Will ‘Team Anna’ succeed as a political party?

Revealing confusion and impatience in equal measure, Anna Hazare and his band of self-styled do-gooders have dropped large, king-sized hints of turning their nascent social movement into a political one, as early as the end of the day, today, after the end of their farcical “fast-unto-death”. After the media blitzkrieg last time, the attention was beginning to wane and the group realised that it was approaching the outer limits of santimony, especially after the Congress-led UPA government refused to play ball this time round.

The lawyer Prashant Bhushan has announced a “referendum” among “Team Anna” fans on whether the group should make the dive into politics, and all it requires for such a momentous decision to be made is a simple “Yes” or “No” on the India Against Corruption website. And this, just hours after their fasting compatriot Arvind Kejriwal had announced from a horizontal position to TV reporters that there was no, repeat no question of the movement turning political.

In getting off their high horses and dipping their feet in the political waters, Team Anna has shown an admirable ability to get their hands dirty in the hurly-burly of politics. But, at the same time, it shows a touching naivette about politics and realpolitik in a landscape littered with social activists who have met their comeuppance at the hustings.

Corruption is certainly a big issue facing the nation, but is it the only one in a vast pluralistic nation facing even bigger issues of poverty, malnutrition and worse? Can a party resonate across the nation only on the issue of corruption? Is Team Anna the only repository of integrity, especially when they are dealing with the likes of Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Baba Ramdev, and when its team members themselves face charges and insinuations?

Above all, will Team Anna—an urban, largely middle-class pheonmenon—be able to turn the SMSes into actual votes at the EVMs? Or in joining politics, will the USP of Team Anna disappear?

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77 Responses to “Will ‘Team Anna’ succeed as a political party?”

  1. guru Says:

    in our country 70% of population is corrupt and ready to sell their vote. if somebody doesnt believe pls visit a near by rural area at the time of elections. what can one expect in this situation.

  2. Simple Says:

    The biggest joker of all Anna supporters is that semi intelligent, mumbling mediocre actor called Anupam Kher. He doesn’t even have the influence to ask his wife Kiron Kher to quit BJP which has a string of its leaders in jail in Delhi (I suppose that’s where Bangaru Laxman is now) Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab and elsewhere – for corrupt deeds.

    In Contrast to what TV has been telling us that there is a mass uprising and some sort of an Anna wave is sweeping India, here is a reality check. The proof, lies in numbers:

    After the Anna fast last year,

    Cong won in Manipur.
    Cong won in Uttarkhand
    Cong won in Kerala
    Cong increased its voteshare in Punjab and UP
    Corrupt Jagan won 90% of the seats in the recent byelection.
    Corrupt Akali Dal won the Punjab assembly.
    Corrupt SP won UP.

    Who listens to Anna, except a shrieking Arnab, whose influence does not go beyond his own bladder? The most Arnab can do is control his piss – he cannot influence or control the masses in India..

    BJP’s Gadkari – famous for shoving his foot in his mouth made an abject ridicule of himself for crawling in front of Anna, last year – and publicly declaring his support for each and every word of Anna.

    Look what happened to the Frankenstein that the BJP created. It is gobbling he head of BJP. There is going to be only ONE BIG loser of Anna’s party. Which is BJP. Fanatical urban citizens who voted for BJP earlier, will vote for Anna, hiving off a chunk of BJP’s vote share.


    Unamed Anna Party – at best you will spoil BJP’s chances.

  3. Bharat Says:

    I believe the team Anna must work with honest lawyers, politicians and some extant political parties to draft a sensible Lokpal bill. Instead of starting a part, team must support the political parities and small parties solemnly swear to pass the Lokpal bill. They parties must provide unconditional support to the bill win votes of anti-corruption movement. The middleclass votes can be the difference between winning and loosing for many national and regional parties. This can even force the congress to pass the bill before the elections to deny opposition a potent weapon and get credit.

    Congress can’t afford to loose and next government passing Lokpal bill, because half of the central ministers including Sonia likely end up in jail. Congress is aware of their corruption, so can’t afford to loose power.

    Also we must work hard to defeat congress MPs, if congress doesn’t pass the Lokpal before elections. We must teach a lesson to arrogant Congress ministers by putting corrupt ministers in jail.

    I am the first person to vote and very happy, if team Anna’s party wins. But let’s be realistic. We want Lokpal first. Mr. Anna must galvanize voters for one cause at a time.

  4. Nastika Says:

    Anna’s team has plenty of losers. Recent joinee being VK Singh (who took Army to new lows). Performers are shown the door. Apart from Jan Lokpal, Anna’s team doesn’t have any stand on any other issue.
    Like to see Anna’s team’s answers to these questions:
    – What is the plan for economy?
    – What is the foreign policy?
    – What is the plan for infrastructure development?

    Correction is a problem but not the only problem. It is part of the problem.


  5. Nastika Says:

    *Correction is Corruption.


  6. Deepak Says:

    Looks like Kejriwal and Bedi are hell bent on sullying Anna’s name. Let them start the political process, then they will realise how difficult it is to win elections. Even if they do contest, all they will do is hurt anti-Congress parties everywhere.

    I don’t think this exercise will succeed. As long as Anna propagates activism, things will be fine, if he gets into politics, he will be dragged into the cesspool.

  7. Suresh Panje Says:

    One thing is sure that Hazare and his associates under the banner of India Against Corruption (IAC) have passed the first hurdle vis-a-vis their entry in the political arena. That is all of them clad in spotless white from top to bottom. That is what our Netas and Netranis wear and this could be to hide their dirty deeds and calculative crooked minds. Although I don’t mean to pessimistic, it is doubtful IAC emerging victorious in the polls since the present day politics is based on money and muscle power.
    Suresh Panje

  8. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I am deeply disappointed that Anna seems to have fallen into the Congress trap.

