CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan, an underachiever?

There is nothing more disastrous than a PR drive gone awry.

For months and years, prime minister Manmohan Singh has pretended the Indian media doesn’t exist or that he doesn’t care if it does. He has given no one-on-one interviews to any Indian print, electronic or digital interrogator, and has opted to meet editors in groups where no supplementaries can be asked.

So as the scams and scandals enveloped his government, all he could do was lie low and hope his image and integrity would carry the day.

With the economy in the doldrums and Pranab Mukherjee out as the finance minister, the PM’s media mandarins have sensed that the time is nigh to pump up his image. Suddenly, there are stories all over the papers of how proactive Manmohan has become. He answered questions from Hindustan Times in an interview last week. And he even gave Time magazine access to 7, Race Course Road.

If his media advisors were hoping for a nice little plug, this is what resulted.

Not surprisingly, everybody in the Congress is hopping mad that the prime minister is being called what all except those who have read a newspaper or magazine or watched television in the last four years were calling him. Secretly, they are also pointing fingers at the glowing cover Time did of Narendra Modi.

Questions: Is Manmohan Singh an underachiever or is this Time magazine’s euphemism for “failure”? Should we really be bothered if the Indian edition of Time (the story doesn’t appear in the American edition) calls him or anybody else an underachiever or failure? Does the Indian thirst for a “white certificate” signify a colonial hangover?

What is the headline would you have given if you were in charge of giving headlines in Time magazine?

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55 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan, an underachiever?”

  1. Deepak Says:

    The term underachiever gives a wrong impression that he has achieved 10%, the better word would be ‘flop show’

  2. Anitha Says:

    Times is very generous to our PM. Where they should have said “Non Achiever”, they are being polite and mentioned only “Underacheiver”.

    Manish, the foot in the mouth, Tiwari said this ” we have no intention of companring Modi and MMS”. But the question is can they be compared at all?? A super achiever with a non achiever?? This is what has probably stung congress more than anything else.

    Congress has tried every dirty trick in the book to nail NaMo. Filing frivolous cases, jacking up non entities in gujarat politics and showing them off as worthy opponents, mouthing slogans like “Maut ka saudagar”, instigating tainted police officers to issue stupid statements, they have tried all and failed in all. Now the very same magazine which had praised Modi is showing MMS his place is completely unpalatable for the party.

    What was the real achievement of MMS? Economic liberalisation?? The credit for that should go to Yashwant Sinha and PVN. Just when this realisation was dawning upon the people of this country, there comes a book by Arjun Singh, equating PVN with Nero. And then the communist of all journo Kuldip Nayar said something. Again the dirty tricks of the party.

    MMS is one helluva lucky fellow. Destiny was very kind to him. And instead of utilising it for greater glory, he was satisfied in being the lapdog of Raj Maata.

    Underachiever? Nah, that sounds very generous!

  3. DailyBread Says:

    >What is the headline would you have given if you were in charge of giving headlines in Time magazine?

    The Mass Murderer (of Indian Dream)

    The entire gang of MMS apologists who propped him up are co-accused in this horrible pogrom.

  4. the colonel Says:

    all the wrong questions have been asked.

    after the BD war we got free copies of time mag and we laughed our guts out.

    the laughter has started again very strongly.

    the standard of our critics is at the nadir.

    no one tells how are things to be done or achieved.

    nearly all live in the past and possess dual-morality which are in ample display in the comments and objections.

    name anyone to replace him.??..

    the supporters of namo have no idea of what they are supporting.

    namo is only supported by the patels

  5. Indu Ramesh Says:

    It is the well organised practice in the Congress party not to see the writing on the wall. They are not bothered to comment on what the TIME magazine is saying, but are only commenting on what the opposition is saying. we did not need the TIME magazine to tell us about MMS. The magazine is only saying what we have known, but what the electronic and some print media houses are not saying, may be because they want to be in the good books of Madam.

