‘Both UPA and NDA will be routed in 2014 poll’

The predicament of the Congress-led UPA, with scams and scandals raining all over it, has led many to conclude that it should be a cakewalk for the BJP-led NDA in the next general election. But a survey by a Delhi-based market reserch agency, published by Mint, the business daily of the Hindustan Times group, predicts a bad time for both alliances.

“Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA), which studied its own by-monthly sample surveys and other recent surveys across the country, said as of July 2012, UPA would decline to 130-140 seats if there was an election now to the Lok Sabha, losing 120-130 seats from its present tally of 266 that excludes outside supporters.

“Similarly, the NDA would see an erosion in its strength by about 25-35 seats, reducing the number to anywhere between 115 seats and 125 seats.”

Agree? Disagree?

Infographic: courtesy Mint

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21 Responses to “‘Both UPA and NDA will be routed in 2014 poll’”

  1. Simple Says:

    Now it is guaranteed that UPA will have a smashing win.

    Both in 2004 and 2009, all pollsters including MINT had predicted NDA would win easily.

    Pollsters have repeatedly underestimated UPA and overestimated NDA in all general elections to Lok Sabha

    We need to do a bit of correction to offset this foolish underestimation of UPA and overestimation of NDA

    So here is the correction.

    If Pollsters are giving 130 seats to UPA – rest assured they will get 60 more. So UPA will be around 200.

    If Pollsters are giving 115 to NDA – rest assured NDA will end up in double digits. NDA will hover around 90s.

  2. harkol Says:

    In fact, this will be accentuated if Team Anna Party (TAP) will swing a few percentage votes in some seats.

    Yes, it does seem like we are headed towards a kichdi govt. supported by Congress or BJP. :(

    The best we can hope for is that either of these parties learn their lessons and do something useful. But, I am pessimistic of that outcome – If BJP were to learn some lessons 2009 would’ve been a good time to start. But, apparently they learnt nothing from 2009.

    Another fervent hope I have is Congress will dump the dynasty and try to become more democratic. But, who has the guts to stand up to dynasty in that ridiculous party?

  3. asha Says:

    I dread to see the days of third (af)front again….

  4. Deepak Says:

    As usual you are conveniently focusing on some unheard of newspaper’s poll. India Today has put out a poll predicting 195-205 seats for NDA with majority of voters opting for Modi as their choice for PM. Since it doesn’t suit you, probably you will conveniently ignore this poll.

  5. Suresh Panje Says:

    Indeed, the commoner is disillusioned with both the UPA and NDA but the question remains as to what is the substitute and an apt replacement. It is also doubtful whether the Third Front that may be formed by the Left outfits and assorted regional parties could fill the vacuum. As such it is time for certain responsible leaders with a clean image in public life like Nitish Kumar of JD(U) to take the centre stage and rope in able leaders from other parties to form an effective Front. Of course, in this exercise, hypocrites such as Ram Vilas Paswan, Lalu Prasad should be kept at bay. Besides, this destructive leaders in the likes of Thackerays and Mamata Banerjee as well as corrupt ones – Mayawati and Jayalaithaa too need to kept out of this fold. Non-controversial leaders from both Congress and BJP should be motivated to walk out and join this bandwagon.
    This is not an arm chair comment but a possibility.

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    Totally agree. Regional parties will play a pivotal role at the centre after 2014. Repeat of 1996 is very much on cards.
    Bjp, Congress —so called national parties have failed to meet the aspirations of diverse population of India. So there is strengthening of regional parties.
    ASSAM LIKE SITUATION can be prevented if a strong regional party is in power in each state.
    High commands of bjp and Congress have also failed to enforce discipline in party and governence, which has made people to look for options.

  7. sahhasra saagaraamrita Says:

    survaey of today has shown 130-140 for upa and 115 to 125 for nda.

  8. K Laxminarayana Rao Says:

    If BJP wins the country will become more corrupt. Instead of Swiss banks money will end up in Temples and ASHRAM’S and will be legalized. What is the use of crores of crores of funds kept in Temple lockers. Unless we get rid of the present politicians and change the constitution so that people cannot make politics as a carreer we can not hope for a better world.

  9. the colonel Says:

    so why do we have elections??????????????????

