This one—and four hundred and ninety nine more

Five-hundred doesn’t seem like much of a number in an age when the chors talk in crores. But when it is 500 fullgrown trees that will have to make way, this time for the metro project near the Bangalore railway station, you wonder. And wonder.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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41 Responses to “This one—and four hundred and ninety nine more”

  1. N.Krishnamurthy Says:

    Let’s shave the land of its trees. Let’s replace it with posters, banners and bill boards – exhorting dear citizens to grow trees! Dude, you denude. Tomorrow if your children ask you to show them a tree, draw and show. Again, for that you’d have a paper and pencil which cannot be made without tree!

  2. BangaloreBaba Says:

    If there is one project that I don’t mind losing trees for, it is the metro.

    I am as sad as the next person when trees are chopped off for useless underpasses and road-widening. But sorry, I do not have any sympathy with the greens in this case.

  3. harkol Says:

    An unfortunate collateral damage of growth without imagination. anyone who has seen Singapore, will recall how nicely they built a large city around large trees.

    We are going more the Shanghai/Mumbai way, which is bereft of greenery. :(

  4. Deepak Says:

    It is a necessary evil. One needs development projects, without which the city will sink. And projects can’t move at the cost of the environment. Vicious circle, one can’t do anything. Atleast Govt. should mandate growing 2-3 trees (if not at same area, different area atleast) for every tree cut.

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Namma kaadugaLu sudugaadugaLaagutthive. Where are Ullhas Karanth, Vittal Kalkudi and Suresh Heblikar when we need them?

  6. Srikanta Says:

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    Can you picture what will be
    So limitless and free
    Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
    In a…desperate land
    Lost in a Roman…wilderness of pain
    And all the children are insane
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    Waiting for the summer rain, yeah
    There’s danger on the edge of town
    Ride the King’s highway, baby
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    Ride the highway west, baby
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    This is the end

  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    An ordinance should be issued by the government that there should not be any single tree in the city so that the city can be ‘developed’. That would enable the people in resolving themselves to today’s reality and will learn to live in a fully developed city, 200 ft wide roads, hundreds of flyovers, tens of underpasses, grade separaters, metros and what not. No traffic jams. Everyone will be able to reach any place within five minutes and live happily ever after. Also, another ordinance that all the lakes should be converted to plots for further development. That would end all the problems of a growing city once for all. If anybody cries for greens, he can go and live in a forest.

  8. Nastika Says:

    All the tree lovers, cutting down tree is *not* evil. Not planting tree is.

    Why do you want posters everywhere? Probably you are overreacting.

    Those trees are in the heart of the city, not any forest. BTW, why are you calling for help?

    Guys, ensure the trees are planted again – that act shows you are a true tree lover. You get the same benefits in 10 years. 10 years is a short time in the life of a city.


  9. Shiv Says:

    How many of us (including me) are ready to leave our bikes and cars behind at home during weekdays and weekends and travel by public transport? How many of us will stop buying bikes and cars bcoz they pollute? Give it a thought for a few mins…

    Am sure each one has our own views and justifications!

  10. Gouri Satya Says:

    While many of the encironment-conscious countries, including a small country like New Zealand, are devising ways to save trees while implementing their projects, here we mercilessly chop them off. In Mysore, when the JLB Road was expanded, authorities promised planting of new trees. Even after some years, they have not bothered to plant even a single sapling.

  11. Ullasa Vadan Says:

    What is the source of this information. Metro work near Railway station is underground and you do not need to cut trees for that. Moreover, all the tree felling for Metro Phase 1 is completed long back. What is this negative propoganda without naming the source?

  12. Mysore Peshva Says:

    How to compensate the parrots, sparrows, mynahs, crows, squirrels, bees and other innocents that lose their habitat and homes? Who speaks for the voiceless?

  13. Says:

    Bangalore Metro might be the costliest toy train running in India.. The corporation is swallowing crores and crores of rupees for building a elevated railway track which cannot expand when demand rises!
    Also, the so-called planners should try to look at using railway network inside the city instead of burning cash in air.
    the last mile connectivity is pathetic in Bangalore Metro and dont see any improvements or efforts to improve them!

