When the knicker lobby smells a nice opportunity

It’s a strange political climate in Karnataka today.

While hundreds of young northeasterners “flee” the State, apparently in response to rumours of a possible retaliatory attack on them following the communal violence in Assam, the BJP government, which should be guaranteeing their safety, happily looks on; the home minister even providing an official number of those who left yesterday: 6,800.

On the other hand, dozens of knicker-clad, stick-wielding volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which has convinced itself that the whole problem in the northeast is because of  “illegal migrants”, turn up happily at the Bangalore railway station to express “support” for the northeasterners.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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50 Responses to “When the knicker lobby smells a nice opportunity”

  1. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Congratulations on your soon-to-be-awarded Padmasri! :)

    Hope you dedicate it to the chaDDi brigade for getting you that.

  2. Kumar Says:

    Wherever there is calamity, it is RSS which goes first to render service. Whether it is earthquake, Tsunami, floods, train crash, air accident or any problem, RSS volunteers will rush to render service. They don’t even seek publicity for the work they do. RSS volunteers take out their time from personal work or office work to do the service. They don’t get paid for this work. They even take their own food and transportation. Above all this, they put in their own money for the work. In return they don’t expect anything.

    Instead of appreciating the selfless service done by RSS, churumuri is feeling jealous of RSS. It is very easy to sit in an airconditioned office, write articles and criticise RSS. Go out of our AC room to this railway station where knicker-clad, stick-wielding volunteers of RSS workers are providing security to north-easterners and stand there for a day and provide your service.

    I think, Churumuri was looking for an attack by Muslims and looked at it as an opportunity to write articles on the subject. Now, RSS has entered the scene and no Muslim will dare to come out and think of doing anything wrong. So, Churumuri must be cursing the lost opportunity and hence it is blaming RSS.

    This only shows your peace-loving, patriotic, secular mindset!

  3. avinash Says:

    Churmuri is going hyper extreme worshipping Muslim fanatcis.
    Show some guts and say why the North East students fled?
    Show some guts and tell us how many students truned back from Railway station after assurance from Home Minister of Ktaka?
    Shows us some guts and show which other Home Min has gone out on the field?

    Should the ‘Kinckers’ not have assured security?

    In conclusion all I can say is you wear a chaddi with a Cong dynastic photo on it!

  4. partiot Says:

    whats your point ?? they must not support NE , There is no illegal bangladeshi , HM of Karnataka did his job well by assuring NE of safe Bangalore or simply u have prbm with people in Kaki shorts instead of scull cap ?

  5. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Not just the RSS but all Indians with open eyes can see that indeed the “whole problem in the northeast is because of ‘illegal migrants.'”

    All Indians can also see that the illegal migrants, as it turns out, are from a particular country and a particular religion. Over many decades, demographic transformation has burned the fuse of a time bomb in Assam and other northeastern states.

    If we ignore the cause — just because we like to live in a pseudo-secular stupor or dislike the RSS — then how can we solve the problem?

  6. Ratnakar Says:

    shameful that you call it an opportunity, RSS is doing a good job and you are vilifying them

  7. Pradeep Says:

    Hi Churumuri,
    I’m a fan of your blog and often visit here regularly. This time u disappointed me, very badly..

  8. Balu Says:

    and of course the “faaltu” churmuri finds fault with being a good samaritan. RSS has always promoted good relations with our brothers/sisters in the Northeast. There is a program called “Students Experience Interstate Living” where many from the NE live with families in Mumbai, Nagpur, etc so as to experience each others customs, etc. This is an RSS + ABVP initiative but the media conveniently ignores all this since there is no gossip value in doing something good for our Northeastern brothers and sisters. Swayamsevaks do not refer to them as “chinkis” and other derogatory terms. That is only done by “sickular” Indians.

  9. asha Says:

    Churmuri…you are too clever by half…why don’t you publish the fact that the rumours about the Assamese getting attacked is being spread through SMS by one Mr.Badruddin Ajmal of Indian United Democratic Front…an organization representing the minorities (read Muslims)…Here are some pictures of the recent protests in Mumbai against the Assam and Burma incidents by the followers of the religion of peace…please see these and rejoice

  10. Kaadu Kudure Says:

    So showing solidarity to fellow countrymen is wrong ?