  10. Madhukar Jain Says:

    What nonsense is this? Some agency conducts a poll to suit their masters. In India, all such pre-poll surveys have been proved wrong. Sonia Maino and MMS would lose heavily. Congress may not get more than 50 seats. NDA would win more than 300 seats.

  11. Simple Says:

    India Today magazine is a mouthpiece of RSS. It repeatedly shows NDA winning all elections. It repeatedly has egg on its face. And repeatedly fanatic internet citizens make a fool of themselves by believing it.

    India Today magazine does not give the correct picture.
    It merely rolls out poll that its fanatic readers want to see and be happy with it.

  12. Deepak Says:

    The Resident Simpleton cum Idiot as usual writes rubbish. India Today has never been soft on RSS. It used to be soft on BJP during the Vajpayee era, but has changed its policy since then and like the rest of the media fawns on Madam & Co.

    India Today’s polls have had a great success and compared to other polls is much more accurate. Of course, polls themselves are flawed, but comparitively their polls are better than others. This has been proven over the years. The poor simpleton doesn’t read anything other than Congress manifesto, so naturally doesn’t appreciate the nuances of journalism.

  13. shiv Says:

    “Now it is guaranteed that UPA will have a smashing win. ” – educated idiots dominate Indian media space and now they are equally matched by money taking “journalists”.UPA can only come to power by doctoring EVM and that too now appear difficult.It is time Indians come out of self inflicted slavery to a single family.

  14. Simple Says:

    Deepak the netizen high on calories, zilch on nutrition,

    India Today has always over-estimated NDA – go and check your facts before putting your smelly foot in your mouth.

    Although Congress has won many polls since 2004, India Today has NEVER ever said Congress is winning in any polls. And you have the gall to say it is accurate. Either you are dumb. Or in massive denial.

    India Today’s credibility is at the lowest ebb. Not only does it get almost every poll wrong, its analysis also is poor.

    It is obvious that a cheddi supporter like you can see only one colour – saffron and nothing else.

  15. Deepak Says:

    Simple : Go check out the poll done by India Today in 2009, they predicted a win for UPA.Check out all their polls post 2004 , they always predict win for Congress.

    Go and read Outlook and Week, both by-products of the Italian mafia. Probably you can get an orgasm by reading about the greatness of Congress in these two rags. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, I suggest you watch CNN-IBN and NDTV.

  16. Simple Says:

    Shiv, what slavery are you talking about? Don’t you know that Gandhi family has been democratically elected? If you believe in democracy and the constitution, then you wouldn’t talk crap like this.

    You are anti democratic and anti constitution.

    Jai Hind.

  17. Simple Says:


    The mouthpiece of saffron party called NDTV gave Advani lifetime achievement award. Go check your facts.

    CNN IBN like all other pollsters repeatedly underestimated UPA and overestimated NDA>

    India today in 2009 greatly underestimated UPA’s numbers. And predictably they overestimated NDA’s numbers. In 2004, it was even worse, INdia today said BJP was coming back to power. And this is teh magazine which is allegedly fair and neutral.

    Outloook has become totally anti congress – right from exposing the nira radia tapes in the 2G scam to any number of cover stories all targeting congress . Dig out last 2 years cover stories on outlook you will know what I am talking about. Ditto The Week – it has a 100 eggs on its face for getting all polls wrong and for Showing Cong in a poor light.

    I challenge you to show me facts. But like a dog with its tail in between the legs, (just like what BJP is doing now in the parliament) you will run away from discussion based on facts. Because all you have is empty rhetoric , zero nutrition.

  18. Deepak Says:

    @Simple – ‘Gandhi family has been democratically elected’!!, by whom. Was there an election for the post of Congress President or General Secretary? What happened to Jitendra Prasad after he contested against Madam? This shows the pretense of democracy in Congress. I am not claiming BJP is democratic, the way RSS selected Gadkari for a second term shows that they are as worse as Congress. But they are 1000 times better than the sychophancy and one man rule of Congress.

  19. debiprasanna Says:

    i think bjp will be looking very powerful,the present situation is is saying bjp can make the govt

  20. Surjit singh chadha Says:

    Bjp will win and modi will be pm

  21. NASIR Says:

    NDA 238 +

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