Has Yediyurappa melted the Loh in Loh Purush?

MATHIHALLI MADAN MOHAN writes from Hubli: The BJP high command is neither high nor has any command left.  This stark truth emerges succinctly from the manner in which the BJP high command has been ineptly handling dissidence in the Karnataka BJP which is threatening the existence of the first saffron ministry south of Vindhyas.

At a time party should have pulled up its socks to take on the scam-tainted Congress in the forthcoming general elections, the BJP has been presenting the inedible face of a party which is unable to manage its own internal crises and has allowed the canker of dissidence to develop into a Frankenstein‘s monster as it were.

The younger generation of party leadership which was put in place with great flourish as a process of transition from the Atal Behari Vajpayee and Lalchand Kishinchand Advani era, has proved to the hilt that the party can longer claim to be a party with difference and that it consists of men with feet of clay, who have more faith in the political opportunism than in principled, value-based tactics.

Even the patriarch Advani finds himself unable to stem the developments and has allowed himself to be a passive spectator. How else can one explain the strange phenomenon of the party compromising on party discipline and as a matter of fact appearing to pamper its lack of it, off and on?

The party leadership hardly moved when the group of three ministers comprising of the Reddy trio openly raised a banner of revolt demanding the change of leadership of the Yediyurappa government and resorted to the politics of herding the supporting legislators to the resorts.

The party chose to turn a blind eye to the indiscretion and instead worked overtime to bring about a compromise.

All those who had challenged the leadership were allowed to get away, even without a warning.  The complaints about the style of working of the then chief minster were pushed under the carpet, by a leadership which refused to take cognizance of the ground realities in Karnataka.

The repeated tantrums thrown up by Yediyurappa has been sum product of the laissez faire attitude of the national party in the matter of enforcing the party discipline.

Ever since he was asked to step down in the light of indictment by the Lokayukta report on the illegal mining and plethora of land denotification cases which resulted in his arrest, Yediyurappa has become a bugbear to the party’s leadership.

When he was asked to quit in the light of the scam report, Yeddyurappa demurred deliberately.

When he had to ultimately yield, he did  so after making it amply clear that it was his, rather than the party’s, writ which ran as for as Karnataka affairs was concerned.  He forced an election on the choice of his successor and defeated the nominee of the high command.

Sadananda Gowda was his nominee for the post and Gowda defeated Jagadish Shettar, who had the backing of the high command.

The high command had no problem with the new chief minister and as a matter of fact it was appreciative of the work being done by him in providing a  clean government and taking care to keep the family members at a distance unlike what had happened during his predecessor’s days.

However, Gowda’s effort to run a government independent of his mentor angered Yediyurappa like anything and he started an open campaign seeking his removal. But now the tables have turned and Yediyurappa has successfully sought the removal of the very man he had installed in office and wanted him to be replaced by Jagadish Shettar who in the meantime had been weaned into his camp.

Initially, the high command was not willing to concede and backed the beleaguered Sadananda Gowda to the hilt.  But it dropped him like a hot potato when Yediyurappa held out the threat of precipitating the crisis by making group of nine ministers belonging to his camp to resign en masse.

The high command became panicky and had to give in to the pressures tactics of Yediyurappa.

The crop of the second-generation leadership which is at the helms of affairs was the first to cave in to the dictates of Yediyurappa and lobbed the ball in the court of the patriarch Advani before making the final announcement.

Advani  had always stood for a firm stand against those who have been making open mockery of the party discipline.

At one stage he was reportedly of the view that the party should go for a fresh mandate in Karnataka instead succumbing to the pressures of the Yediyurappa group.  But he had no option but to fall in line in the light of the combined pressure of the younger group that it is important to save the party juncture at this stage instead of taking a risk of fresh poll.

And Advani had to yield and going by the newspaper reports “with tears in his eyes”.

Even the “iron” in the “iron man” (Loh Purush) has started melting. And that is the tragedy of the BJP under the dispensation of younger generation, which is more interested in the power game than anything else.