  11. Anon Bnon Says:

    Notice the silence on violence against Assamese overall.

    Complete ignorance of efforts by BJP

  12. asha Says:

    And also the photographer who took these photographs Atul Kamble was a victim of the police attack….no need to say the followers of the religion of peace got away scot free after indulging in this peaceful acts…..

  13. M Says:

    Look at the RSS lati, its more than double that of the police at the left . Everyone knows, pogrom is coming.

  14. Prajwala Says:

    Just like the mullah brigade found their opportunity in Myanmar and Assam riots? Its a free country afterall.

  15. Deepak Says:

    Its expected that a Congress lackey like you will write such nonsense!! Everything bad thats happening in this country is because of the obsession of the evil first family with votebank. And your comments about Ashok is in cheap taste, he did come there and try to assure people, unlike the rulers of India who encourages jihadis to run amuck in Mumbai and Assam.
    Shame on you Churumuri, show some decency, bend before Congress, but don’t crawl.

    I know this comment may not be published, but I hope you try to avoid such blatant bias.

  16. Chombuka Says:

    Even you used this photo to project an image which reeks of pseudo secularism. at least these guys are wearing knickers….your totally in the nude..

    What is wrong,if a certain section of people are trying to bring in some sense into the madness?….churumuri can no longer be called a journal…you have sold your soul long ago…

  17. Sri Says:

    Well the stoopid central govt is yo be blamed for these clowns coming out.

  18. harkol Says:

    This had to happen. When likes of Owaisi are out on full strength, can khakis be behind?

  19. ganesha Says:

    che northeast. was not needed.

    which sms would make northies and kongus leave?

  20. shrinivasa Says:

    I am a reporter with who is covering ongoing NE students problem for a daily from Bangalore. Iam covering the incident from last two days and nowhere mentioned about neither ABVP activists nor RSS leaders in my report. But I felt if RSS guys did not provide food round the clock at Railway station I felt all these thousands of passengers would have spent their days and nights without food in empty stomach. I didnt find none of so called rational who happily posting on Assam problem on blogs …


    ARE WE ONE RASHTRA?????????????

  22. avi Says:

    What a sicko u are?
    Why dint churumuri report anything about Mubai violence? Turning out to be another mouth (or “Kai” read in kannada) piece of seculars.

  23. tuluva Says:

    1. should not RSS help out people of NE just because BJP govt is in power? as everyone knows- BJP govt has walked very far from RSS ideologies.. does that mean RSS should never make any sincere effort to help in situations like this?
    2. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which has convinced itself that the whole problem in the northeast is because of “illegal migrants” – Many ignorant people like me think so.. please enlighten us as what is the ‘real’ reason ?

  24. Suresh Panje Says:

    If the RSS is much concerned about the victims of ethnic violence, the so-called Swayamsewaks ought to have rendered their service at the transit camps set up at several places in Assam. The RSS guys preaching communal amity is similar to the devil reading the scriptures. Other than spitting venom at non-Hindus, these Khakiwalas are a menace to the society.
    In mid-90s, at the behest of RSS, the workers and supporters of BJP had launched a mass movement in New Delhi to protest against Bangladeshis branding them as illegal foreign immigrants. Why because a majority among the Bangladeshis happened to be Muslims. But not a word did they utter as for people from Nepal settling down in India and even possessing voters’ ID and ration cards.
    At MES College in Bangalore I had the bitter experience of knowing the true colours of RSS. There was an English professor named SSR, a staunch RSS man and so was the Kannada lecturer, Rajgopal. They discouraged the game of football in the college by contending it is a game played by Muslims!! Yes such was their mentality, mean one must opine. They were allergic to this game to such an extent that once they questioned my playing football at the Malleswaram Middle School Grounds since a majority of the players happened to be Muslims from the Mohammedan Block, Seshadripuram and Guttahalli.
    One day, I spoke high about Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan at which SSR rebuked me by branding me as an anti-national and traitor.Of course, another lecturer named Keshav Bhat was not that harsh. He would coax all the students to attend the Shaka he used to organise at one of the small playgrounds in Rajajinagar and Nagappa Block.