    Politics could have been a viable option if it offered Anna a level playing field with the parties, but it does not. In addition to a total absence of electoral reforms to fund elections and parties with legitimate money, over many decades the Congress and other parties have contaminated politics with expectations of caste, nepotism and kickbacks. The parties have norms in actions that Anna will refuse to indulge out of principle.

    Besides, Team Anna has painted itself into a self-righteous corner that will be its undoing, unfortunately. I am not being cynical, but if politics is about pragmatism in policy and prowess in administration, then Team Anna cannot succeed with the pure idealism they have painted themselves in. If they try to change for expediency, they will be seen as hypocritical and lose all credibility. It is a lose-lose situation. Team Anna are essentially and wholly activists in the Mahatma Gandhian tradition; electoral politics in the Indira Gandhian tradition is not their thing.

    I suspect Shri. Digvijay Singh is chuckling in glee as Soniaji admires his cute dimples.

  9. narayana, narayana Says:

    Political parties in India usually appeal to its narrow constituency based on region, or caste or community…and a movement against a social evil like corruption or for reform of governance stands no chance against the moneybags leaders of the current political parties. How many ‘independent’ high principled people have got elected so far! No money, no votes.The movement should stay outside the tumble of electoral politics and continue to fight crime in all its forms in our society.

  10. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    Team Anna will be never succeed as a political party All his candidates will loss deposit in election because In India if you have no mescal or money no chances to win the election.

  11. Goldstar Says:

    Team Anna will have a disastrous political outing because most urban Indian residents do NOT HAVE a vote !! Repeat: do NOT HAVE a vote.

    There is so much migration inter-cities, intra-cities, students, temporary jobs etc that I am sure less than 10% urban India have a registered vote in the same constituency where they currently reside.

    Surprised?? Take a dipstick survey in your office or apartment complex and see the results.

  12. shiv Says:

    Team Anna’s pusillanimity in naming the prime culprit in UPA for the cascading corruptions tells me clearly that these are bunch of wimps with no backbone.It is like the newspaper “The Hindu” jumping on BJP for every misdemeanor where as fully remaining tight lipped about the DMK corrupt activities because BJP doesn’t have its cadre of goondas to let loose on them.I notice similar fear in every news media and blogs like churmuri who are mortally afraid of taking on the real crooks.When the land is filled up of wimps, what major changes will happen?

  13. harkol Says:

    This article is rather strange. Consider the words used.


    That word means well deserved fate. Why should a bunch of well meaning folks, who have exemplary track record as compared to 99% of our politicians, deserve a bad fate in hustings?

    Isn’t the true comeuppance is for the citizens, rather than those social workers? It is citizens who are cursed to be ruled by crooks and criminals due to a bad system in India, where majority of Indians vote their caste or other narrow consideration? How else can one explain the wins of YSR congress or Sriramulu??


    Is it Naive to expect the elected folks to respond to a mass movement of significance and do something about it? If it is so, would the author also call Martin Luther King as naive? He led a mass movement, never fought an election, but expected the politicians to change laws – Because it was USA – US congress responded and did.

    Is it naive of us to expect the same from “wolrd’s largest democracy”??

    “Corruption is just one of the issues”?

    Now, who is being naive? Does the author realize the cost of corruption to India has been over a trillion dollars in 60+ years, and what India needs to transform its road infrastructure & power infrastructure is just half that amount?

    Corruption is what causes the refusal to modernize our education, which can give us more doctors, bringing cost of healthcare down?

    Corruption is what makes almost all the schemes, policies & programs of govt. never reach its target?

    Corruption is what causes bad roads, massive power leakage (thus power deficit) and massive water leakage (BWSSB alone looses 40% of water pumped).

    Corruption is primary cause of our defence un-preparedness? We allocate proportionally almost as much as China, but the end amount effectively used is perhaps half of the amount allocated? Just consider cases like Tatra trucks or guns or bullet proof jackets, coffins or even soldiers shoes. Corruption provides them inefficient, expensive or useless equipment, when they could be much more modern.

    Team anna is urban phenomenon?

    Not sure what you mean by this. Awareness of his campaign is spread out across India. Urban Indian voters count for 40% of India. And even in rural areas there is substantial awareness of Anna Hazare’s movement.

    This may not result in votes, but it will result in fracturing of votes and Anna could be a factor in quite a few number of seats.

    They may not win – but they may make a dent.

    Success as a political party.
    Politics is about acquiring power. Team Anna may not be able to do that, as there isn’t sufficient visible anger (like in 1975 JP movement).

    But, what option did they have? If the guys who you elect have created a cess-pool, then shouldn’t someone get down to the sewer to try and clear it? Even if they may fail??

  14. harkol Says:

    Progressive Era
    Anyone interested – see how US politics of early 1900 resembled the same cesspool that India. There were mafiosi and crooks ruling the roost in political parties. Corruption was rampant. Robber Barons (crony capitalists) ruled the roost. People like Jane Addams dedicated their life to such movement (and won nobel peace prize).

    It took about 20+ years to clean up USA – a duration that is now called ‘progressive Era’. The Progressives were largely the Middle class, and they were cutting across party lines. They kept up the pressure and changed USA forever.

    So, the question isn’t really about Anna Hazare or Team Anna or the political party. It is about us – Can we gather around well meaning public spirited individuals and form a pressure group to change our system of governance.

    Anyone who doesn’t get that – is the one who is Naive.

  15. Alok Says:

    They are neither here nor there: neither big enough to boast of countrywide appeal so they could declare themselves a national party, nor consisting of personalities with grassroots connectivity who can build the fledgling organization from ground up into a comprehensive political alternative by 2014. In terms of sheer numbers, Baba Ramdev is their only mass leader, but even his followers are scattered across India, concentrated largely in parts of North India as opposed to South. However, his credibility as a serious anti-corruption crusader took a beating when he emerged weak and hapless having fled Ramlila Maidan in women’s attire, upon that fateful encounter with Delhi Police at midnight. Since then he has remained relatively low key and refrained from making any controversial statements or moves.

