Lessons from Hungary 8 months into a centenary

U.B. VASUDEV writes from Tampa, Florida: We went on a tri-country tour of Denmark, Germany and Hungary recently and as usual took a few photographs. Here are two photos of two illuminated monuments from Hungary, juxtaposed against one from our own: the main palace in Mysore.

Each of the three buildings have their own distinct architecture and a beauty of their own.

Our Amba Vilas Palace (top) is exactly 100 years old this year and I hardly see any mention of the centenary celebrations—and eight months of the centenary are already over! Politicians are busy filling their pockets and perhaps don’t have time to take any interest in celebrating a milestone in the history of Karnataka and India.

The Hungarian Parliament (middle) was completed in 1904, eight years before our Mysore Palace.

The Buda Castle, first completed in 1265, has been the palace of the Hungarian Kings and sits on the Castle Hill.

When it comes to maintenance, the two magnificent structures in Budapest have been maintained extremely well, with all their original tapestry and furniture. Our palace, though in no way inferior to any monument anywhere in the world, cannot boast of any attempt at a high degree of preservation.

I really felt so depressed when I saw the way the monuments and history have been preserved in Copenhagen, Berlin and Budapest. I felt the same when we went to Portugal, Spain and Morocco last year. We have such beautiful memorials built by all those who ruled India over the past few hundred years.

I wonder how they are going to be in the next few decades.

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4 Responses to “Lessons from Hungary 8 months into a centenary”

  1. Prasad Says:

    Hi Vasu! Great photos. Thank you!

  2. ERR Says:

    Great pictures! Thank you.
    Mysore has really only two seasons; pre-dasara – where they work on estimates for road asphalting, road widening etc and post dasara wherein they work on extra funds required for road asphalting and road widening because the asphalting has come off meanwhile and road widening needs some more trees have to be cut.
    Now if they take up centenary celebrations, we will again have per-centenary and post centenary budgeting…..

  3. Krishna Kumar S Says:

    It is time someone edited your articles and letters.
    For example,
    Each of the three buildings have their own distinct architecture and a beauty of their own.
    should read as,
    Each of the three buildings has its …

  4. Satya Says:

    Sadly, the Mysore Palace is being further neglected and funds are wasted in the name of beautifying the surroundings.

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