    In other words, a movie is a luxury item. Just like a fancy purse or shoe.

    In case of Medicine, an individual doesn’t make the decision on the basis of money or product review. Doctor gets to make it for him. Individual has to follow what doctor says, as he knows no better.

    If we justify what doctors do, then we could also justify a lawyer selling out his client by getting a kickback – and recommending a wrong course of action.

    There is no corruption of the system in high-priced movie ticket, there is a unethical & corrupt practice at play in professionals breaching the trust.

  72. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    @Bangalore baba
    Why are you so ‘ centerist’ ?( always worried about private organs)?
    I never claimed I am a moral person( I never questioned your ‘moral’ character and I don’t care but you take this extra and pre marital issues too ‘ personaly’😉).!Who is right or wrong, depends on what you think, what’s right for me may not be right for you. I stick to my philosophy and you can stick to yours.
    Issue here is who can talk about ethics etc on national platform and when does it have a value?
    Is Amir khan a right person to host it ?If you think he is right, then any body like BSY, Kumaranna, jana reddy, any congress leader[well they don’t need, they have Barkha, raj deep etc] can have their own tv channel and host a show. Only people like Anna, Kalam, justice hedge, can host a program of this nature and can bring some value to it.

    Let us come back to Amir bhai,
    1]his affair with current wife Kiran started while
    they were shooting for Lagan in Bhuj, right in presence of his ex wife Reena, ( there was a case against Amir, reena and others chinkara shooting )if he had guts he could have told Reena then and could moved on instead of hiding it.
    2] we will move away from ‘ central ‘ issues now, he showed disrespect to judicial system, with respect to this shooting case, Gujarat high court has to intervene and issue non bailable warrant ( such a law ‘abiding’citizen, they were told not to shoot Chinkara he still did!)
    3] when there was earthquake in bhuj, to get some PR for himself and his movie, he said he will adopt ( agreed he doesn’t have to that) this village. But he didn’t do any thing later until villagers went to media about this(I think it was just a drama, if he had done something, there would been videos, photographs, headlines in newspaper), he used a natural disaster to get a benefit for himself.
    4] they stole the story of ‘ peepli live’ and never gave credit to the original author ( there was an issue with a song too, but he was legally right)
    When this movie nominated for Oscar , he totally ignored/sidelined the director Anusha Rizvi
    5] Dr Ramesh already wrote about taare zamin pe’ directional venture
    6] He settled out of court on DK Bose controversy
    Lastly,India has become of destination for ‘reproductive tourism’ [surrogate pregnancy]to exploit Indian poor and there is lot of corruption involved in this. Did he do anything like that when they hired surrogate to have his and kirans Baby?( they can have their baby and should have privacy as long as they have not exploited any body)

    If you have time please reas’ confessions of a surgeon’ by Paul Ruggieri

  73. Ravi Says:

    Anitha, nobody else is responsible for your health, not even your doctor, but yourself. I do not know who your doctor is and whether he always makes the right call – but I do know this. Only I know my lifestyle, dietary preferences, my complete medical history. In the end, if I end up with bad health, I will be the one to pay the price, not my doctor, neighbor or the government. So it is not safe to trust any doctor so completely.

  74. Emptymind Says:

    @dr kanak shah
    Good point sir, eager to watch whether this COLA guy show the same guts to push “Generic” cool drinks like tender coconut, butter milk and expose the greedy soft drink company :)

  75. AD Says:


    I will begin by saying, although you have made a good attempt at hiding the wrong that has clearly been done in this case, it is not good enough. At least not for me.

    Now let me take the pleasure of demolishing your arguments brick-by-brick and showing people what you turly are;

    1. You say: kidney transplant is something tht needs to be done as soon as one becomes available (or else it might go to waste), Often within 6 hrs of getting one.

    -> So who is denying the fact? Major Pankaj Rai clearly said in the show that they did get a call at midnight, and after having agreed, they got her admitted in the hospital immediately.

    2. You say, “The patient was evaluated by the nephrologist and the transplant surgeon who discussed the cadaver transplantation procedure with her family after which she… along with her husband, gave the informed consent for surgery.

    They did this after discussing the relative risks and benefits of surgery with the transplant team and also, over the telephone, with one of their relatives who was perhaps a doctor in the United States.”

    -> Well sir, the family of the patient himself alleges that they HAD NOT BEEN consulted or asked before the operation. The stuff you mention about them consulting somebody abroad – is misleading. While they may have called somebody up after Seemaji was admitted to the hospital. No consent was given by them for the operation, especially before starting the op.

    Let us see what they themselves said on the show:
    “A nurse asked the daughter to sign a paper saying – SHE IS BEING TAKEN FOR ROUTINE CHECKUP” and took her in and started operating WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION or notification.