    Given his eccentricities and volatile behavior, we can safely dismiss him as the Mamata Banerjee of the Right, sans even the reliable mass base, organization and political experience of the latter. All others in the team, including Hazare himself, owe their current fame and spotlight to sensation-hungry, round the clock news channels who were bored of covering crimes, political developments and other mundane stuff. They needed something to jig up their TRPs and lo, Anna arrived on the scene. Except that he too turned redundant once the chronic exercise of fasts started to appear a farce.

    Moreover, Anna Hazare’s plainspeak and naive rhetoric of change and reforms, wholly devoid of any kind of sophisticated and solemn rationalistic framework of ideas, are frighteningly reminiscent of Gandhi’s sober utopia of ramrajya, trusteeship, rural economy and moral self-effacement. And then there is this fickleness of Team Anna: once they say they are going on indefinite fast, then you are told it will be a fill-jail theater, then you know they are going to UP campaigning against congress, then it turns out that they are fasting unto death again, and at last you have it that they have officially joined politics! That’s what politicians have been screaming all along – join politics, there’s no point holding parliament to ransom camping on the streets. And though there is a touch of irony in it, there is a touch of truth too, when Kapil Sibal says that “these people are true professional politicians, who know how to work their way around [to limelight and favorable public opinion], unlike us (congressmen) who keep it plain and simple, expressing our views naturally as it comes to us.”

    The question is not the one of Team Anna joining politics or staying outside, but whether it can play it clean if it does choose to enter the electoral fray? No doubt a hell of a lot of money will be required, but who will fund it? Team Anna has yet to reveal its source(s) of funding for its current tours and campaigns, and the rumor mills are already abuzz with such intriguing names as Coca Cola Inc, besides the much suspected link-up with the Sangh Parivar groups. For one thing, now that Team Anna has parted with its supposed ideology of anti-congressism and is seeking to project itself as an independent political force, a Fourth Front that is tethered neither to civil society nor to BJP anymore, it can rest assured that there shall be no Sanghis around next time in its rallies, to supply cola or juice to the throng of Anna’s supporters wilting under the hot sun.

  16. dr ramesh Says:

    This was the only face saver available to team Anna to end the fast. Timing of Anna and kejriwal fast was highly erroneous.
    India is under the clutches of a drought, rural and urban economy is taking a hit., ethnic clashes in Assam, power shortage affecting 50 crore Indians— when govt is trying hard to deal with it, Anna playing tantrums. People rejected his movement this time.
    A political party born in FACEBOOK, TWITTER cannot be successful. Few techies, page 3 celebs do not constitute a political party.

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Anna party is going as corrupt as any other political party in India.

    If they can shamelessly go back on their ‘fast-onto-death’ drama whenever they want, what will prevent them from doing the same thing on everything else they claim? Obviously they dont believe in practicing what they preach.

    Their jan lokpal is a joke and will only add to the already heavy bureaucracy. They have no solution to anything.

    Unless they rebrand themselves as something else, they will continue to make fools of themselves till they lose all relevance.

    Maybe they should openly merge with RSS/Ramdev instead of continuing the nautanki.

  18. the colonel Says:

    Recent joinee being VK Singh (who took Army to new lows).???????????????????????????????/

  19. N.Krishnamurthy Says:

    Anna has been on fast off and on. Let them eat humble pie and break fast this time! The so called Baba – Ramdev, a Swamy in women’s clothing! Let one be the President of India and another the Prime Minister! The legal luminary, the Bhushans can rewrite the Constitution! What else?

    But, will it not be better than Raja, Kanimozhi, Maran, Balu, Suresh Kalmadi decorating the ministry? What choices, what chices! Are we doomed forever?


    Elections, in India, are known to have been won on the catchy slogans – which can convey volumes and catch the popular imagination over the verbose manifestos.
    If Team Anna can make Eradication of Corruption, that sort of strong motif, they can achive thier goal.
    If that IS thier goal!
    All the stratigies adopted by them till now, do not vibrate with that sinle-minded commitment to the anti-corruption philosophy.

  21. Srikanta Says:

    Its a miracle with such great population, unemployement, non-tax paying population, in-efficiency, corruption, nepotism etc, India is able to stager along.

  22. suncitygloria Says:

    All are frauds. Same will happen to Team Anna if they enter politics

  23. asha Says:


    this is another ploy by the mafiosi congress party to split the opposition particularly NDA votes to the advantage of KKaangress mafia party….Anna hazare who is simple minded village idiot has been mislead and the movement has been hijacked by the highly ambitious and corrupt kiran bedi, kejriwal, bhushans and the rest of the gang of usual suspects…..2014 elections will be very intersting and exciting…also observe today how the the casteist and communal bihari CM nitish has asked assurance from BJP that Modi will not be the PM candidate in 2014 elections. Also look at the smirk on the faces of mssrs. ambika soni, sibal and dig vijay singh

  24. harkol Says:


    You may just be right there. Urban India has larger scale migratory population, and a lot of them may not be part of voter list in their area of residence, and may not take trouble to go to the area where they are registered.

    Our electorate system needs a reform and person should be able to vote from anywhere using his ID. In the age of internet, it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage this.

    Having said that, it is quite possible for Anna Hazare to swing 1-2% votes in quite a few constituencies. That is quite a bit.

  25. Simple Says:

    The writing is on the wall. Cong is going to come back to power in 2014.
    1) Anna will split BJP’s urban vote base.
    2) Nitish will quit NDA and ally with UPA – thereby BJP will get 0 seats in Bihar
    3) Naveen Patnaik has rebuffed BJP’s request to support Jaswanth Singh as VP
    4) J Jayalalitha has kept the BJP waiting like a poodle – she will not align with BJP pre poll.So BJP will get 0 seats in TN.
    5) Jagan Mohan Reddy is all set to come back to Congress ( if some reports are to be believed)
    6) BJP is set to lose heavily in Karnataka Gujarat MP, Punjab, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Uttar Pradesh.
    7) BJP will get 0 seats in TN, Kerala, Andhra, Orissa, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Kashmir, Bengal, Sikkim, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh,
    8) Only states where BJP may gain is Delhi, Rajasthan and Goa.