  25. Simple Says:

    I totally agree with Panje Suresh

    RSS openly supports Blue Film experts of BJP who were watching porn in the temple of Democracy called Vidhan Soudha

    RSS openly supports corrupt elements like BSY and Katta and Sons.

    RSS openly encourages casteism like creating a lingayat votebank and perpetually appeasing Lingayats for votes.

    RSS openly encoruages sleazy characters like Renuckacharya, Hallappa and gang.

    RSS looks on indulgently as BJP leaders openly lambast each other in naked public view.

    RSS doesn’t hold a single relief camp for Muslims in Assam or Gujarat or Mumbai.

    RSS only aim is to rule the country by proxy. Using a puppet BJP Prime Minister.

    To get to this aim, they shall go to any foul, unfair and despicable means.

  26. pseudo communal idiot Says:

    Yes.. RSS is the culprit here..

  27. Krishna Kumar S Says:

    knickers /”nIk.@z/ /-@`z/ plural noun
    1 UK (US panties) a piece of underwear worn by women and girls covering the area between the waist and the tops of the legs:
    a pair of black cotton knickers

  28. Sanjeeva Says:

    Suresh Panje, you have a good imaginary power. You could write nice fiction. If Bangladeshis are not immigrant, what are they? Natural citizens of India?!

    Churumuri, remember the Kannada proverb – Ollada gandanige mosaralloo kallu”. When you don’t like certain thing, somehow find fault with it. I am no RSS sympathiser and I don’t like many of their ideologies. But how far it is reasonable that the moment you see a cheddi, brand it and smell something? Are not there other lobbies among us? Topi lobby, jhola lobby, suite lobby, long coat lobby etc.

  29. Emptymind Says:

    That stick look like his tail growing long enough, imitating Bajrangbali’s Lankadahan! Jai Maruti!

  30. Nani Says:

    I think you are way off the mark. If the northeasterners feel insecure here because of the threats from the vote-bank muslims, then RSS going out to reassure the fleeing people that they are safe here, is it wrong? As it is, the people in the North-East feel so far away from the rest of the country with limited employment opportunities in their home states, and on top of it, their states are over-run by Bangaldeshis, encouraged by the ruling Congress all these years. No space at home, no place in the country…shouldn’t the govt have come out to calm their fears? This UPA is led by an unfeeling Italian and an unthinking Sardar, with an incompetent in charge of Home ministry and one can expect no help there. RSS deserves people’s support if they are encouraging the fleeing people to stay.back.
    If the Muslims are not put in their place, rest assured they will drive the North-East into the arms of waiting China.


    RSS has been having its many swayamsevaks from down south being posted to north-east for a long period now and once these people having exposed to the people and its culture there have been very sympathetic towards these people, & obviously the current gesture has come out spontaneously. Churumuri being part of the so-called secular brigade can only see the Sangha in distorted yellow colour.

    RSS has never harped for any coverage with any media for its works, and hence some of the media society are hell bent to tarnish it at the slightest available context. Pity, that Churumuri also fall into this bracket. You can condemn RSS on its policies and whenever they have committed wrong doings, but this is not accepted.

  32. Anitha Says:

    @ Simple,
    I totally agree with Panje Suresh

    RSS openly supports Blue Film experts of BJP who were watching porn in the temple of Democracy called Vidhan Soudha…

    Compared to N D Tiwari and Kanda and that Rajasthan Character who murdered the nurse, they come out as kindergarten kids.

    RSS openly supports corrupt elements like BSY and Katta and Sons.

    Compared to the enormous loot of Congress and its allies, what BSY and katta and sons come out worse than kindergarten kids.

    RSS openly encourages casteism like creating a lingayat votebank and perpetually appeasing Lingayats for votes.

    Do you mean to say like congress which completely created the mulsim vote bank??

    RSS openly encoruages sleazy characters like Renuckacharya, Hallappa and gang.

    When N D Tiwari, inspite of a paternal suit filed against him, can be made the Governor of a State what did poor Renu and Halu did?? Infact Halappa was kicked out of ministry too.

    RSS looks on indulgently as BJP leaders openly lambast each other in naked public view.

