CHURUMURI POLL: Who could be NDA’s PM?

The BJP’s race of aspiring (and perspiring) prime ministerial contenders is growing long—and wagging. On top of the pile, as always, is the “former future prime minister” himself, Lalchand Kishinchand Advani, who as the default “elder statesman” still fancies his chances should the NDA end up ahead of the UPA in the next general election.

Then there is Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi who, through his artfully constructed PR initiatives in the last few years, has left no one in any doubt that he will well and truly be in the great race in Delhi after he has wrapped his third election victory in his home-state (provided the long arm of the law doesn’t trip him in his ambitious path).

Through the boycott of Parliament over “Coalgate” and through his magisterial demeanour on TV, the Rajya Sabha leader Arun Jaitley has conveyed that he is quietly climbing up the greasy pole, and that there might be very helpful people to lend him support from below like Bihar chief minister and NDA partner, Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar himself has delivered many thinly disguised messages in the past few months, but two statements stand out: the NDA’s next leader has to be “secular” (which means you-know-who is out) and that he himself is not in the race because he believes the biggest party in the NDA should get the shot (which means you-know-who is whom he wants).

To this list, a new name has been entered by another NDA partner, Shiv Sena “supremo” Bal Thackeray:

“At least today, there is only one intelligent and brilliant person. And that is Sushma Swaraj. She will be a superb choice for the prime minister’s post. She is deserving, (and) an intelligent lady. She will work very well.”

On top of which, there is the BJP president Nitin Gadkari, not to forget Rajnath Singh.

So, who amongst the lot might be best suited to head the NDA should an opening arise? Who amongst the lot might have national resonance? Or, as the Congress alleges, is the NDA counting its chickens before they are hatched?

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19 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Who could be NDA’s PM?”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Unless Old Man Advani throws a tantrum and cries and rolls on the floor for the PM’s post, it seems almost certain that Sushma will be the next PM.

    Modi has zero chance of becoming PM. BJP at best can get 160 seats and with Modi at the helm getting the 273 will be next to impossible. Nitish, Mamta, TRS, Patnaik will have no problems supporting Sushma, but cannot afford to support Modi. So Modi’s PM aspirations will remain dreams.

    There is a scenario in which BJP may be hit by anti-incumbency in their states and end up with 120-130, in such a scenario, rather than Nitish being propped up as PM, BJP might prop up Modi’s pal Jaya as PM. Your poll doesn’t include her name and she has a fair chance of being the next PM.

    Also, BJP may throw a surprise and an old faithful like Dr. Joshi may also end up as PM, who knows?

  2. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Never mind who would be NDA’s PM how about who is UPA’s PM? Answer that Churumuri !! LOL

  3. asha Says:

    >>Then there is Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi who, through his artfully constructed PR initiatives in the last few years, has left no one in any doubt that he will well and truly be in the great race in Delhi after he has wrapped his third election victory in his home-state (provided the long arm of the law doesn’t trip him in his ambitious path).>>

    Churmuri, please wake up and smell the fresh coffee….do you really read/listen/watch some news (no not the MSM variety) or just flying kites and making baseless allegations against Namo. Shame on these MSM guys who do not have the nerve to take on the real Mafia that is “you know who” but keep harping on the non-existant draw backs of Namo…..what long arm of law are you talking about…the same law which arrested the cartoonist aseem trivedi on trumped up charges of sedition Or the law that allowed the august house of Raj Bhavan to be forever tarnished by a gang banging N D Tiwari Or the law that allowed the inimitable (S)ex-spokesperson of “you know which party” who was getting blown in the Supreme Court chambers OR the law that allowed a confirmed supporter of sedition, Binayak Sen to become the member of planning commission

  4. Bk chowla Says:

    This subject is very academic today.With the state of affairs congress is in,the mess country is in,with our security at risk most of the time…a lot might change in terms of alliances beore elections.Lets wait and see

  5. Simple Says:

    NDA? And PM? Lol. Let BJP get past 120 seats in the next parliamentary elections.

  6. amithprabhu (@amithpr) Says:

    UPA is bungling but that is not going to translate into a BJP PM in 2014. My bet is on Nitish and if it is from the BJP Arun or Jaswant.

  7. Sanjeeva Says:

    Premature survey with lots of ifs and buts and when and how.

  8. tuluva Says:

    I dont know who could be.. But i know whom i want as a PM: NAMO, NAMO and NAMO!

  9. harkol Says:

    How is it possible that Yeddyurappa’s name was left out? The blackmailer in Chief will be out in full strength if BJP gets anywhere close to 180-200 seats, as it can’t happen without a good showing in Karnataka. That’d mean about 15-20MPs backing him, and that’s enough for the blackmailing Yeddy to threaten to break BJP if he is not the PM!!!

    Seriously – I don’t see BJP winning next election. My vote this time is with an IAC alternative. I know it’d be a wasted vote, but better than voting for these two crooked parties, even if they provide a good candidate as they’ll be bound by Anti-Defection laws and will be puppets in the hands of Delhi cabals.

  10. DailyBread Says:

    It will be a toss between two IITians, Jayanrayan Vyas & Parrikar. To get the goat of professional hecklers in media, Mohan Bhagwat should be made NAC chief & couple of pracharaks its members. Narendra Modi will ask for & will get the Deputy Chairmanship of planning commission.