  6. BG Subhash Says:

    It is a deliberate under achievement to punish Indian voters who are not giving congress majority but putting them into a cage of coalition.MMS is an under achiever par excellence because he has knowingly allowed wicked walk on every side, seat & rooms of the parliament and allowed the vilest men to be exalted under Sonia`s guidance.

  7. Harihara Bhat Says:

    Read on here.. You get the real reasons for his supposed underachievement

  8. kris Says:

    He is a silent over achiever. His silence is mistaken for weakness. Beware, you argumentative Indians.

    Who has the guts to say to Chinese PM’s face, “Dalai Lama is our honoured guest, he is free to go anywhere (including Arunachal)” And how about getting nuclear power deal in spite of huge odds against him and India? Dehyphenating India-pak and replacing it with India-China and India-US and yet keep independent foreign policy. Need more? Why focus on only negatives?

  9. Deepak Says:

    MMS has the guts to tell things to China, but not to Mamata :)

    But seriously, the much vaunted nuclear power deal is a dud! Nothing has come out of it – was just a publicity gimmick for Bush and MMS. And good relations with US are not because of our Govt. efforts, but its because of Hilary and Obama, don’t you agree?

  10. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I agree with you on only Nuclear Deal where MMS slammed the cretinuous idiots from BJP!

  11. The_Undertaker Says:

    Here is the Anagram for “the underachiever”

    Here is one for “Manmohan Singh”

    Here is one for “B.S. Yeddiurappa”

    Here is one for “D.V. Sadananda Gowda”

    Here is one for “Jagadish Shettar”

  12. harkol Says:

    Haven’t read the article, but calling him Non-Achiever is harsh. He certainly has achieved quite a bit as FM and atleast Indo-US Nuke Deal as PM in UPA1.

    But, his UPA2 record can’t even qualify for ‘underachiever’ tag. It is fit for ‘Non-Achiever’ tag. He made PM’s role ceremonial!

  13. Suresh Panje Says:

    A couple of days ago, while interacting with the media, Yeshwant Sinha had said that even the former RBI Governor Dr I G Patel (regarded by Manmohan Singh as his Guru) was of the view that he (our present Prime Minister) is an underrated politician and overrated economist. Prior to 1991, people (including certain leading journos) were of the view that he is an economist with leftist leanings but he proved all wrong with his LPG (liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation) based strategy in managing the country’s economy.
    Well, the LPG did open doors for flooding the country with FDI. Unlike earlier times, no more was the need for one (in New Delhi) to go to Chanakyapuri to see cars of foreign make like Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, Buick, Volkswagen, Mercs, BMW etc. Makers of Japanese and Korean consumer goods invaded India and literally forced indigenous manufacturers. Of course, these foreign companies opened their shops and plants that gave the impression thousands of jobs have been created. But an equal number of persons were also on the roads, consequent to the closure of Indian companies. And Manmohan Singh had an able ally in Montek Singh Ahluwalia to act as the lobbyist for IMF and World Bank.
    The rest is history.
    As for making much out of the Time mag’s cover story is futile. The Yankees and the other western powers are no better. They are also thriving on borrowings.
    Suresh Panje
    New Delhi

  14. ERR Says:

    Probably TIME is right.. but did TIME call George Bush ‘A mass murderer’ or for that matter Warren Anderson of Union Carbide the same name which he so richly deserves? It is easier to dub a third world leader than one’s own…

  15. Srikanta Says:

    Its a little under the belt; may be we were sold out; may be we must oblige; USA has a influenece on India [ I think mostly for the worst] is Sweet Posion [ There is a grand plan, I am observing over a decade ]. Maybe it is the sign of the times?

    China maybe on the same path to self-estruction pursuing MAterial Haven on Earth, but atleast it stands up against USA on occasions.

    Russians, and even Pakis give USA the finger. Germany threw out Walmart.

    Retail, Insurance etc into India its Industrial scale poisoning of a Society.