  26. DailyBread Says:

    >Can we gather around well meaning public spirited individuals and form a pressure group to change our system of governance.

    +1.2 Billion, Beauty!! Awesome!!

    >Anyone who doesn’t get that – is the one who is Naive.

    Exhibit A: Alok. But he is not naive, he is chaalu. See his acid laced words, dripping with contempt for well meaning folks in the comment. Looks like in last two days in jubilation, the gentleman has distributed hatta mana bundya supplied by zero loss Sibal.

  27. the colonel Says:

    “I am an Army man not a PR guy”

    “I have been getting phone calls from India. They say I turned out to be a dark horse. They want to know more about me. Sometimes I do feel bit bad about it but then, I have learnt to take these things in my stride,” he said.

    “I am a national champion since 2004 in my event. I won two gold medals with new Games Record in 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, a gold and a bronze in Doha Asiad, a silver in World Championship in China, three gold and a silver in 2010 Commonwealth Games, two bronze in Guangzhou Asian Games and if still my medal winning performance has surprised people and media, I can’t help it,” said the 27-year-old marksman.

    Thats sub vijay kumar

    Anna is also an army man, and we all are used to being baited and abused.


  28. asha Says:

    My predicitions were correct….Anna Hazare has disbanded the Team Anna stating that there wont be any negotiation with the Government in future…..the Indian sheeple have been shafted again successfully by KKaangress….

  29. Deepak Says:


    LOL, your enthusiasm is amazing!! Even Digvijay Singh and Yuvraj are not so optimistic.

    Forget BJP, look at your Congress:

    1. They are going to get hammered in TN, Andhra, Maharashtra, Bengal and UP (from where they got bulk of their seats last time)
    2. They will face anit-incumbency in Kerala, Rajasthan, Delhi. Haryana and may end up with lesser seats than last time.
    3. They are unlikely to get more seats (may even get less) from Gujarat, Goa, Punjab, Bihar, Orissa and North East.
    4. Only Karnataka, MP, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand can give them few seats, but the seats they gain here will be nothing compared to what they lose elsewhere.

    Congress will find it difficult to cross 120-130 and UPA won’t cross 150/160. So, bye-bye Congress.

    Agreed that BJP won’t get a majority, but all they have to do is get more than Congress and with someone like Sushma in saddle, they can easily get the likes of Mamta, Jagan, Patnaik and Jayalalitha on board.

    So friend, chances of NDA govt. headed by BJP or even NDA govt. headed by Nitish/Jayalalitha are very high.

    As far as Anna goes, his support base came mainly from the yuppies (who mostly dont vote) and the supporters of Ramdev, Ravishankar and RSS who will continue to back BJP. So Anna may damage BJP in few urban seats, but will come a cropper elsewhere.

    So dear Simple, stop day dreaming of Princely rule in 2014!! Sorry to deliver the bad news.

  30. harkol Says:

    Simple-tons they never learn,
    enamored they are by royal Germ…
    They so happy to see tax money burn,
    even a 2G won’t make them squirm…

    Hail ye all of such a loyal servant,
    who keeps up Royal hopes fervent.

  31. Goldstar Says:


    Why would entrenched self-serving politicians want to jeopardise their careers for the sake of electoral reforms?

    Aadhaar could have been a solution but it is also proving to be a DOA case like the Lokpal.

    Time to be very very cynical about Indian “democracy”.

  32. Nastika Says:

    @the colonel,
    VK Singh might be upright, but he has his share of mischiefs. Few listed below:
    1) Big one is needless date of birth fiasco.
    2) While he was quiet throughout out his career, towards his retirement, he became a crusader of anti-corruption, trying to expose many years old scandals. Why was he quiet all the while?
    3) His close proximity to Samajwadi Party, where he attended many party functions as army chief
    4) He was seen in his capacity as army chief with R K Anand, who was notorious in buying witness BMW kill-and-run case


  33. Nastika Says:

    @dr ramesh,
    FB & twitter party?

    Is not joining Facebook a sign you’re a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say staying away from social media is ‘suspicious’


  34. harkol Says:

    If one wants to understand how USA, Britain and France managed to eliminate ‘systemic corruption’, then this research paper is a must read-


    Note that the huge economic development followed such reforms. Unfortunately, India continued to follow the older institutions of Britain, without implementing the safeguards.

  35. Emptymind Says:

    LOL. when did Facebook, twitter constitutes the sole social media!

    Get the literal meaning of It.
    social media can be any thing which exchange information, ideas and even rumors!

    it start at personal level(questioning himself seeking answer and getting those afterwards)
    then it can be between Individual(one to one), one to many (group communication) or even individual with Nature!(like a poet and scientist)

    By this definition -anything can be a social media- internet ,TV (national and regional), newspapers, college/school/office/home / street, mouth to mouth communication etc

    Actually whole nature(or universe) should become media for pure intellectual one!

    Going by this i do not find any wrong with dr.ramesh as he is prime follower of social media like churumuri and hence your “psychopath” tag cannot be applied to him:)

    Don’t go blindly with the business minded western media and fool the gullible public!!.

  36. dr ramesh Says:

    Nastika, correct aagi topic ge baniddera
    Face book, twitter is meant for lonely, secluded people having no friends or relatives to talk and share their feelings in person. It is a precursor to depression if left untreated.
    The pent up feelings, frustration have to be taken out, they resort to online social networking.
    This was ideally suited for Americans, Brits, Aussies etc where familial bonding and emotional security is far less
    compared to south Asians. But techies in India have a zeal to ape everything western, they followed suit.

  37. the colonel Says:


    1) MOD started it . my defence is my prerogative. Do you say no???

    2). He was offered 14cr as COAS.

    3) I dont Know therefore i cant answer.

    4) There was a girl called VD Usha. She was seen in a group which included me. So therefore i’m in the sack with her. SHABASH.