    She did sign those papers – which clearly means that legally the hospital obtained their written consent – but by lying abt what those papers were. SHE WAS LIED about it being a routine checkup and NEVER TOLD THAT SHE WAS BEING TAKEN IN FOR THE OPERATION.

    In fact Major Pankaj Rai further adds that, he even tried to STOP THE OPERATION saying that they have not even taken any consent.

    [There’s more – as to why they never even informed them that she had passed away, until she asked abt it herself. Why the doctors switched their phones off. All this doesn’t seem like the action of somebody doing the right thing]

    3. You very conveniently forget to tell us why they did a transplant for the pancreas as well. Add to that the fact that they did not even get a consent from the cardiologist. This is the biggest joke here, the part where they did that, just because they had one available. VERY NICE..

    And the fact that you still don’t see any wrongdoing here and are blatantly supporting them speak volumes for yourself…

    4. Without naming the hospital here, let me tell you – I myself have had a similar experience in the delhi branch of same hospital. I had jaundice and we went there – as it was one of the best. And as I am telling my symptoms, after every sentence – the doctor exclaims ‘oh you have this. then you must get admitted’…. ‘oh, then you definitely shld get admitted so we can monitor you there better’.

    And how much would it cost if I got admitted? Rs.28,000 per day – for simple jaundice.

    So ‘I’ don’t even need any Pankaj Rai telling me about it, because I know from personal experience what the hospital is like.

    5. Pankaj Rai clearly claims tht neither the doctors/surgeons were qualified for the op, nor did the hospital had a license for it. Now I don’t know how he can make such a claim unless there was some reason for it. Dunno what botch up job happened and how they hv been exonerated from these cases, but I am sure if we investigated – it might reveal yet more skeletons & scandals.

    6. The fact that they were in the US but came back is not necessarily a good thing. I would like to know what prompted them to come back? Were they really able to ‘survive’ there like you claim, were they kicked out?

    You do not need to ‘get paid’ by these doctors to write a favorable review for them. You just need to be somebody of the same category.

    7. Finally, an answer to your misleading claim that there was no medical negligence

    “… this case of alleged medical negligence has been heard by more discerning experts.

    The State medical council in its ruling has clearly said there was absolutely no medical negligence involved and there was no motive of personal monetary gain on the part of the doctors. The incident has also been debated over by many professional bodies both in India, and abroad too, including a law University and all of them have ruled that there was no element of medical negligence involved in it whatsoever.”

    -> Here’s a link of the Lokayukta reports, which blows the air out of your false claims (and might I say – white lies):

    As we can see, the doctors have clearly been found guilty of literally every accusation made against them by the Lokayukta court.

    So let me know if you have got anything else to say here. I am really interested in hearing from you…

  76. BangaloreBaba Says:

    Mudi Malnad, this is a blog you know – not a web forum where you can edit your posts after typing them in. It is very clear that you were the one who brought up people’s use of private parts a few comments back.

    I am not the one who is “centrist” here – people like you, who talk of “affairs” in completely unrelated issues are the “centrists”.

    Now, I see that you want to expose the messenger Aamir Khan as a dishonest person and not reliable. Now, if you had provided your list of long points at the beginning, instead of talking about people’s use of their private parts, there was no need for so much needless discussion.

  77. Maj Pankaj Rai Says:

    Dr Javeed Nayeem it is a few days since you wrote your column. Facts as they have unfolded prove that doctors of Fortis Hospital especially Dr Rajanna Sreedhara had indeed not been truthful.

    Please see my rejoinder on ‘Indian Express’ published today. If a similar opportunity is provided here, I will ensure that readers see the viewpoint contrary to that of Dr Rajanna Sreedhara which actually may be closer to the truth.

    Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd)

  78. menotkhan Says:

    See also these interesting reads on Aaamir Khan show (not related to medical issues though)

  79. Tapas Dutta Says:

    If we can bring one of the cheat Indian Corporate to justice that will bring back faith of the million in Indian Democracy. These khans are beating about the bush. They will never hit the tyrant corporate as because corporate add fuel to their fire

  80. Maj Pankaj Rai Says:

    The lies of Dr Rajanna Sreedhara stand exposed. Truth prevails. Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan transplant surgeon and the so called ‘multi-organ transplant expert’ has had his registration for cancelled by both MCI and KMC and now stands as an accused in a criminal case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. Dr Nayeem please do not jump to the defence of doctors but please be unbiased. Karnataka and unscruplous doctors involved in kdney racket to the detriment of patients go hand in hand. If Dr Rajanna Sreedhara and Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan are not Dr Death who else is?

  81. Vishwas Gokhale Says:

    K. JAVEED NAYEEM have you read manuka upanishad ? I must meet you and wash your feet.

  82. Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd Says:

    Dr Rajanna Sreedhara and Fortis have committed perjury. Truth prevails…

  83. Onkar Degloorkar Says:

    If the things written here are true,then it can be the best argument made against the show’s reliability! Excellent and rational judgement,Sir!

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