TV reporter on what happened in Mangalore

The July 28 incident in Mangalore, when a bunch of boys and girls, were abused, beaten up, molested, even stripped naked by goons and goondas, allegedly of the Hindu Jagrana Vedike, has attracted national attention.

The chilling pictures brought home by TV cameramen and reporters have turned the spotlight on the long, slippery road towards illiberalism that BJP-ruled Karnataka has embarked on, under the garb of protecting “Hindu culture”.

The images have also turned the spotlight on the role of the TV media.

Cases have been booked against one of the reporters, Naveen Soorinje, under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and several sections of IPC, hinting at a possible attempt to fix the reporter for doing his duty.

Below is the translation of the reporter’s account.



At 6.45 in the evening on July 28, one of my news sources from Padil (in Mangalore) called me. This was all he told me: “Naveen, around 30 men have gathered near the Timber Yard in Padil Junction and I overheard them talking to someone trying to coax them to gather some more people. They were instructing someone to be prepared with their motorbikes. It looks like they are planning to attack the guest house in Padil. I overheard them saying something like Muslim boys and Hindu girls.”

I asked him to find out which organization the men belonged to.

All he could gather was that they were from some Hindutva organization, though he could not find out the name of the exact organization they belonged to.

The immediate thought that crossed my mind was this: “Should I inform the police right away or should I not?”

The dilemma was because there was no accurate information as to who belonging to which organization was to attack whom and where. I just had very rudimentary information on hand.

If the members of the organization had called me themselves, I could have indeed informed the police instantly. As the news came from a my source, I thought I should inform the police only after confirming the news.

Having come to this decision, I set out on my bike to Padil along with my cameraman.

In a while, my cameraman and I were outside the guest house/ home stay named Morning Mist located on the hill in Padil. None of the attackers who eventually turned up were present at the spot then.

We stood there for five minutes unable to understand why anyone would plan to attack that particular home stay which is located half a kilometer away from the highway cutting through Padil. The home stay is surrounded by a tall compound wall on all four sides. There is only one gate and 60 meters from the gate is the home stay.

I stood near the gate and watched. There was nothing happening inside that could conceivably provoke an attack. A girl was sitting outside on a chair and two boys in another corner of the bungalow were absorbed in their mobile games.

They were not indulging in any activity which can be considered illegal.

That is the reason why I did not inform the police at that point of time. If my information turned out to be wrong, it would be an unnecessary anxiety for the entire police department.

While I was making all these calculations in my mind, I saw a group of over 30 people marching towards the home stay.

Out of curiosity I asked them in Tulu: “Do you know what the matter is? What is happening here?”

Some boys in the group pointed to the girl sitting outside saying: “Look, there is the girl and there are the guys…”

They ran towards them, all set for attack.

The girl, who realized that the group was there to attack, ran inside the bungalow and tried to close the door unsuccessfully. The group of 30 managed to run to the door and open it before the girl could close it completely.

Only at that point was I completely aware of what was happening and my conscience was also awakened. I immediately called Ravish Nayak, Inspector, Mangalore (Rural) (+91-948085330) from my official number (+91-9972570044).

That must have been around 7.15 p.m.

Ravish Nayak did not receive my call. On the other hand, the assault had just begun. The girls started running helterskelter failing to understand what was happening. The police personnel were not receiving the calls being made. I asked my friend Rajesh Rao of TV-9 to call the police and Ravish Nayak did not receive the call made by Rajesh Rao either.

While I was trying to get in touch with the police inspector, the cameraman ran behind the attackers and got started on his duty of recording the action. Till then only my cameraman and I were present at the spot but were soon joined by the cameraman of Sahaya TV, Sharan, and a photographer, Vinay Krishna.

I was a mute witness to all that was happening there, with the guilt of not being able to do anything. More than half the attackers had consumed alcohol and were not in a position to listen to anything. I have been witness to violent incidents in my life, but never before violence of this scale and nature.

Our cameraman was running wherever the group was attacking individuals. I was watching it and screaming and requesting, “Don’t hit the girls.”

My request reached the camera sound recorder but did not reach the attackers.

The boys who were attacked were pleading, “Please leave us. We are having a birthday party here. Please…” and were falling at the feet of the attackers. But nothing moved the attackers. If it were to be just this, probably I could have forgotten the incident. But I saw something much more terrible and shocking.

The girls who saw the boys being trashed were shocked at the sight and ran in all directions only to be followed by the attackers. Believe it or not, one of the girls jumped down from the first floor but was caught by nearly 20 attackers who began to pull out her clothes.

They slapped her and pushed her to the wall.

By then the girl in pink clothes managed to run away. When the attackers caught her, she was literally stripped naked. Leaving her with only one piece of cloth the assailants molested her.

