Will an Ilayaraja song open London Olympics?

Naanthaan ungappanda (Tamil for I am your father), a song composed by Ilayaraja for the 1981 Kamal Haasan film Ram Laxman, and sung by S.P. Balasubramanyam, is reported to be part of the playlist for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, being directed by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle.

Boyle has recreated a London countryside for the opening ceremony and Ilayaraja’s number is said to be based on a folk number. Boyle had gone with A.R. Rahman for the Oscar-sweeeping film Slumdog, whose signature track Jai Ho was sung by the Mysorean, Vijay Prakash.

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32 Responses to “Will an Ilayaraja song open London Olympics?”

  1. the colonel Says:

    tamil song for the punjabi’s and patels in london


  2. asha Says:

    David Boyle denigrated India by directing the film slum dog millionaire and now he is out to do that again the playing Ilayaraja’s song at the olympics….

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yeah, he is denigrating the Olympics by playing a song from a sports loser country.

  4. tamilguy Says:

    not a happy news.
    read this http://kali-kaalam.blogspot.in/2012/06/blog-post_21.html

  5. Nastika Says:

    Truth stands itself. There is nothing denigrating in Slumdog Millionaire. If you want to watch a feel-good movie then watch tourism department promos.

    Ilayaraja is one of the great music composer and probably the best. There are better compositions and this isn’t bad either.


  6. Sankaran Says:

    Ilayaraja one of the greatest musician of India.

  7. dr ramesh Says:

    What was the criteria for selection of an Indian song? Was it the quality of song, achievements of a music director, or closeness to organizers of the ceremony? Its not clear.
    One can’t expect any thing better from London Olympic committee sponsored by DOW chemicals, which caused a human disaster in Bhopal.
    mile sure mera tumhara would have been the ideal choice representing cross section of India.

  8. asha Says:


    You seem to come across like a guy who peddles poverty and misery of india in the international market to make a fast buck…a la Satyajit Ray, David Boyle, Deepa Mehta etc…good luck to you…btw the phrase the MEA has come up with to sell india abroad is “Incredible India”…go figure

  9. Faldo Says:

    Have to agree with Daaktru. There is no doubt that Ilayaraja is great but if they had to select one of his songs there were many others to choose from.

  10. har.sri.ga Says:

    Now, Shivrajkumar will call the Mastero and wish him good luck.(in case, he receives his call ;-) )
    Jaggesh will keep roaming in Malleshwara and wont even know that Tamil has gone leap years ahead of Kannada.

  11. Nastika Says:

    According to you,
    – James Cameroon is one who peddles with destruction to make fast buck (Titanic)
    – Steven Spielberg is one who peddles with human horror to make fast buck (Schindler’s list)
    – Mani Ratnam is one who peddles with riots to make fast buck (Bombay)

    and I can go on pick directors/produces who made fast bucks.


  12. Deepak Says:

    It is because of sickos like you that relationship between Kannadigas and Tamilians are getting spoilt!! Talk with sense man

  13. asha Says:


    Get some education dude….I mentioned the names of the directors who have been consistently selling poverty porn and encashing from it…if you quote james cameron,steven spielberg, mani ratnam et all…it shows your level of understanding of the subject….

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Asha only approves of movies based on Hindu mythology.

  15. har.sri.ga Says:

    hey, why would I become sicko if I talk about what Shivarajkumar and Jaggesh might do after hearing this news.
    If you like to know relationship b/w Tamilians and Kannadigas ;
    1. Read the original kaveri water sharing agreement drafted before pre-independence times and the recent water sharing formula doing rounds.
    2. Read the book “TamiLu TalegaLa Naduve”
    3. Watch the few of their movies to know how they have ridiculed Sangolli Rayanna, Pulakeshi ..
    4. Find out why few Tamil lawyers got jealous when Center announced Kannada as Classical Language and withheld the funds for years from the Center stating that case.
    and lot more instances are there.. dont try to become one more “chinna thambi” like Yedi! Everyone knows what the relationship is b/w these 2 languages.

  16. Nastika Says:

    For your education, poverty is also a subject and a theme for making movies.


  17. Rastrakoota Says:

    Well, Ashaji,Nastika appears well learned I guess. You have stated that you mentioned directors consistently selling poverty porn, who do you think are the rest other than Danny Boyle? You are goin bonkers for no reason! May be your movie tastes match Daakur Rameshappa’s movie taste to T.

  18. Rastrakoota Says:

    Well yes you mentioned S Ray! Didn’t notice. Directors commercial or art sell what they think will sell. Those that are awarded are invariably well made. What do you think sells better abt our nation?

  19. Nastika Says:

    @Anonymous Guy,
    You mean Asha likes ‘Katari Veera Surasundarangi’ kind of movies?


  20. Goldstar Says:

    And now the news comes that the music director, who the “patriotic Kannadigas” like Dr. Ramesh love-to-hate, A R Rehman is set to compose a song for the London Olympics :-).


    I think it is high time the KFI proposes a ban on the Olympics !! We can’t tolerate fellow Indians getting prominence.

  21. 'mudi' malnad Says:

    @ Dr Ramesh,
    Need a clarification, you said this is similar
    to Havina Hede song,but kamal Hassan movie was released in Feb 1981, and Havina Hede was released in Dec 1981. So who was ‘inspired’ by whom?
    @har.sri. ga

    Tamilu……… By pee chi Illa samy. ( it’s so unfortunate BGL swamy didn’t get his due recognition, tamilu….and hasiru honnu(others) are so well written books,)

  22. avi Says:

    It so sad that, even now after more than 50 years of Independence, Indians need Britishers to tell them which of their song is very good – of the level to play in Olympics; and we are happy about it.