  16. asha Says:

    The indian sheeple are at it again….MMS the benchwarmer was a known under achiever and has been amply reported in the Indian press and the television media for the past couple of years but no body paid the white man owned TIME magazine say’s so and everybody and their uncle are joining the chorus….proving that Indian sheeple are subservient to their white masters always and forever…and we keep having wet dreams about becoming a super power :)

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:

    The article is actually quite positive of Manmohan Singh as the architect of modern India’s economy, his personal integrity etc. There is quite a bit of comparison of the PM before and after 2004. Most of the negative comment is about the realities of coalition politics, and some of it on Singh’s non-reaction to corruption in various scams.

    Of course the cheddis in residence will be happy by just looking at the cover. Go get a copy of the magazine you cheapskates, before regurgitating the same old bile.

  18. jayashree Says:

    No Comments!

  19. Sanjeeva Says:

    Colonel sahab! The job of critics is to point out the errors, not tutoring how to do. It is for the authority to introspect and make amendments, corrections suitably based on the feedback.

  20. the colonel Says:


    a person in the “know” is the first requisite. Analytical ability is the second. Fairness is the third.

    THE TRUTH is the most important.

    How do you judge someone who does’nt speak. Doesn’t the past acheivements say something. Dont road blocks say something. Doesnt age say something.

    My Comments were on time mag. they know little. thats why the laughter.

    the second laughter is on namo.

    the third on whats happening here.

    the fourth on papu

    the fifth on the pm in waiting and so on………….

    so why cry.


  21. Anitha Says:


    When things reach a stage, Cheddis have atleast their “cheddis” on. Who will tell your emperor, his controllers that there in nothing on them???

  22. Anonymous Guy Says:

    asha, Better to be subservient to the magnificient white people (whose everything you are using – including typing on the internet), than to follow orders from a bunch of khakhi cheddi jokers.

  23. avi Says:

    @AG (and also @Simple and the ilk), No matter what, you guys always want congress, because it is you guys who are milking to congress very much (from the days after independence) to your community’s best, in the names of minority and vote bank. And alas, the so called majority community, if at all it is there, does not want (and allowed) to be united.
    So, it is no surprise that you wont think any other way.

  24. Simple Says:

    This magazine is a stooge of the American govt. American investors are apparently not getting to invest in India on their terms. Hence the bad press for Manmohan.

    Like Pranab said ” we were not eating lizards before FDI came in”

    Having said that it is a totally erroneous statement to say he is an underacheiver. He is an OVER achiever if anything.

    Waiting for juicy facts to spill over in my next mail.

    FACTS that show INDIA HAS PROGRESSED ECONOMICALLY ENORMOUSLY compared to the disaster Vajpayee took India into.

    (By the way, even a flop actor like Abhishek Bachchan has given a 100 crore hit film – surely the economy must be doing well!

  25. Anitha Says:

    Dear Sri Simple Sir, across the ocean, another newspaper, The Independent, has called MMS as Sonia’s Poodle!! LOL….

    I think you should sue them in the International Court of Justice, for leaking our national secrets to the world at large!!!

    On a different note, I really am in awe of your ability to link morons watching Bol Bacchan and making it a hit to that of India’s economic progress… quite simply, amazing!! Sir, is this ability, of linking unlinkable items and arriving at a totally different conclusion (no matter however absurd it might be), something which you have cultivated through sheer hard work or this is god given gift??

    Incidentally, in one of my other posts, I had mentioned about CBI giving clean chit to Mr. Shourie, contrary to what you claimed. Care to enlighten us on that point, Sir?

  26. Deepak Says:

    @Anitha – How can you talk of ‘Independent”s report, don’t you know they are a stooge of the British Govt? And of course, the Americans and British are jealous that India is No.2 in the world, so naturally they defame our wonderful superman PM.

    I am sure you are aware that the legendary Simple Maharaj’s fact factory is shortly going to churn out some new sensational facts to probably prove that India is already the No.1 economy in the world! So wait and watch, we will be No.1 and our beloved MMS and his blessed will sweep back to power with a never before seen electoral victory!