This sight sent a chill down my spine.

Never in my life had I seen something as horrific as this, though I had heard of such things. These were the scenes which could not become visuals for the news. Only a portion of the incident was shot. Later on, all the boys and girls partying there were locked inside a room. All this happened in a matter of 15 minutes.

When the attackers were done with one round of their planned action, Inspector Ravish along with Police S.I. Manikantha Neelaswamy and others arrived at the spot. It appeared as though the police had a tie-up with the attackers.

For over half an hour the police were in conversation with the attackers.

I was utterly shocked by the scene of police conversing with the them. While they were conversing, one boy who was in the partying group tried to escape, but was caught by the police. When in the custody of the police, the attackers trashed him.

By then many media persons had arrived at the spot. My cameraman and I returned to the office and uplinked all the visuals to the Bangalore office.

At 8:45 p.m. the news was aired. Within no time the visuals of our channel was used by national channels and thus the incident became national news. This angered city police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar who called my friend Rajesh Rao of TV-9 who then was with me.

Rajesh put the call on loud speaker while Seemanth Kumar was saying: “Why should Naveen have reported the incident? I will teach him a lesson. He not only compared this incident to the Assam incident, but also said that Mangalore is being Talibanized. This time he will be taught a lesson. We will fix him in this case and none of his contacts at any level will be of any help.”

It is crystal clear from the words of Seemanth Kumar that his concern was not the attack itself, but the fact of the attack being reported.

This morning I received yet another shock. The attacked boys and girls had given statements against me at the Mangalore Rural Police Station. I was sure that those statements were given under pressure.

I guess the boys and girls had heard me requesting the assailants not to trash them. By evening my doubt was cleared. Speaking to the media the attacked boys and girls said: “We haven’t complained against the media. They have stood in our support.”

Mangalore (Rural) police have filed a case against me under the Indian Penal Code and Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. The police have arrested eight of the assailants with the help of our visuals. The incident we have reported is shameful, not the visuals we have shown.

The 28 July incident at Mangalore is neither a stray incident nor are such attacks in Mangalore a new phenomenon. Every week such incidents take place.

Fundamentalists not only attack boys and girls mixing with the boys and girls of another religions but also take them to the police station. This incident would have taken place even if I had not shot it.

Our recording has revealed the inhuman face of the fascists and has led to the arrest of eight attackers. No matter what is said and what cases are booked against me, I believe I have done my duty as a reporter and that is the only satisfaction to my hurt self.

It doesn’t matter to me that there are complaints filed against me and an FIR has been lodged. I will be happy if the attackers are punished because of the FIR lodged against me. If I am to be freed of these charges because of some pressure and if that is going to benefit the the attackers in any way, then I do not need such freedom.

No matter what punishment is given to the attackers, it will never do justice to those girls who were assaulted right in front of my eyes. Yet they need to be punished.

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63 Responses to “TV reporter on what happened in Mangalore”

  1. harkol Says:

    The shameless Eshwarappa tried to blame this barbarous attack on ‘love jihad’. For once he couldn’t do the decent thing by just condemning it, and staying quite.

    The reality is the pampering of anti-social elements in the name of Hindu organizations have been going on for long in Mangalore. They run extortion rackets, and other illegal activities. It came to fore when Sri RamaSene and Muthalik were exposed as mercenaries.

    Even in this attack the leader was apparently a person who was involved in Pub attacks? He dared to do it again because they got off lightly from the previous attacks.

    There was national rage over Gauhati molestors. How are these guys any less of molestors? It was so obvious there were molesting the girls in the name of punishing them.

    Each and everyone who went in to that homestay were breaching multiple laws. If courts don’t punish them to long prison sentences, then there will be more such incidents.

    In future – If one more guy from BJP & their affiliates talk about culture, they better address the culture of watching porn in assembly first – before anything else.

  2. Nastika Says:

    Isn’t Seemanth Kumar Singh the same guy caught in illegal mining scam? Probably he is looking for new avenues for revenue generation.

    Hindu Jagarana Vedike is a double edged sword. While people appreciate them for thrashing rape criminals in Mandya, they condemn their activity in Mangalore. For them both are right. You can’t expect a fascist organization to take a rational decision.

    I remember either Hindu Jagarana Vedike or its parent Bajrang Dal, tried to promote *incest* in Hinduism by marrying a brother & his sister on Valentine’s day in Bangalore, just because they were together.


  3. Vinay Says:

    “Protecting Hindu culture”, my fcuking foot!