  14. dr ramesh Says:

    It may sound weird, but bangalore has been abused and maltreated by the BJP government.
    Wisdom says, try the conservative option first, then look for the radical one. No consultations, deliberations and due diligence, just threaten and implement has been the motto of the government.
    In jayanagar, there is the famous stadium, now called kitturu Rani chennamma kreedangana, in the name of modernization, lot of open space has been used up by concrete diminishing the beauty and space available for sports.
    There was a popular field called KWALITY PITCH, which was destroyed by construction of basket ball concrete courts which is also used for dandiya nights now.
    Bangalore development is lacking the human touch, if left unchecked, KANNADA and HASIRU may become extinct.

  15. asha Says:

    The state government does not know the meaning of city planning…somebody here said plant trees and it will grow in 10 years to compensate for the felled trees…my question is where is the space to plant these trees..are we leaving an inch of land for any environmental use…bangalore is steadily becoming a concrete jungle..the last area that was very well planned in Bangalore was Jayanagar by Sir MV…after that it was all sub standard city planning

  16. Anonymous Guy Says:

    2 options:
    1. Close the borders to the hordes spilling inside
    2. Stop having so many children
    3. Learn from superiors – the western countries

    We wont do the first 2, and the 3rd reluctantly and in our own buffoonish ways.

    So quit crying and face up to reality.

  17. Nastika Says:

    @dr ramesh,
    I agree on the open space part. In Bangalore, all the playgrounds are converted to parks, so that the geriatric folks can walk & control their BP, sugar. Where should the kids play now?
    The oldies are vocal, and hold edge-of-the-office posts in Govt. Pitted against them, the kids have no voice to save their playgrounds.

    Where to plant the trees again? Ask an urban planner.
    Sir MV designed Jayanagar? Could you share more details?


  18. BangaloreBaba Says: – with all due respect, your comment made no sense at all.

    What exactly do you mean, “cannot be expanded”? What sort of “expansion” do you want? The world over, tracks are tracks – limited width – whether underground or elevated. Even at-grade tracks cannot be expanded in 9 cases out of 10. Usually, when we speak of “expansion” in a metro, we talk about increasing the frequency, adding more coaches, etc.

    What exactly do you want? Are you asking for at-grade tracks in the heart of one of India’s biggest cities? I don’t understand why people make such unrealistic demands.

    And I’m sorry, what “railway network inside the city” should planners “look at”? Where is the network? What existing network are you talking about? Please take a map and see how much of the city is covered by the IR tracks.

    See, this is the issue with India and Indians. People keep criticizing, nagging, chipping away constantly at projects, even when there is no basis. The fact is, we have become so used to complaining and nagging about things, that we are not able to get rid of the habit, and we complain and crib as an almost instinctive reaction.

    Maybe that is why planners in India are so unresponsive to feedback. That could be one reason. I mean, think about it – a planner comes to this blog to gauge public sentiment and feedback, and he sees posts like this, he will probably laugh it off and forget about taking any feedback even again.

  19. DailyBread Says:

    >my question is where is the space to plant these trees

    I have some workable ideas/suggestions….

    1. Allow a FSI 5-8 for all plots of size 20,000 sft and more. Allow multiple BDA plots to merge to create plots of minimum size of 20,000 sft. With merged plots, we can do away with some crossus and mainus to create more walking/cycling tracks, green space, etc.

    PS:If people do not voluntarily merge their plots to create bigger plots, BDA should acquire these plots ;-)

    2. Lets go vertical. We need more elevators and more underground/multilevel parking facilities. A FSI of 5-8 with compulsory 50% open area will free up lot of private land for tree plantation.

    3. Strictly ban all kerbside parking all over the city. No more open parking to be allowed for any mechanized vehicle anywhere in the city. With extreme prejudice tow away any frikking vehicle parked on the road/open parking lot.

    4. Shift the capital to Yadgir. There is no need for baabus to occupy expensive real estate for 30 hours a week. Demolish all ugly govt. buildings to build low cost low rent modern high rise chawls. The decent hygienic low rent easily hirable accommodation will free up low rise encroached slum land for creating 10 more Lalbaghs…

  20. Says:

    Thanks for the respect and with the same spirit, check my response.

    I have visited atleast 10 cities with good metro connectivity. Most of these cities have their metro operations running underground since its easier to dig on sideways for track expansion, not much of land acquisition issues and most of the city population lies underneath. Very few parts of the Metro have underground operations.