  27. Rahul Says:

    The only reason why the UPA or it’s offspring might win in 2014 is the TINA factor.

  28. Sanjeeva Says:

    Rahul, TINA has become old! How about NAMITHA now?! (Surely you can expand it).

  29. asha Says:

    The Clown Prince is tipped to be the next Defence Minister of India…More Bofors like scams to follow…Chinks,Americans, Pakis and assorted india baiters will have a field day…..rejoice my countrymen

  30. Rahul Says:

    Sanjeeva, unless I am being very dense and missing something how about ” No Alternative Makes Idiots To Have Authority”. I am sure you have a better one up your sleeve.

  31. babuds Says:

    If we see the way, in which, the BJP is scoring a succession of self goals, we have to resign to the fact that UPA-III will be ruling the country with Rahul Baba as the PM, with Pronobda already in place to ensure and oversee the coronation.Towards this end MMS, whose mandate is limited to warming the seat for the heir apparent is already being made a scapegoat.and the process is evident from the Time’s article and other such plants.

  32. Simple Says:

    Anita and other watermelon brains

    India is seeing fabulous spending by consumers. Not just Bol Bacchchan, but a slew of movies are becoming a major hit under UPA – whether it is Dirty Picture or Rowdy Rathore or Cocktail or Eega or Dark Knights or Jism or Jannat or Ice age. Dozens of them are going on to become blockbusters in the sense they are making hundred crores plus per fim.

    At no point in time has India witnessed such a high percentage of films becoming a hit. What is the meaning? Masses have plenty of money on their hands to spend on entertainment. It is common sense.

    Look at what Economic Times has said on Friday the 2nd of August 2012 . It says rural spending has increased by 18% in the last quarter. Rural people have a lot of money becaues of schemes like MNREGA. Here is the link.

    India’s macroeconomics are in super health. Here are the links Ms. Watermelon Anita.

    Economic Times has predicted that Anita and her ilk will have to pay 30 paise extra per call now that 2G auction is in progresss. And Indian govt will laugh all the way to the bank with a bonus of 2.5 lakh crore. Anita and her ilk will now shell out Rs. 500 to 1000 extra per month.

  33. Anitha Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    Why am I not surprised at your continuing reference to inanely dumb movies raking in moolah to substantiate your illogical and highly stupid defence???

    Because when a person is determined to push his insane case, he will hang on to any ludicrous thought he can get. And this is precisely what has happened to you.

    Do you know what IIP number is? Index of Industrial Production. And this is in negative for the first time!! Which means, contrary to all your stupid assumptions of Indian economy growing, it is actually shrinking.

    I am not saying this. Your own government press release is saying this. Check here.

    Some more facts for you.

    FICCI has predicted that manufacturing sector will register low growth in the next quarter.

    Moodys has cut India growth forecast, says the government has lost its way.

    Citi Bank and CLSA have also echoed Moody’s sentiments. They have trimmed India’s growth story to 5.4%!!

    Simple sir, the litmus test for economy, atleast for people who have the capacity to THINK, is not how some stupid movie makes money in short term!! The industry has to grow and for this consumers have to spend. The IIP numbers are clearly showing that consumers have tightened their wallets anticipating even tougher times in the near future.

    If you can comprehend, take this. Capital goods industry is the key for a country’s economy. If this shows a healthy growth, rest will automatically follow. This is one industry which has shown a negative growth of -19.60 percent. You think the economy is in great health????

    Chidu the Chor sought to give an impression that the low rate of growth is due to the high interest rate scenario in the country. And I am sure even he knows he is faking it big time!! Sir, tell me one thing. Which Indian will stand before a bank to take loan to buy soaps, detergents, bread and biscuits??? If these sectors show a negative growth rate, what do you surmise??

    Anyway, to get back to your favorite subject, did you drool over Ms. Leone in Jism 2???? You think it is a certified hit???

