POLL: What does Northeast ‘exodus’ suggest?

Watching the sudden, mass exodus of Northeast Indians from some of the most hospitable cities in the South is a bit like viewing the many formations of a kaleidoscope. Whoever holds it sees a different pattern and there is, seemingly, little that connects any of them; almost nothing that makes sense.

Are northeasterners in the mainland so insecure as to leave for home at the first rumour of possible violence? Is taking a long, much-advertised train ride through several States the best way of staying safe? Is “home” at this juncture safer than Bangalore, Poona or Hyderabad, no offence intended? Or, because of their distinctive physical features, do we fail to understand the vulnerability of northeasterners?

If the exodus is a testimony to the power of social media (which amplified the rumours), how come it didn’t have the power to dissuade them to stay? Does anybody seriously believe the government’s convenient explanation that the photos, videos and SMSes all emanated from Paksitan, like our fundamentalists are angels? And a country which has still not convinced Pakistan that it was behind 26/11 is going to prove that their websites did all this damage?

But, above all, the key question that the exodus raises is of “assimilation”, patronising as it may sound.

For long years, the “Seven Sisters” of the northeast have been treated by mainland India like step-sisters; starved, ignored, humiliated. It is only in the post-1991 era that their young men and women, with their proficiency of the English language, have ventured out to find jobs in BPOs, stores, malls, restaurants, etc.

Is the northeast’s Indian dream over? Or has it only just paused?

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16 Responses to “POLL: What does Northeast ‘exodus’ suggest?”

  1. Anoop Verma Says:

    I don’t agree with anyone of the options given in the poll. The real reason for this mass exodus lies in the stupid ideology of “socialism” that we have adopted.

    Socialism leads to poverty and corruption. It leads to power getting concentrated in the hands of few corrupt elite. As socialism can bring nothing but poverty and corruption, the corrupt elite can only rule by creating a climate of fear.

    This is what is happening in the country since independence. Every year some community, some religion, some section of the population, some people from certain geographical areas get targeted by vested interests who wish to spread fear and rule this hapless nation.

    Until we get freedom from socialism (which is other name for economic and political dictatorship), we can’t have freedom from fear and insecurity. We need economic reform. We need to cut down on the economic powers of the government and their cronies.

  2. Bk chowla Says:

    The problem is the Govt and it’s minority appeasment policy.
    Political parties have only elections and votes that they care for.Seven sister states put together have less parliament seats than UP…that is the catch as to whyNE states remain UN cared for.
    Paki’s mischief?What was Indian IB and RAWdoing?

  3. Sushil Kumar Says:

    The funniest part of this exodus was that the situation would have been different if there was gag order on politicians to not make any appeal to North-Easterners to stay back in Bangalore. According to common belief a common man would prefer to die rather than to believe a politicians word!

  4. Vinay Says:

    Anoop Verma:

    To a great extent you are right. Economic growth and development will make many of these problems disappear in quick time. And the quasi-socialist nature of Indian economy over the years has been the root cause for our poor showing as a nation.

    We have been unshackling ourselves slowly but surely in the last decade, but it will take more time – especially as we have enough brainless retards who still support socialism and the socialist era. Even on churumuri, you will find a few specimens like that!

  5. Srikanta Says:

    It means they are the “chosen people”

  6. dr ramesh Says:

    Fact that most of educated north east youth migrate to other parts of India in search of livelihood shows that there has been a failure in the govt policy towards NE since decades.
    Major PSU’s should have been set up in these states— which would arrest the brain drain and create a feeling of belonging in NE people.
    More medical,engineering and dental colleges with good facilities should be set up in these states. This would create more opportunities for the youth. Distribution of proffessional colleges is poor at present in NE.
    Central ministerial berths should be increased for NE, some states have more than 7-8 berths, some have none.
    Without developing NE, all this ruckus of migration-exodus- appeals to stay back will only continue, and anti national forces on the eastern border will continue to bleed India.

  7. Vinay Says:

    I am surprised to know you haven’t published any article on Mumbai violence. Why?? Are you scared of those dumb head sculls who created ruckus insulting a memorial which stands tall and strong in the minds of people of India. SHAME ON YOU Churumuri.

  8. Nani Says:

    The Muslim minority has got emboldened by their recent successes: bomb blasts, riots, violence. Aided and abetted by Pakistan in newer and newer terror tactics and well funded by the petrodollars, the indoctrination of this community “to teach Hindus a lesson” has been complete. This is further aided by Congress desperate to preserve the Muslim vote bank, and Congress’s famed appeasement policy. The local Muslims are used to sow dissension in Indian society at every opportunity: throw a few thousands in fake notes and the job is done! It was Punjab for a few years. Now it is North East as an excuse to whip their emotions.
    The Muslims cannot stop dreaming about converting India into another “land of the pure”, taking forward their last emperor Aurangzeb’s dream. Until the rest of India stands up to a man against the community, it is difficult to bring in peace in the country. Only a strong government that does not tolerate this nonsense will help but alas that is not to be in the foreseeable future.

  9. debasisha mohapatra Says:

    i can not understand churumuri’s anti bjp sentiments even at cost to its credibility.Why can’t we accept that muslims have a sige mentality and follow their religious leaders blindly.

  10. Kakoli Says:

    According to me, it is the general lawlessness that exists in Indian society today that spurted the exodus.
    People are randomly attacked in pubs, women are raped and bomb blasts are treated as commonplace incidents. Wherever you see, justice is awaited.
    In such a scenario, I can understand people getting scared easily. Who can we trust? Where do we go when people on streets accost and threaten us? The police and government do not seem to be viable options.
    Moreover, the perceived vulnerability of North-east Indians because of their slightly different physical features and lifestyles exacerbate the situation.

  11. asha Says:

    Churmuri has asked all the questions except the right one for the survey….yet again demonstrating it is too clever by half

  12. Nastika Says:

    Q. What does Northeast ‘exodus’ suggest?
    A. That they’re insecure, vulnerable and it’s easy to scare them

    Basically it means they are morons. Somebody sent SMS, MMS and 500,000 NE folks boarded the train. Was it April 1st?

    Guess what they have all boarded the train back. Now we know who the imbeciles are, time to get back to work. Let SM Krishna collect proof and send it to Portugal.


  13. sarvagna Says:

    i travel a lot and NE is my favorite destination.Latest slogan is “HUM DO HUMARA DO,BAKI SABKO BANGALORE BEJDO”

  14. Rajan Says:

    Another choice should be “Islamic tactics for ethnic cleansing have evolved for the 20th century”.

  15. babuds Says:

    The exodus shows that the Indian citizens can not depend on the Government for their life and security. Bombs can go off anywhere anytime and people can be lynched by rampaging mobs. The track record of the government, state or central, in assuring security to common citizens is much to be desired. The homeland security apparatus is never proactive and is always caught napping on the job. Post event investigations go on and on till decades without finding the culprits. The intelligence reports have become another joke like the weather forecasts. Such being the case the NE people are right in running for their life.

  16. parijataka Says:

    None of the options `suggested` by Churumuri are apt. The exodus by NE students and employees was more due to threats by landlords, auto drivers, etc belonging to minority community. Some members of minority community also went around personally warning security guards to flee for their own safety. NE people AFAIK are a hard working and law abiding people, many or most of them Christians. If Bangalore Muslims feel more affinity for their Bangladeshi brethren then perhaps they could move to that country instead of creating trouble in peaceful, law abiding Bangalore and Karnataka.

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