CHURUMURI POLL: BJP, responsible opposition?

The people get the government they deserve, is an old political cliche. By the same token, the people also get the opposition they deserve. And what “We, the People” of India have got from the 2009 general election has been obvious on our TV screens and the front pages of newspapers for all of three years now.

An arrogant, powerdrunk government which has utterly and completely cut itself off from the reality and blithely buried its head in the sands of scams, scandals and other shenanigans. And an opposition which is hellbent on functioning like the fifth column; turning the institutions and procedures of democracy on their head.

There is little to be said about the so-called coal scam that has engulfed the Congress-led UPA government that hasn’t been said before in the 2G scam. While the latter saw a noisy boycott of Parliament, it eventually resulted in a joint parliamentary committee, the matter went to court, a minister was jailed, etc.

However, in the coal scam, the BJP seems to have, in the manner of Anna Hazare and his silly cheerleaders, decided that such well-laid procedures are not to be trusted. It doesn’t want Parliament to discuss the issue, it simply wants a summary resignation of prime minister Manmohan Singh.

Guilty until proven innocent.

Questions: Is the BJP right in such conduct? Is “obstructionism” of Parliament a right of opposition parties, as averred by leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley? Do opposition parties have no responsibilities? Is the BJP performing its role of opposition appropriately?

Or, is it trying to stymie debate, wary of what skeletons might tumble out of its closet?

External reading: BBC: Deja vu hits Parliament

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30 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: BJP, responsible opposition?”

  1. narayana, narayana... Says:

    I think BJP is colluding with Congress to stall the Parliamentary sessions, so Congress gets to escape the heat. It is all a sham, and a shame.

  2. Nitin kashyap Says:

    I am one of those BJP supporters who strongly believe there should be a debate on coalscam.
    On the flip side I also think this might just prove to be the right approach as the Govt as rightly said by you is arrogant and powerdrunk. Look what was created in the name of Lokpal and when the VP adjorned the Rajya Sabha, it was blamed on BJP.
    Secondly, can you explain why BJP was questioned for telecom scandal? Why the PM and PC was not called by CBI, JPC etc. how can an imp decision like spectrum allocation be done by the minister alone without keeping the PM and FM in the loop? If so, both FM and PM have failed the country.
    The coalgate scam is similar. Although some BJP states did not want auction, but it does not mean that you would allocate the mines at any rate!!
    The argument can go on and on but the crux is that the ‘powerdrunk’ govt believes that Indians are foolish and they would believe what they say. I think its time all Indians stand up and say..enough is enough…

  3. Deepak Says:

    Who follows parliament debates? Debates moderated by Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai carry more weight than debates moderated by Meira Kumar.

    But seriously, if there was a debate, the Congress would have done a hatchet job on the CAG and painted him as wearing a khaki chaddi. Same time, BJP is taking too rigid a position, which ensures that it can neither win nor lose.

  4. praje Says:

    I’m not sure if the media has been doing it’s duty. The same media had not questioned the opposition when they had boycotted George Fernandes on the “coffingate” issue. However they now want the opposition to engage in a debate. It seems strange though. Another viewpoint is it’s better to be losing Rs 1Cr per day in calling for the parliament session and not working than passing some legislation that will lead to loss of lakhs of crores of rupees. The Govt has to ensure it acts before it can debate.

  5. Objectivist Mantra Says:

    When the government is blatantly irresponsible, arrogant and corrupt;

    when the voters are motivated by false issues of freebies from socialist dictators, caste, religion, etc;

    when the so-called anti-corruption crusaders start expressing blatantly anti-middle class views… and do everything to insult the common man even as they pretend to be acting with the aim of helping the common man..

    when the media is hopelessly biased and is only focused on getting its share of the pie from the political looters, (look at the sarkari ads that the newspapers are publishing – our so-called free newspapers are receiving more tax payer money than Doordarshan…)

    then how can the opposition party act in a responsible way..

    Dear friends, welcome to India in the Age of Irresponsibility…

  6. raghukandkur Says:

    First of all Churmuri needs break and it totally biased against BJP.
    Churmuri people if you remember(If Congress{I} allows you) that George Fernandes was also not allowed to speak in LokSabha in Coffin Scam. And why is Primeminister is shying away of taking any responsibilities including 2G, Coalgate, Kalmadi Scandal. And the way 2009 was won by Congress(I) it is all the money they got from these scams.
    CHURMURI PEOPLE GROWUP and don’t be biased against single party.