  34. Simple Says:

    Watermelon Anita

    If it pleases you, you can go ahead and call me names. But tell me, how do 35 movies become a hit in one year? Unprecedented that is.

    Because people have money. Yes or no?

    It is pure common sense, If economy was on a downward spiral, nobody would be spending money on watching movies.

    There are plenty of jobs in the market. Major IT , FMCG companies are on a hiring spree. Look at the beauty market! It is bullish! Huge chains are opening! Look at the real estate, restaurant, multiplexes, malls, mobile subscribers, virtually everything is on a high testosterone.

    It is there for you to see, all around you. Stop quoting me one piece of crap paper saying IIP is less.

    And, irrespective of IIP production being down, the rural and urban spending has increased substantially. I sent you a link for that. ALso read today;s Economic Times – first page – most FMCG companeis have registerd a fabulous growth rate!

    I sent you a link which showed how India is doing well on all MAJOR ECONOMIC parameters. You totally ignored that.

    COmpare this to Vajpayee era, when Movies were flopping, FDI was low, GDP was lower, IIP was at rock bottom. farmers were killing themselves, jobs were scarce, share market was bearish, in short it was a horrible time to be in.

    Stop whining , please. Take pride that India today is the second best economy the world! there is prosperity all around us.

    I dread what will happen if BJP comes back to power. We will regress by 100 years. We will put back temples and saffronisation of education on the agenda.

    Nuclear power goes for a toss. FDI goes for a toss. Everything that is progressive – is antipathy to BJP _ no wonder INdia suffered so badly under Vajpayee.

    Proof did you ask?

    They booted out BJP in 2004 – Even in 2009 the people of India did not want the horrendhous misrule of BJP to haunt them.

    2014 – will be the same yet again.

  35. Goldstar Says:

    Out of sheer curiosity ( and, I admit, cussedness; the #ResidentIdiot’s post always trigger this in me :-) !! ) I fact-checked the collections of Hindi movies this year.

    Only 3 movies ( Rwody Rathore, Agneepath, and Housefull 2 ) have crossed 100 crore collection. Bol Bachchan is close to 100 crore.


    Last years movies like The Dirty Picture ( which our #ResidentIdiot is fond of quoting ) fetched 81 crores.
    Idiot reasoning below:

    If 1.76 Lakh Crores = ZERO

    Then 4 movies = “dozens of movies”


  36. Yella Ok Says:

    @Simple – to borrow a line from another Rs.100 crore plus movie under UPA – “Jahampanah – tussi great ho!!!”

    thanks for providing comic relief

  37. Simple Says:

    Gold Star,

    You just exposed your dim wit brain in naked view of Churumui readers. The problem with semi intelligent people like you is you just go by mere face value of what papers report. You don’t have the intelligence to vivisect or analyse.

    You have only one point agenda “HATE CONGRESS”. Even though you and the other joker Yella Ok are immersed in luxuries of a good life, you just wanna stone Congress!

    You got it TOTALLY wrong as usual . I did not say all of them made 100 crores. I said MOST OF THE FILMS Were a hit – they made much much more money than they invested in.

    All these films are officially declared a hit. Go check on the net. Here is a list of officially hit movies in the past 9 months.

    Jism 2, Cocktail, Dark Night, Spiderman, Ice age, Eega, Gangs of Wasseeypur, Ferrari ki Sawari, Shangai, Paan Singh Tomar, Kahani, Dirty Picture, Blood MOney, Vicky Donor, The Avengers, Jannat, Ishaqzaade, Murder 2…..the list of successful movies in the past 8 months is huge.

    Out of these movies, at least a dozen has gone on to become 100 crore blockbusters every since UPA came to power.

    Ready. Bodyguard. Wanted. Dabaang. Houseful. Singham. Bol Bachhan. Rowdy Rathore. Agneepath. Ra One. Enthiran. 3 idiots.

    Gold Star and Yella Ok,

    You guys should get an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL for having the most asinine brain in the world.


    And what 1.75 lakh crore are you howling about? Don’t you know! That money is coming back through auction.