    If Jagdish Shettar comes back to power in karnataka & wins big in 2014, he will also be a strong contender for PM post.

    IMO, BJP should ignore professional hecklers in the media and settle their PM candidate issue with a proper televised primary. Let the best woman/man win……

  11. shiv Says:

    ha, churumuri, you have done bugger all in your life other than sitting in an office penning your thoughts.We have had enough of your kind from the bong country.Now is the time for doers, none other than Modi.Don’t mock at him but mock at national leaders like sonia or MMS or chidu or whole lot of crooks who pass off as leaders have done.When Modi’s name is taken up for the delhi cabinet even PM, then things in this country will change for the better.Modi and his kind will bring the real transformation.

  12. Deepak Says:

    @harkol – Don’t worry, Yeddy will be nowhere in the picture. BJP will find it difficult to even win 8/9 seats. And anyway in the coming assembly elections, BJP will be wiped out, Yeddy will lose his own seat and the Gowda family in whose hands the power will lie, will ensure that Yeddy is behind bars!

  13. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Modi, Advani or Yeddi (the dark horse)
    But correct answer – what are you smoking. BJP and PM. Aint happening in spite of the churumuri forum cheddi infestors’ wet dreams.

  14. DailyBread Says:


    >Yeddy will be nowhere in the picture. BJP will find it difficult to even win 8/9 seats. And anyway in the coming assembly elections, BJP will be wiped out, Yeddy will lose his own seat

    Sir, I can see from your posts that you are an astute observer of Indian politics. But in this case, you are underestimating the caste loyalties, politics of patronage & power of money. Yeddy has the biggest war chest in the state; he has the full support of his caste people. For last seven years the strategic recruitment of RSS/ABVP cadres (this will rile up our usual suspects) as teachers, police personnel, government employees, KSTRC/BMTC staff, ESCOM employees, done by BJP will help them to touch 80 seats. Renukacharya as an incumbent Excise minister can easily deliver another 25-30 marginal seats . Beyond that, there is operational kamala…..

    Yeddy has a bright political future. He will become a Cabinet Minister at center and will have long stint as governor of at least 2-3 states.

  15. Sagar S Says:

    hi already great revelation has started from 6th May 2012 and this will change the Indian political system as well as parliamentarian activities. There will be major constitutional amendment changes through kalki avatara, the 10th and final avatar of lord Vishnu. amrita nectar


  16. Deepak Says:

    Thanks for the kind words sir. True that Yeddy has a very strong caste backing. But people of Karnataka are disgusted with BJP. I myself have always voted for BJP and supported it, but this time I don’t see how I can vote for such shameless people. And many people are of the same view – you talk to people from different areas and everyone are disgusted with the BJP in the state.

    Inspite of Yeddy’s caste support, I think the people of Karnataka won’t forgive him. He and his ilk (especially nurse man Renuka) are going to get a royal drubbing. Even in the past Karnataka voters have punished popular leaders for their failings. Last time caste king HDK also got a drubbing thanks to the betrayal factor.

    So, my point is not withstanding caste factor, people vote for development. And development is nil in the state and BJP is going to get the drubbing of its life. HDK may even get more seats than Congress and his first priority will be to lock up Yeddy and Bharadwaj and will be more than happy to supply the keys.

    I strongly feel Yeddy has tried to be oversmart and will meet his waterloo soon.

  17. Nastika Says:

    Why think? As long as former future prime minister is still isn’t yet the prime minister?


  18. harkol Says:


    I don’t think you are right. BJP never came to power just because of Lingayats. The oldest bastion of BJP in Karnataka is Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada & Udupi districts. BJP has been winning from here for 30 years – much before Lingayats discovered the party. There are not many Lingayats in Mangalore.

    Its support base was Brahmins, Bunts (Vokkaliga), Christians (Surprising isn’t it?) and Konkanis, while SC/ST votes largely went to Congress.

    There is a good number of Brahmins & Bunts will desert BJP frustrated with BJP becoming a Lingayat Party and also because of their disgust with runaway corruption of BJP. Christian votes would certainly have fled after church attacks.

    BJP won’t get anywhere with just Lingayat votes. Just as Vokkaliga votes alone can’t get JD(S) to power.

    Most likely scenario – Fractured verdict & JD(S) rule with Congie support – with a growling Deve Gowda dictating and calling every one ‘bhosudi maga’ all over again.

  19. DailyBread Says:


    >I don’t think you are right.

    I know that Sir, I was trying really hard to balance the debate :-))

    > and also because of their disgust with runaway corruption of BJP.

    Core & committed voters of other parties like Congress, JD(S), NCP, Jagan’s party, SP, BSP, DMK, AIDMK,RJD, Muslim League, MIM, CPM, SAD, are immune to this silly sentiment. I don’t know why BJP supporters have to act holier than thou in such matters. BJP might have realized the importance of a sizeable war chest when they were about to miss governing the state when they had 105-106 seats. Now that they have learnt realpolitik, Shettar & Co deserve a second chance.

    >Most likely scenario – Fractured verdict & JD(S) rule with Congie support

    You are right Sir, unfortunately we will be ruled by our own Gopal Goyal Kanda.

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