Upendra. Priyanka. Talwalkar’s. Weight-loss.*

churumuri‘s cynically acclaimed series on commodification of women is back. On request. This time, it is Priyanka Trivedi, the actor Upendra‘s wife, touting weight-loss solutions for Talwalkar‘s, in Bangalore on Tuesday.

–Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

* Shameless search-engine optimisation techniques at work


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17 Responses to “Upendra. Priyanka. Talwalkar’s. Weight-loss.*”

  1. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Some kind of opposite advertising? Show a fat woman with a pack of some ‘reduce’ thing and hope people buy?

    Are there no fit, thin south Indian women film stars?

  2. Nastika Says:

    So ಸೊಸೆ is still an outsider…

  3. harkol Says:

    Anonymous Guy:

    So, are you saying Priyanka Trivedi looks fat? And thin=Fit or vice-versa?

    Damn! What have all the skinny models done to your brain! Next, it’ll make you think only a human skeleton is ‘fit’ ! I felt Priyanka looks swell (adj.) in the above picture.

    May the tribe of full-some celebrities (like Vidya Balans and Sonakshi Sinhas) increase, and make our brain perceive true beauty to be the one where humans are natural than underfed – skeletal.

  4. Srikanta Says:

    Tun Tun 2 Asin;

  5. rak Says:

    I’m intrigued… a woman, of her own choice, decides to endorse a brand… she’s getting paid well for it.. no one’s forcing her to do it.. and you call that commodifying.. how so?
    please enlighten me
    – a beleaguered (woman) reader..

  6. tarlesubba Says:

    talk about commodification. that ladies is a self accomplished woman, who has acted in many movies in several different languages across the length and breadth of india. and the only resume that churumuri can post for her is that she is the wife of her male actor husband?

  7. Maaramma Says:

    Talwalkars-Trichurna a potent weight reducer, is a combination of three ingridents, but surprisenly the cartoon has XXX for the constitutents. I Guess they wanted brand protected.

  8. BangaloreBaba Says:

    +1 Harkol. I find her pretty good. That’s how women should be – we need something to hold on to, after all!! All this size-zero business is bullshit.

  9. born smart Says:

    Baba repeatedly proves he is a shagger. i pray he gets enough sex for rest of his lifetime.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Nastika, I called her fat, not outsider.

    Harkol, Are you asking some trick question? Since when did fat = fit? Only in South India can a fat person endorse a product called ‘Reduce’. If you cant see the difference between being fat, skeletal and fit, can imagine what your level of fitness is. Fat guts, moon faces and no sports.

  11. harkol Says:

    Anonymous Guy:

    You can be Fat & Fit. Being obese is normally bad, but being fat (i.e. being more than prescribed weight) doesn’t in any way mean one is unfit.

    Just search google for “fat and fit” to find many studies that have shown being fat doesn’t mean you are unfit.

    Physical Fitness is more about your vitals (Sugar, Cholesterol etc. being normal) and the agility & flexibility of your body muscles. You don’t need to be thin to be fit. And being thin doesn’t mean one is fit either.

    And besides, being curvy isn’t equal to being fat. The genetic structure varies between races. Typical Indian women are far away from the western concept of fit/size zero figure (which is 30-22-32 to 33-25-35)!!

    My level of fitness? Oh, were we talking of that? I am grossly overweight with a pot belly. But, I’d make an excellent model for fat reduction product, after all they are targeted at folks like me!!


  12. Nastika Says:

    @Anonymous Guy,
    I can guess her BMI is well within 25. So she is not fat. Also, she is 35 years & is mother of 2. She can’t be skinny.


  13. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Harkol, Get off your a** and do something about it, besides commenting on internet. Maybe eat ‘reduce’ till you get a practical view on fitness in addition to your vast pots of theory.

    Nastika, You guess, and therefore she is not fat. Lol. Can take it, if a model ate well, exercised and then pimped a magic formula as the reason for fitness (look – eat some more stuff and become fit!). But a fat person modelling for ‘reduce’ makes no sense. Ah well, what else to expect when folks believe movie actors are leading their real lives on the screen and worship them.

  14. harkol Says:

    Anonymous Guy: So you think I want to be ‘fit’ or ‘slim’ of your definition? My dad is an overweight diabetic, is happily pushing 80, only had a bypass at 74. He can take a stroll of couple of km even today. I walk 9+km in one stretch atleast 3 times a week, though I can’t run (Joint pain). I am fit enough for my lifestyle.

    I like reading, I like internet, I like Intellectual pursuits. And I do exactly what I like – rather than chasing after ephemeral ‘fit’ and ‘fab’ body.

    And, Why should I change my life because you (or others) don’t like my physical appearance? I am not trying to impress you or interested in Marrying you!

    Not yet anyway. ;)

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Harkol, I dont care about you. Was talking about a fat woman advertising ‘reduce’.

  16. Nastika Says:

    @Anonymous Guy,
    Definition of normal weight is BMI less than 25. Hope you have education on that. I have known few people’s BMI and how they look. So I can make an education guess on Priyanka Trivedi’s BMI and I am confident she is less than 25..

    As to why Talwakar’s chose Priyanka Trivedi, you have to ask them. If you ask me, I will say she is a good choice. Not many 35 year old & mother of 2 have that kind of BMI and general populace would want to get their BMI level to hers.


  17. harkol Says:

    Anonymous Guy:
    >Harkol, I dont care about you. Was talking about a fat woman advertising ‘reduce’.

    So, you care about the ‘fat woman’?

    No. Perhaps you cared about ‘reduce’?

    No! You made it clear you are “off your a** ” and are “fit & fab”. So, you can’t care about ‘reduce’, something meant for ‘fat’ folks.

    So, you must be an ad professional, who cares for the integrity of your profession where advertising products with anything but skeletal models is sacrilegious.

    hmm…. Ok, I got that.

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