    See today’s Times of India front page (August 10th 2012) . The CEC has said the loss to my govt in Karnataka is 50,000 crore , due to illegal mining patronised by Reddy, yeddy and Sushma.

  38. harkol Says:


    It is too much for our simpleton #residentidiot to understand that economics is bit more than some selective facts.

    What’s the use of explaining to a simpleton the complex co-relation between how entertainment sector surges every time there is a huge recession/depression. In 1928 Walt Disney was founded, and within a year headed in to the Great Depression (worst economic time in modern economy). But, instead of suffering Walt Disney went to great heights.

    Victor Cheng author of “The Recession-Proof Business”, has written about how USA market has repeatedly shown that the sale of liquor, tobacco, movies, comics (especially superhero genre) etc. go up during downturns, as people flock to escapist entertainment.

    To use movies as a barometer of success of an economy is only possible for simpleton economists.

    Simpleton is also of the opinion that everyone else here hate congress irrationally, and by implication they all support and love BJP/LKA/Modi. However, the fact is – most hold no brief for BJP or LKA or modi!

    Not everyone is a bigoted simpleton,
    But, when does facts matter to a moron?

    Only a moron can think “criticizing Biriyani” = “applauding masala dosa”!!

  39. Goldstar Says:


    >>Simpleton is also of the opinion that everyone else here hate congress irrationally, …..

    Unfortunately, understanding this needs a minimum level of intelligence which the Breviks, the Wade Michael Pages, or the fanatical Simpletons of our world don’t seem to possess. For them, it is always ” you-are-with-us-or-you-are-with-them”.

  40. Simple Says:


    There you go again quoting ‘textbook’ knowledge. You can only borrrow heavily from Victor Chang or other such worthies. Can you for once use your own brain? Can you for once think out of your cabin that you are sitting and posting this ridiculous kitsch?

    Start questioning.

    1) None of my 400 friends / relatives/ colleagues on facebook are ‘escaping’ the so called depression in the market. None of them have been pinkslipped. All of them have got great salaries, decent increments – and they all are in a spending mood.

    2) Even my local plumber, carpenter and mason are in massive demand.They go to movies like Houseful, swig a peg or two of rum and buy fancy mobiles, not because they are depressed about what Economic Times is saying. Because they don’t read papers – they don’t understand economics – they simply spend because they earn well.

    3) Goldstar, you too are a classic textbook junkie. Remove these textbooks from your bookshelf and you can’t think. All your comes heavily from newspapers and so called experts on stupid TV dhannels. Originality has never been your strong point.

    4) Office boys and hairstylists and security guards today own cars. Not because they read Victor Chang – they spend because they are earning well. Talk to them about economics they will look at you as if you have lost your marbles.

    5) And Harkol again you go mouthing Brevick and Bush’s cliche “either you are with us or them” . Nopes, I am only showcasing brutal facts whilst you are telling me nothing new. I am only showcasing the fact that under Cong there have been many many positive aspects. NewsPapers only talk about the negatives. My point is to highlight the positives – backed by FACTS.

    All the gibberish you and Goldstar are posting here are all already well known, worn out, moth infested theories.

    6) I really think you guys have more knowledge but less wisdom.


    (Don’t complicate life with foolish and complex theories)

  41. harkol Says:

    Oh Great!

    Simpletons don’t need testbook knowledge,
    they are endowed with ‘divine’ knowledge!

    They don’t need to read any research to form opinions. They just need to see 400 people around them to form an opinion about the state of 1.2billion people!!

    Koopa Manduka said there can’t be a sea because that’s purely bookish knowledge!! Its environment proves that nothing is bigger than it’s own well.

    Why should it matter what the most learned economists say? Heck, they all have ‘bookish’ knowledge – not ‘divine’ knowledge!

  42. Simple Says:


    Facts are important.

    You should Use facts to form your own unbiased, original views.

    Do not use borrowed knowledge. Wily nily you are exposing that you don’t have a single original thought.