  7. Nastika Says:

    BJP nurtures certain degree of fascism in their ideology. Hence, when pushed, they are unable to resolve the conflict democratically.


  8. nilesh Says:

    “in the manner of Anna Hazare and his silly cheerleaders, decided that such well-laid procedures are not to be trusted”

    well laid procedures, do a check how many of our MP know about the act that they vote for.

    It is a challenge ask any MP about food safety act (which affects all of us) and carriage of good by road act and they will be ignorant.

  9. Pradeep Says:

    I do not like the way BJP is wasting parliment time and tax payer’s money. But as rightly pointed out by Nitin, congress doesn’t really bother unless something of this drastic is done. With Tiwary’s and sibal’s to defend them, congress assumes it can do whatever it wants and get away.

  10. DailyBread Says:

    >Guilty until proven innocent.

    Innocent until, and even after, proven guilty. The man should be behind bars for fraudulently fixing the nuclear deal vote. The rigged trial has been turned into a joke on the nation and the cheerleaders of the faux decency will continue to heckle the victims of this fraud to debate at the crime scene(democracy was murdered there)…..

  11. Anitha Says:

    Judge : What is the case posted for today’s hearing?

    Defence Lawyer(DL): Your honour, it is about this police officer, we are trying to find out if he is a responsible officer or not.

    Judge: Let the case begin.

    DL: Mr. Gowda, did you arrest this innocent looking man on the night of 25th August?

    Police Inspector (PI) : Yes, I did. You see, we caught him red handed…

    DL : Just answer to the question. So you arrested him in the middle of the night, when he could not call anybody for help?

    PI: Yes, but you see he was trying to escape with the…

    DL: Mind you Inspector, this (Kangaroo) court will not tolerate indiscipline. Please stick to answering what I have asked. So you did arrest this innocent looking man in the middle of the night.

    PI: Yes, I did.

    DL: Did you not find it civil enough to let go of this man at that unearthly hour and arrest him the next morning?

    PI: But that would be meaningless… a thief has to be arrested….

    DL: (shouting) Inspector, you are crossing your limits… you are here to answer only to the questions you are being asked. Remember this all the time, you are a responsible public officer.

    PI: (resigned to his fate) Yes, I did arrest him at that unearthly hour.

    DL: Did you ensure that he was treated fair and square at your police station? Meaning, did you offer him a cup of tea and snacks? Did you find out if he was comfortable in his cell? If there were any mosquitoes troubling him? If yes, did you provide him with the kachua chaap machchar agarbathi? And did you check if he was feeling cold? Did you offer him some blankets???

    PI: Goddamn it, he was a th…

    DL: (shouting) Mr. Inspector, mind your language… if you are using profanity in this hallowed court, just imagine what kind of language you would be using in your police station. Did you forget you are a responsible police officer?

    PI: I am sorry your honour, I am not sure if I am being hounded here for doing my duty. I thought my job was to catch the thief and make him accept his mistake. My training manual taught me that as long as I caught the criminal and brought him to justice, everything is fair and square. I find this entire questioning of the DL quite strange.

    Judge: Mr. Inspector, we in this court follow certain rules. While we expect our civil officers to be upright and politically correct all the time, the same is not expected of those who are accused of theft.

    PI: But your honour, if we the police are bound down by such niceties, the criminals would get away scot free. Then who is responsible?

    Judge: It doesn’t matter Inspector, if the criminals go scot free. What is more important is, were you a responsible and law abiding citizen, as a police officer?
    PI: (Not knowing what to say keeps quiet)
    Judge: Since the Police Officer is silent on the question whether he was a responsible police officer, this court hereby lets go of the person accused as thief.

  12. Nastika Says:

    In your narrative, the Police Inspector (PI) comes across as a *dull* person. If he was any more smarter, he would have given apt reply to the loaded questions from Defence Lawyer(DL).

    Congress being wrong doesn’t make BJP right. BJP has to fight within the framework of democracy. My full support to BJP if they do it.


