You can jump 1.74m but only if you think you can

At the Paralympics in London, G.H. Nagaraje Gowa aka Girish Hosanagara Nagaraje Gowda opens India’s medals tally with a silver in the men’s high jump finals.

Photograph: courtesy Getty via The Wall Street Journal

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8 Responses to “You can jump 1.74m but only if you think you can”

  1. Rastrakoota Says:

    Congrats mate! All power to this Athlete!!

  2. Deepak Says:

    So sad that these real heroes get so little media attention and even little support and recognition from the Govt.

    Good to see a positive post from you, instead of the usual BJP bashing.

  3. Bk chowla Says:

    Will power.
    Positive thinking

  4. chidu22 Says:

    Kudos to this brave athlete. True star of Karnataka and India.

  5. Sanjeeva Says:

    Well said Deepak! Agree with you. Bravo Girish

  6. Vishal Says:

    Sports ministry has announced 30 lakhs for Girish. Let us see how much our state government gives him. Remember Yeddy had announced free sites for our cricket players. I hope Girish gets a site and a cash reward.

  7. Jai Says:

    I earnestly hope Nagaraje gets his due now. A look at his attire says it all. His is definitely a rags to success story through sheer hardwork, willpower and a never say no attitude. I do wish accolodes follow. I would surely hope to be at the airport to receive him and hope the State Government honours him and gives him a hero’s welcome. Well done, maga!

  8. Hoysala Says:

    I congratulate Girish on this feat. Exceptional athlete. No words can describe what he has achieved. Amazing human who has overcome all his challenges. Very inspiring. Thumbs up to this extraordinary athlete. Hope the government recognizes him gives him his due instead of bestowing goodies on Cricket only.

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