    The only way to protect Hindu culture is to clobber such groups on their skulls with metal rods. When incidents like this happen, we hear things like “Hindu vigilante groups”, “right-wing Hindu moral policemen”, and so on. That is the worst possible insult to Hinduism and Hindu culture. These people need to be culled. And that goes for the farts who come and write comments in favour of such groups too.

  4. Vinay Says:

    And the funny thing is, these people were all Hindus – it was not even Muslim boys and Hindu girls, unlike what the Vedike morons are projecting. Looks like these Vedike idiots just wanted a good chance to grope some females and beat up some males, and they got it.

  5. Jayanth Says:

    everyone here uses cellphone….yet they lack to connect to other fellow human…. Studies the technology fails to understand emotions…..Talks about rich culture fails to follow it…
    deeply hurt with the mangalore incident….we hold no right to stop anyone from what and how they dress..My country never cared about how a person was more than materialistic maturity… never gauge anyone from the way they look or dress… women walked naked with no fear or feeling ashamed… as the men of that golden age knew she was more than a sex toy……
    Respecting women only when they dress according to your wish shows your impotent hypocritical and uncontrollable mind and body…..In the same of justice and morals you are fulfilling your perverseness …in the name of god and culture you are spreading filth….. be thankful to the good times that you are not a son of some rapist or a molester,be thankful than none of your sisters are victims of this insane cruelty..

    Present state We are cultural bastards…we neither follows ours nor the western,time to time we have forgotten the good teaches and moved on to those self motivated and unrealistic teachings which people claim religion, India had no religion ‘hinduthva’ is a religion its a sophisticated way of leading a life in peace harmony and co-existence.

    As you said we once had the richness beyond gold silver and stones…. we had intellectual superiority,We were the first to worship and follow woman deity.

    Respecting a person only when they obey your views and follow them is not called respect..

    IF they want to question the dignity and purity of a women,let them start with their mother….

    Claiming that “dresses are provocative”,well can they assure that women in saree/burka will not be raped or be a victim of mental and sexual abuse..??

    I studied in a small school where girls and boys where never treated differently….we sat together played together and learnt together…
    one the first day on my college is see that boys and girls are made to site on 2 opposite side..
    lucky enough i had my schooling done well…

    If you separate them when their minds are growing, how will they understand eachother? how can they ever treat them good?.

    the list of things grows on….the blame game continues…but problem stays unsolved…

    US!! we neeed to provide the next genrating what ours lacked…. they learn from us… show them to respect everyone rich,poor, men,women, old,young…do not preach them….follows those ideology and let them see you and adapt it….

    Respect individuals for what they are…

  6. Suresh Vaidya Says:

    “– it was not even Muslim boys and Hindu girls, unlike what the Vedike morons are projecting.” What do you mean ? It seems like you are okay if at least the boys were muslims?

  7. asha Says:

    Hindu Jagarana Vedike….meaning waking up Hindus….but the hindus are not sleeping they are pretending to sleep and hence can never be woken up….these guys should atleast change the name of the organization if not their behaviour.

  8. Sushma Harish Says:

    Appreciate bringing up this matter. What seems like a pretty blown up issue in wrong proportions. An unethical behaviour on part of media was the benefit of doubt which apparently gets killed by this reading for me now.
    Sadly there is concern if the whole issue will be hushed down with only political parties debating over who was more stronger in handling this issue.

  9. divyamhatreivya Says:

    Vena jana.. Horrible..

  10. dr ramesh Says:

    This act of hooliganism is unpardonable. There are ways to register a protest, if any. Manhandling and molesting is cruel and inhuman.
    There are many facets to this Incident and should not be seen in isolation. These acts are symptom of a larger malaise.
    As a descendant of south kanara, I am deeply hurt by deteriorating social fabric of mangalore, the city is heading for disaster. Some Elite educational institutions in and around mangalore are mainly responsible for this.
    Mangalore is a melting pot of many cultures agreed, but institutions not enforcing discipline in their campuses, allowing rave parties, discos to mushroom. There is no control on such events with drugs and other activities.
    Indian or foreign students, management or merit seat, there should be discipline in colleges.
    If bangalore’s night life can be regulated, why not mangalore, manipal? .
    Why is the incident in maddur involving a teenage village girl who was molested and thrown out of a train , is not being highlighted? Because she is poor. This is the strange dichotomy of our society.

  11. Deepak Says:

    Media’s role should be investigated, who knows? Maybe they encouraged the so-called moral police to carry out the attack for TRP!!

  12. Vishwajeet Says:

    Mate, you have done the best you could.
    Women related to these attackers should be molested in the same Fashion and then
    they will realize how it pains!

    It’s a pity that Kannada district, one of the most literate districts in Karnataka is yielding to such inhuman behavior. I pity the people of D.K who sit quite and bear such attacks!

