The kleptocratic republic of India that is Bharat

T.N. Ninan in the Business Standard:

“The coal scandal began with revelations about the Manmohan Singh government, then expanded in scope to take in the Vajpayee government, and has now become a sweeping saga that lays bare the contemporary Indian state.

“Not to put too fine a point on it, we are running a kleptocracy, one where the majesty of the law is used repeatedly to favour the growing tribe of crony capitalists, until a crisis erupts and all bets come off….

“Corruption silenced telecom, it froze orders for defence equipment, it flared up over gas, and now it might black out the mining and power sectors. Manmohan Singh’s fatal flaw — his willingness to tolerate corruption all around him while keeping his own hands clean — has led us into a cul de sac, with the country able to neither tolerate rampant corruption nor root it out.

“How much of today’s policy paralysis and economic slowdown are because the state has been captured? And how much of that is a consequence of the prime minister’s Faustian bargain with the kleptocracy?”

Read the full article: Dr Faustus‘s Price

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8 Responses to “The kleptocratic republic of India that is Bharat”

  1. Deepak Says:

    The only reason why this article is shared on Churumuri is because Ninan drags in Vajpayee into this. As usual, Churumuri and the rest of the elite media wants to drag in BJP into everything.

  2. Tapas Dutta Says:

    Corporate Tyranny has become biggest menace before common Indians.
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    The picture speaks thousand words about the cheating of CESC Ltd., the notorious electricity licensee of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Inbox
    Tapas Dutta Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 1:10 PM
    To: “Email:”
    Cc: newsroom
    Bcc: editor
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    The picture shows how openly CESC Ltd. cheats innocent electricity
    consumers of Kolkata, Howrah & adjacent areas.
    The bill of December, 2011 of Sri Kajal Kr. Guha, address 77/B Asoke
    Road, Kolkata-700 084, shows that the meter reading of his meter no.
    3124897 was recorded as 19921 units by cheat CESC Ltd. on 09.01.2012.
    But the photograph, taken on 18.01.2012, shows factually that the
    reading was 1600 units less than that.
    By sending many such proofs of cheating activities of CESC Ltd. to
    Govt. of West Bengal and West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission
    I and the consumers requested them to revoke licence of CESC Ltd. but
    neither the state government nor the WBERC has will or commitment to
    revoke the licence. It seems to me that both of them want to conceal
    the nudity of CESC Ltd. to keep its power of cheating alive.
    Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal often says that law is equal for
    everybody. Then what prevents her to bring the czars of CESC Ltd. to
    justice? When the directors of AMRI Hospital could be arrested what
    prevents her to arrest cheat authorities of CESC Ltd? Do they add fuel
    to her fire?
    Tapas K. Dutta.


  3. sharavega Says:

    they will still export half of it to add as growth rate.

    Krishna de reserved forest land. He gets no punishment!!
    Environment gets restored in just one year!!
    Mining starts in places having historical importance like ballari and
    chitradurga .

    People from Kolar still are kept isolated from rest of karnataka. The ground shakes if a vehicle moves.
    There is nothing great praising TATAs who looted gold mines .setting IISc was only because Kolar was nearer to explore.
    There is no sufficient trains connecting any districts in karnataka.
    There is not a permanent solution to water problems in state. forget interlinking.

    now I can sense why we are like this.

  4. the colonel Says:

    four and a half hours of watching tango dancing with wine on the house on a study tour by k mla’s.

    anger at the airport when quistioned.

    320 crores/mp in coalgate ?????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  5. shiv Says:

    Ninan is part of the entourage journalists who have enriched their pockets by being connected in the right circles.Now poor chap is shedding crocodile tears so that he can resonate with the public mood.Instead of pointing fingers at others, Ninan as a journalist should ask himself the following questions
    1.Why did I not write a single article how Tatas,Reliance,birlas etal have pocketed large public contracts?
    2.Why did I not investigate a single big contract to find out the truth when I have all the access to high and mighty?
    3.Why do i appear in all the talk shows like in Endidtv,ArnabTv or barkingRajdeepTv when I hardly say anything meaningful?
    For the sorry state we have reached, It is no use barking at the politicians.It is the judges starting from Sc,IAS/IPS and other top officials who control government,the journalists who have pocketed huge money for saying the right things.These are the stalwarts who have pushed India to its current plight by enjoying the fruits and keeping silent.It is time people stop listening to Ninans and start listening to themselves.

  6. Bk chowla Says:

    India has never been through such a bad phase,politically,economically.
    Our parents used to tell us as to how Brits looted us.
    Now what?

  7. PulakesiTheSecondLast Says:

    There is no political solution to this cancer of corruption. It is too deeply rooted in our societies. The change has to come from there. The people have to change.

  8. the colonel Says:

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