  43. harkol Says:

    >Do not use borrowed knowledge.

    Knowledge is accumulated through education or experience. Education is nothing but what you call “borrowed” knowledge.

    In general – Uneducated are less knowledgeable, as their knowledge lacks breadth (like in your case) as they haven’t given deep thought to any subject by studying/reading/learning and regurgitating on what has been researched and taught by others.

    Consider the ‘knowledge’ electricity kills you:

    You don’t need be dead or see someone die (experienced) in front of you to know it kills. You mostly learn that from others. ‘Borrowed knowledge’? It is.

    But Let us consider what you contemptuously call ‘bookish knowledge’:

    To know what happens to human body when electricity passes thru, you need to do deeper reading of both property of electricity & human body. You need know that heart operates on electrical signals and a human gets killed if 7ma or more current reaches heart muscles, it causing heart to fibrillate – killing supply of blood to all cells (especially brain) thus killing you.

    In other words – A simple battery, directly connected to the heart muscle can kill a man! If you are entrusted with the work of building electrical safety – then you need to know more than just say – don’t touch electric wires. You need to have cut off circuits, in case the leakage current happens to cross 5ma @ 200volts and above.

    So, if you want to understand the economic phenomena correctly, you need to understand underlying deeper knowledge. Like not measuring economics and saying Indian economy is great because “400 friends who are going to multiplex in cars, watching movies that earn 100cr”

    Your experiential ‘knowledge’ of economics, Impact of corruption and impact of congress dynastic politics on India is rather shallow. You could do with some borrowed ‘bookish’ knowledge.

  44. Simple Says:


    Ek Tha Tiger has reportedly made 32 to 35 crore on the first day itself. All indications point to the fact that it will cross 100 crore within four days. And will go on to become the BIGGEST INDIAN GROSSER EVER.

    Such a monstrous hit cannot but happen in a country flush with money.

    Kudos to UPA for putting money in people’s pockets.

  45. Anitha Says:


    You are right. Facts are important. Not some harebrained assumption that economy is going great guns because a few stupid picture made money. If porn is shown in theatres, it will probably rake in more moolah than all the movies you have mentioned. But is that an indicator of economic growth??

    Since you are so hung up on facts, here is a bit of information from you. No, this is not a guess work, it is not even close to dreaming of some fancy things like you do. This is straight from your Madam’s poodle ( not my words, this is what guardian said about MMS) advisory board:

    India’s economy will grow at 6.7 percent in the current fiscal year, less than an earlier estimate of 7.5-8.0 percent, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh‘s Economic Advisory Council forecast on Friday. The same council also revised the inflation to 7% from the earlier estimate of 5.5%.

    So here is how it is.

    On the one hand inflation will pinch the people of India and at the same time lack of economic growth will make them that much more tougher to earn money.

    No wonder they are taking refuge in mindless movies… to forget their economic woes. And giving you some nice wet dreams!

  46. harkol Says:

    >Kudos to UPA for putting money in people’s pockets.

    Surely. They have borrowed so much money, that RBI had to print so much money, that there is so much money in everyones pocket.

    You need pocket full of money for buying anything now a days!!

    Go on cheerleader – Keep singing praises of a morally & financially bankrupt regime, that can only think of giving away national assets to the likes of GMR & reliance for a song.

    Someone needs to sing a song for them – Why not you!

  47. asha Says:

    >>Kudos to UPA for putting money in people’s pockets.>>

    You mean like NREGA scheme where the congress gets both votes and notes at the expense of the public exchequer….BTW why are all the schemes started by the Congress named after members of the Numbero Uno family, don’t you think since it is the government of India that is starting these schemes and the public are footing the bill for the same, it is not appropriate to name these schemes like this….

  48. Deepak Says:

    ROFLMAO – Ek Tha Tiger is a hit so India is the No.2 economy and Yuvraj will be PM in 2014. One of the finest jokes I have ever read. I hope Cyrus Broacha reads this, the author of this genius concept deserves to be featured on Cyrus’ show..