  13. ravish Says:

    “Leaving her with only one piece of cloth the assailants molested her”
    “Only a portion of the incident was shot. Later on, all the boys and girls partying there were locked inside a room”

    this is like a porn story.
    I saw them slapping . I didn’t get to watch these things.
    when people see things for first time they begin dragging them with their imagination. hope its not happening with you.

    But yes I saw police were super uber cool with men since police would be beaten up else – thanks we can approach them ( should be a naxal link ) incase police dont help us from now on.

    around 500 kms to north one who gives bl*wjob is given a red carpet welcome and here even a chaddi wearing girl ( due to coastal mangloor weather ) is beaten up.

    mast*rbation should be banned in india.
    these boys drink and goto scantily dressed girls – strip / pull their clothes and search for similar structures- when they dont find them (- how can sweaty mangloor girls compete with sunny leone!!) – they beat and molest.and squeeze and run away.

    yes mast*rbation should be banned like its done for Rahul Gandhi.

  14. Rastrakoota Says:

    Fair point suresh!! I guess it was just a comment so that some moron could not defend its a love jihad!! But anyways it’s a very very sad thing for those victims. There is no Law and Order here. Anybody who is associated with a Goonda and a politician (graduated from being a goonda in all likelyhood)is free in this free country. That’s democracy for you!

  15. Vinay Says:

    Suresh Vaidya:

    No, that was not what I meant. My point was that these thuggish organizations pretending to “save Hindu culture” keep giving the “love Jihad” excuse to cover all their acts of hooliganism. They don’t even have that excuse this time. Its just a bunch of sexually-frustrated losers happy to get their hands on women and do some groping around.

  16. Hamza Says:

    the REAL problem with society is that these creatures(i refuse to accept them as humans) are the ones who are active, be it here or elsewhere. The Al Qaidas or the Talibans, the Hindu Jagarana Vedike’s or the janjaweed, it is these people who have managed to band together and actively spread terror while the bunch of us with all the wisdom of the world and realization of whats right and wrong sit passively on our asses doing NOTHING.

    Till we, and i do mean all of us do not get up and choose to do what is right, and choose to ACTIVELY FIGHT against these terrorists, nothing is ever gonna change.

    The events of the past month.. be it mangalore, or barasat, be it assam or syria or sudan or burma or any of those countless nameless places, is a sad reflection of the truth that we as a civilized society have failed. And if we do not take stock now, then the future does not seem any brighter or better than what we have witnessed in the past few days and years..

  17. janardhan Says:

    to which media organisation does naveen soorinje belong?

  18. Pradeep Says:

    Obviously the Government and Police did not want this to be highlighted and brought to the media.. the question that comes to mind is what is the difference with what happened in Gujarat and what is happening in Mangalore… is there a pattern, the government keeps silent when their goons go around pretending to be saviours of culture, when they have no culture of any kind…
    High time we awake and stop this madness… Naveen we are all with you… now we know the situation…

  19. asha Says:

    Here are some pertinent questions about this whole reporting(?)…

    1. Is Ravish Nayak the only Police officer that was reachable on that night? If there were other police officers who could be reached, why were they not reached and informed about this?

    2. If this reporter really had any empathy for those poor kids getting thrashed his first order of business should be

    a. Inform the police somehow
    b. Record the proceedings on camera without informing the police
    c. Watch the fun and record it and upload for his TV channel as early as possible.
    d. None of the above

    3. Kasturi TV is owned by HDK, son of Devegowda, and they get this information first by some friendly tip off….very curious and then TV9 another news channel that specializes in sensational news reporting is also on the is there a political conspiracy angle to this…only an impartial investigation can bring out the truth.

    4. If the said resort has been serving liqour to under aged kids (the legal for buying alcohol in the state is 21 years), how are they still running this resort, what is the excise and the police department doing about this. Are there more such resorts in business in the state.

    5. If the kids involved were scantily clothed, does it become an act that needs to public thrashing by self appointed custodians of hindu culture?

    6. If the kids involved were having consensual sex, does it become an act that needs public thrashing by self appointed custodians of hindu culture? If this is true it is a matter for the parents of the kids to address…no?

    7. If as alleged the boys were muslims and girls were hindus, is it another case of love jihad???

    8. Are there reverse cases of Hindu boys bonking muslim girls in resorts and being similarly thrashed by the self styled custodians of the muslim community?

    9. Recently a bunch of muslim boys tried to molest a hindu girl in a running train, beat her up and pushed her out of a running train…why is there no widespread reporting of this incident anywhere in MSM?

    10 Most importantly, does the honor of men of all religions lie between the legs of the women of their respective religions?