    Second some advice: watch very carefully what is happening and come to your own conclusions which will require further ratification by you alone..

  38. Simple Says:

    Harkol and Deepak

    People like you including one old doddering man called Advani had predicted Cong will sink into double digit seats in 2004 and 2009 – and lo and behold! Look what happened!

    Please stop believing BJP propoganda -Look at facts and evidence. BJP does not exist in 75% of India. Wherever it exists, it will face anti incumbency in MP, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, and HP

    Punjab – bjp has done badly in the recent assembly elections. Akali did well, not BJP.

    Nitish will throw out BJP soon next year.
    BJP has already thrown BJP out.
    Jaylalitha will give 0 seats to BJP in TN.

    As far as Cong is concerned, There cannot be anti incumbency in Kerala – because it is too new a govt! In Bengal, Mamta has no choice but to go with 8% vote Congress – or she too will lose seats.

    In Maharashtra, MNS will spoil BJP shiv sena chances. IN UP, people vote differently for assembly and parliament. In last assembly Maya won. But in last parliament Cong won. See the difference?

    Cong will beat BJP by a wide margin – that’s for sure. Start using your head instead of being swayed by foolish experts’ prediction or that doddering old man’s whimsical statements.

  39. Deepak Says:

    V K Singh attended Samajwadi party functions as Army Chief!!??! Wow! That’s news, if that was true, he should have been sacked on the spot. BTW : Where did you get this news, can you share some links with us?

  40. Nastika Says:


    @the colonel
    Hope Ms Usha is not a notorius advocate. Check this: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-05-26/india/31860788_1_shares-dais-r-k-anand-sajjan-kumar


  41. Deepak Says:

    @Simple – forget doddering old man Advani, look at dead old man Mannu who is going to send Congress into oblivion :)

    If you talk logically, one can argue with you. But when you make a ridiculous statement like BJP doesn’t exist in 75% of country, then there is no use discussing anything with you.

    Enjoy your ‘Mungeri lal ke haseen sapne’, goodbye!!

  42. Rahul Says:

    Indeed the Indira Congress might win in 2014. The reason will not be because it is covering itself in glory ( it is covering itself in BS) but because of the NAMITHA factor ( ask Sanjeeva why that name!) or No Alternative Makes Idiots To Have Authority.

  43. harkol Says:

    Simpleton anthem:

    Milady’s heaven can’t be roiled by street urchins,
    after all milady & prince – they ‘win by wide margins’.
    ye all think thy realm is better with any other party
    perish the thought, m’pricne he will stay jaunty.

    Doesn’t matter how much bullion m’lady whisked away,
    m’lady the merciful throws a fish to tykes every day.
    Would hoi polloi vote milady in election fray,
    if they were capable of fishing themselves at bay?

    So what if they defecate openly on a remote isle,
    m’lady has ensured they can talk on cheap mobile.
    So, Thou shall Hail & vote m’lady & m’prince,
    for he is the one with all the future Blueprints.

  44. the colonel Says:

    dear nastika

    gen vk singh’s father was also in the army and his birth took place in military hospital pune. the army has a documentation known as part II order which is recognized (legally but not in practice) by all state govts. secondly the register in mh pune has the details of his birth. now this is a double whammy. what you quote is false as it means corruption was lagu in 1951.

    the last part is she is 63, and her sister only gave oral to retain her vulva.

    to sum up you have been grossly wrong, without knowing so.

    So SMILE.

  45. Deepak Says:

    The function was NOT a Samajwadi party function, it was the function of unveiling a former PM’s bust in a school!! And on top of that Gen. Singh is related to former PM Chandrashekar, so what’s wrong in him attending this function? How can you call it a Samajwadi party function?

  46. Simple Says:


    You are obviously in denial.

    I go by facts. BJP does not exist in more than 75% of India. From Tamil Nadu to Kerala to Andhra to Orissa to Manipur to Assam to Nagaland to Kashmir to Meghalaya to many other states – the score of BJP is a big zero in the Indian parliament.

    What is wrong in calling Advani a doddering old man? He is old and has doddered and embarrassed his own party several times by buffoonery remarks on his website.


    Who is dead? Are you alleging that MMS is dead? That shows what sort of a despicable low level creature you are.. He is not dead. He is very much alive and is the PM of India. He made India the second fastest growing economy in the world.

    And since you don’t have a single proud Indian cell in your body, you will continue to talk rot about MMS and support a man like Advani who repeatedly praised a character called Jinnah


    What are you mumbling. Speak facts. Did not Advani the doddering old man say the same thing in 2004 and 2009 – that Congress would be reduced to two digits? Did not Congress prove it wrong?

    Wait and watch, the same will happen this time around.

  47. harkol Says:


    I don’t recall what Advani said – I am not his secretary. In fact, LKA is one of the characters in Indian politics who I detest the most (Modi, Yeddy. D.Gowda, your queen & prince are among others).

    While speaking of claims – I can recall “We have 272” statement of your queen, on the foot of Presidential Palace in 1999.

    Politicians say what is convenient to them at any point. What is your point?

    Excogitation is apparently not your forte. So, just continue to contrive up some weird, comical statements or live up to your name by simply singing songs of praise of your queen!

    Your posts are certainly increasing the comic quotient of these forums.

  48. Deepak Says:

    Only the worst kind of scum support Congress and you have proved with your comments that you belong to that category. MMS is alive only in body, he is dead in spirit. He looks ready to be stuffed and mounted in a Italian museum. And if supporting corrupt Congress and its Shikandhi leader is the criteria for Indianness, then I don’t mind abandoning my Indian cells. Ciao! Viva Italiana!!

  49. Nastika Says:

    Why wouldn’t army refuse to comment on this incident, even though VK Singh was in his full uniform?

    @the colonel,
    You are trying to sweep under the carpet by claiming you know more and asking me to smile. But you haven’t provided any data to prove that you know more.

