A surly backbencher takes a bird’s eye-view

Former chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa watches the proceedings in the monsoon session of the Karnataka legislative assembly on Wednesday as the current incumbent of the CM’s gaddi, his friend-turned-foe-turned friend Jagadish Shettar, occupies the front row at the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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12 Responses to “A surly backbencher takes a bird’s eye-view”

  1. Deepak Says:

    BSY has ruined himself and the BJP. He will realise after next elections, when all his fellow criminals and himself will lose and when he ends up in jail and also has to probably bear the ignominy of seeing his bete noire HDK as CM.

  2. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Where are the rest of the frontbenchers, midbenchers, and backbenchers. The VS was in session when this picture was snapped, wasn’t it?

    “Hindina saalina hudugaru endare namagEnEnu bhayavilla.”

  3. the colonel Says:

    you put this up on VIJAY DIWAS.

    spiritual , mental BANKRUPTCY.

  4. Mahe Says:

    The master of corruption is up to something. Only time will tell what he is up to. Never underestimate this guy on what he has up his sleeve.

  5. Suresh Panje Says:

    So after 35 years, I had a chance to watch KISSA KURSI KA. Yes, the serious grin with which Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa is sitting as a backbencher prompts one to read his sinister mind: WHEN WILL I EVER REGAIN MU KURSI. Yes, these leaders such as BSY deem as if the CM’s gaddi is his birthright.

  6. Sidarth Says:

    How do Kannadigas tolerate such jokers as their netas? BS Yeddyurappa has dealt a fatal blow for any attempts by BJP to further expand into South India. Back to staying put to the other side of the Vindhyas for the BJP. Kerala – Commies and Cong dominate, AP – YSR vs Cong, TN – no way a party run by Hindiwallahs can even win one seat. So Karnakata was their only hope and it’s over there too now.

  7. Rastrakoota Says:

    Yeddy looks like the Villain from the new Batman rises movie. The frown never leaves his face. Go Yeddy Go. Go for the chair!!!

  8. film viewer Says:

    “How do Kannadigas tolerate such jokers ”

    the same way hindiwallahs tolerate sonia gandhi and her son rahul gandhi dude.

    forget punjabis they tolerate badal, hoondas.and goondas.

    dont come here to spread your tentacles and show yourself as superior. politics is nasty everywhere.

  9. Andy Says:

    good photo !

  10. Shenoy Says:

    Great snaps, speaks a million words!

    While Anna Hazare and team are desperately fighting against 15 noted cabinet ministers of the UPA accused of absolute corruption amounting to hundreds of millions, here in Karnataka we have equally corrupt, canny and shameless politicians playing games without an iota of concern, care or self-respect.

    Little needs to be said of Yeddi, family and his cronies, one of whom readily offered 100 crores as bribe for a bail! Yeddi’s rule indeed broke all records for corruption in Karnataka.

    His former side-kick Sadannanda Gowda had only a 70MM smile during his free-for-all looters regime with not a single tangible development project be in it in drought relief, medicare, education, acute power crisis, transport, crime, real estate, mining and 360 degrees corruption. Even his own home district does not even have proper roads while he can no longer fly the state chopper to Puttur and has to endure the shocking, pot-holed Blr -Mlr highway to hell!

    The latest specimen of a CM Shettar is another shocker! Because of the limited resources and precious budgets available, these politicians don’t sit idle and twiddle his thumbs any longer. Apart from sanctioning all sorts of licenses and contracts overnight, what better way to swift self-prosperity by approving a unbelievable expenditure of Rs 16 crores to placate the rain gods! Incidentally when Krishnaiah Shetty was muzrai minister, he had ordered a special puja to be conducted in the name of the then rain-maker also called as CM Yeddyurappa!

    Well, in the backdrop of a severe drought, guaranteed and proven scientific solutions that cost a fraction like cloud seeding are all buried deep in cobwebs of corruption and politics of the worst order.

    Karnataka and India: No need for a Times or Newsweek or Indian Express story or a scoop by Tehelka or NDTV.

    It is now pseudo-God’s own country gone literally to the dogs of the day!

  11. the colonel Says:

    the correct response is

    “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro”

  12. Pinto Says:

    “the colonel” is the epitome of the rot and decay in our society!

    He may probably be a selfish bachelor techie surfing the net endlessly with no concern to his own future and country but to the millions of Indians and Kannadigas, these forums like Churumuri and intellectual discussions help enlighten the masses and hopefully demonstrate that our country can someday recover from the current crisis and rampant corruption in the executive, judiciary and total lack of governance.

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