  23. dr ramesh Says:

    Question is not about inspiration, but the criteria for selection,
    Olympics is about celebration of human spirit, endurance and brotherhood. a song from a routine commercial movie which has no connection to Olympics has no business to be there.
    Le coubertin soul would be stirred and agitated for sure at this transgression.
    Commonwealth games theme music was a super dud, now Olympics, God save the queen.
    What’s wrong with harikrishna, he is in amazing form, hit after hit, youthful, energetic, peppy music, in accordance to Olympic spirit.

  24. asha Says:


    >>Well yes you mentioned S Ray! Didn’t notice. Directors commercial or art sell what they think will sell. Those that are awarded are invariably well made. What do you think sells better abt our nation?>>

    Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon was awarded an Oscar….so it must be an excellent movie….Yasser Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace prize and he is definitely a very peaceful man…

  25. pun Says:

    WOW kaveri issue comes up in London Olympics thread. After reading the comments section in the past hour at churmuri, i’m ashamed to be from Bengaluru. I’m afraid to say most of people in bengaluru hate tamilians. Nevermind the fact that before formation of states Kannada,Telugu and Tamil were equally populated in Bengaluru as Bengaluru is trisection of the 3 states of Andhra,TN and Karnataka.


    Look at the basin area divisions in terms of square km and the verdict. basin area in terms of kmsqr in Karnataka is 42% and TN 54%. Karnataka gets only 37% of the water because
    1) Around 15% of the basin area of Kaveri in Karnataka flows through forests, i.e in Coorg and Chamarajnagar districts. So no one is dependent on Kaveri water in these areas.
    2)Kabini dam which i think is bigger than KRS is almost completely for Karnataka and only a small part goes to TN. The main water for TN is released from KRS and not from Kabini.

    If you want to criticize something criticize it on facts. not prejudice or garbage.

  26. Rastrakoota Says:

    Ashaji,Crouching tiger and hidden Dragon-I have not seen that movie but Rotten tomatoes(Respected review aggregator) has showed a whopping 97% favorable reviews for that!!…Anyways it was well received everywhere I guess. There is a difference b/w an excellent movie and well-made. A well made movie need not necessarily be bracketed alongside an excellent movie! And Yasser? I think he was awarded with some other folks together, Dont know much. Defining excellent /good/well made is pretty relative I guess. And hence awrds serve as some sorta benchmark. You knowThere will always be exceptions!

  27. FirstReality Says:

    I recommend playing Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Orissa, Bangla and whatever other languages are in India together. Just play them all at once.

    If someone is still unhappy, play all songs from all movies ever made at once. It can not be worse than the movies we produce.

    Boy, we have some priorities.

  28. V Anand Says:

    I am a Tamilian.

    And that was a horrible song of Ilayaraja. People who call him maestro and genius are those who are born after 1978 and haven’t heard the songs of music directors like Shankar Jaikishen, Naushad, Roshan, Sardar Malik, O P Nayyar etc.

  29. har.sri.ga Says:

    “The origins of the Cauvery River dispute are in a 1924 water-sharing agreement. Analysis of the 1924 agreement shows that it:
    1.neither considered extreme rainfall variations during events such as monsoons and droughts, nor explained precisely how states should share the flow of water during such events
    2. did not provide for a flexible and adaptable management
    3. emphasised fair distribution of the quantity of water, rather than
    the final benefits of that water
    4. only made limited provisions for resolving conflicts”

    “Each State has thus taken a stand on what it considers its rights: Karnataka asserts an unqualified right to use Cauvery waters for the benefit of its farmers, and Tamil Nadu insists on its right to historic flows and the permanence of the 1924 agreement.
    A downstream State (Tamil Nadu) that has a long history of irrigated agriculture and has in the process been making substantial use of Cauvery waters, and an upstream State (Karnataka) that was a late starter in irrigation development but has been making rapid progress and has the advantage of being an upper riparian with greater control over the waters.
    TN developed 25.8 lakh acres of irrigated land over a period of time right from construction of Mettur dam to implementation of Five year plan.
    Karnataka part of basin was only 4.42 lakh acres upto 1971 and only after 1971 , new scheme were taken up.
    Karnataka feels that its late start on irrigation development should not mean any curtailment of its rights to make the fullest possible use of Cauvery waters for agricultural and other development. It has a grievance regarding the past: it is of the view that the interests of Mysore, a princely State, were subordinated to those of Madras, a part of British India, and that the 1924 agreement was an unfair one.
    Neither the Harmon Doctrine nor the doctrine of prescriptive rights has wide acceptance; the principle that stood enshrined in the old Helsinki Rules, and was favoured by successive tribunals, was that of equitable apportionment for beneficial uses ”
    So, basically during distress times ; TN raises a hue and cry , expects same amount of water to be released not even releasing that Karnataka is also undergoing the same issue. Its not fair on TN’s part to expect Karnataka to release water and pump out water from dead storage levels.
    Also, if the majority of basin is in TN, why cant they build dams and store their own water?


  30. avi Says:

    @pun –
    You should be ashamed to be born at all. No ‘pun’ intended.
    Your statement, “…I’m afraid to say most of people in bengaluru hate tamilians. ..”.
    I havent seen anything as such in Bangalore.
    However, these kinds of attitude of tamils in Bangalore/Karnataka might have made people hate tamilians.

  31. DR Says:

    Naanthaan Ungappanda is definitely not a song that Illayaraja or his fans can recollect or cherish!! Why Danny Boyle selected this song, remains a mystery.
    Binfikr has listed popular Kannada and Tamil songs composed by Illayraja that could have probably figured in the Olympics. The blog even links to this post of yours :)

  32. Musician Says:

    No one here has the right to talk shit about illayaraja if you are not a musician.

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