  20. Karthik Rao Says:

    We need a solution guys. How does assam/mang attackers just go in public again aramse after such henious act. Hindu jagrana sanga my ass

  21. Anupama Says:

    If the camera man is innocent, why is the camera only focussed on the girls, their clothes, instead of showing clearly the faces of every person attacking in the homestay. There were more than 50 people and very few were caught clearly on camera. It was shown by the camera as though there was some reality show happening. The media intentions are not justified by the explanation given. Media and police did nothing but watch.

  22. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Drunk and rapist sene/jagrana/BS vedike hooligans doing their thing. Controlled by RSS/VHP overseers.

    Come on your BJP guys, come up with something better than beating up young boys and molesting girls. Do you have nothing to show but negativity and talibanism?

  23. Vinay Says:

    Can someone ban this cantankerous senile sexually frustrated old man called “ravish” from leaving his droppings all over churumuri? Look at his nonsense babbling – I don’t know why such retardation is tolerated here. Its not even an “opposing view” or “counterview” – it is just plain mental retardation.

  24. nilesh Says:

    Why not dial 100

  25. shiv Says:

    No sir,I don’t believe a word the journalist has said in his defense.Let us look at it this way – without the TV camera and the journalist what would be the mileage for the the Vedike crooks? I think there is a larger reason why this barbaric action took place?India has become the land for lawless hordes and the mobocracy will torch the rich/mighty one day by then it will be too late.I am hindu, I have my belief on hindu values but these vedikes are a bunch of crooks and should be treated as one.I don’t think BJP is involved because by capturing it on TV the vedikes have brought bad name for hindus.This makes me wonder who really are financing these vedike crooks? There is a hidden agenda and the guys behind vedikes need to be exposed.Which journalist has the guts/honesty to investigate it?

  26. Simple Says:

    Yes, BJP has done, it. They are molesting girls in full view of the camera – and getting away with it. Even in Bihar and UP, such on camera molestation hasn’t happened.

  27. A Journalist Says:

    It is a cock and bull story. Those bastards attacked that guest house for publicity. Camera persons were embedded.
    Their call records prove that. They are now playing victims.

    These ‘journalists’ and ‘camera persons’ should be prosecuted. They deserve no sympathy or support.

  28. harkol Says:

    Apparently, Police are already trying their best not to slap harsh charges on these attackers. These folks deserve to be punished for years in prison to set an example for others who might think of attacking people.

    Apparently, one of the girls is psychologically scarred and another has lost hearing in one ear due to perforation of eardrum! How can they get away by a few weeks of prison for such an attack?

  29. Dee Says:

    “Vishwajeet Says:
    31 July 2012 at 10:06 pm
    Mate, you have done the best you could.
    Women related to these attackers should be molested in the same Fashion and then
    they will realize how it pains!”

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? Vishwajeet, would this make you any different from these animals that perpetrated this violence?
    I’m sorry but this right here – people like Vishwajeet – is the reason why people get into such mob mentality and commit such heinous acts!

    Specifically for Vishwajeet, think about what you said/wrote here. You have no right to get indignant about this incident if you are suggesting the same for other women. What an a$$hole!

  30. harkol Says:

    Apparently he belonged to ‘samaya’ channel.

    >(the legal for buying alcohol in the state is 21 years)

    Apparently the person was celebrating his 23rd birthday. There was one girl who was 19, but there is no evidence all of them consumed alcohol.

    >Most importantly, does the honor of men of all religions lie between the legs of the women of their respective religions?

    Succinctly put. The honor of people is dependent on how they treat others, especially those who are the most vulnerable. By that token the guys who attacked in Mangalore were honor-less folks.

  31. Matt Says:

    result of corrupted system and lack of education

  32. Vasant Says:

    There is a strand that runs across the mindset of the activists who attacked a birthday party in mangaluru, eshwarappa’s crude justification of this act and his comments on love jihad and the internet rss symphatisers who have turned their ire on media for exposing their dark underbelly. There is a spectrum of opinion of these parivarites – ranging from extreme to somewhat moderate. But one thing that comes across common is that they find it really very difficult to appreciate diversity. They find it difficult that there are people who eat differently, who dress differently, whose faith is different, who talk differently (they expect everyone to speak shista kannada), who think differently, etc. All in all, it seems like with all their effort (some of them try hard) they find it very difficult to appreciate diversity. There is an inherent dogma in their ideology which makes it difficult for them to appreciate diversity and have a liberal mindset.

  33. Sanjay Says:

    They are a-holes I say .

  34. Vinay Says:

    I wonder if there is any way to prevent such scoundrel organizations from using the “Hindu” word in their names? These are the people who bring a bad name to Hinduism and associate the word “Hindu” with mob action, vigilantism and goondaism. Such organizations should be banned – there should be some kind of law that prevents such people from using the “Hindu” word so freely.