    @dr ramesh,
    People *in* FB have regular contact with their primary school benchmates and who now live in other part if the earth. Obviously people who are *not in* FB cannot have this contact. So now, who are lonely, secluded people?


  50. dr ramesh Says:

    A face book message goes like this,
    ” hi ,buying pants,size 34 not fitting, oh my God, I am becoming fat”
    Twitter tweet reads like this,
    ” guys and gals, waitin in saloon, lot of people, boring, why the heck hair grows so fast”

    This is the sort of bankruptcy Indian youth are into. STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO GET OUT OF THESE. READ A GOOD BOOK OR GO RUNNING INSTEAD.

  51. Deepak Says:

    @dr ramesh – I don’t understand where you find bankruptcy in these statements? These are things even middle aged people share with their friends!!! Only thing, nowadays youngsters share these things online, thats it!! Which bank has been rupted??

  52. har.sri.ga Says:

    The concept of Lokapal or Lokayuktha changing the face of corruption or eliminating corruption itself sounds funny!
    In country like India, we always have to fight against the rules which are made so tough, complex and which allows the officer to have a upper hand.
    Also, if someone needs premium processing time ; let the Govt. introduce speedy services with high processing fee. This will let the public decide whether they want to wait for 10 days to get a slot for DL test or want it today at 10times the nominal cost.
    Team Anna never looked in such directions and believe that a Govt. bill will create a difference. It will meet the same fate as other bills languishing in the parliament.
    Also, the concept of winning elections without a strong electoral base talks about their understanding of Indian electorate.

  53. Anonymous Guy Says:

    dr. ramesh,

    How are the fb and twitter posts any worse than your own comments on Churumuri? Do you take your own recommendations er medicine?

    BTW Looks like team anna’s defeat has turned into a RSS vs. Congress supporter bitch fest in the comments above.

  54. Faldo Says:

    @Daaktre – I respect your opinion but our ‘hiriyaru’ used to say the same thing when the use of telephones started increasing in our country about 30-40 years ago, They felt phones were to be used only in an emergency. Even earlier to that, our grandfathers would ask us ‘paper amele odidre adralliro akshara kammi yaguttadeye?’ For them even reading newspapers in the morning was a waste of time and they felt time should be used for other more important tasks..
    Later on similar comments were made for cell phones. We just need to get used to change and learn to embrace it.

  55. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesh, let me help you.

    Your tweets look like these: “Saw God-incarnate Devegowdru in a function today. Could not help but fall at his feet and sought his blessings!”

    “Bumped into the most handsome man in Karnataka HDK. Almost died with joy on seeing HDK reading a Kannada novel – ‘Avala Rathrigalu’ ”

    “Doing root canal srgery on my 2nd patient today;listening to HDK’s speech in Holenarsipur JDS samavesha. Screams from patient as blood spurts out as I drilled a bit more deeper w/o anaesthetic’

    “Got goose bumps on hearing Devegowdru’s security car siren on a Bangalore street. Fell down and did a dheerga namaskara in the tyre tracks for remembrance”

    “Trying my best to follow the ideals of HDK; setting off to a village near Ramnagar to do Grama Vasthavya. Should be fun as I have loaded my MP3 player with all his speeches!”

  56. Vinay Says:

    Daaktar Ramesh:

    How do you know about how “typical facebook messages” look? Don’t tell me you have a facebook account too?!!

  57. Simple Says:


    You and Deepak should co-produce and c0-direct a no brainer movie like Rowdy Rahthore – i am sure it will gross 100 crore for its sheer empty content.

    Both your postings are full of filibuster, high on calorie – empty on nutrition.

    I have never ever praised Sonia without any reason. I have only showed the positive aspects of Congress – a party which most of you hate with impotent range. Everyone out here takes unfair potshots at Congress – And I show by facts, how all of you are TOTALLY WRONG!

    Just because MMS is expressionless and inarticulate, it does not mean he is not doing well as a PM.

    Proof? Look at people like you.

    People like you live in 4 bedroom villas or a posh apartment, owning two cars at the least, earning lakhs per month, swishing about in high fashion garments, flying abroad every year for a vacation, owning ipads and galaxy notebooks, going to elite spas every month, buy gold like there is no tomorrow.

    Your growth in the past 8 years has been phenomenal, yet you carp about MMS

    You have the cheapest mobile rates in the world.
    You have the world’s best consumer brands for you to shop from.
    You have an economy that is the second best in the world.
    You have an economy where everybody is in a massive spending mood.

    Life has never been so good in India. You are indulging in the massive luxuries that Indian economy is offering you. Yet out of sheer impotency, you keep on going ballistic about MMS, insulting him.

    For once you should Just shut the big gob of yours and open your brain. And start thinking.


  58. harkol Says:

    Psychiatrists sure would be proud at the brainwashing job done by them on some folks. Their work on these folks have yielded an unusually high degree of success.

    The target simpletons can’t even think of anything but what psychiatrists intended them to think about MMS, Sonia & co.

    Even a charm wouldn’t work as effectively!

  59. the colonel Says:

    simple do continue,at least someone is making some sense in this blog

  60. dr ramesh Says:

    Disclosure — I am not in to Facebook and twitter and have no idea of getting into it in foreseeable future.
    Its clear that HDK aura is slowly mesmerizing u replacing Bobby ramdev, ghad bhad Kari etc. Its a good sign.
    All the best for u r new innings in JD S.

  61. Simple Says:


    See? You are right, you have been brainwashed by newspapers and pseudo authors and fraudulent experts into believing Congress is disastrous for my country.

    Show me a single posting of yours where you have praised Congress.

    I will show many postings of mine which is anti Congress


  62. harkol Says:


    I don’t praise congress because I believe it is a compromised party – largely because of Dynasty. I have posted many times that Congress would be my ideal party (centrist) if they dumped leftist-socialist Dynasty.