    The one in Bengaluru is mostly elevated. This rises the project cost, introduces unnecessary delays in land acquisition etc.
    Regarding the railway network, this is my opinion and I feel that Bengaluru Metro was not all needed bcoz of good presence of railway network. If a good feeder system(bus and taxi) was put in place, we wouldnt have needed the expensive toy train. :
    Lets take a example. where do most of techies in the city use the transportation for? To travel to Electronic city or Whitefield.
    Cars are social bane to the society and most of these automobiles are found in this route. Also, the problem of single person driving these cars are found in these segments.
    Leaving those things aside.
    Whitefield – KR pura station, Kadugodi station
    Electronic City – We can utilize the rail network passing through Anekal
    Next comes, the garment factories which are the largest employers in the city.
    Garment factories are mostly in Peenya and Yeshwanthpur belt apart from other ones in city. For these sectors, we have railway stations too.
    Apart from these, there are railway station in Majestic, Malleshwara, Cantonment, Kodigehalli. We can create more stations in north,east, southern parts of Bangalore on need basis.
    The phase 2 is doing some of these things in areas near to ITPL at whopping total cost of 25,000 crore!

    I am cribbing that this is the most expensive toy train since it doesnt have good last mile connectivity and doesnt bother to fix it in long term too. They are talking about bus, mono rail, metro, high speed rail, elevated express way.. ufff, what not!! but, none of these have made integrated traffic studies before deciding on the project. every nodal agency wants to announce a project and get ahead with it.
    Bus which constitute 0.5% of vehcile population carry 50% of human population of the city. What does metro intend to do? Where are ‘park ur car n move around the city’ concept? The parking space conterversy is not yet resolved and I am sure that in future, those parking lots would be Garuda Mall-2, 3 n so on.. ;-)

    In most of other cities, non CBD metro stations have huge parking space which encoruage people to use them. What do we have in Banglore Metro? Even if they build it, why should we build parallel costly elevated railway lines when we work with the present infrastructure and connect the remaining pieces.
    Last but not the least, I think that you are aware that BMRCL is not making profits and would take long time to even breakeven!

  21. mandayamr Says:

    Crib as much as you want. Prevent felling where possible. But, start planting more trees too.

    If you need help in planting trees in and around Bangalore…visit

  22. BangaloreBaba Says: – no city in the world builds underground with a view to track expansion!! Tell me, how do you know that the intention is to “expand the tracks”? Please give me a few examples where the track has been expanded sideways, underground. Find even one example and show me.

    You are thinking of roads and road-widening and extrapolating it to metro systems! You would need an additional track on the same direction only if there is a constant stream of trains piled up one behind the other, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Think about it.

    And you are completely wrong that elevated construction “increases project cost”. Please do your research again – you are grossly misinformed. Going underground is around three times more expensive. Go and check out the figures. The cost of Bangalore’s underground section is more than all the elevated section put together in this phase.

    Did you take a map of Bangalore and look at the dispersal of IR tracks in the city? You do know then, that the catchment area of those tracks covers less than 20% of the Bangalore metropolitan area?

    How in heaven’s name will those tracks cover the masses in Jayanagar, Indiranagar, Rajajinagar/WOC, Banashankri, Hanumanthnagar, BTM layout, Gangenhalli, Sanjaynagar, Konnankunte, Adugodi, MG road, KR circle, HSR layout, etc. etc. etc. etc.????

    A city needs a mass transit system that effectively covers most parts of the city. You can’t just take some decades old infra that skirts most of the city and was not even meant to ferry intra-city traffic, and simply expect it to start functioning like a city transit system with some tweaks.

    Of course BMRCL is not making a profit – this Baiyappanahalli-MG road thing is not really useful. You need to wait for it to complete. And guess what – a city’s mass transit is not always built with a profit motive. It is necessary, it just is.

    I concede however, that you are right in that there has not been enough thought put into feeder systems and adequate integrated solution thinking. That needs to be done better, and it can still be done – nothing is lost yet.

  23. Manivannan Says:

    I keep looking for credible suggestions from public on all aspects of governance. But, IMHO, informed, objective suggestions from public are quite less. How many of us who have commented here have actually gone thru the details of the Metro project, tried to understand it, and got their doubts clarified? Isn’t BangaloreBaba right?

    In the age of IT and RTI, its easier to get info, learn and contribute. All it takes is time and genuine interest. It takes both the government and citizens to make things work. Bangalore can do it, if we all mind.

  24. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    A tree is an invaluable natural resource regardlees where it happens to be.

