Western Ghats, UNESCO & Karnataka’s politicians

D.E. Nizamuddin“, the gossip columnist who once adorned the pages of M.J. Akbar‘s now-defunct Sunday magazine, has resumed his column at Niti Central, the centre-right website.

His first piece has this telling item:

“This is a first even for our permissive politicians. In Karnataka politicians of all hues seemed to have joined hands to  spurn the UNESCO proposal to declare the Western Ghats a world heritage site. This is an honour most nations seek, nay, work behind the scenes to get because it bestows international recognition on ancient monuments, old cities, pristine ecosystems, etc. But in Karnataka there seems to be a conspiracy to reject the UNESCO offer because it would then prevent politicians from milking the Western Ghats through unbridled exploitation by friendly real estate developers, miners, etc. Can one rely on BJP president Nitin Gadkari to put drive sense into the heads of whoever in his party is in control of the Government at this moment?

Read the column: Olympians, politicians and babus

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5 Responses to “Western Ghats, UNESCO & Karnataka’s politicians”

  1. Panduranga Says:

    Our politicians will sell their mothers and grandmothers for their selfish ends. What else can we expect from these MFs ?

  2. Mysore Peshva Says:

    What is a “center-right”? Our using such vacuous labels is not only useless but also dangerous for the credibility of any excellent articles on the site, including Nizamuddin’s article that you are touting.

  3. gani Says:

    Whole of Karnatka should become heritage site and no mining ,nothing should be allowed and heritage should be controlled by KESCO and not UNESCO….

  4. da47143@gmail.com Says:

    politicians wanted to grab western ghats like Bellary it is ashemed on the part of MLA’ s Of Karnataka

  5. shil Says:

    Gadkari should be the last person anyone asks !!

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