  13. shiv Says:

    Anitha has said it above in style. What is the reality? UPA has looted big time and with full gusto for the last 8 years of its rule.They have with the coalition the numbers.The entire english 24/7 channels are either bought off or arm twisted.Courts from the recent 2G announcement is making it clear that the wrong doers are special citizens and cannot be even investigated.BJP has no numbers to bring in any meaningful dialogue in the parliament.They have realised that the entire public is getting angry that they can do bugger all to rein in the crooks in government.This impotency has resulted in their boycotting parliament.In any case whether the parliament runs or not, crooks have decided to loot this country.We have reached a situation that nobody can stop them….

  14. asha Says:


    Great post….the secular media is trying to mislead the gullible public by such half baked surveys about opposition behavior when actually the issue is about the massive corruption committed by UPA with puppet PM in the thick of it and the rajmata pulling the strings from the background….talk of controlling the public discourse….the main stream has honed it to a fine art….

  15. vindy Says:

    this is a biased article

  16. shiv Says:

    Ha,, I expected churumuri to delete the last line in my post.A bit harsh my comment is but then if learned Indians continue to show apathy , continue to show squeamishness by not calling a spade a bloody spade, continue to show no courage, then this period of history will be a debilitating one for those who are below poverty.The arrogance of the crooks need to be published.Instead we are going after those who matter very little to the present state of things and who are the hopes who can do something about it when in power.Remember BJP is no dubious family party.It has large number of nay sayers within and that will keep the crooks in control.

  17. Sanjeeva Says:

    @ Deepak, you are right.
    @ Anitha, that is a wonderful piece . Keep it up.

  18. Bk chowla Says:

    It is all about politics.BJP is doing exactly what congress did when NDA was ruling.Public opinion is nowadays,dependnt upon media coverage.
    Why mustn’t there be a comparison of disruption of each party ?

  19. Augustine Kuriapilly Says:

    Arrogance and misuse of the Government machinery to silence every objection or protest is not democracy. Neither is using strong arm tactick to prevent a democractic institution under the pretext of democractic opposition is democracy. Where is it said that running into the well of the h ouse is legitimate practise? Where is it written that sheer vocal decibels is legitimate democractic practise? As a citizen, I am disillusioned and dejected. Will both the ruling party and the oppoing party return the power to the citizen. Both are not doing what they are voted to.

  20. asha Says:

    Now that Kasab’s verdict is out….we can as well kiss goodbye to COALMAAL….

  21. harkol Says:

    This article is rather strange. Anna is silly, Congress is arrogant, and BJP is irresponsible? Then who is left in this country? Churumuri?

    As Anitha has cleverly put it – it is futile to ask people to follow niceties when treasury is being looted at a large scale. The parliamentary procedures were set for gentlemen – not dacoits who care a damn for law & procedures before looting away our national assets.

    “Innocent until proven guilty” – Sure. SC has already shown in 2G case – govt. was indeed guilty of gross misconduct in the procedures adapted in selling national assets.

    An allegation has been made by the very same CAG on another case now, the right course is also for an investigation to be launched, by an agency that isn’t under accused control.

    So, how about it? A special investigative team – as being demanded by “irresponsible” BJP?? Or, is it going to take another PIL in supreme court for that to happen?

    Afterall if a SIT could get criminals to justice for Gujrat2002 riots, So can another SIT get to the bottom of Coalgate.

  22. Anitha Says:

    Subodh Kant Sahay, a minister in the Congress government writes a letter to the Prime Minister of India asking him to help his company SKS Ispat and Power by allotting two coal blocks. And our usually lazy PM suddenly swings into action and within twenty four hours allots the requested coal blocks to this company.

    Ofcourse, the whole thing is above board since Mr. Honesty himself has done the allotment and how dare the opposition question his integrity? The press is also silent about this. Except for Firstpost and niticentral. com, I did not read anywhere else on this.

    And the press accuses BJP of being irresponsible. Talk of double standards??