    This is one area where I give credit to Congress.. they are so used to getting whipped by your rajmata, they have forgotten what democracy is!

    RSS doesn’t hold a single relief camp for Muslims in Assam or Gujarat or Mumbai.

    Koopa mandooka mundedu,.. kannige batte katti kondu type maadidre hinge aagodu.

    RSS only aim is to rule the country by proxy. Using a puppet BJP Prime Minister.

    Like the Sonia and her poodle???

  33. dr ramesh Says:

    One feels sorry for RSS volunteers, they are being taken for a ride by their bosses, who talk about patriotism and dharmic philosophy but support corruption and indiscipline.
    Torturing of Hindu minorities in Pakistan, resulting in mass Exodus of Hindus is not receiving the same importance in the print and electronic media, mischievous pranks by ramdev is making headlines. Ramdev’s man Friday balakrishna is an illegal migrant from Nepal, but bjp supports him .

  34. the colonel Says:

    right in the beginning i thank asha for the pictures on behalf of the army.

    second those idiots who demolished have had their grand moment.

    third the most peaceful are the NEians( this includes the assamese). you cannot find a more cultured lot anywhere else.

    that they fled is a bloody crying shame,


    there thas been many a debate on the intelligence of people by geographical inclusion and exclusion. where now is that intelligence which you are all proud of.

    bring them back, they deserve it, prove yourself to yourself.

    and tell the police to get their act together, their bellies are full and their balls are empty.

    everything above with a few exceptions like ‘simple’ are just but rants.

    sure you can all kick me. thats what i deserve and am used to. Truth was never accepted by your lot; as courage is required; and their is an awesome deficiency in courage in all of you.

    now kick me resoundly . again and again.

    thats all you intelligent lot can do in the safety of your own homes.

    The Rest Be Damned.

  35. Truthsayer Says:

    Guys, you do realise the following:

    1. that RSS had no role in the freedom struggle?
    2. That Nehru went for jail for 17 years while Hegdewar didn’t?
    3. That the RSS never got support from most Hindus?

  36. Mumbai Paused (@mumbaipaused) Says:


    If this is true, then Churumuri was spot on. Respect.

  37. kodladykiran Says:

    This picture/article is a perfect example of both. Opportunistic, casteist organization and also spineless,pseudo media.

  38. Srikanta Says:

    Being a Bangalore resident for many years; I have not come across NEasterners as anti-social elements. Christian missionaries had instigated some violence against Hindus in Assam before, we have had Bodo problem. Assames adn Nagaland people are immigrants from China, and stick together.

    I hope they go home and kick some Bangladeshi Butt.

  39. Yellappa setty Says:

    Naturally all faltu news is attracted by people. You also done by creating and teasing others instead of facts. This is the survival strategy for the present media. You followed it. There is no wonder…….

  40. Vikash Kumar Roy (@vikashroy) Says:

    Well do you what this knicker did when Bihar was flooded in 2008 ? Tell that as well why only showcasing them as opportunistic. This show that you are biased in your view.

  41. ajit vadakayil Says:


    be careful, you will now be tracked for rumor mongering and creating panic.

    these are times, you must keep sarcasm aside.


    capt ajit vadakayil

  42. matrameru Says:

    RSS has done many good selflesss services to people irrespective of any groupings. DDM and psec folks never highlight it as their main agenda will be exposed.

    There are the first to come to any floods, riots etc helping affected people. DDM will not report them, thanks to non DDM media, it is slowly percolating to people.

  43. harkol Says:

    Ideally RSS like organizations shouldn’t exist within a political context. There is a space for right wing groupings, but that space is taken by BJP.

    having an organization to manage BJP, by back seat driving is not desirable.

    But, I guess in Indian politics today, the maturity is still lacking. The parties strive for consensus, rather than elected resolution of contentious issues (like whom to give ticket, or PM/CM candidates etc.).

    In such a situation, having a central mass of gravity that binds them becomes necessity, so that they don’t splinter away. In Congress Gandhi’s play that role, and in BJP it is the RSS.

    Hopefully, within our lifetime both these political parties will figure a ideological & systematic way to stick together, rather than looking to extra-constitutional bodies.

