What’s in a name? A train service? A megastore?

Not a new logo for the Bangalore metro, just construction work happening for the railway project outside the German shop-for-shopkeers in Yeshwanthpur.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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3 Responses to “What’s in a name? A train service? A megastore?”

  1. column9n9 Says:

    Vijay Karnataka knew this a year back http://column9.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/metro-vk.jpg

  2. Prof. Rao Says:

    A few humble observations:

    Why on earth is Churumeri still mentioning Bangalore, repeatedly? One of the most recent articles on Kannada ended with this really good e-zine getting pulled up by readers for ‘Bangalore will be nothing without Kannada’. In fact, that discussion chain finally ended with Bengaluru. For heaven’s sake, get away from your colonial or some corrupt political party-driven pseudo mentality. Even the international media as well as all foreign airlines call us as Bengaluru.

    The topic called “What’s in a name? A train service? A megastore?” ought to stress on safety matters like Platform Screen Doors that offer 100% foolproof safety! You children or old parents can then travel safely! This key infrastructure (long delayed but finally happening so slowly) is after all for a ‘public transport system’ and we do not need another tragic incident that sadly catalyzes a crooked minister to capitalize on another mega-scam! It has been adopted by all customer-friendly metros globally and now in Delhi too!

    While we are all in the midst of a major revolution in India or a political shake-up in the offing, I sincerely feel the media, especially investigative journo’s like Churumuri, ought to focus on fundamental and pressing issues that matter much more to the common Indian and Kannadiga’s, especially on day-to-day matters.

    Finally, since I am a long time fan of Churumuri, here are a few examples that I would like to mention while I am lucky enough to have 2-hour battery driven UPS at home to tide over the daily power-cuts.

    “The documents show how Congress MP Naveen Jindal was given a coal block while the government Navratna Coal India Ltd was refused and asked to go to far off Mozambique in search of coal blocks!”

    Petrol price may be hiked by Rs 5 per litre in 24-48 hours

    Karnataka MLAs tweaked rule to go on ‘foreign tour’ while kannadiga’s suffer!

    Karnataka Power pays 136% more for its own coal!


    The above news probably tells us as to why the common man among us is 500 years behind, today! On one hand we see daily breakfast news about a coal gate that was, shall I say a Guiness World record of more than a lakh core’s (so many millions more than Bofors Scam) or a 500 crore bail locally while our daily life is getting excruciatingly worse by the multiples!

    Well, daily life has to go on but great folks like Churumuri can really make a difference to millions of Indians and hopefully help everyone!

    All the best.

  3. Prasad Says:

    Rao well said!

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