Cartoon: courtesy Surendra/ The Hindu

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12 Responses to “Has Yediyurappa melted the Loh in Loh Purush?”

  1. harkol Says:

    Loh melted in 2009.

    But, one thing that’s been constant over past 20 years – folks who crossed Advani within BJP haven’t done well. Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharati, Vaghela are only few examples. Even Modi hasn’t openly crossed Advani yet.

    Advani is no where close to Vajpayee in sweepstakes, but he is a leader who built BJP, and his personal integrity was never questioned. He is also one of the rare breeds who can take a non-popular course (like Jinnah Comment) at times.

    Yeddy on the other hand is a petty man. He courted Gowda clan for the sake of power, followed corrupt & nepotistic practices when in power and then has gone berserk when out of power.

    For short term, some people (read Gadkari & co) may bend, but the party at large will be sharpening a few knives. On his own Yeddy is unlikely to win more than a couple of dozen seats. And BJP will now actively work to weaken their stranglehold on party in the name of Lingayats.

    For no one can forget that the longest loyal voters of BJP are the coastal belt (for 30years now). And there aren’t many lingayats there. BJP would know this.

  2. nilesh Says:

    Instead of associating with BJP Advani should resign.

  3. Mathihalli Gururaja Rao Says:

    Best cartoon on BSY. Ofcourse, as usual Mathihalli MadanMohan has given good report about the present position…command of BJP
    allowing BSY to become Sonia in Karnataka… Much to be seen on today reports on some raids…..2013 Karnataka may face election, and chances for BJP to loose the hold….No idea, how Anna Hazare can tollerate these changes, 3 CMs in 4 yrs in Karnataka… haha

  4. kris Says:


    Advani is history, so is Anant Kumar, Sushma Swaraj….

  5. Deepak Says:

    Advani was an ideologue, he should have restricted himself to the back office. Unfortunately, Vajpayee’s ill-health pushed him to the front office and exposed his lack of leadership skills. His views don’t count in the BJP anymore. It is better he gives up his desire to be PM,retire from active politics and restrict himself to mentoring Sushma for the PM’s post – which she will surely occupy one day.

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:

    On the face of it BSY has beaten LKA for now! But LKA made it easy for him by tolerating too much dissidence for a long time. If a swift decision was made to discipline BSY earlier on, his followers would have fallen in line. As a leader a CM should not be seen installed. On this figure-of-merit both Sadanand Gowda and Shettar are bound to suffer.

  7. Emtymind Says:

    It doesnt matter whether that already rusted Loh got melted or not. but Yeddy along with Modi definitely melted the other term “Purush” from him :)

  8. alok Says:

    BJP should oust Yeddy from their party – he has outlived his usefulness as regards gaining electoral dividends for the BJP; it is true he is still the numero uno of the lingayat community, but his corruption and the clouds of instability he casts over his party show BJP in poor light and has tarred its image as a party with ideals and discipline immeasurably. They are not going to win the next assembly polls anyway, so they are better off focusing their energies on 2014 rather than 2013. Whether they go with NaMo, Sushma or Jaitley – they all have a reputation for personal probity, with no cases of corruption against their names – but with Yeddy campaigning for them, you give Congress a chance to smear you with the dirt of graft. So, remove Yeddy and let some other honest face, say Shettar, evolve to be the champion of lingayats. But I doubt much of what I said will ever materialize – BJP’s decision-making has been terribly shortsighted and delayed.

  9. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yeah DB, could have, should have, would have. You RSS jokers are a hoot.

  10. Doddi Buddi Says:

    ‘X’ Guy we try; Always working hard to uplift the downtrodden and the nameless such as yourselves! LOL

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Sure, your RSS doddi buddi is obvious. Keep strategizing and experimenting. Will get you nowhere. No harm in trying out your kuntantri buddi and wishing what if, while folks like BSY teach you a lesson even Congress cannot :)

  12. Harihara Bhat Says:

    One Mathihalli proposes and the other seconds….. no matter what…

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