  49. Simple Says:

    BJP Chaaddi Cheer Brigade Anita and Harkol

    Ek Tha Tiger is a smashing hit! already 100 crores in 6 days..and now it is predicted 200 crore in 15 days

    yes ms. watermelon, there is plenty of porn going around in cyber space. and cyber sex makes millions. because sex sells. but sex sells only when people have jobs to pay for sex.

    People have jobs
    these jobs give money to aam admi
    aam admi sees movies after movies after movies – because he has so much money to spend on entertainment.
    as a result movies are the biggest money spinners!
    It is unprecedented. Never happened during the dull times of Vajpayee. All he did was recite dull poetry!

    Whoa again! See today’s economic times (Aug 21st) first page article. It says 19 more corporoate honchos jointed the elite 5 crore per year salary!

    There has been a salary rise of up to 336% in the last year – among the top dogs of the corporate industry. Surely, this is an indication of the massive money that my country has!

    How can airheads like Anita and harok explain the irony? People like harkol and anita too would be eearning like there is no tomorrow, yet they prefer to bury their airhead in the sand and like an ostrich strut around wailing about the economyy.

    Asha, what to you mean at the cost of public exchequer? they are buildign the village infrastructure. they are not being doled out free money. This is development ms asha.

    0 nutrition Harkol and watermelon Anita

    what you are telling is already known truth. What people do not know or even if they know it, they prefer to look the otehr side and instead wail and weep.. Under UPA , India has given average growth of 7.5% which is way above NDA which gave a poor 3.5%

    Taht is why UPA is better anyday.

    inflation will pinch india? hahaha…wehere is the proof? Inflation has been around for ages……but was india a trillion dollar economy before? it is now.

    Was india giving unprecedent film hits going upwards of 200 crores? Now it is.

    Was Indian CEO’s sarlies going up by 336%? and you are talking about a 8% inflation! hahaahah…what a bunch of jerks you guys are.

    salaries are going through the roof. People are spending on entertainment like never before. And foolishly you and harkol go on and on , chest beating.

    Go for a reality check.

    Go around and see for yourself how India is taking giant strides. i have given enough links…will give you more.

  50. Simple Says:

    Here is the link which all Indians should be proud of. Hats off to Manmohan Singh for making India the 2nd best economy in the world! This link nails the repeated lies of creeps like Harkol who have only one point agenda: Discredit Congress by means foul and foul.

    Speak facts

    Keep life Simple.

  51. Rahul Says:

    Seriously simpleton, you plumb new depa of inanity- a Facebook page is your reference!!!!

  52. Deepak Says:

    He he he…some people are so naive, they believe Facebook is the gospel truth. Enjoy your delusions,

  53. Deepak Says:

    Simple – both you and your PM are liars. The PM’s facebook page graph is a big lie. There is absolutely NOTHING in IMF World economic outlook which suggests that India is the 3rd largest economy.

    Check out the IMF’s site with its data and you will know the truth

    Further check out CNN’s site with world data, it looks dismal for the great Dr.Singh

    Before you try to do a Goebells, do some homework, Publishing some lies won’t help you or your party to strengthen India’s eocnomy. It requires guts and vision to make the economy grow, something which is in dire shortage in your party.

  54. Simple Says:

    See the source from where it was posted on Facebook.


    Keep Life Simple.

  55. Goldstar Says:

    @harkol, Anitha, et al,

    It is impossible for Idiots and Brevik-brains ( IQ below 40 ) to understand things like “Inflated Adjusted returns” , “Purchasing Power parity” , ” per-capita Income” etc.

    If you mention any three syllable word, he will say you have textbook knowledge only. It is heads-he-wins-tails-you-lose arguments with him.


    Read this. Same strategy used by dumb Republicans ( guys who are closer to the Brevik’s line of thinking ) in the US.

    @Simpleton, don’t tax your mind on the above… It is beyond you.

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