Designed for humans, inspired by nature?*

It certainly does not look like the iPhone or Vertu, so which mobile phone brand does N.R. Narayana Murthy (net worth $1.7 billion) secretly swear by? Could it be Samsung Galaxy S III?

After receiving the Pride of Karnataka award from Round Table India in Bangalore on Friday, the Infosys chief mentor delicately punches the screen alongside the actress Ramya known in these parts as Divya Spandana.

* Search engine optimisation techniques shamelessly at work

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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13 Responses to “Designed for humans, inspired by nature?*”

  1. harkol Says:

    Appears to be galaxy note.

  2. karthik shandilya Says:

    I think galaxy note. And it surely is not designed for humans. It is designed for rich humans and humans with huge hands :-)

  3. person Says:

    Samsung note

  4. harkol Says:

    Karthik: Exactly my thought. But, I have had friends buy it as a convergence device (Phone+tab)

    I went the Galaxy SII + iPad2 way. I find even GS2 to be tad big for my hand. I was comfortable with the iPhone 3GS earlier, didn’t like the iPhone4/4s so went with GS2. For phones ideal size seems to be between 3.5″ to 4″.

    Anything bigger doesn’t fit the hands well. But, then this is NRN we are talking about. He must’ve have really big ones… ;-)

  5. Srikanta Says:

    It is not powered by Batteries; it is powered by “His Intellect”; No Hands; Only Values.

  6. Santosh Gairola Says:

    Yeah, Galaxy Note. Whatever one say, but I think best size among smart devices. Larger keyboard is just what you need.

  7. jayashree Says:

    Does he own a mobile? I doubt so!

  8. Jay Says:

    If the new Samsung Galaxy S3 was designed for humans, whom were all the previous phones desgned for? Dogs?

    As I currently own the Samsung Galaxy S2, can I ask for a refund or a free upgrade to the new S3 as it wasnt dsigned for me?

  9. Goldstar Says:

    It is a Note alright. I also feel it is a correct size. 90% of the time, now people are using phones for data access/internet rather than voice (unless you are in the customer-services industry ) and Samsung Note fits that profile very well.

    In some boring meetings in office, you can browse away on you Note easily but using a tab would be embarrassing :-) !

  10. MysooruBoyz Says: now we are picking on NRN for owning a phone?

  11. vindy Says:

    is it a casio calculator?

  12. Doddi Buddi Says:

    NRN was caught checking out Ramya’s photos!

  13. sunil Says:

    Murthy is telling Ramya not use Galaxy tab as it will cover here face while talking and nobody can see her face….

    just kidding…

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