    Net-net : Gandhis and RSS are equally bad, power centers without accountability. We should get rid of them both.

  44. Avinash Says:

    @ churumuri, while you lambast the “Sanghies”, this is what your intended beneficiaries are talking about you!!!!

    Natasha permalink
    August 19, 2012 12:38 AM
    Some eight years back on my way to office on Church Street most days I would eat lunch at a small restaurant in Nilasandra. They served good meat, and in those days that was the only thing I could afford with my trainee salary. I stayed at Ejipura, about 500 steps from Nilasandra. There is also a church on the main street, a mosque nearby and a shop that sold good pork. Although very crowded and a place that most would call “LS”, it was never a hostile place for anybody. No person from the Muslim community has ever troubled anybody from the Northeast in Nilasandra because there is nothing, no basis and no stake over which people from both communities can get angry at each other, although if you wore a saffron robe and went there it may be a bit unsettling due to some reasons. Nevertheless, this place is not a haven for goons and drunkards as most upmarket Bangaloreans believe it to be. And that is a serious problem. There are richie rich snobs there as there are in Mumbai and Delhi, and they are the ones who judge people in more vicious ways than a corrupt prosecution lawyer. On a sidenote, the Mysore ‘intellectual’ lobby has been strangely silent on the entire issue. The popular blog Churumuri has only posted two photos on the issue along with super cynical headlines, when as a matter of routine it happily comments on the commodification of women and other male-ego-massage trivial things. It seems the supposedly good journalists of Churumuri are taking some sort of pleasure on how things have played out for them, because they don’t like both beef and port eaters, so to speak. Of course they have to serve their ‘market’ and the NE issues doesn’t exactly interest them, but at least an opinion should have come from their pool (or cesspool) of writers. I am upset over the people behind Churumuri, who can do so much but their sight is coloured with some weird sense of… superiority? In a small district near the Myanmar border where I studied till class 2 before coming to Mumbai and then Bangalore, my math teacher was from Karnataka. He gave me tuitions, too. He was a nice man, though I can’t remember his face. So people move in search of a better life (quote Life of Pi), and there is goodness in everybody.

    Well, I would have gone to this Iftar party if I were there. Eid mubarak.


  45. Vikram K Says:

    U sounds like Dr. Parameshwar of Cong. Both needs a BED in NIMHANS !!

  46. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Correctly observed, Peshvaji.

    Panje, unfortunate that you were discouraged from playing football during your formative years! If only your teachers knew some Indian football history that some of the best players were Brahmins and upper caste types:) Any way coming to RSS, it is true we welcome Nepalis because we have a common border and a common Hindu culture. We have a proud Gorkha brigade and many Nepalis serve in the Indian Army. So no Apples to Apples comparison possible with Bangladeshi migrants. I am some what disappointed that you know so little about Indian political history!
    Regarding your good suggestions on how RSS can serve NE India better, trust me, they will take it forward.

    Dr. Ramesh,
    As usual you have distinguished yourself with your gems. Regarding “…Torturing of Hindu minorities in Pakistan, resulting in mass Exodus of Hindus is not receiving the same importance in the print and electronic media, mischievous pranks by ramdev is making headlines. Ramdev’s man Friday balakrishna is an illegal migrant from Nepal, but bjp supports him .” why your own God-incarnate Devgowda and his MP Son HDK not raising this issue in the Parliament? Have you asked them? LOL

    Let the RSS volunteers carry on regardless of their leaders percieved patronage of corrupt politicians and lack of discipline. If you apply the same logic to JDS volunteers they should all be having illicit relationship with failed actresses and be amassing wealth in many illegal ways, right? LOL

  47. DailyBread Says:


  48. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    Who else would do this service?
    Teesta: busy gulping ford foundation money
    Barkha Dutt from NDTV: missing
    All other self declared “human rights activist and intellectuals” busy protesting against “morning mist birthday without a cake party” victims…

  49. Nananshi Says:

    Churumuri – the ‘licker’ lobby

  50. Fazal Says:

    RSS’s secular credentials will be proved if they help fellow brother indian muslims. But i dont think that will happen because then RSS will cease to exist.

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