    I did vote for Congress candidate (Sangliana) in 2009, because I believe he is a honest candidate, who voted for Nuclear deal inspite of BJP’s hypocritical opposition to it. So, I don’t vote parties – I vote candidates. I am not anti-congress – I am anti dynastic (autocratic) ideology. I had lot of admiration from Dr. MMS. If you can check my old posts in Churumuri you’ll see that. But, he has lost most my regards now, for his inability to stand up to the Family & corrupt gang.

    Your arguments me living in 4 bedroom house and travelling abroad, because of MMS’s last 8 years is moronic. I was living in a large house & travelling abroad long before Man Mohan Singh became Finance minister in 1991. But, I am not a good specimen of ‘aam admi’ – Indian citizen. But, I employ quite a few who go through harrowing times even to get a ration card.

    Govt’s own records show that after 65 years, we are still a caste ridden, poverty ridden society. More than half our nation lives on less than US$2/day – while more than half our MPs are US$ Millionaires, inspite of starting out with nothing. Almost all the politicos (irrespective of parties) miraculously become super rich, worth hundreds of crores, within few years of being in power.

    Congress is the root cause of this perverse denigration of our system. Having ruled this nation for most of its existence, it is the one which has created, nurtured and maintained this system and is stubborn in not changing it.

    All because it benefits the ruling dynasty and elite of this country.

    > You have the cheapest mobile rates in the world.

    Adjusted to Purchase power parity – this isn’t true.

    >You have the world’s best consumer brands for you to shop from.

    Rest of the world always had it. It is the stupidity of Nehru-Gandhi family which denied us world’s best brands in the first place.

    >You have an economy that is the second best in the world.

    It isn’t!!
    India is rated #132 in economy ranking – http://goo.gl/Dezol

    It isn’t even in top 10 fastest growing countries. It is #13, just above Ethiopia – http://goo.gl/aUWQ0

    Check your facts.

    >You have an economy where everybody is in a massive spending mood.

    Really? Spending of 10% of population is a barometer of a good economy? In a country where almost 70% live on a per capita income of less than Rs.3,000 a month, you really want to talk about ‘EVERYBODY’?

  63. harkol Says:


    Did you know that Pakistan has cheaper mobile tariff than India?

    The “The Global Information Technology Report 2012” published by World Economic Forum (http://goo.gl/CT5dR), shows the ranks of cheapest Purchase Power parity adjusted Mobile tariffs in the world (Page 350).

    So, Who is the cheapest in the world?

    #1. Hongkong SAR
    #2. Bangladesh
    #3. Srilanka
    #4. Pakistan
    #5. India

    Did you also know in HongKong, Srilanka, Bangladesh & Pakistan spectrum is auctioned – thus pricing of spectrum decided by market discovery, not by some minister in govt.??

    Inspite of spectrum being market priced, they have cheaper mobile rates than in India!!

    So, Is it your case that Bangla, Srilanka & Pakistan have better economy, because they have better tariff?

    huh – When did facts matter to brainwashed automatons?

  64. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    It depends on how you define success. To the extent it forces political party to be concerned enough to select their candidates who are relatively honest I would consider Anna’s effort to start a political party a success. There is every possibility that those who usually do not vote may come out to take part elections and I consider that as success. Success needs not be measured only in terms of how many candidates belonging to Anna’s party get elected.

  65. harkol Says:

    Hmm… CAG has unearthed more multi Billion scams. The GMR delhi airport one is said to be about Rs.24,000cr and the Coal gate is 1,85,000cr.

    In case of GMR, for an investment of 1,800cr, they were given assets worth 24,000crore. They were allowed to fleece passengers inspite of sitting on so much of real-estate coming to them for really looooong term lease!!

    In Coal gate, fly by night companies were given coal blocks, which were sold to others for profit! Companies like reliance were allowed to diver coal to other projects, without any substantial benefit to citizens. Reliance has just increased its power tariff by 16% in mumbai.

    Chidambaram has asked his ministry folks to figure a way to bridge fiscal deficit – how? By taxing us even more!!

    Simpletons will write new songs to ‘praise the lord’ of inflation!

  66. Simple Says:

    Harkol: Half your brain is brainwashed by textbooks and media, the other half is dead, because you are forever sitting like a zombie in front of your lappie.

    CEO’s are like you – the keep whining that the Indian economy is on a wane. And look at these jokers – they take a hike of 336% in one year. And there are 19 new CEO’s joining the Five Crore per year salary.

    Can this happen in a nation where economy is on the wane? In contrast, India is a happening country. CEO’s and people like you are getting massive hikes. Sales of FMCG and pharma and many other industries have shown remarkable steep rise.

    India is one of the best nations to be in today! Take pride in what MMS has magically transformed India from a suffering nation to a shining nation today.

    ANd as for your coalgate scam – your pet party _ BJP was the one which recommended not to go for an auction. The then CM of Rajasthan, the current CM of MP – were the biggest encouragers of this scam.

    Oh yea Pak may have lower mobile tariffs. But India is still among the lowest tariffs. What does India have that Pak does not have? A GDP of a trillion dollars, massive jobs, even more massive pay hikes. All round growth of all industries. Salman Khan’s latest movie has broken all records! 100 crore in just 4 days! What does Pak have? just fanatic mullahs planning their next terror attack!

    Man, India has a lot of money! And indians are enjoying spending every penny! Congrats to MMS and Saint Sonia for converting India into a trillion dollar economy.

    Speak facts.

  67. harkol Says:

    Simpleton can continue to sing his ‘besura’ hosannas of MMS, Congress & Gandhi family. Surely he amuses quite a few (including me).

    But, those who may be swayed by his Hosannas should consider facts about India:

    1. Wealth:
    Agriculture land: India is #2 in arable land in the world. Higher than even China and is just below USA (both have higher 3-5 times the land mass of India). i.e. India has the highest proportion land suited for agriculture in the world.
    Mineral Resource: Coal/Lignite/Bauxite/Thorium #3, Iron & Steel #4, Cromyte/Barytes #2, Zinc #7, Copper #8, Manganese, Lead #9, Gold #10, Zinc #11, Silver #13, Oil & Natural Gas #22,
    Human resource: India is #2 country by population. #1 By working population. We are #2 english speaking population in world.
    Aqua Resource: India is ranked #4 in aquatic resources.