  25. Sanjeeva Says:

    Manivannan Sir, I think the most logical and rationale solution is decentralization. Spread, instead of concentrating. But the problem is the planners, authorities come out with all sorts of plans except thinking on the lines of decongesting. Second is the people too are not prepared to move out. They would grumble, complain and suffer, but they wont leave the city.

  26. Says:

    London has metro which is predominantly underground, same in case of Paris too! Paris has multi level tunnels and it has good connection with other forms of transport.
    There are more examples elsewhere too.I am just not talking abt trains following each other. Think about station expansion, building new stations etc. Isnt it easy to do when the tracks are underground when compared to elevated ones?

    I was wrong about the cost of underground and elevated. But the cost is not 3 times expensive, its around 2 times. I stumbled on RTI query where someone had a concern just like I had.

    Regarding the Metro, check this paper I am pasting few sections.

    “The original feasibility study for developing a metro system for Delhi justified the economic feasibility of the system projecting a daily ridership of 3.1 million passengers by 2005 [RITES 1995]. This was later reduced to a projected demand of 2.18 million passengers to be transported per day on the first three corridors (65.8 km) when completed in December 2005 [Sreedharan 2003], and then in 2005 further reduced to 1.5 million a day.
    The system is actually operating at around 0.6 million passengers per day at the end of 2007, less than twenty percent of projected capacity. Similarly, the Kolkata metro is
    operating at about ten percent projected capacity [Singh 2002].”

    The first few metro corridors are always selected to be on the most heavily travelled stretches in a city, and so it should be surprising that the Bengaluru metro is still operating at such low levels. Even though you were concerned about the masses in MG road, the masses are not using Metro.

    “They also find that energy costs of building a metro system are so high (128 million litres of petrol for one line in Portland, Oregon) that it “would take a minimum of 15
    years to even begin to achieve energy savings”.

    Exaggerating benefits and underestimating costs is not confined to the Indian experience. A study of more than 210 transportation infrastructure structure projects worldwide demonstrates that cost underestimation and exaggeration of benefits (both by an average factor of two) is common, especially for rail projects

    In the case of the Delhi metro the cost of capital alone accounts for subsidy of Rs. 35,000 per passenger passengers per year. This is more than the per capita income (Rs 28,000 per year) of India and more than 60% of the estimated per capita income of Delhi
    (Rs. 56,000 per year). This is obviously not sustainable.”

    Also check this ppt of BRT supporters viewpoint.

    The capital cost of Delhi Metro Rail is Rs 113 crore per km up to phase II. But if you include all the hidden subsidies, the cost works out to around Rs 200 crore per km. Such cost makes sense only in those large cities that are linear (Mumbai and Kolkata) and not circular (Delhi and Bangalore) in layout.

    There are lots more material to say why Metro is not the best suited option for Bengaluru. Till date, the profits from property leasing is more than profits from operations in Delhi Metro. The same would happen in Bengaluru Metro since the system can never attract the project numbers.

  27. DailyBread Says:


    >I keep looking for credible suggestions from public on all aspects of governance.

    Sir, the excellent leadership provided by Pradeep Singh Kharula, Bipin Gopla Krishna & Upendra Tripathi to BMTC has given us an extremely efficient, convenient, comfortable & affordable city transport service. IMO, this is one of the best public transport service in the world.

    IMO, Bangalore eventually when it is completely built will have a functional, efficient, more bang for the bucks spent, Metro. Ignore the critics on Churumuri, few weeks back they were complaining about direction/orientation of seats. You provide them seats, they will ask for sleepers.

    I am a frequent user of BIAL. This is one more super efficient infrastructure this fortunate city’s administrators have gifted us. Kudos to them……

    Sir, please do write somewhere about what you are doing in BESCOM. With backup DGs & UPSs we have stopped keeping an eye on the quality of service you provide; if there is an improvement, then the word should spread.

    >In the age of IT and RTI, its easier to get info,

    Why RTI, why don’t the govt. voluntarily disclose the information. Upload all files on department websites, let public have access to all information. Can we start with BESCOM?, please.

  28. mani1972work Says:

    Daily bread:

    Thanks for a meaningful post/engagement. This is what encourages the administrators/public managers.

    BESCOM is ready! Our new website, under testing ( has already files scanned and uploaded! It has from June 1st, 2012 and will continue real-time. By next 12 months, we will clear the backlog and thus will have entire files of BESCOM uploaded in the website, cover to cover including the noting sheets.

