Several feet under, a few tired feet up at mid-day

As the world zooms around them, seemingly unaware and unmindful of their sweat and toil, workers of the Namma Metro project catch a breath at their worksite at the Kempe Gowda bus station in Bangalore on Tuesday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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3 Responses to “Several feet under, a few tired feet up at mid-day”

  1. jayashree Says:

    No contest!

  2. K Murthy Says:

    As the real world zooms around our state, with the cabinet, MPs, MLA’s and ministers, seemingly unaware and unmindful neither of the poor man’s sweat, heat and toil nor of the acute drought, ironically, after the Yeddi gang members resigned and gave up their ‘official’ Honda’s and Corolla’s, TOI Bangalore reports that they were zipping around in their swanky Audi Q5’s & 7’s, Mercs, Range Rovers, Land cruisers and other such wheels of greed- each cost betwn 80 -100 lacs!

    B.Y. Raghavendra was seen on TV 9( flashing a smile while getting down what appeared to be a Range Rover Evoque!

    And to make the situation even more tragic if not comic, an eagle-eyed reporter has clicked a snap of the number plate of a high end Audi vehicle belonging to Excise Minister Renukacharya ( KA04 D 3303)….the D series of registrations in Karnataka is given only to cabs. So why is this little piece of info important?

    Well, in doing so, the EXCISE MINISTER of Karnataka had availed nearly Rs. 5 lacs central excise rebate which is given to cars imported for being run as cabs!

    Sadly, it is said that one of Yeddi’s most corrupt fans can’t even drive a car himself!

  3. weram Says:

    oh, are these guys kannadigaru, they dont looks so ! we should ensure all the jobs in bengalooru metro work is given to our kannadigaru. When our sircar spending thousands of crores, Atleast we should make sure these guys speak some kannada before touching our soil for their work !
    What namma Rakshana Vedike’s are doing, Did someone from them checked with BMRCL to find about this !

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