    2. Now consider rankings on various efficiency indexes
    – Per capita GDP (PPP): #125
    – Human Development Index: #134
    – Life Expectancy: #139
    – Employment: #107 (0% unemployment being #1)
    – Global Competetive Index: #56 (slipped 5 ranks in last year)
    – Infrastructure: #89
    – Transparency (Corruption free society) : #96 (it was #90 in 2004)
    – Health & Primary Education: #105
    – Literacy #137

    The above indicates, our politics & system has failed us miserably in past 65years. We should be within top #15 rankings in most categories, but we are close to #100.

    Being rulers for about 85% time in 65 years, Congress & Gandhi family have the majority blame for such bad showing.

    2G spectrum: Simpleton didnt like comparison with Pakistan. But, What about Hong Kong? It has the cheapest Mobile tariff in the world with high per capita income. Is it because its politicians stole Spectrum??

    NO! Mobile tariff is a function of operational efficiency brought on by market competition. Not stealing spectrum like UPA did.

    And what is this about Salman movie making 100cr? Inflation!

    Look at it. In April 2004 before UPA, we had 2.3% inflation, April 2012 it was10.22%, and UPA claims it is happy (B.P Verma) with double digit inflations of recent years. Another, simpleton automaton of the family!! We paid Rs.2 for a Balcony ticket 30yrs back, and today we pay Rs.200+ – 100 times more!!

    The movies of the yore are bigger than the ones of today. In 2010, a study listed following as top 10 – inflation adjusted.

    10 Bobby 1973
    09 Om Shanti Om 2007
    08 Dhoom2 2006
    07 Sangam 1964
    06 Gadar 2001
    05 DDLJ 1996
    04 Hum Apke Hai Kaun 1994
    03 Mother India 1957
    02 Mughal E Azam 1960
    01 Sholay 1975

    3 Idiots which had earned above 200crores in 2009, didn’t even figure in the list. So – Movie business are not good economic indicators – except for a ‘moron’.

    If it wasn’t for Simpleton’s favorite Ggandhi family, India would’ve been a Trillion US$ economy about 20+ years back.

    But, I am sure Simpleton will continue to sing new Hosannas about how we are not ranked lowest in 197 countries, or how better we are vis-a-vis Pakistan!! He can barf all he wants : but the bottom-line is there is no factual basis for his admiration for MMS, Sonia or Congress.

    Automatons do what they are programmed to do – Sing “Praise the Queen & her prince”!!

  68. Simple Says:

    This link nails the lie of the likes of Harkol. Here is solid evidence to prove Manmohan singh is the best PM India ever had. He has made India the second fastest growing economy in the world – and the third biggest economy.

    Instead of worshipping MMS, creeps like Harkol just post rubbish. The more rubbish they post, the more it strengthens my case.

    Because I speak facts. They are blinded by the colour saffron.

    Keep life Simple.

  69. Vinay Says:


    You are a Congress troll, admit it.

  70. Rahul Says:

    Yes keep life simple- not stupid

  71. Simple Says:

    Your brain is decaying. Admit it.
    Ditto Rahul.

    I have criticized Cong on many occasions. No Cong troll would do it. Vinay, you have lost your thinking capacity. Just because I show facts, ONLY facts, and you cannot argue on such facts, you accuse me as a troll.

    Speak facts.

    Keep Life Simple.

  72. harkol Says:

    Simpletons lack intelligence or common sense.

    India was always in top 10 rankings in PPP terms by sheer power of Population. In PPP terms it was #5 economy in 2000, it was indeed #3 economy in 2011 by PPP.

    If each and Indian was desperately poor – subsisting on just Rs.110/day (US$2/day UN povery line), our GDP rank (PPP) would still be #18 !! 75% of India indeed lives on less than US$2 per year.

    Should I be thankful for being able to live in a AC house and drive a car? Hell no! I can still be living in my AC house, without needing 90% of my fellow Indians living in shanties without toilets, while Kalmadi’s throw away thousands of crores down the tube and CBI protects him!

    The reality is – We are a desperately poor nation after 65 years of Independence. Gandhi family ruled 85% of that time, longer than any Middle east dictator. We don’t need a revolution to throw them out – we just need to vote them out and never vote for congress as long as they are at the helm.

  73. Nastika Says:

    If MMS is under-achiever, then what is Rahul Gandhi? Failure? For failing in UP and now for being a minister without a portfolio?


  74. dr ramesh Says:

    Most laughable point in the entire COALGATE SCANDAL is, party which made illegal mining the national sport of india–bjp is talking about loss to exchequer.

  75. Mysore Peshva Says:


    Please respond to the figures Harkol has painstakingly put together for all of us. Please cut out the platitudes and the ad hominem! Thanks.


    I have always enjoyed your perspective, and you’re getting even better! More maybe later. Thanks.

  76. harkol Says:

    Mysore Peshva:

    Our entire solar system revolves around a black hole (Sgr A*) at center of Milky way, that isn’t visible and wasn’t even known till about a decade ago!! It was only identified by scientists through painstaking research on the movement of stars at the center of Milkyway galaxy. It was a fascinating discovery.

    Similarly, the ruling dynasty in this country is a blackhole around which congress (and most of political establishment) works. This Blackhole itself is not visible, but is devouring the most of energy (and riches) of this country.

    It is our misfortune there is no way for this to be easily proven – but the fact of how Bofors payoff beneficiary was guarded, to keep the dynasty hand invisible – is enough to show that the dynastic-blackhole indeed exists and is all powerful – just as the motion of stars close to galactic center proved existence of the black hole at the center of our galaxy.

  77. harkol Says:

    The new Global Competetive Index is out, and India just slipped 3 places further! Thanks to Mrs. Gandhi and Her loyal servant.


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