  35. Anitha Says:

    Oye simple sir,

    Don’t just blabber here.

    Since you love facts, here are a few… and these are facts unlike the guesses you throw around everytime and run away when presented with REAL facts…..

    In Delhi, where congress is ruling since the last 55 + years of our independence, women are getting raped every day.

    Rajasthan, where a nurse got killed because of her affair with minister, is a Congress ruled state.

    In Mumbai, on a new year eve, a girl got molested in Gateway of India, was ruled by Congress then.

    Gurgaon, which comes under Haryana government, where a women was molested by a rowdy gang is where congress is ruling.

    Guwahati where the girl was harassed in full public view is a congress ruled state. What is worse, the TV channel whose cameraman shot this entire footage belongs to a congress minster in the government.

    Why, your N D Tiwari has been proved without a doubt that he sired a bastard child… poor Rohit had to go till SC to get justice. And what the F*** did congress do? They rewarded him with a governor position in Andhra. Naayina devalokadalli koodisidroo helu moosodu bidolloa antharalla, haage, this man continued his raasaleele inside the governor’s house which was telecast to the whole world.

    So please dont blabber here about BJP and morality.

    These people who did this horrendous act should be punished and punished very heavily. But to put the blame on BJP for this is sheer nonsense….just like everything else blamed on the BJP…

    And before these people, the mediapeople who shot the entire episode and aired it adnauseum should be hanged first. Without their active connivance, events like this would never happen.

  36. Rohan Says:

    Viswajeet – would you say the same thing if any of the women from your family was in some birthday/or any party with friends or relatives and bunch of people think she is upto something bad(which is not true) and thrash her. Please understand that women has right to enjoy and live like same men and society becomes best to live only when men and women respect each other and not consider trashing women or girls who had just gathered for birthday celebration. Please dont spread such disgusting mentality, especially when county is moving towards being better and good.

  37. asha Says:

    Here is a link to the supposedly unedited version of this incident as hosted by (daijiworld is known hindu baiter website btw).. By the look of it all the things that naveen soorinje has written here appears to be cock and bull story….can we
    at least verify what we post on churmuri before giving undue publicity to likes of naveen and the tv channel he represents

  38. S Acharya Says:

    The media person has to be punished as per the law of the land because he has supported the entire rowdism that was going on infront of his eyes. The way things are recorded also shows who is favouring whose action?There is no exemption whatsoever for them for violating the law. So please stop saving Mr.Media goon.
    My only question to him is if his blood relatives were being thrashed what he would have done? Just recorded to send for publicity?
    Any incident of crime does not need media recording to prove the same and let our generation do not believe that when something wrong goes on recording is most important than acting like humans.

  39. Imran Says:

    Utterly shameful! Complete failure of civil society.

  40. asha Says:


    >>Apparently the person was celebrating his 23rd birthday. There was one girl who was 19, but there is no evidence all of them consumed alcohol.>>

    There is no evidence to prove they were celebrating 23 birthday it is the reason given by one of the victims and needs to be further any case the resort(?) itself looked like a big house that gets rented out for such activities by youngsters…all these things looks very fishy and an impartial probe should be able to nail the culprits both in Hindu vedike and kasturi channels….if it is really a cheap stunt pulled off by kasturi channel I really feel sorry for those kids who got victimized in this incident, for no fault of theirs

  41. asha Says:


    I second Vinay’s request to ban you …did you take your medication today…what are you ranting here

  42. kris Says:

    Why blame CM Eshwarappa for shameless, hypocrite, manipulative Mangaloreans’ actions?

  43. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Vinay, What is not Hindu in this whole operation? The brahmana politician who planned the attack, the kshatriya policeman who provided the strong arm of the law for protection, the vysya camera crew who recorded and sold the news and the shudra musclemen who did the dirty work of bashing up boys and molesting girls.

    And finally the internet rss naradas who give justifications and diversions for the taliban-like behavior of their fellow vhp-ites.

  44. shiv Says:

    “organizations from using the “Hindu” word in their names? These are the people who bring a bad name to Hinduism ” –

    This is exactly the revulsion they expect from majority and who knows who has funded them? These vedikes are hand work of some crooked elements, they have a political slant.It is time people demand from ruling BJP to declare where they stand vis a vis these vedike idiots.They cannot say
    _ on the one hand and on the other hand- Very soon they will loose both the hands.BJP in karnataka is run by the same lowest common denominators like the JDU/Congriss but they are definitely less communal and less crooked than JDU and Congriss.It is time people of Karnataka are happy with what they have at the moment and work towards what they need in future.This is a better way.