    About the initiatives, we will add in our website. There is a a define improvement in our response to consumers, from 1.45 minutes to 36 minutes; the average time taken to resolve the complaints filed with us. We will post all complete data in the website.

    Thanks, to you and Sanjeeva, for the trust on the government, and for the belief that together we can make things work!:)

  29. BangaloreBaba Says: – now come on, admit it. You are being stubborn. You are diverting the topic, talking about BRTS, “metro is not suited for Bangalore at all”, and such stuff. You are diverting the topic and obfuscating things just to avoid admitting that you were wrong.

    I am happy that you admitted that you were wrong in construction cost. Unfortunately, you still stick to your wrong point about “expansion”. Don’t tell me about London and Paris, I have been to both cities. I asked for one example where track expansion has happened underground.

    And then, you want me to “think about new stations”! LOL – you think about it for a moment! Is it easier to build a new station along an elevated track, on pillars, like they are doing near Yeshwanthpur etc., or is it easier to dig the ground all around to create a new station? I can’t believe you bring up such points.

    And while you are at it, also check how often a new station is required between existing stations on an intra-city route in the first place. What is the probability of that happening, based on precedence?

    And you say: “The first few metro corridors are always selected to be on the most heavily travelled stretches in a city, and so it should be surprising that the Bengaluru metro is still operating at such low levels. Even though you were concerned about the masses in MG road, the masses are not using Metro.”

    Are you even aware that the “first corridor” is not even complete yet? Are you aware that the “first corridor” is supposed to pass via Majestic, to Yeshwanthpur, chord road/Mysore road, etc.? What do you want the “masses” to do? Fly to Baiyappanahalli and travel on the metro? Huh.

    All your PDF studies and notes are tosh. I can provide you other PDFs and show how silly that data in your PDFs is, but first I will wait for you to do some more study on the points I spoke about above, and gain sufficient background knowledge about this project and mass transit in general.

    You cannot make comments like “underground would have been much cheaper”, “it is much easier to build new stations underground”, “see see – people are not using the metro already built, so it is a failure”, and expect to be taken seriously in debate!

  30. Nastika Says:

    I agree. All Govt records, meeting minutes, resolutions for public consumption must be uploaded on the department site. I am 100% confident that this will happen. But the question is when.

    Tree is invaluable. But its renewable.


  31. Srikanta Says:

    My Neighbor cut down the tree in front of my house, I had planted years ago, simply so he could park his vehicle there. The reason given by him ” It obstructs the view of his children who run out into the street”.

    I was told, I can have him arrested by reporting this to Arnya-Ilake [ Forest Department]; I learnt all trees are property of the state; you need to take permission even to cut down a tree in your own house?

  32. Manivannan Says:

    Daily bread:

    Thanks for a meaningful post/engagement. This is what encourages the administrators/public managers.

    BESCOM is ready! Our new website, under testing ( has already files scanned and uploaded! It has from June 1st, 2012 and will continue real-time. By next 12 months, we will clear the backlog and thus will have entire files of BESCOM uploaded in the website, cover to cover including the noting sheets.

    About the initiatives, we will add in our website. There is a definite improvement in our response to consumers, from 1.45 minutes to 36 minutes (the average time taken to resolve the complaints). We will post all complete data in the website.

    Thanks, to you and Sanjeeva, for the trust on the government, and for the belief that together we can make things work!:)

  33. Says:

    “I learn, update and correct myself from discussions.”
    I dont have any ego in saying I am wrong or right when a new fact or someone points it out. I feel that this is a discussion based blogging page rather than proving who’s right or wrong in their comments.

    If you have been to Paris, you must be knowing there are multi-coloured zones which are different levels in the underground. Now, dont tell that Paris Metro never expanded or created new lines or stations.
    If there is enough space around the elevated track, then one can think of building a new station. Else, again the same old issues of land acquisition, protests etc.

    Stop harping on underground cost comment, I have corrected my own comment with my own findings and also corrected your figure of cost factor too.

    “All your PDF studies and notes are tosh. I can provide you other PDFs and show how silly that data in your PDFs is”
    Didnt expect this kind of reply which would say PDF studies and notes are tosh! if you reference materials are above IIT, Delhi research papers , Business Standard articles ; then I can give it a rethought. Else, I would have just treat this as another personal attack!