  23. shiv Says:

    Well said harkol, in the case of SC, I feel they are adopting double standards.SC was correct in setting SIT for investigation into Gujarat riots , why not for 2G when like in Bofors top central ministers are found deceiving the country.? Also the recent judgements against DrSwamy both by the special court in Delhi and SC clearly indicates that there are powerful forces who control the judges not to investigate UPA bigwigs.In fact commonwealth fiasco demanded a SIT, then we would have known who was behind Kalmadi and why Kalmadi was so brazen that he cannot be found fault.Churumuri may have a personal agenda but then readers in this forum by their remarks have demonstrated that they will not accept nonsense.It is not easy to fool people anymore.Those days are long gone.

  24. sharavega Says:

    as a scientist and environmentalist I have seen facebook and google opting new ways of power generation by abandoning coal.

    while Julia Gillard (kisses Obama in public) of Australia imposes coal tax on citizens here PM silently distributes coal block licenses while Kitta loses no oppurtunity to shake her hands and whatever.

    So the timing is US generates demand and loot both India and Aus resources.

    I cannot believe Kitta and Nirupama both from our state are actually pimping out resources – coal and iron since gold is already looted.

    The SC judge says we cannot go back to pre-iron era!!!

    They wont even ban export of iron ore!!
    that means for industry to survive – all filthy rich politicians and those subdued under mines- court is issuing such a verdict.

    If judges are like this WTF can we expect from politicians?
    This parliament needs to be destroyed.

  25. asha Says:


    Good observations…In fact we are selling iron ore to our arch enemy china and importing plastic shit of substandard and dubious quality from china in return and driving the trade deficits into billions of dollars with china….a day will soon come when we will be the second country after US to have a humongous trade deficit with China to the detriment of our industries in India….look at the case of imports from China of substandard power transmission equipments on large scale(which caused the major grid shutdowns in north and north east india recently) thus driving BHEL to cut down production and eventually stop it….talk of national security….this whole scam was done by none other than Sushil Kumar Shinde (when he was the power minister)…God save India now that he is home minister…

  26. Deepak Says:

    Coalgate has literally blackened Mannu’s face. But the mother of all scams is yet to come!!

    Coming soon at a news channel close to your remote – Thoriumgate – the 48 lakh crore scam, yet another black feather in UPA’s cap!!!!

    Once this and many other scams continue to erupt, we will have more disturbances in parliaments and more accusations by Churumuri of BJP being irresponsible.

  27. dr ramesh Says:

    Congress , inspite of all the chest thumping and bad mouthing by bjp is on a good wicket because bjp is neck deep in corruption and Coalgate wouldn’t have taken place without cooperation of bjp chief ministers.
    CBI probe into various illegal mining cases, once finished will reveal the misdeeds of bjp.
    What India needs today is a crusader against corruption like V P SINGH who galvanized public opinion against corruption and changed the political landscape of India.

  28. asha Says:

    >>What India needs today is a crusader against corruption like V P SINGH who galvanized public opinion against corruption and changed the political landscape of India.>>

    V P Singh…crusader….are you smoking something strong ??

  29. dr ramesh Says:

    this is exactly the reaction I was expecting when I wrote about V P SINGH, very mention of his name may irk some, may make some happy, but truth is he successfully played the role of a anti corruption crusader. He becomes more relevant now,when inspite of gargantuan scandals by the ruling govt, main opposition party—- bjp instead of protesting and raising the level of public awareness is seen match fixing with UPA, prostrating before hazare, ramdev and likes.
    Somehow national media has underplayed the importance of V P SINGH in Indian political landscape.
    Its a sure sign of deterioration of ideas that likes of sushma swaraj, jaitley, ghadkari, ramdev are seen as anti corruption activists.

  30. asha Says:


    VP Singh was not a crusader, he was an opportunist..The bofors deal got signed when he was the defence minister but there was not a pip squeak from him till he fell out with Rajeev Gandhi….the rest as they say is history…not only that he further divided india by Mandal comission report implementation and caused untold strife for the youth of the country…thank god for small mercies he died a horrible death due to cancer….but only after he milked GOI for his treatment in london for a few years…read tavleen singhs expose’ on his london trips and his entourage of body guards and the money it cost the public exchequer…anyway what was the outcome of the bofors probe…zilch…quattrochi got away and so did rajeev and his family and minions….and olaf palme had to pay with his life to cover up this scandal

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