  45. Vinay Says:

    Churumuri team: looks like some of your articles are being blocked by the thought police in India. Check this screenshot:

    I think this merits a completely new article on churumuri. I wonder if this is just a mistake, or if they actually dare to pick out posts to censor.

  46. Vinay Says:

    Here’s the direct link: html formatting screwed up the previous post:

  47. Fazal Says:

    Did the innocent reporter forget do dial 100? Why dial only that rural inspector. Whole thing is staged. Frustrated goons pay media to cover the issue, and when it blows out of proportion the police say “damn” we need more money.

  48. Alokesh U. Yellappa Says:

    I find it hard to believe the TV reporter’s story. The camera angles suggest that this was done with the blessings of the hooligans. Nobody tried to prevent him from filming and the filming was smooth, not jerky. They probably wanted this done and seen by all to instil fear… Else they would not have allowed themselves to be filmed. In my opinion, there’s a bigger person behind this, someone far from the scene, who wanted this done to spread fear. The brainless footsoldiers are merely following orders. There seems to be a concerted attempt to polarise communities.

  49. mookaprekshaka Says:

    This is nothing but a bunch of low ranking foot soldiers of the “political movement” unleashing their frustrations on the hapless victims. Its quite obvious form their faces itself that nost of them of losers with little or no social skills. Maybe also uneducated. So how do they get some fun? Gang up in the name of hindutva and have some fun, the government and its servants (police) are there anyway to protect them. End of the day the politicians rely only on these elements to stay in power not withdrwan elements like you and me who just type away the comments to eternal glory. Today politics has become an unholy alliance mix of dirty politicians, rowdies of all varieties, journaliists with dubiuos credentials, corrupt bureaucrats, shady businessmen, rural lobbies, and the low class slum dwellers to carry out their whims.

    Until and unless the urban middle class does not standup for its rights, we will be always be at the receiving end of the warped morality of Hindutva forces, sickular brigade & commie elements. If drinking by women is wrong, what about the arrack shops in rural areas? Can’t they be shut? Why can’t you start your campiagns by raiding gambling dens & watering holes in low class localities. No it has to begin only from five star hotels and resorts! What about all the nonsese that happens in and around the time of the anamma utsavas, jaathre’s, ramzan mobs etc ? Its not about any vlaues, it is about “why anyone else should have a nice time when I cannot have?” Going at this rate, tomorrow any one can walk in to your house and thrash you for not meeting their definition of whatever nonsense.

  50. neha Says:

    Earlier it were the Muslims who were held responsible and now it’s the Hindus!! What on earth is happening and why is anyone not doing anything about it?

  51. DailyBread Says:

    > find it really very difficult to appreciate diversity. They find it difficult that there are people who eat differently, who dress differently, whose faith is different, who talk differently (they expect everyone to speak shista kannada), who think differently, etc. All in all, it seems like with all their effort (some of them try hard) they find it very difficult to appreciate diversity.

    Diversity, LOl, I don’t know what these faux intellectuals smoke!!!! Every village in this country, every colony, every apartment complex, every apartment complex floor has the kind of diversity you are talking about. I think you should find some other straw man or some other tree to bark at or at least do some home work before typing away to glory……

    >There is an inherent dogma in their ideology which makes it difficult for them to appreciate diversity and have a liberal mindset.

    Done to death, useless cliche. If you folks have to be taken seriously, for a change say something intelligent.

    Your comment has all buzzwords a card carrying faux intellectual’s vocabulary consists of;diversity, faith, inherent, dogma, ideology, liberal, mindset, dark underbelly. Which BS generator did you use?BTW, its time to buy a new BS generator….

  52. desithoughts Says:


    “I wonder if there is any way to prevent such scoundrel organizations from using the “Hindu” word in their names? ”

    That would be counterproductive. First step in fixing any problem is admitting that we have a problem. By pretending that either the problem doesn’t exist or that it is not ours, we will only make it grow. This is precisely what a lot of Muslims do. “This or that act is not Islamic or such people are not Muslim”.

  53. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    When it comes to TRP, there are no moral or human considerations…it has been the tradition as well, with DK media.
    check for the downfall of DK/ Udupi media…in the recent past.

  54. Gaampa Says:

    The story of the TV reporter can convince a child going to bed. Not for grown-ups. The entire episode seems to be opposition sponsored.
    Guys… have you seen how Indian men ogle at women in bus ? How bus passengers try to have a look in to the cleavage of women motor bike riders. Enough of this shit. We Indian men have not evolved. We are stuck in some sex starved era. Nothing can be done.
    The only new angle to this from yesteryears is the media presence. They are adding the Masala to the story. And then whipping up frenzied debate with their incessant coverage !!