    Anyway regarding taking my comments seriously or not.. dont jump to conclusion ; take it easy! if you are short of time and dont want to give out references for your conclusions, you cant stop reading my comments whenever you see my name.
    Just because I brought BRT into picture to substantiate the point about Metro being a expensive toy train might have rubbed your wrong side. But, calling out research papers used as reference from my end as tosh just shows that who has closed mind.

  34. DailyBread Says:


    >Thanks for a meaningful post/engagement.

    Sir, my other post on freeing up private & govt. space in Bangalore was also an honest & earnest suggestion for city administrators. Please pass on that post to Mr. Kharula, the BDA boss. If you discount the hyperbole in that post, it has some very serious/workable suggestions.

    >entire files of BESCOM uploaded in the website, cover to cover including the noting sheets.

    Congratulations!!!!, Thank you on behalf of all BESCOM consumers

  35. DailyBread Says:


    Sir, one more serious suggestion. Get Bangalore Baba a board seat as citizen representative on the board of BMRCL. Babaji seems to be the biggest evangelist of Namma Metro.

  36. the colonel Says:

    Mysore Peshva: u use a mobile?????

    what about the bees???????.

    they sting is it???

  37. BangaloreBaba Says:

    DailyBread saar – NM is the best thing that has happened to my city in more than a hundred years. It is a mass transport system, for the masses – which should have been in place as soon as the city population crossed 2 million, as it happened in almost all European cities. And then, my evangelism is just a reaction to the constant ill-informed negativity surrounding metro project, and all projects tbh. :)

    People have become used to criticizing and nagging constantly, no matter what is done. Of course there is a combination of good and bad – some projects are good, some are not. But most people simply want to have this knee-jerk reaction of “useless paaaliticians are doing surely something bad here”.

    With BIAL, some people were reacting as if the sky was falling down – our beloved Yeddy also jumped onto the bandwagon and said that the airport was rubbish, and the road from trumpet interchange was full of potholes. The former may be a subjective opinion, but the latter is a plain lie.

    Maybe some people were expecting BIAL to be as vast and imposing as Hong Kong or Atlanta airport. Huh. First build the businesses, skyscrapers, wealth in Bangalore to achieve that level of traffic, and BIAL will become HKG airport one day.

    Mostly, people crib without proper knowledge of the project, of ground realities, etc. And people enjoy parroting what others say, and the nagging reaches a crescendo, feeding upon itself.

    That is what is happening with every useful infra project, including Namma Metro.

  38. Renu Says:

    Face the reality. which is not far…!

  39. weram Says:

    yes government cutting the lungs of the city,little by little. in name of dev, but development for whom ? or for what ? for those north indians and useless fighting neighbouring state people to run their businesses, have jobs and make money. How many parks, art galleries would ve been constructed for 25000 crores (the basic cost of metro) . 85% of IT,BT and other core business are owned/run by non kannadigas, they are the ones who care about money and not city, its culture and tradition. They just want to bring more people from their states and for them to travel they need metro.

  40. Rhea Basappa Says:

    I am trying to save the trees in front of my house on the roadside which i grew now my neighbours want to chop down these trees to take current line . I want people to support me .I am 14 yrs old and very concerned about my future actually my neighbour can save the trees if he takes the current line from underground or on the other side.
    i want people to support me and if anybody know the address for people to complain about these kind of inhumane activites please do inform me. Lets have a beautiful tomorrow .
    thank you

  41. Sharaba Says:

    @Rhea Basappa
    please contact pretty old Girish Karnad at Ranga Shankara or Arundhati Nag.
    Get in touch with Ullas Karanth and Suresh Heblikar.
    and if none of them come to support get a TV channel to support you write a addadda uddudda blog and report to national media take a picture and send to all media channels.
    report a petition on change,org .

    the people who will help will be the one who can oppose your neighbour’s political rivals. so get to know who exactly your neighbour supports. also get to know their caste and catch hold of exactly rival caste politician.

    even then if nothing happens

    bribe BESCOM guy more than your neighbour.and get him a kingfisher can.

    even then if nothing happens

    catch hold of Ravi Belagere or Muththappa Rai and get the “current” guy beaten yathavath.

    there you go you the tree will be saved.

    this churumuri fellas have not grown enough that they can save a tree. they are here for free rant and banter. see these Pulikeshis rashtrakootas etc they have disappeared and helpless sitting and writing from a corner.

    i really appreciate the concern of our young generation. there is great dream in them.

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