    How come the some Vedike attack on Nithyananda Ashrama inmates (I would have agreed if it was on the Nithyananda) is completely agreed and supported by society while the Mangalore attack is rebuked ? Isnt it the same thing ? People taking law in to their hands and meting barbaric justice !!!!

  55. Vinay Says:

    Anonymous Guy, Shiv and Desithoughts:

    I am not saying that they are “not Hindu” or trying to “deflect the blame”. According to me, these right-wing groups claiming to “uphold India’s ancient culture” need to be banned. If you want to do something for Hinduism, do something towards dilution of castes, charity and social work for those in the lowest strata of Hindu society, and so on. That is the kind of work I would like to see “Hindu organizations” doing. If goonda organizations like this proclaim themselves as “upholders of Hinduism” and do nothing apart from molestation, vandalism and goondaism, I want the administration to clamp down on them. That was what I meant.

    Anyway, one encouraging thing this time, is that we haven’t had any apologists for these goons on churumuri so far. I remember in 2009 during the previous pub attack by Ram sene, there were a bunch of lunatics here who were indulging in sophistry and wordplay to try and deflect attention from the core issue, and were trying their best to make it appear that the Ram sene were not as bad as portrayed. Maybe things have really improved, or maybe its just that churumuri doesn’t attract that kind of scum anymore!

  56. Ramesh Says:

    Unfortunately, these people seem to crop up in every BJP ruled state. State sponsored hooliganism is killing the country

  57. Yakub Says:

    It is disgusting. This country is going to dogs. The 30 who were involved in the crime, should b hanged. But b4 that they should b made to witness their own family roughed up, molested naked by goons like them, to make them realise how much it hurts to play with simeone’s honour. If this govt. goes v will lend in the hands of another who r worse, it is like jumping from fire pan into fire.
    The reporter who reported should be rewarded for his bravery & courage.

  58. Sharaba Says:


    you missed Singhvi there. and chidambaram is to follow with russian prostitutes. the video is in the making.

    raping and molestation is not only happening with women but also with land.
    The Tamil bastard Chidu who is chairing Finance ministry again who is brain behind Vedanta is sending Sesa Goa – this time to rape “chitradurgada kallina kote sidiligu bechchada ukkina kote”. It seems the “industry is suffering” . the capitalist bitch is ready for masturbation again. get ready with cameras tv reporters. Supreme Court have enough judges getting there out of bl*wjobs.

    Who is supporting it – who else our own backstabbers – Yogeshwar says it will increase naxals anthe! one more Bopaiah thinks it will evict tribals and plantations anthe!!

    all eyes on iron ore resumption and plantation resorts for bollywood prostitutes with politicians and a HDK here and there benefitting from it.

    we go ga ga bla bla pride over having Timmakka and ullas karanth but no one is listening to them!

    – the whole country’s growth becomes 6% because of weak monsoons. karnataka spends crores for doing poojas but no one is bothered to be scientific ..

  59. ashok pai Says:

    so many reporters, cameramen, other accompanying the journalists, and not one could stop them. so how many do the media want to cover in the name of journalism ? why only the cops ? just gather some people around. the doublespeak is breathtaking. forget the right wing groups, what happened to these media people ? they always reach in time but cops cannot. we had the amnesia incident too, where the media always can reach first and also claim innocence.

    there are some others who accuse “hindu” groups, and i nthe same breath they will say terrorism cannot be linked to islam, or christianity can’t be blamed for ravaging priests.


  60. ashok pai Says:

    ” the whole country’s growth becomes 6% because of weak monsoons. karnataka spends crores for doing poojas but no one is bothered to be scientific ..”

    the money from temples goto the government coffers anyways. better it reaches temples back again than fund the tickets for haj pilgrims

  61. ashok pai Says:

    @ some anonymous coward

    “What is not Hindu in this whole operation? ”
    are you a hidden mullah or the pope himself spreading canards here ? how about all those terrorists who commit heinous crimes throughout the world ? aren’t they representing th faith ? how about the father/ bihsops and other in the church molesting kids, nuns and other weaker persons ?

    your doublespeak is breathtaking

  62. Anonymous Guy Says:

    ashok pai,

    No doublespeak. mullah, father etc. who commit crimes are criminals. Who denied that?

    But here we are talking about hindu jagrana vedike or some other RSS front which is doing the criminality in your backyard. Possibly you are one of them from your comments.

    Since when did 2 wrongs make a right?

    Where is the mullah and father here.

    A bunch of RSS holigans bashed up boys and girls who were not doing anything illegal, in the name of some Hindu vedike. What do you have to say to this incident on hand?

  63. ravindra Says:

    sad .. very very sad to read this

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